President Trump State of The Union Address – 9:00pm EST Livestream….

Tonight President Donald J Trump delivers one of the most widely covered speeches of the presidential year when he addresses a full congress during the State of The Union address.

The start time is 9:00pm, with speech remarks scheduled for 9:10pm EST. Every broadcast station and cable news outlet will be covering the speech.  There are multiple livestream options available.

WH Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream LinkGST Livestream LinkABC Livestream LinkNBC Livestream LinkCBS Livestream Link

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2,843 Responses to President Trump State of The Union Address – 9:00pm EST Livestream….

  1. apfelcobbler says:

    That sounds almost too good to be true!! Imagine the inevitable in-fighting – it’ll take years to get their “sh stuff” together or divided or whatever. Especially with all that sex, race and gender confusion.

    Trump’s America is on a roll! (and God is on our side). He is surely heaven-sent, and not a moment too soon. Could the timing be more impeccable? NONE of the press’s ranting and Russiaing has mattered one whit!

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  2. Just Scott says:

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  3. PC says:

    Tremendous SOTU by President Trump.
    He made it real like he always does.
    The human interest stories made you feel pain for those that tragically lost loved ones and great pride in the stories of sacrifice and bravery.
    We really have some incredible people living in our country and the President used the SOTU platform to highlight that.
    I also LOVED how the President strongly reminded congress that they SERVE these great people and they were gathered tonight in the PEOPLE’S House.
    A big AMEN to that.

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  4. Nchadwick says:

    A Kennedy and an Indian walk into a bar….

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  5. ezpz2 says:

    Saw a funny comment at BB (I know) about the Kennedy kid.

    It said: “He shined. Literally.”


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  6. budmc says:

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  7. MAGADJT says:

    Tonight was a massive dose of red pill for regular folks watching at home.

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  8. ForGodandCountry says:

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  9. rich33y says:

    Herman Cain on Hanity talking about the Democrats in Congress tonight: “TDS isn’t a disease, it’s a mental disorder.

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  10. Nchadwick says:

    OK — the meme’s of Kennedy response is off the chains — this is the best i’ve seen

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  11. EV22 says:

    Wonderful MAGA SOTU speech by our president! What a great year. 🙂

    The Democrats were insane not to cheer the country’s accomplishments. They looked like spoiled brats and very sore losers. Pelosi’s mouth was positively repulsive. I hope America got a good look at all that. Enough to make any sane person just sick.

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  12. Nchadwick says:

    BOOM – DROPS the Chapstick…

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  13. Katherine McCoun says:

    fantastic speech. have to stop or I will be useless tomorrow. but I don’t want the night to end as it was so perfect!

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  14. Tonite will be the most SLEEPLESS NIGHT of 2018:
    • Dems with PDS living nightmares
    • Republicans with WINNING pumping Adrenalin.

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  15. Blue Moon says:

    Joe Kennedy and the Dems need to understand we fell for the “great” speech that Odumbo gave at the convention which was his introduction as their new candidate in the next election but we will not fall for this one. They don’t understand NO more Kennedy’s, Bush’s, Clintons etc. No more dynasty’s for us. By the way I did not fall for the speech odumbo gave. I knew then he was trouble with a capital T.

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    • L. Gee says:

      I certainly didn’t fall for Odumbo’s speeches–not a one of them. I could see from the get-go that he was a charlatan, and that was all I ever needed to see or hear from that POS!

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      From the very first speech I heard him give I could not understand why most people were saying that he was a great speaker. I could not stand his long drawn-out ands and his hissing words ending in ‘s’. I told my sister, an unbearable liberal, that watching him speak was worse than watching a tennis match. Maybe my disdain had something to do with the fact that I had researched him and found him to be a loathsome drug-using, woman-hating, America-hating, cussing commie.

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  16. Sylvia Avery says:

    The President’s speech was magnificent. It was moving. If you have a brain, or a heart, or courage, there was something there for you. If you have none of those things, get thee to Oz an see if they can hook you up so you too can get on the Trump Train! (That’s for you, Dims!)

    It was beautiful and motivational and aspirational. I don’t know how anyone could watch that and not fall for our President and his agenda. No scolding, no finger waving, no lecturing us that we have to settle for less or make do with less, just recognition and encouragement. ,

    Opposing that speech can only make people look petty, mean spirited, sullen.

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    • Covfefe-USA says:

      Yep, Silvia – they looked glum and like a bunch of sour pusses.

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    • Outcome 1: President Trump snatched every Democrat agenda and overhauled it to M🇺🇸A🇺🇸G🇺🇸A!

      Outcome 2: He’s snagging every Democrat constituency worth spit.

      Outcome 3: He’s splitting the Democrat Party.

      Outcome 4: But they’ll still have their Anarchists with TDS.

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      • Esperanza says:

        The only constituency they will have left is…Anti white racists and criminal illegal aliens. Even DACA should be rooting for the legislation. Vote Dem, get shut down. Vote Trump, get a path to citizenship.

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    • CBNC says:

      Right on Sylvia – if you are an AMERICAN, there is absolutely no way that you could not agree with the speech given by PDJT.

      My GOD, how many times can the man say over and over and over that he wants America to be great for everyone – ALL AMERICANS.

      Watching the Democrats and the Black Caucus sit on their asses just shows who they are, they care not about America or making it better but just their hold on power for the powerless. They cannot have PDJT succeed because if their base succeeds – they fail.

      Another arrow in the quiver.

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    • colddeadhandsyoudirtyape says:

      And President Trump is exposing deep state behind that curtain!

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    • Pat Frederick says:

      agreed–I did not watch the speech (PLEASE DON’T SAW OFF THE BRANCH I AM SITTING ON!) but i did read the entire transcript–thanks for that CTH! And i don’t tweet, but i noticed in a twitter thread (?) posted above that the Dems are saying PDJT didn’t include ALL Americans in his speech–where was #metoo and BLM???? SERIOUSLY???? this is their biggest concern??? Dems promote victimhood.

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  17. Turranos says:

    Tears of joy were shed tonight by the Deplorables as we were thanking God for this man who is our President. In the days ahead there will be bitter tears shed by those who chose sedition, hate and evil. By their fruits shall ye know them.

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    • 🍺Gunny says:

      I posted this on the previous page…maybe deserves a repeat….

      I do actually think God has probably helped us more than we are realizing. I am not well versed on the bible, but didn’t God cause the people to “Babble” when they attempted to build a Tower to Heaven?
      Seriously, have you ever, ever. seen the Demorats speak so incoherently? And look so pathetic?
      I think God has touched their tongues and their minds as punishment for their evil. Been thinking about it…..they all seem to have just lost it. God does also have a great sense of humor.😎

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      • woodstuff says:

        As I understood scripture, God caused the people of Babel speak in different languages. I could be wrong. Still, I agree with the gist of your post. These minions have depraved minds and lack clarity of thought, as evidenced by what you point out. It is sad, but all the while humorous to people in their right mind.

        For years, I have asked Our Lord to make those given over to evil to publicly demonstrate who they really are and to make them look ridiculous. I think that many more have asked Him to do the same.

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      • KimmyK says:

        Yes, you may be onto something, especially if Polident Pelosi made a comment about PDJT slobbering during his speech!

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  18. JoD says:

    Joe Kennedy, Trey
    Grandson of Bobby and Ethel.
    Their 11 children have produced 33 grand children……yikes!
    An endless supply of Kennedys…Oh joy! (s)

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  19. WeThePeople2016 says:

    President Trump hit it out of the ballpark tonight. I was glued to the entire speech and didn’t want it to end. What a night.

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  20. I am SO PROUD to be an American tonight. God bless POTUS Trump.

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  21. Just Scott says:

    Note: I don’t think this is real. Just a meme, but captures the molment…

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  22. myshariamoor says:

    ‘The Beginning’ starts……..NOW !


  23. andyocoregon says:

    Well, I thought the best part of Joe Kennedy III’s Democrat Rebuttal speech tonight was when he said, “Ask not what your country can drool for you, but what you can drool for your country.”

    heh, heh

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  24. 2018 Mid-Term Ad Budgets for Republicans: In the can.
    • Pick an issue
    • Replay President Trump’s pitch
    • Replay hateful Dems’ nastiness.
    • Replay cheering Republican patriots.

    Is your future hateful or happy?
    Win with Republicans!

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  25. TatonkaWoman says:

    Wow. Just Wow. And more Wow.
    Turned the TV off as soon as our President exited the Chamber. Did not care to listen to one word from the anti-Trumpers, never-Trumpers, or those too mentally ill from TDS to let their hearts and minds hear and see what was put before them tonight.

    Instead, I have simply reveled in what our President said tonight…the love of America and Americans he displayed with every word of that speech.

    I know that, without a doubt, his greatest wish is to bring this country together again. His heart must break at the push back and hate he gets for trying.

    I just love the man and am so grateful (although that word, too, seems so inadequate) that he was willing to come forward as no other man could or would.

    And bless you all, my dear Treeper family – it has been a night of joy just trying to keep up with all of your wonderful comments. Nothing better than sharing our love of this man.

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  26. USA First! says:

    Ha ha! They are schemers and We The People are Dreamers!

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  27. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    Sums it up well

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  28. As President Trump wrapped up tonight,
    every Presidential wanna-be was thinking:
    “How old will I be in ‘24?”

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  29. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    Good Night Everyone! going to go have me some MAGA dreams

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  30. Kaco says:

    America is in good hands with President Trump! Now let’s oust those sore loser Dems in ’18!

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  31. Esperanza says:

    Trump, ” Make Detroit Great Again ” Chicago will take a little longer 😀

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  32. Charlotte says:


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  33. Blue Ridge Mts Va says:

    It was a great speech. Had to watch on-line much later. Internet is slow. I didn’t see the Dim speech.


  34. anthony earl says:

    next morning after the SOTU feels the same as the next morning after Trump was elected. MAGA smiles

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  35. Nunya Bidness says:

    To Charles Blow: Presidential! Presidental! Presidential!


  36. Charlotte says:

    Many think the car behind Kennedy was funny.
    Here is Stephen Miller’s Twitter:

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  37. DanO64 says:

    Wow, just Wow!


    • Roger Duroid says:

      And it is black, too. I think someone trolled the little kennedy. He be too young to know any of this and for sure the fambly never talked about it.

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  38. Jeff says:

    OK ok so I didn’t watch the communist party response to the presidents SOTU . Can someone riddle me this however ….the party of ” no more ‘WHITE PRIVILEGE ‘ ” decides to posts up the pasty WHITEST , MOST PRIVILEGED , kid in America to give their response ???

    Oh I love the smell of pinko commie DESPERATION in the morning !

    ” Dr Drool ” Joe Kennedy III

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  39. nova cop says:

    Americans First, Illegals Never!!

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  40. The White House had made the statement that Melania went early to see to the needs of her guests.
    The first lady traveled to the Capitol with her guests attending the address, her spokeswoman told CNN.

    “In addition to holding a White House reception and photo opportunity for them, along with their friends and family, she is accompanying them to the Capitol,” spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said in a statement to CNN.

    “Once there, the first lady and Mrs. Pence will host a more intimate meet-and-greet to engage with them on a personal level prior to the speech,” Grisham continued.

    White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also said that Melania Trump traveled separately for “no reason other than she can greet the guests and he can go straight in,” CNN’s Jim Acosta reported.


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