Devin Nunes Participates in World Championship Interruption Session…

Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes appears on Fox News for an professional interruption session with Sean Hannity.   Chairman Nunes was able to slip in a few points between Hannity shuffling his papers to tell the audience how much his sources know about the papers he is shuffling, and how those sources outline Chairman Nunes memo content.

After Hannity was able to locate his place amid his papers, he tells his audience what his sources said about Chairman Nunes memo, he then asked Nunes to confirm his sources were correct. Seemingly oblivious to the fact when he actually has Nunes in front of him he can ask direct questions, and not have to list what his sources say, and then frame questions about sources making claims of what Nunes said in his memo.  Very weird interview technique.  WATCH:

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338 Responses to Devin Nunes Participates in World Championship Interruption Session…

  1. Daniel Arden says:

    Hannity is an insufferable moron.

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  2. daveinthed says:

    Hannity is a TERRIBLE interviewer. For that matter, he’s not a very good CONVERSATIONALIST. He does not listen to what people have to say nor does he respond appropriately to their points and words. He interrupts at least 90% of the time with his own talking points. God love him. He’s fantastic as an orator, a commentator, a news analyst, a conservative pundit. But as an interviewer, he’s about as bad as it gets. Alex Jones has the same problem. Is is that difficult to wait the extra 5 -10 seconds to let someone finish a sentence?

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  3. Steven Hitt says:

    Hannity and Dobbs both ask a question but not before prefacing it with an intolerable repetition of the same talking points leaving the interviewee about 5 seconds to answer and then interrupt them. For goodness sake, ask a question then shut the F up and let them answer!!!

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  4. MTK says:

    Two points, SD.
    First, I read your write up of the interview and then watched the interview. Didn’t see your characterization because i was closely listening and trying to find your charaterization. And, because I was trying to find this charaterization, I am left with the only thing a person can come away from listening to interview and looking for the paper shuffing charactization. And that is a dead pan delivery of directly asked questions and responces. It is a direct walk through of memo, a slam dunk, hit the nail on the head, no mincing of words. Even a rock buried under a rock on Mars now understands the memo.

    Second, my take on Comey telling PDJT the dossier is a pile of bunk, was a last ditch ploy on Comey’s part to get the President to react emotionally and do something the wolves swirling around him would say, “Look the President is obstructing the investigation.” Basically, Comey was telling PDJT, trust me, you can react with confidence, go out and fire Mueller.

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  5. Skip says:

    I have never watched the Hannity evening show. I will catch parts of his afternoon radio show at times. He does interrupt his guests quite a lot. It seems to me that he continually wants to impress his guests or his radio audience how much he believes he knows about the subject matter.

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    • Ad rem says:

      Fetched you from the bin Skip…. 😦

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    • skipper1961 says:

      SO…. YOU’RE the one………! (Who beat me to my lifelong nickname on WordPress!) (Congratulations)
      Seriously, Skip, I try to give Mr. Hannity the benefit of the doubt, in that I believe he is trying to establish the credibility of his sources. I have witnessed COUNTLESS members of both congress,(and yes, the “mehdia”) credit Sean Hannity and his show, with bringing pretty much ALL of these issues to light, and beating the drum until someone acknowledges his (our) issues. Laura Ingraham, and scarce others are distant second.


  6. Neil Horn says:

    Hannity does that all the time. Loves the sound of his own voice. Cannot listen long enough to let anyone tell him something he doesn’t already know. However, I still listen to him, because occasionally a reliable source with news will come on his show.


  7. I have to agree. Maybe not as much in this instance. That being said I wish most citizens had 10% of his passion for freedom. He does seem to want to be the smartest person in the room. I want to hear from the experts he has on the show. He seems to have a predetermined thread he wants to pull and if he believes it’s going a different direction he interrupts. Also, he has a program laid out with time constraints. It’s not a format that allows for a deep dive, which frankly always frustrate me anyway.


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