White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Interview With Bret Baier (video)…

Earlier tonight White House Chief of Staff John Kelly sat down for an interview with Fox News host Bret Baier to discuss current political events.  Great interview:


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  1. Pam says:

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    • dufrst says:

      Trump doesn’t need $20 billion to build the Wall. He will get that and more out of Mexico to pay back the amount ultimately they will compromise on (I think Trump gets the $ from the guest worker program in “phase 2”).

      I think Trump will be happy to get half of that and still build and substantial Wall on the border. The biggest part of the deal must tie Wall completion to citizenship or any compromise on chain migration. Trump will end visa lottery, get $ for Wall and end the type of chain migration that has been ridiculous over this long while.

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      • Ad rem says:

        Fetched you from the bin….. 😦

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      • NYC80 says:

        He ALREADY made Mexico pay for it. In the 12 months prior to Trump’s election, the exchange rate averaged 18.1 Mexican pesos to the dollar. In the 14 months since the election (not including January, as it’s not yet over), the average has been 19.16 pesos to the dollar.

        We imported $372.8 billion worth of products from Mexico in 2016. That equates to $31.067 billion per month. Over the 14 months following the election, the stronger dollar has averaged a cost reduction for imports of 5.85% on a monthly basis, and, over 14 months, that translates into a savings (for American consumers) of $24.04 billion.

        Trump should be shouting this from the rooftops. He hasn’t even built the wall, yet, but he’s already made Mexico pay for it.

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    • John Rawls says:

      In a campaign, candidates simplify things to get the main idea across. The aim is still to have an impermeable barrier. However, it’s a “wall system” which deals with all the complexities of the terrain & needs of the people on the border. The plan was constructed by the experts who guard the border. They know the conditions on the ground, and what is needed.

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  2. Pam says:

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  3. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    my eyebrow was raised a bit… kinda like a hair on my neck but it was my brow
    Perhaps i am taking Kelley wrong but ….

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  4. missilemom says:

    I honor Kelly’s service but when he said POTUS is evolving; red flags went up. Heard that term in the news this week and I am blanking.

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    • He also said he was the one that asked Trump to give congress 6 months to fix DACA. No good deed goes unpunished.

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    • j1u2l3i4a5 says:

      I think he meant that the President evolves where it is needed. When he asks for opinions from Kelly and others, he weighs them in the balance and makes his own choice. But the evolving is in the listening and yes, sometimes in the changing of his own mind. Not a bad thing sometimes. Trump is wise and listens.

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    • NC PATRIOT says:

      Get REAL people ! The job of President is harder than campaigning for it. A hundredfold more information comes to him than he had as a candidate !!

      He will hold to his core beliefs–America First. But with more available information, he may see different ways to get the result he wants. He NEVER said the wall would be 2000 miles, for example. (But detractors try to claim he is backtracking )

      When one gets more information the thinking will evolve. Why should that cause “red flags”? I trust this man. Don’t you?

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      • appadoo9 says:

        yes, I trust him. and you posted the reason well.

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      • CBNC says:

        Yes Patriot – I trust this man. He is much more intelligent than these idiots believe.
        another from NC


      • D. Manny says:

        Oh, no, if Trump fails on DACA, I won’t vote for him….
        Oh, no, if Trump gives them amnesty, I won’t vote for him…
        Oh, no, if Trump fails on Obamacare, I won’t vote for him…
        Oh, no, if Trump caves on sending troops to Syria, I won’t vote for him….
        etcetera, etcetera, etcetera….

        I notice that those who do the most complaining are the same ones who do the least work.

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        • Dorothy Marcum says:

          Sure, those of us who made thousands of phone calls through the campaign phone system and knocked on hundreds of doors and started in the primaries filling up the road ways with Trump signs are the very FIRST ones to complain …… sure! We sat on our butts while the campaign rolled around the country. I personally attended rallies, even hosting one of my own for local folks …. so of course paint us as “trolls” or “whatever”
          If #DACA gets what the DEMS want with just a few hundred miles of a real border wall then I don’t care to say that Trump will lose my support and many others who I just talked to yesterday from the area that worked with me! Not one issue voters but if Trump choses to die on this hill of Dreamers vs Americans then we can die on a hill of finding someone else TIME will tell


    • Alistar says:

      “Like all weak men he laid an exaggerated stress on not changing one’s mind.” W. Somerset Maugham — I’m so glad that John Kelly and PDJT is not afflicted with the curse of dogmatic certainty leading to inflexibility. p.s., I thought it was a great interview.

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    • Morningstar says:

      I’ve met both general Kelly and general Mattis when I was in the marines the biggest take away from those encounters were that even though I was a lowly lance corporal they each took the time to listen to what I had to say about the new tech we were using and said they would use the input, seems to me that’s what great leaders do will take and use information from every source to help with decision making. So if they would take the time to listen to what I had to say id expect the same from potus another great leader to listen to either one to evolve his thinking may not change the out come but a more informed decision … even the same decision can be considered evolved if it’s based on more information

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  5. daughnworks247 says:

    Chrysler moving back to Michigan…….. from Mexico.
    Chrysler investing 1 billion in Michigan.
    Down payment on the wall.
    By the time Trump is done, that damn wall is going to be paid for 10X over.

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  6. South Col says:

    Riiiight…..so Kelly knows PTrump has folded on DACA.
    Brilliant move. No-one who voted for PTrump did so because of illegal aliens and open borders.

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    • Rudy Bowen says:

      squawk, squawk, the sky is falling!

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    • Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

      That’s not how i see it, PDJT hasn’t folded on anything – since when do we take anyone’s words for PDJT’s?

      PDJT has always said if you don’t hear it from me, you didn’t hear it.
      but Kelley gave me pause about Kelley tonight.

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      • Dorothy Marcum says:

        He said basically that he could change POTUS mind on just about anything
        The HUBRIS of this guy
        and NOW he admits he was responsible for this whole freaking DACA extension
        He sees his job to steer Trump away from #MAGA IMHOO

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      • MVW says:

        Walls work. Trump knows this. If Israel needs a wall there is no substitute. Sure, support people and technology are needed.

        And Kelly knows this full well too.

        So watch the words and language. Rivers and mountains don’t need walls, in themselves they are barriers. There is existing structures that need upgrade, that is an upgrade. Then there is the 800 miles that needs new wall.

        Nothing new here, just word repackaging, it is Washington Speak to give the DhimmiRats cover. Will that work? Trump knows it won’t. Everyone here knows it won’t. The wall is death to uncontrolled immigration and Uniparty has pinned their strategy on it.

        Kelly is trying to salvage this attempt at a compromise, but the Big Ugly is coming. These are just skirmishes so far. The prize is 2018 mid terms. Until the midterms are done this is all positioning.

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  7. The240report says:

    O/T Where is the fake news awards?

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  8. bayoukiki says:

    We need Brett to have a similar interview with Nuned


  9. Pam says:

    I don’t get the impression that POTUS has folded on the wall regardless of what was said here. For the idiot questioner mentioned in the interview that was so concerned about his tweets, get over it!

    There is one thing that General Kelly is spot on about is the fact that POTUS is his own boss. He’s not controlled by anyone. That’s one of the biggest reasons why he’s in the highest office in the land. The voters know this.

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  10. Tonawanda says:

    What I got: Kelly is a brilliant patriot, a man of integrity, and it is understandable that Trump talks to him morning noon and night.

    Like Trump, he is a truth-teller, committed to objective reality. He is not a yes man, which Trump knows. He is a wise and prudent man.

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    • Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

      Very true, I like Gen. Kelley and think he’s been great getting the WH staff in control and getting rid of the leakers. The fact that Bannon had an issue with him makes me like him and trust him even more.

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    • Dixie says:

      I think General Kelly has always said just what he thinks, without consideration for how it sounds or how others might interpret it. He’s a military general and tactfulness is not expected of military generals (except for Mad Dog Mattis who treats his troops with care and sometimes even the prisoners). As long as General Kelly takes care of his job and the President, I don’t care what he says.

      IMHO, we should only listen to what comes out of the mouth of our VERY STABLE GENIUS President, Donald J. Trump.

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  11. JL says:

    Remember that time KellyAnne Conway went on the air just before then candidate Trump went to Mexico and said he was softening on building the wall? Remember how that turned out?

    I wonder what’s on Trump’s agenda here shortly that required General Kelly to go on air and send out this message?

    Between the lines, folks. Got to read between the lines.

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  12. G3 says:

    The media painted President Trump incorrectly about the wall. “ Evoloving comes from the media reporting nuggets of truths. President Trump never indicated it would be a 2000 mile long of uninterrupted wall.

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  13. Turranos says:

    Easily, one of the best interviews I have heard in a very long time. Brett did a fine job and he was not trying to grind any axes and he was not trying to hit a few points and then move to another interview. Brett, also let John Kelly talk without interruptions, a rare thing these days. I can’t remember a 17 minute interview recently, by anyone. Well done. John Kelly is the best man for that position bar none! He and our POTUS truly love our country. MAGA!

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    • tdaly14 says:

      Bret sucks, he always goes for the leftist comments instead of the ppl who voted for him. Bret’s a nevertrumper.

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    • trumpsbamagirl says:

      I was relieved not to hear a questions about $h!th0les

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I quit watching Bret Baier after Candidate Trump was nominated by the Rep. for President. It took me awhile, but I did realize fairly quickly that he was Never Trump and I haven’t watched his show since.

      HOWEVER, unlike the showy “media personalities” like Sean, Laura, etc. Bret Baier knows how to conduct an interview. He asks questions. He listens to the answer. He is smart enough to be able to ask a pertinent follow up question. He has ability.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Yea, you are right. But he allowed the Megyn/ 1st debate crap to taint his objectivity. I used to admire himnd especiallg his imterviewinv skills, but now… I won’t watch him. Turns my stomach. Don3. D9ne with Hannity, too.


  14. deh3k says:

    Kelly is impressive. This President is managing to draw people with such high skill levels – a very hopeful sign for a positive outcome to his presidency. Kelly has a talent for reaching across that vast divide between Trump haters and Trump lovers, and sets an example for us of love and service to our country.

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  15. Dan says:

    He’s a true patriot. It really hit home for me how he took ownership of the importance of his role. Especially his comments about how if the President is misinformed and makes a decision on that bad info, that’s on him.

    I sincerely believe he puts the United States first, and President Trump second (those two are separate).

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    • wondering999 says:

      Kelly reiterated several times that if the President fails, the country fails.

      I don’t know if that fact penetrates many thick MSM skulls, but maybe with repetition, it might. Appreciate Kelly being willing to take on the job. Not many people could do what he does

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  16. Uncle Max says:

    I trust Kelly like I trust Pence. To the extent that PDJT is happy with them and they do his bidding, fine. But that’s about it.

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  17. Just_me says:

    President Trump WILL get the best immigration reform deal he can for our country. It won’t be exactly what YOU want, what the guy down the street wants, what Republicans want, what Democrats want, but it will be the best he can get for our country. I have no doubt and I am a realist who will not grab her toys and stomp off while throwing a temper tantrum. Kelly had a great interview, IMO.

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  18. Ericb says:

    I think Trump respect Kelly’s opinion. Trump likes to challenge his own beliefs by hearing other points of view to be sure of his own convictions. Luckily for us Trump always ends up right back where he started which is knowing his 1st instinct was right

    Hope I explained that right.

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  19. woohoowee says:

    …this ain’t a regular job…

    We are in the very best of hands 🙂

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  20. Wow. Nice to have a Four Star Marine General running the show. Ain’t know Durbin or Graham gonna sneak some B.S. Legislation past the president. Bravo!

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  21. Nigella says:

    Wow a lot of downers here… I trust Trump. Until he does something that makes me doubt him I’m keeping the faith

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    • NotALiberal says:

      I think we have a lot of former Breitbarters moving over to CTH due to the sheer number of trolls over at BB. The negativity over there is overhwhelming at times, which caused me to remove my bookmark to the site.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      A 2000 mile border, with a 700 mile fence?
      We must have a lot of natural barriers down there.

      I’m glad that Mr. Trump is calling the shots instead of Kelly.

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  22. Joe says:

    Don’t trust Kelly. A bit too beholden to the Establishment. Not sure the President is being well served.

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    • Dorothy Marcum says:

      Totally agree . commend his service but his sound bites here were for some “realist” thinking He went on this show for a reason I don’t want the best deal I want what was promised to the best that can be done and I want illegals OUT OUT OUT

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      • Ok, you’re a troll

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      • wondering999 says:

        If the economy continues to boom, immigrants will be sought out, and hopefully screened so that we get the best and not gangsters and terrorists.

        Trump is willing to aim for the impossible. I’m willing to hope for miracles under competent leadership.

        I believe that Mexico’s corruption and crime is impossible, now.

        However, wouldn’t it be great if we could clean up our own country first — and somehow through the power of example, it worked out that Mexico began to live up to Mexico’s potential? I wouldn’t mind a miracle — it could happen. Not under current conditions, but later


        • AmericaFirst says:

          Just like in the ME, only Mexicans will ever be able to cure the corruption in Mexico, and it will probably take a Revolution to do so. Which, in the end, would probably be better for the people than the non-stop random violence engaged in with impunity by the drug cabal and the gangs.

          NO ONE from the outside can cure their problems.

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    • NotALiberal says:

      How many times have we heard, “Oh, he’s letting down his base, the sky is falling, the jobs are not coming back, the middle class is screwed again (the tax reform bill).” When the time comes and a bill is presented on his desk for his signature, we will know. I have much more faith in the man whom we elected POTUS, and unless he betrays us (sells out to globalist shills, and do you really see that happening?), I’m on board the Trump Train for the long haul.

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  23. flashman says:

    Kelly is the man. In my opinion.

    This interview showed the tight control Kelly has in what and how he says things. I would not put anything past him, even a little bit of misinformation. He has showed his skill in getting rid of leaks and other problems in the White House. I do not think he controls the President in his decisions, other then keeping the President balanced. The President, by his nature, is very bright and likes to get things done, and Kelly probably moderates the speed, keeping it to Warp 1.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      I said this above and I will say it here. Kelly talks too much. Short answers only.

      Baier starts controversy and is no friend of PDJT.

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      • MVW says:

        Kelly is trying to resuscitate the DACA deal. That is all this is about. Ain’t gonna happen unless pigs start flying. Walls work, Kelly knows it, this is just Washington Speak.

        The question is, what is Trump’s next move, because Trump has this planned down to a ‘T.’ This is not January 21, 2017.

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  24. Joe says:

    Odd that SD expresses no opinion on this.


  25. El Torito says:

    The “He’s evolved” was completely in the context of the wording he used on the campaign vs what border patrol has told him they need to defend the border. If I am wrong and JK is floating a trial balloon, I’ll be the first to vent my spleen to POTUS. But I think the context was clear.

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  26. bulwarker says:

    Ive made it known where I stand. We’ll have to wait and see what legislation actually comes forward, everything else is just noise.

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  27. So great to have the adults in charge. All of them.

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  28. chooseamerica says:

    Call tomorrow and tell Speaker Ryan, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers to bring HR 4760 to the floor for a vote.

    This ends chain migration and the visa lottery, requires all employers to use E verify, strengthens interior enforcement and authorizes construction of additional fencing along the border.

    Phone numbers are:

    Ryan 202 225-0600
    McCarthy 202 225-4000
    Scalies 202 225-0197
    McMorris Rodgers 202 225-5107

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  29. SharonKinDC says:

    Kelly smelled two rats on a sandbag mission. He knew damned well that pair weren’t giving Trump what he wanted to he hightailed it to the hill, confirmed that none of the other players were informed of the ‘deal’, then ensured Cotton and Perdue attended (along w/ DHS head). Graham and Durbin weren’t happy their meeting was expanded.

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  30. lorenetn says:

    What is Kelly talking about? POTUS as a candidate consistently said at his rallies that a wall is not needed across the entire border because of natural barriers. I know because I watched every rally either live or on replay.

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    • MVW says:

      “POTUS as a candidate consistently said at his rallies that a wall is not needed across the entire border because of natural barriers. ”
      Exactly. Kelly knows this too. It is just smoke cover for the DhimmiRats in case they want to give in and compromise. I don’t expect them to.

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    • If you listen, that message was for the Hispanic Caucus. “Look Trump is compromising. He doesn’t need a wall across the entire border any more.”

      The $20 Billion is for a lot more than an 800 mile fence. 🙂

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  31. Honeybee says:

    I didn’t like how Kelly portrayed President Trump as always needing to be informed, like he has no knowledge of his own. I just got the impression that Kelly thought of Trump as someone who needed to be handled and guided and didn’t give him credit for his intelligence and foresight. This interview left me cold about Kelly, and I liked him before.

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    • MVW says:

      Kelly is capable of smelling a setup. He smelled it with the Durbin fake compromise tale. Trump sees the deal as dead, Kelly is giving it a ‘Hail Mary’, but you can’t make a snake into a stick unless you are Moses.

      I think ICE crackdown is the next step, it is starting anyway. Kelly is a kind hearted soul and was hoping for a less official act to force the DhimmisRats to do what is right.

      “This interview left me cold about Kelly, and I liked him before.”
      What you saw was Kelly bending words to prevent this. Words are not deeds, unless it is Trump. Kelly knows the deal is dead too, but it is too early to admit it.

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    • highdezertgator says:

      Can you keep track of the massive bureaucracy and MAGA agenda without being informed??? or build large buildings or golf courses in Scotland…. leaders listen and then make INFORMED decisions.
      “In a 2015 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, one senator noted that “The Federal Register indicates there are over 430 departments, agencies, and sub-agencies in the federal government.”

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    • Patriot1783 says:

      That’s how a boss would’ve act…prudent to be informed at all times of every aspect of the business.


  32. zorg2 says:

    Good interview! I agree with Sundance!

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  33. Zennalou says:

    Kelly said he went to talk to the Hispanic Caucus today. Did he go to speak to anyone representing the citizens who want our country protected from the invaders?

    Pro-Open Borders Hispanic Caucus to Trump Administration: Stop Talking About ‘Chain Migration’
    The pro-open borders Hispanic Caucus has “implored” President Trump’s administration to stop mentioning the process known as “chain migration,” whereby newly naturalized citizens are allowed under the current legal immigration system to bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S.
    A report by POLITICO revealed that members of the House Hispanic Caucus — which regularly advocates for more immigration to the U.S. despite its negative impact on America’s working and middle class — asked Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly to stop talking about chain migration, which has imported more than 9.3 million foreign nationals to the country since 2005.


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  34. Donna in Oregon says:

    I’ve never wavered in my support for President Trump. **

    He said he will build the wall. He will. That is all.

    **Prayer, and ask for faith if the news media says things that are upsetting. Be happy 🙂

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  35. 4harrisonblog says:

    What would Hillary do, if she had of stolen her way into office?

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  36. JimWVa says:

    Great interview with General Kelly. On the border wall: President Trump is the architect, General Kelly is the engineer. By 2020, it will be a big, beautiful and effective border wall. And when Secretary Ross and his team rework NAFTA, the USD value of Mexican pesos (20 million) will pay for it.

    On the shithole meeting: General Kelly saw that Durbin and Graham had a losing immigration proposal, and gave President Trump the correct advice to allow the President to re-direct the negotiations toward an America First negotiating position. Durbin and Graham must have thought they could slip one by the President. The race card has been played all week by Durbin and Graham simply because President Trump up-ended their losing proposal. As General Kelly said, when President Trump succeeds, America succeeds.

    Sundance and the Last Refuge is the only site where rational thinking resides these days. Thanks again.

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  37. IfThenElse says:

    When the press and every smart Alec “expert” says the wall will cost 20B, then PT would of course say give me 20B then. Then, once appropriated, PT does what he does, e.g.Bowing, Lockheed, all of his projects, and so on.

    Put another way, these congressmen aren’t more likely to fund a cheap wall – hell, they want the most expensive wall money can buy, its what they do.

    For the record, what kind of jerk would ask JK if he was in it for the long haul? I mean, that is not a straightforward question. Bret, are you in this for the long haul, I mean how long ARE you going to put up with the stench of Murdock?

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    • bessie2003 says:

      My thoughts are that by making it known the wall would cost $20B, the politicians will chuckle and say let’s give him $10B – and most likely, our VSGPDJT has already put pencil to paper and arrived at only needing $8B so when it’s built he can say, under budget and ahead of schedule!

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  38. daughnworks247 says:

    Kelly is a man who protects his commanding officer and is above reproach.
    Trump is a man who was classically trained, to always seek information, knowledge is power, Pareto Principle, always have 4 sources of info for major decision, always talk to your enemies, etc.

    I can’t imagine a snot-nosed millennial, who got a job at the White House because of ‘daddy’s donations to the RNC, having the nerve to mouth off at General Kelly.
    Can you imagine what he would do to someone who gave him the eye-roll?
    Gheez he reminds me of my dad…… who was a Marine.
    One look from dad and I would start moosetears.
    Do they teach Marines how to do that in basic training?

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    • wondering999 says:

      Hmmm. This is interesting — Pareto Principle: 80/20 rule explained


      “What It Means: The 80/20 Rule means that in any situation, 20 percent of the inputs or activities are responsible for 80 percent of the outcomes or results. In Pareto’s case, it meant 20 percent of the people owned 80 percent of the wealth. In Juran’s initial work applying the 80/20 rule to quality studies, he identified 20 percent of the defects causing 80 percent of the problems. Project Managers know that 20 percent of the work (the first 10 percent and the last 10 percent) consume 80 percent of the time and resources.

      Other examples you may have encountered:

      80% of our revenues are generated by 20% of our customers.
      80% of our complaints come from 20% of our customers.
      80% of our quality issues occur with 20% of our products.


      20% of our contributors provide 80% of our funding.
      20% of our employees are responsible for 80% of sick days.
      20% of my ideas generate 80% of my traffic on my blog.”

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    • Mikayla825 says:

      I dunno if they teach it in Boot Camp, but definitely at D.I. School. 😉


  39. SeekerOfTruth says:

    I see some wall hysteria is again filtering in all over places.

    When Kelly said that PDJT is
    “evolving on the wall.”
    He meant that not every mile needs a tall wall. Some areas have natural border features and may not need a wall just a smaller fence and patrols on the other side of the natural wall feature.

    Initially maybe many thought Trump meant every mile had to have a tall wall and the same wall. No that was never the case. A large wall is needed in the many open areas but a lesser fence can be placed in some other areas just behind a natural wall or barrier making human traffic hard.

    So you wall the open high traffic areas first and then work back to lesser requirement areas.

    Placing increased border security agents in all areas and all areas get increased surveillance setups.

    2) About the President wanting to be kept informed regularly and “all the time” comments. The President wants and needs much good information flow and there are few real sources of good information. So that is a complement to Kelly that Trump is asking for good information from him. That means he trusts him well.

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    • Sentient says:

      Just don’t say the word “drones”. “Drones” means open border.

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    • rds says:

      Except Trump said this morning: “The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it.” Mr. Kelly said POTUS was evolving on the wall.

      Words mean things and when I hear words from different reliable sources that seem discordant, I first try to reconcile them. I personally think everything is fine here, but it’s OK to question things (as opposed to assuming ill intent). I confess I did raise an eyebrow when I heard the interview, but that’s the extent of it.

      I have always understood the “wall” to represent a barrier that stops or impedes the free-flow of illegals across our border. I think that is the bottom line and that’s the page everyone is on.


  40. joan and bill says:

    we love trump our president and would gladly take a bullet for him
    he listens to all in order to make the best decision for america and americans
    his having 98% more information and input reaffirms his initial ideas to maga giving him a different approach or path to reach the same goals for our usa
    he never gives up and never ever reveals his hand to the opposition

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  41. Buck says:

    Sage General Kelly!
    Saving the entire planet from #CrazyTrump until ‘evolution’ & ‘flexibility’ ensues.


  42. I got several things out of the interview. 1. Bret Baier is still a little weasel for the deep state 2. General Kelly wants to seem important. He is important but not as important as he would like to be. 3 General Kelly says Mexico will not pay for the wall and then starts to explain how Mexico or Mexicans will pay for it. Of course Bret didn’t want to hear that. 4 Trumps has not changed his position on anything. A bunch of people want him to say that he is going to change his mind but he doesn’t. Of course there are issues where he will listen to the other side but that is not the same as changing his position in any major way. President Trump continues to orchestrate all the wannabes.

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    • Hoosier says:

      You have obviously never read the Tsun Tzu: The Art of War book.

      20 billion / 700 miles = $28,571,428 per mile.
      4-lane highway, the cost per mile will run between $4 and $6 million in rural or suburban areas
      It will probably cost a bit more, so lets double the average.
      20 billion / 10 million = 2000 miles
      Even assuming you need to spend 5 million a mile for additional infrastructure for access it is 1333 miles.

      The neigh-bob Nellies of negativism make me neigh.

      We have a friggin master builder of large scale projects at the helm.


      From Wikipedia
      Wolfman Rink: The rink was closed in 1980 for a proposed two years of renovations at $9.1 million. Six years after the problem-plagued work was still not completed by the city, Donald Trump persuaded Mayor Ed Koch to let him complete the work in four months at $3 million in order to have it open by the end of the year. Koch initially objected but later agreed. Trump finished the job in the promised four months at a final cost 25% below the budget and for no profit.[3][4] The city had originally planned to employ the resource-saving—but largely untested—chemical compound freon to generate ice, but instead time-proven brine was used. The rink reopened to the public on November 13, 1986


  43. D. Manny says:

    Trump is a master persuader.

    For all ye of little faith, I think your lives would be a whole lot less stressful if you read Scott Adams’ book, “Win Bigly,” to understand exactly how a master persuader works. It would save your blood pressure, I think, and probably your marriage too.

    Liked by 5 people

  44. cyn3wulf says:

    Incredible. Trump is very well served by his crew. May it be ever thus.

    Liked by 5 people

  45. TwoLaine says:

    Good interview. I really think he is the right man to be standing next to the President every day as Chief of Staff. Dignified, serious and firm as h311.


  46. John Q Public says:

    General Cuck. Fire this man.


  47. Dorothy Marcum says:

    and it seems now that CuckKelly went into the HISPANIC meeting yesterday and floated a “deal” on DACA that does NOT include a stop to chain migration ….. this guy is a total globalist fraudster Even today the POTUS is having to correct him .. perhaps it’s time for Trump to think about a new chief of staff who does not try to MAKE policy himself

    Also WHY is Pence not doing this work? Pence was supposed to be the big policy negotiater with the House and Senate and he is nowhere to be found

    I did not ever hear of a chief of staff making policy


  48. South Col says:

    PTrump better get this Kelly fellow under control.
    Kelly’s condescending statements about PTrumps “evolution” are apparently rubbish…..see this….


    Of course the implied and devastating omission is that the President did not say he hasn’t “evolved” on DACA illegal aliens.


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