Raj Shah White House Press Briefing – 2:30pm Livestream

Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah delivers the White House press briefing for Thursday February 8th.  Anticipated start time 2:30pm EST

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream LinkGST Livestream Link

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184 Responses to Raj Shah White House Press Briefing – 2:30pm Livestream

  1. Pam says:

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  2. Sayit2016 says:

    ( Raising hand) I have a question— why have I not see ONE media source with a microphone in their hand asking Obama of Hillary— Why did you say you had no communication with the FBI when you clearly did through surrogates. It is reported that you ” wanted to know everything” as stated by Page. Was she lying or were you ?

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  3. Mary says:

    It’s running late. Good. It will cut into that piece of Shep show on Fox.

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  4. Pam says:

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  5. sharpshorts says:

    Good question. I understand we must continually question the media whom are more interested in presenting a narrative than reporting the news…

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  6. thedoc00 says:

    Based on the Tabloid reporting this morning on CNN and NBC this morning, expect allot of questions on Bob Porters ouster and General Kelly’s role. For nearly the entire morning, this was the topic of discussion, with other #METOO, Olympic Team abuse and other horror stories mixed in for god measure. It is obvious General Kelly’s removal is the objective, remove strength from Trump’s team as well as isolate him.

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  7. sunnydaze says:

    Remember folks, let’s not be too hard on poor Raj. LOL.

    Hard to top, or even come close to Sanders. Gotta cut him some slack …..

    and Good Luck with the vulturous #PressTots, Mr. Shah!

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  8. AustinPrisoner says:

    You know who’s brilliant with this? Mick Mulveany. I might have his name wrong.

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  9. bosscook says:

    I read with interest that the LA Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune sold to Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong a billionaire that is rumored to be friendly with Trump. If true, it may be the start of a media change. Also, Trump is considering him for NIH director. Soon-Shiong has been quoted that he wants to “fix” healthcare…https://www.statnews.com/2016/11/21/trump-soon-shiong/

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  10. wyntre says:



    Disgusting Presstitute J-Urinalists.

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  11. wyntre says:

    Raj is good. Very measured, very calm with the added bonus of sporting brown skin.

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  12. wyntre says:

    What does “fully aware” mean?

    What ignorant freaks.

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  13. wyntre says:

    April is bursting out of her blouse with anticipation!

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  14. Poor Gal! She doesn’t understand two words: “fully aware”…..
    How did she ever pass 3rd grade English?

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      To be fair, she is used to dealing with Democrats who lie and parse. Who would think that one would need to clarify what the meaning of “is” is?!

      I think her question is an equal reflection on her as it is on the lying Democrats she and the rest of us have had to deal with.

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  15. bosscook says:

    You know, Press Secretaries should just start screaming questions back at those idiots…”WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO REPORT ON STEELE DOSSIER??” “HAVE YOU ASKED OBAMA WHY HE LIED?”…..just shut them down with questions that Americans want to know the answers to.

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    • Fe says:

      I would be in their faces telling them to start asking the right *expletive* questions! Pull a Nunes and tell them “to get to work” 😎😎😎


  16. auscitizenmom says:

    I keep wanting to reach in the TV and bonk the pressitutes on the head. They are really trying to take advantage of him.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      They are pushing to get a third or fourth question in.


    • The Boss says:

      Let these morons do what they do best, which is make themselves and their networks cleave further away from what real American citizens care about most. These asinine questions about Rob Porter, his background check process and what Gen Kelly said and when only matter to the echo chamber inhabitants. The rest of the country will take a bathroom break while the nightly fake news teams hyperventilate about someone who was unknown until yesterday and will be forgotten tomorrow.

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  17. CheetoGuido says:

    Why does it seem like they are all trying to ask a “Gotcha Ya” question. that is all they want to do. I can’t believe how much I dislike the MSM now.

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  18. IMAO: This s@$tstorm of domestic abuse allegations is very suspicious.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Absolutely. And, the fact that it has taken a year for the FBI to put this forward seems suspicious to me. I don’t know exactly how all that works, but there is something going on.

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    • singingsoul says:

      If a man or woman abuse their spouse or live in they should feel the consequence. This Porter guy has his deranged dealing with his anger well hidden. It is not ok to beat your wife or husband or dog or kids because you had a bad day.
      This guy gets no break from me. I have never been in a relationship like that and I would not stand for it.

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      • Risasi says:

        If it’s true (…which it probably is).

        Still, innocent until proven guilty. I’m not going to stoop to level of what’s considered acceptable by the media today. The court of public opinion is a lynch mob.

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        • auscitizenmom says:

          I agree. People do lie. And, they exaggerate.

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          • Abster says:

            Yes, innocent until proven guilty. Even pictures can lie. There is a wave of women coming forward making accusations of abuse after years, decades even. These two exes didn’t call LE. If my husband or any man hit me, I would knock the living poo out of him and call LE. Very strange, more strange it’s happening now. I don’t believe either.

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            • Cuppa Covfefe says:

              It’s DEMONcRAT projection, again.

              I suspect once pizzagate and the other DEMONcRATic perversions and related crimes come out, their current lies won’t cover anything…

              There is a tactic called “Dead Agenting” that is oddly familiar:

              “So BANISH all ideas that any fair hearing is intended and start our attack with their first breath. Never wait. Never talk about us—only them. Use their blood, sex, crime to get headlines. Don’t use us.”

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      • I agree singingsoul. However, this guy has been a part of this administration for more than a year; this black-eye picture is 15 years old and top that off with the fact that this mountain of ” OMG spousal abuse in the Oval Office” transpired in less than 24 hours. Did I mention that it has taken the FBI to complete their investigation of this Senior White House Aide…..more than 12 months,…..seriously?
        I continue to remain very suspicious.

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  19. JoD says:

    Comical to see the Press’ sudden interest in the debt ceiling during the rare breaks of
    Rob Porter…Rob Porter…Rob Porter…Rob Porter…Rob Porter…Rob Porter.
    Even on TV, the room looks like it smells.

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  20. Honest Abbey says:

    I am totally against violence of any kind, domestic or otherwise, however, if the victim neglects to press charges then I’m not comfortable with “allegations” being enough to deprive someone of making a living.

    I also know there is a picture of the ex wive that was published yesterday and the black eye she has is HORRENDOUS, but I also read the statement from her and she said he punched her in the face and “hurt her face”. That’s not exactly how I would describe the injury in the photo. So maybe the black eye was not from Rob Porter, but maybe from an accident or even from someone else?

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  21. KBRq says:

    Porter is the only question whole first half of presser.
    That is it.
    There is nothing else happening in the entire world.

    One question on memo.
    A question on stock exchange.
    A question on Korea.

    Back to Porter.

    I wish Raj would ask that reporter whether he feels that someone who says of Democrats who voted Hillary “I can smell them” or “I saw a Hillary sticker and wanted to key the car” or “I hate them” would be good new hires for the FBI?

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    • KBRq says:

      Whoops that was KBR, fat fingered the q on that, haha.

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      • vidlbis says:

        Makes you sound like a radio station.

        Jazz, probably.


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        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          “In the air, everywhere”… (KABL). As opposed to the DEMONcRAT’s favorite: “KROK”…

          Or my favorite, “RTFM” (had a colleague with that as his license plate – walked into the office and asked “who has that old beater with the clever license plate, RTFM?” – he replied “it’s mine, and it’s not SOOOOO old” – off I went trying to walk with my foot in my mouth…).


  22. Red Frog says:

    Is it wrong to think Hope Hicks could get just about anyone fired from the White House?
    All she has to do is have dinner with them. Vice President Pence excluded, of course.


  23. amber says:

    I like Rob, more than Sarah actually. He’s calm but controls the press and cleverly sidesteps the Gotcha questions). He has a better handle of the technical questions (economy, debt ceiling) than Sarah does…


  24. So that was a waste. They have their new target now. Rob Porter. Interesting that both ex-wives did interviews with the Daily Mail when FBI releases the photos. Along with George Bush, Joe Biden, Obama Homeland Security official on NBC, Eric Holder, Omarosa, Jake Tapper all bashing the President. Almost seems coordinated. Get used to it folks. POTUS is getting closer to the truth of the Deep State corruption. And they are freaking out.

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  25. rvsueandcrew says:

    What is that smell? Did someone let the trolls in?

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  26. I thought this guy, Raj Shah, did a good job. He’s quick and, from the looks of it, doesn’t take too much from the press. I will say, however, he does “talk” too much in terms of what he says For me he gave up a little too much on some of the inside baseball stuff that went on in the WH. But, overall a good job.

    Oh, and Sarah doesn’t need to worry about her job. He simply doesn’t have her sense of humor.

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  27. Sayit2016 says:

    I think we should start a #whereisobama campaign…..or #Obamaknew ….

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  28. amber says:

    Raj is really good

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  29. Beigun says:

    After this is all over Civics Class (Constitution) will return to High Schools and College.

    Civics knowledge will be required by future FCC license for the MSM.

    Plenty of daming MSM video in FISAGATE for Columbia Journalism School ten years from now.

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  30. Beigun says:

    Today’s WH press conference will be seen as part of the scandal years from now:

    POTUS Wants to know everything
    Comey needs TPs ASAP
    Grassley-Graham Memo confirms Nunes on FISA fraud in Court
    FBI informant spills beans on Uranium One

    Instead, Press chases staff squirrels!

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  31. Troublemaker10 says:

    Raj was excellent. However, no one compares to Sarah Sanders. I know it is a demanding job, but I hope she stays for seven more years!!!!


  32. MVW says:

    Nice that Sarah can take a needed vacation from the recalcitrant press children and have someone as competent as Raj handle the unruly, virtue signaling, Social Marxists.


  33. yakmaster2 says:

    The Pressitudes are on a campaign to get Kelly fired or forced to resign. I heard the text (and subtext) of their horror over Portman this morning on CNN. They must have really liked all those former leakers inside the WH. Besides, as many top staff they can “scandal” out of work for POTUS, the better they like it. They want to DISRUPT and DEMONIZE as much possible.


  34. If only Porter had dated Omarosa.

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  35. Katherine McCoun says:

    Late watching the press briefing today. Still watching but see that no one has posted this quote re Omarosa. When asked WH reaction.

    “Not very seriously. Omarosa was fired 3 times on The Apprentice. This is the 4th time we let her go. She had limited contact to the President while here. She has no contact now.”

    I heard someone or several make surprise noises or out loud laughter from the press while he was commenting.

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  36. Katherine McCoun says:

    I like that he is recognizing each “reporter” by name as that is helpful to me. Sometimes the camera does not pan to the “press” and even when they do I do not know everyone anyway.

    I would like to see the press stand, state their name and employer/company they represent, when they are recognized and then they ask their question. This would be helpful to the watching audience around the country and world as well as adding some professionalism to their behavior.

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  37. Katherine McCoun says:

    “press”: Congress is saying that they feel that March 5th is no longer the deadline as the admin is again accepting DACA applications.

    Shah: “March 5th IS the deadline.” I Like that! Straight to the point and firm.

    “press” follow up: what is going to happen if they haven’t done anything by then?

    Shah: Who do you mean by “they”?

    “press” clarifies Congress and Shah replies that the WH expects them to act.

    I LOVE that he asked the questioner to clarify what she meant. No, he is not as firm in manner with the press, at least from what I have seen so far, but he was not walked on. I would like to see more of the WH Admin asking the press questions to clarify and asking them what they mean. They need a little of their own tossed back at them.

    He is mostly giving short, to the point answers.

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  38. Mike Haubert says:

    Trump has some real pros handling the press these days…


  39. Katherine McCoun says:

    One interesting thing I noticed that was unusual today was that the “press” argued among themselves about who would speak when. Shah called on some and then they would tell their coworker to wait


  40. G3 says:

    Rob Porter rumored to have recently broke up with a girlfriend who worked at the EPA before dating Hope Hicks. Has anyone seen Lisa Bloom representing Rob ex-wives? Interesting that he would photograph his wife’s eye.
    As for General John Kelly— he came into his job with Rob Porter already in place. Seems like the FBI was very delayed completing their job.
    Did any of Obama Administration have any issue with getting clearence?


  41. G3 says:

    Raj did excellent today.


  42. georgiafl says:

    Sad that the whole press conference was about one lousy guy who hits women.

    Glad it wasn’t John McEntee!

    Let’s hope Hope Hicks finds another guy….a good one this time.


  43. visage13 says:

    He was pretty good handling those idiots. Notice how they didn’t speak one word about how top level FBI people are dropping like flies. And do they not listen to the answers to questions? Geez, how many times are they going to ask when did Pres Trump know about the allegations against Porter? The answer is Tuesday, no matter how many times you ask it the answer is Tuesday. My goodness these people make me sick with their stupidity.


  44. Rynn69 says:

    Jury is out on General Kelly.


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