January 26th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #372

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  1. G. Combs says:

    Seems the trolls are out screaming about DACA and of course using false numbers.

    I have seen 1.8 million.

    Here are the actual numbers as of September of last year. (President Trump when closed down the program.)
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) as of September 4, 2017.

    “…Notes: The number of individuals who were ever granted DACA as of September 4, 2017 was approximately 800,000. This total excludes persons who applied for an initial grant of DACA and were not approved, as well as initial DACA requestors that were approved at first, but later had their initial request denied or terminated. Nearly 40,000 DACA recipients have adjusted to lawful permanent resident (LPR) status, leaving about 760,000 who are not LPRs. About 70,000 individuals who were granted DACA either failed to renew at the end of their 2-year validity period or were denied on renewal, leaving approximately 690,000 active DACA recipients as of September 4, 2017.

    So it NEVER was 1.8 million the largest number was 800 thousand.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Those are just the ones who applied for the “DACA” program. The 1.8 million number comes from including the number of illegal immigrants who are considered “dreamers” but did not officially apply for the DACA program. 1.8 million is the is the number of illegal immigrants brought here as children who are now living here in the US as illegal immigrants &/or illegal immigrants but are in the DACA program.

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      • G. Combs says:

        Seems to me if they are NOT in the program then they are NOT DACA PERIOD.

        Per Numbers USA:

        What are the requirements for DACA?
        To be eligible for DACA, illegal aliens must meet the following conditions:

        1. entered the U.S. under the age of 16,
        2. be under the age of 31 on June 15, 2012,
        3. maintained continuous presence in the U.S. since June 15, 2007,
        4. be enrolled in high school or have graduated from high school or hold a GED, or have been honorably discharged from the military, and
        5. have not been convicted of a felony, significant misdemeanor, or 3 or more misdemeanors occurring on separate dates from separate acts and does not pose a threat to national security or public safety.”

        That is what President Trump is calling for PLUS being a contributing member of society.

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        • Too Real says:

          Maxine Waters is to speak…lolol after the State of the Union….Keep her in the front Dims, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep her up front to represent your talking points as Republicans continue to take congressional seats from you as well as our POTUS will be re-elected in 2020….just please keep her in front…..

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        • jimsung says:

          “have been honorably discharged from the military”

          I’m retired military. The military has a program for foreigners to have a pathway to citizenship. It’s not new. In 1983, when I joined, I went through basic with a guy who was literally from Guyana. I believe the current program requires certain actions to be done within the first enlistment. A kid I mentored in my neighborhood joined the Army about 9 months ago (thanks to me) to gain a pathway to citizenship. He’s now a combat medic. He’s never known any country other than American and is a proud American, even though he’s not currently a legal one. He plans to be very soon.


      • Lindenlee says:

        I read that the 1.8 are those considered DACA- eligible, those who were approved plus those who could have applied did not, for whatever reason. I think the Dreamers are closer to about 3.8 million.


  2. budmc says:


  3. fleporeblog says:

    Just a few hours ago, Secretary DHS Nielsen, posted the following tweet on her account. It is the WH’s Framework on Immigration Reform & Border Security.

    Senator Tom Cotton points something out to Senator Schumer. I actually agree with him. The Democrats in the Senate have already walked away from DACA when 33 of their members voted in favor of the short term CR to end the #Schumer Shutdown. Many of them know the reality that a vast majority of Americans absolutely support our President’s agenda when it comes to the WALL, additional Border Technology, Border Agents, ICE Agents, additional Immigration Judges, Lawyers, and a change on the Catch and Release Policy.

    The also overwhelming support limited Chain Migration and ending the Diversity Lottery and going to a Merit Based System as well.

    Senator Perdue tweeted the data from the most recent Harris-Harvard Poll (keep in mind this was before the Schumer Shutdown).

    Our President met with Democrat Senator Jones from Alabama and Democrat Senator Manchin of West Virginia on Monday. He is asking both men to join with Senator Cotton and Perdue to write up legislation based on his Framework.

    I envision 8 or 9 Democrats up for reelection in November in states our President won to vote YES. I also see Doug Jones, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner voting YES. VA has a large MS-13 problem and they don’t want to seem weak on security. There maybe a couple more Democrats that crossover. My projection has 11 to 12 Democrats voting YES. Will 48 or 49 Republicans vote YES? If so, the bill can pass the Senate.

    If half the Democrats I referenced stay with Crying 😭 Chuck, the Bill is DEAD 💀! Our President won’t budge. Problem for Democrats is that the DREAMERS will put the entire blame on the Democrats. Americans will be grateful that our President was willing to negotiate in good fate and will back him for not budging.

    The best news is that the Supreme Court has said they are going to hear the case even before the 9th Circus makes a decision. We will win with a 5-4 decision and DACA will be ruled unconstitutional and the wind down period will be eliminated. Again Democrats will pay the price for bringing the case to the Lower Court that ruled in their favor allowing the SC to weigh in!

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    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      See my post below at 7:07 p.m. on this subject.

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    • abdiesus says:

      The only thing I would quibble with in what you’ve said here is this “overwhelming support for *limited* chain migration”. I don’t believe that is true, for several reasons: first, because I don’t support so-called *limited* chain migration, nor do I believe most Americans do.

      Second, because those weren’t the terms that President Trump listed as non-negotiable. He never said *limited* chain migration, he said “END chain migration”.

      And third, as our venerable host Sundance pointed out in his Nov 30th Article about Laura Ingraham’s interview with Rubio:

      “♦However, much more importantly, listen to what is said on “chain migration“. Ingraham asks if Rubio supports “chain migration”. Rubio says no, then immediately says: “I’ve always agreed to limiting chain migration to immediate family members”. WHAT? That is chain migration.”

      What Rubio was trying to do is the same thing that many are trying to do today, and that is to argue for a *supposed* “middle ground” by using the terminology *limited* chain migration.

      As Sundance rightly calls Rubio on this linguistic slight-of-hand, so we must also say NO. that’s not a middle ground, that just IS chain migration!

      As I’ve said before, Trump is going to do whatever Trump feels is best, but I would hope we don’t start falling for this so-called *limited* nonsense now, particularly when we are in a position of relative strength! While we must allow Trump to be Trump, we also must back him up by making sure that we keep the pressure on and not show signs of weakness or pre-emptively back down during this period of time.

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      • I’m getting confused. They’re saying limit to spouse and underage children only. It’s getting the parents and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles out of the equation that wins for us.

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      • dagnyshrug says:

        I think President Trump should tread carefully because much of his base isn’t as engaged and strategy-minded as those on this and some other forums. They’ll hear “1.8 million” and “limited chain migration” (as opposed to none), and that will be all they will hear, which is a deal-breaker for many. They’ll notice a wall hasn’t magically appeared on the border yet either. This is going to sting for some, regardless of the great things the President has done for our economy.

        Not everyone’s life is such that they can sit in front of a computer, or wherever, with adequate time to read and think, for all sorts of reasons, perhaps not because they wouldn’t like to. I hope they won’t disengage completely. We can’t afford to lose them.

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        • I remember watching Trump once starting to correct someone about how much he’d really spend on the wall and how long it would really take. And I thought that he should stop talking. Surprise them with how fast and how under budget it will turn out. If you tell them the truth, they’ll just cut your budget and tell you you’ve failed if you aren’t as fast as you hoped. He’s doing all the right things to be ready to go like a bat out of hell once he starts. He’ll know what design to use. He’ll know that it will work. He’ll have sealed off the environmental objections by putting it under Homeland. He knows exactly what he’ll do. Just give him that ability to start and he’ll take your breath away.

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          • dagnyshrug says:

            I have no doubt the wall will be done right with President Trump in charge. I was referring to those who want it yesterday and don’t realize what a massive undertaking it is.


      • fleporeblog says:

        You are right and you have shared the same opinion with me before. I am a slow learner but don’t give up on me 😉

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    • trapper says:

      You nailed it. All of it. Plus, Pres Trump is separating out, isolating, and rendering irrelevant the left wing of the Dem party.

      This is massive political maneuvering, and all done without the slimy blackmail and threats and payoffs the democrats resort to. It is moving the cheese, as Sundance would say, using good old fashioned political acumen, but it also takes deal-making to the level of art. Watching it unfold truly is like listening to a symphony. Watch and learn, fellow tree dwellers. It is magnificent.

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    • trumpmaga says:

      Agree Flep 1000%.

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  4. fedback says:

    Milo and Alex Jones: Trump’s MAGA Aura Shocks and Awes Davos Attendees

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  5. duchess01 says:

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  6. Judith Main says:

    PDJT is a most generous leader with praise for all who contribute to policy decisions. No wonder people enjoy serving with him and being part of his whirlwind.

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    • Tegan says:

      I noticed that about POTUS immediately, Judith, and it was a definite check in the plus column for me. A very wise person once told me decades ago that compliments (praise) does not cost a thing and yet the results can be great. Every human being wants appreciation for their work and loyalty and POTUS understands this.

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  7. Troublemaker10 says:

    Trump’s ‘go-yuuuuge’ ‘in-their-face’ DACA deal


    • Troublemaker10 says:

      It feels odd to me that the Congressional Dems have been in total rejection and Hysteria about Trump’s immigration framework, but congressional tepubs have been fairly quiet. I think the Repubs have something up their sleeve on this one.

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      • WeThePeople2016 says:

        I think this was all planned with Trump and the GOP. They were together a few weekends ago for a planning session for the year. I think it was at Camp David. I think they are in on what Trump is doing; I think Trump said to follow his lead. They did that on the Govt. shutdown, and Trump pummeled Schumer. RINOs are scared to death of Govt. shutdowns, but yet, they actually came out and “played” along with Trump attacking the Dems. I think the Immigration role out is the same thing. Look how quickly Perdue and Cotton came out with a favorable review. Trump’s got this.

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  8. LM says:

    President Trump promised that illegals who have broken laws must leave the country (first)..

    DACA people who have voted have broken the law. In any agreement that allows them to stay, I don’t believe that they should be given the rights of citizenship. So, as part of initial and ongoing vetting, if any have voted or try to vote they should have to leave the country.

    If this were to be implemented it would be interesting to observe the leftist response. As far as I can determine, the left cares for no one who cannot or will not vote for them. In fact, they seem to be generally fine with killing such people, which is why I believe that so many have no trouble with murdering unborn people, no trouble partnering with those who seek to implement Sharia, and no trouble partnering with those who seek to enrich themselves by trafficking in illegal drugs.

    Not being encumbered by a moral compass or allegiance to God or a sense of honor allows a greater flexibility in methods used to assume, grasp, maintain, and wield power.

    So while we are continually appalled at the levels to which they stoop in trying to achieve their goals, the source of their rage seem to be that they were found out and that anyone had the temerity to enforce the law to try to stop them.

    We don’t need any more of these people voting like-minded people into power in our country. It will not MAGA…..and I believe that President Trump knows this.

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  9. duchess01 says:

    News | The White House – 01/26/2018


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  10. Now don’t get me wrong, I like James Woods, but this is the same kind of sentiment I have seen from a lot of supporters on our side, and I honestly don’t get it…

    From my experience, there are generally two prevailing arguments against amnesty:

    1) It provides the Democrats with new votes giving them greater control.
    2) Illegal aliens (many from international gangs) threaten the safety of American citizens.

    I think both are great points, but what I don’t understand is how “not supporting Trump” or “never voting Republican again” will prevent those things from happening? In fact, if you bail on both you are guaranteed to secure Democrat control over government and greater threats to safety. You will also get regulation of free speech, limits on religious freedom, unrestricted immigration forever, multi-national trade deals, carbon taxes, government run healthcare, and nationwide gun control.

    I get the emotional feeling of being “betrayed”, but not supporting President Trump or Republicans will guarantee you get exactly what you don’t want… and a lot worse.

    Just something to think about. 🙂

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    • fedback says:

      Woods is supposed to be a smart person. He must know that many Republican senators support Daca so what he is writing is bs. There isn’t a republican majority in Congress to stop Daca

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      • Exactly, we have a UniParty majority in Congress. Very few Republicans (though likely more than we think) are actually wanting to MAGA, and our President is doing such a fantastic job imagine if he actually had a MAGA Republican majority! 😀


    • Kaco says:

      I agree, if I felt betrayed, I certainly wouldn’t be voting in Democrat or some loony third party or stop voting altogeter. I’d just keep looking for a better GOP, though I don’t know how much better we’d get than Pres Trump.

      I’m not happy about DACA at all. I really feel no obligation to them whatsoever, and the more they show their face protesting, the more resentful I am of them. Especially since I’ve been active in notifying Capitol Hill that I am against illegal immigration for over a decade. So as far as I’m concerned, these are arrivals that nobody did anything about all that time I was begging Congress and the WH to stop it. If any have to stay (because of bleeding hearts), I hope they are thoroughly vetted, but this numbers increase with throwing in unregistered “Dreamers” bothers me even more that they won’t be vetted because those are ones who didn’t bother to register with DACA to begin with.

      I just don’t agree that the longer they are here, the more they are entitled to stay, like dropping the ball on the El Salvador TPS from 17 years ago. We all have to pay the price because someone forgot to send them home?

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    • boogywstew says:

      James Woods; “If Trump caves on #DACA, …” I think the “cave” in this statement is a matter of degree. If the President gets 90% of what he wants that’s probably not “caving” to James Woods but might be to some MAGA folks. I wish that tweet was more specific.

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    • treehouseron says:

      Didn’t this all-or-nothing Hollyweirdo James Woods already jump off the train 3 weeks ago?

      How many times is he going to tell us what a cuck he is?

      Not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary. Period.

      James Woods shilling for Hillary.

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      • “All or nothing” is the perfect way to put it Ron! Some people seem to think “nothing” is better than “most”. I would rather have MOST of President Trump’s campaign promises fulfilled (BTW he’s done way beyond my expectations in fulfilling promises, and my expectations were really high) than to get NOTHING and give up because he didn’t do that one thing over there… And on top of that, posturing like this is being done before he’s even signed anything!

        President Trump’s job performance has been so incredible, if he gave the Democrats everything they wanted on DACA and I knew that before the election, I still would’ve moved Heaven and earth to vote for him! 🙂

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      • Sylvia Avery says:


        I personally sympathize with James Woods, who has been a pretty darned ardent and loyal and effective supporter of PDJT. I won’t say I’m all done with PDJT if it the WH proposal gets made into law, but it will be an incredibly bitter pill. I suspect I’m not the only supporter who will feel that way.

        I loved and revered Ronald Reagan, but I am still unhappy about the 1986 amnesty he got suckered into. And with good reason. The result is I now live in conquered territory, right here in the USA.

        Obviously not for you, and for that I am genuinely happy, but for many of us illegal immigration is a deeply personal issue. Others can enjoy the strategy and admire the gamesmanship but when you are staring into the abyss it is a little bleak.

        Nonetheless, I can acknowledge intellectually that PDJT is superb at this stuff. I watched him make promises not just to his followers like me, and James Woods, but to Jamiel Shaw and the other Angel Parents and I don’t for a moment he did that lightly. I’m hanging on by my fingernails and hoping for the best.

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      • piper567 says:

        I’m going to hold off calling Woods a cuck.
        What I will say is that I think he tweeted this before he had The Word from our President.
        In this, imo, he has a LOT of company.
        Many folks here have said exactly the same thing.
        What I think its important to notice, is Woods aims the arrow of his actual vitriol at the Rs in Congress…and what he says is the truth.
        Mr. Woods has been a huge Trump supporter, and all he’s really saying is what many of us feel…we all want what we want re DACA.
        But none of us really knows what Trump has planned.
        I do not fault him for expressing his opinion any more than I fault Treepers for expressing their opinion.

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    • peace says:

      It’s not so much that the Republicans are spineless; rather, it’s that they truly are very much on the same page as the democrats; hence the Uniparty as we no longer have a real two party system.

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      • You’re so right Peace, I think that’s why the primaries are so important.

        Here in Illinois we are facing an election with a pretty disappointing Republican governor (sanctuary status, abortion, etc.) so I am hoping for a good primary opponent. However, I will still vote for him if I have to because a Republican who I sometimes agree with is still better than a Democrat who I will likely never agree with. 🙂

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      • singingsoul says:

        What some people forget Trump is not a dictator why punish him when democrat do not want to cooperate?
        We also have some rhinos who do not play nice. Trump does not make laws he is not the only one who decides. I wonder if people are married who never compromise?
        If we like it or not Trump protest the best deal even on illegals.
        There is no one who can make a better deal than president Trump.


  11. Troublemaker10 says:

    A Pashtun Village Elder Praises President Trump


    …Wazir thanks President Trump for his tough and “widely popular” policy that favors U.S. allies and calls out Pakistan for decades of “lies, deceit, and duplicity in [the] war on terror.” He prays that God “bless President Trump” and grant him “a long and successful life and leadership.” He also reminds us how successive U.S. governments have given Pakistan billions for its people’s welfare and to fight terrorism, and in return, “Pakistan has given us nothing but terrorism.” President Trump, he believes, is putting an end to that suicidal policy.

    He and other Pashtun leaders have said Pakistan’s many “fake military operations” that were supposed to target Islamist terrorists in Waziristan and the rest of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) were smokescreens for “ethnic cleansing.” In reality, they note, “Pakistan’s security forces assassinated only pro-U.S. and anti-terrorism voices among the locals” while supporting safe havens for their Taliban allies crossing over from Afghanistan.

    While previous U.S. administrations ignored Pakistan’s “double-game,” it appears that President Trump has not.

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  12. fedback says:

    Ted Malloch analyzes Trump’s speech at Davos

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  13. Stormyeyes says:

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  14. wyntre says:

    The Demon-Rats and the Ene-Media are screeching helplessly at the sky in their desperation to topple Trump.

    Not only has Kimmel announced he’s interviewing Stormy Daniels following the SOTU, but Mad Maxie Pad is giving a “national address.:”

    These nasty POS’s are vile, reprehensible, despicable and should be deep-sixed.

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  15. lawrencepaul1 says:

    This sums it all up quite nicely.

    Mythologies of Illegal Immigration

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Yes it does. Victor Davis Hanson clearly points out the false messaging the media has done to brainwash many, even here, about the adorable DACA “kids” and the “victimless crime” of illegal immigration. Very thoughtful piece.

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  16. phoenixRising says:

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  17. Pam says:

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  18. Pam says:

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  19. sunnydaze says:

    Somebody mentioned here a couple nites ago that their local ABC affiliate had done a first – ever positive news report re. Trump.

    I thought I’d check my ABC news but, I’m so out of the habit that I forgot.

    Now I really hope I remember cuz, looky here, ABC did a pretty positive report on Trump at Davos- with an obligatory positive Obie mention at the end (can’t go tooo far).


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  20. phoenixRising says:

    neat thread about the “crumbs” many got in their paychecks today!!!

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  21. phoenixRising says:

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  22. rich33y says:

    We are all waiting for the next bomb to drop.

    There has not been a meeting of the HPSCI since it was released to the full House.

    The next scheduled meeting is Monday. There hasn’t been any indication whether or not the memo is on the agenda.


  23. duchess01 says:

    President Trump arrives in Washington DC after Davos trip.
    Jan 26, 2018. Joint Base Andrews

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  24. tuskyou says:

    LaVoy Finicum’s family is suing the feds. Pray they are successful 🙏

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  25. Patriot1783 says:

    Obama sycophant Ben Rhodes gets his ass handed to him on Twitter 😂😂🤣


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    • piper567 says:

      thanks Patriot…worth every minute it took to read. Greatstuff.
      Kudos to GP, which can be marginal, for posting this whole array of witty and truthful tweets.

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      • Patriot1783 says:

        Isn’t it great how much braver people are getting on Twitter to call out the obama & clinton bots without hesitation.
        It’s nice to see the shoe on the other foot after so long of the obama regime/oppression.


  26. Patriot1783 says:

    Hey it’s Friday…any treep bets out there for timing of the next docu dump? 😄

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  27. Pam says:

    Live NOW!

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  28. citizen817 says:

    Attorney General Sessions Delivers Remarks on National Security and Immigration Priorities of the Administration

    Sessions Blasts ‘Political Bias’ and ‘Favoritism’ Inside Justice Department

    Comments on DOJ were made at the tail end of broader speech on “national security and immigration priorities.”

    Attorney General Sessions Delivers Remarks on National Security and Immigration Priorities of the Administration

    Sessions Blasts ‘Political Bias’ and ‘Favoritism’ Inside Justice Department

    Comments on DOJ were made at the tail end of broader speech on “national security and immigration priorities.”

    Full Transcript in link


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  29. Harry Lime says:

    This probably made more sense than what they actually said…

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  30. LBB says:

    Hannity was talking about MSM’s breathless Mueller story. Not sure why it is a story, but oh well. Happened to be looking at a NYT’s story about the Strzok-Page texts . There happened to be a clause in there about Mueller. Funny the same newspaper , in a Schmidt (same) article (Dec 2) wrote this :

    “The discovery of the text messages came at a crucial moment in Mr. Mueller’s investigation. At the time, Mr. Mueller was ramping up his inquiry into Mr. Trump’s former advisers, while also coming under criticism for putting many donors to Democratic candidates on his team. Some conservatives encouraged Mr. Trump to fire Mr. Mueller, saying the investigation was tainted. Mr. Trump seriously entertained the idea but ultimately backed down.”

    Some conservatives encouraged him (now about golf course etc) . Entertained the idea but ultimately backed down. Written as a passing thought then. They are sure trying to paint a different picture now.

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  31. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    A former assistant Attorney General to Bush 2, Jimmy Gurule, say President Trump differently committed obstruction for just wanting to fire Mueller. Wow, the way they stretch things.

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  32. simicharmed says:

    100% Trump Supporter! Through and Through! I found one my childhood bands song a nice addition to this continued support –

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  33. phoenixRising says:

    their script goes out every morning from the CIA… it’s no wonder the all print the same story…

    mockingbird op is still going strong…

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  34. A2 says:

    If you read nothing else tonight, read this review of a film made about Obama’s final year (playing in some theaters to be released by HBO in May). It is gobsmacklngly both frightening and hilarious. It is a killer of a review.

    (an excerpt)

    “The Final Year, though, is chiefly a study of Obama-administration foreign policy as overseen by Secretary of State John Kerry, Power, and Rhodes, who at the time of filming had become (in)famous for telling The New York Times Magazine that he had set up an “echo chamber” in Washington of Obama sycophants in order to mislead the American people about expert opinion on the Iran deal, and for pouring contempt on D.C. reporters, who he said were typically 27 and “literally know nothing.” From the doc, it appears that Rhodes, not Kerry, was running U.S. foreign policy in 2016, and perhaps for some time before that.”

    “The Final Year Reveals the Obama Administration’s Naïvety and Arrogance”


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  35. phoenixRising says:

    Go Maria! Wow… “don’t spew lies on my program”

    Watch Maria Bartiromo Take A Sledge Hammer To Union Organizer’s Hatred Of Trump


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    • thinkthinkthink says:

      Our Lion inspires boldness in others. 🙂

      “The wicked run away even when no one is chasing them;
      the right-living, however, stand their ground as boldly as lions.”
      Prov. 28:1

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  36. Linda says:

    CNN….Whitehouse in turmoil!! Really?


  37. phoenixRising says:

    from Q today:

    “Read slowly and carefully.
    Will become critically important in coming weeks.
    Continue to track those who are resigning across all platforms.
    Where there was once darkness, there will now be LIGHT.”

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  38. sunnydaze says:

    LOL. Debbie Wass-Scultz wrote a similar tweet at the same time:

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  39. jeans2nd says:

    One more time, kids.
    Listen to Joe Biden here. You will hear Biden explain how there was no Russian hacking, collusion, etc., and how, after the PDB briefing, the Obama/Biden/Admin discussed how to work the politics of fixing for Clinton to win, and start the Muh Russia nonsense. This entire mess came from from the top.
    Gang of 12?
    This fella?
    “Bannon & company” is priceless.
    What did they “know” three weeks later?
    Notice the other guy step in for cleanup, and how the narrative was changed to “propaganda.”
    Listen for yourself. No evidence. No vote tampering. No collusion. Just how to fix a bad narrative for Clinton to win, and how to take Pres Trump down after the election.

    Even Mitch McConnell figured out what Obama and Cabal were doing, and refused to have any part in the lie. Good on Mitch.

    Full comments are available at the CFR website, but are 59 min 49 sec long https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0_AqpdwqK4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0_AqpdwqK4
    These ppl are dirty, and evil as all get out. After we take down Clinton, next…

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      Uh huh.
      So the Russians got john mcgone (who wants a war with Russia) to take info collected supposedly from Russians (by Steele) to the FBI that exonerated hilly all to help Trump.

      By the way Joe, it wasn’t Russia looking tapping into different states voter info, it was zero.

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  40. sunnydaze says:

    Shannon Bream interviewing a legal immigrant from Brazil on FNC.

    Maybe GOP could fill some empty seats at the SOTU with legal immigrants and Vets.


  41. apfelcobbler says:


    such filth – have to say it’s disappointing that a Guggenheim representative could do this.


    • phoenixRising says:

      it will backfire on her…
      remember all the designers who screamed “I won’t dress her”
      Well, turns out FLOTUS can dress herself very well… indeed better than any FLOTUS to date. Melania has style and a sense of her surroundings… she’s also a photographer. She knows fabrics and colors… goodness, just remember what she did at Christmas. FLOTUS doesn’t need designers.

      The witch at Guggenheim created some bad karma for herself… she will rue the day she did such a nasty thing. Remember the witchy librarian who refused the Dr. Seuss books?
      People like this simply expose their mean spirited ignorant stupid selves.


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