Stunningly Rude and Disrespectful Conduct by CNN’s Jim Acosta…

CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta has a history of rude journalistic behavior and disrespect that has never before been allowed in the White House.

Today during an oval office meeting between President Trump and President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan the CNN journalist exhibited a level of disrespectful behavior that should lead to his White House press credentials being revoked permanently.

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417 Responses to Stunningly Rude and Disrespectful Conduct by CNN’s Jim Acosta…

  1. jbrickley says:

    Lest we forgot… The man is a moron.

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  2. TwoLaine says:

    If you think this is rude, wait till you see how they treated the new female Head of Homeland Security. Talk about disgusting pigs, vultures and vipers. It was like the Salem witch trial.

    What little I saw from the Congressional DIMs showed clear debilitation of TDS. It’s time to send in the straight jackets and the men in white suits.

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    • Kaco says:

      Acosta is not a real news reporter, but yellow journalism. It is embarrassing that these foreign leaders see this display and completely disrespectful to them that the press doesn’t ask about them or the subject at hand and disrespectful to the office of President. Acosta’s credentials should be revoked, he has proven himself to be an Alinsky disruptor.

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  3. JoD says:

    “Take his coat!”

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  4. Mickey Wasp says:

    Me-thinks Acosta was fearful he would lose to April Ryan or Kristen Welker in the “Fake News” awards for most insane ill-informed WH Press Correspondent. So, he doubled-down to make sure he would have at least one trophy on his mantel.

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  5. dobbsfan says:

    Good grief……oust that idiot Acosta and that clown ass April Ryan.

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  6. prosateur says:

    Diamond and Silk could replace Jim and April! Quotes from yesterday’s chat RE Ryan at the MLK event (15:47): She’s a race baiter. She asks the dumbest questions. What kind of news credentials do you have to have to be in a news press room? Because if that’s all you have to have is something like THAT (April’s race baiting, inappropriate questions, etc.), then surely Diamond and Silk can be up there in the press room.

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    • The Jimmy Jack says:

      Trump should give more people like Diamond and Silk & other alternative pundits access to the WH Press Corps. The meltdown would be glorious.

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      • churchmouse says:

        Sean Spicer did so, albeit without the incomparable Diamond and Silk, but after his departure, this was discontinued for whatever reason.

        The regional newscasters asked more informative questions than those sitting in DC at the press hearing.

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  7. scott467 says:

    Jim Acosta… he’s a very high-strung little lap-dog.

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  8. free2313 says:

    I cannot believe ant president has to tolerate the rudeness of any ‘reporter’ and especially not one from a down and out agency that has such animus, for this president.
    If I were president, I would simply have my White House Chief of Staff, to inform the thug from fake news, that the I do not want (the thug) to attend anymore briefings.
    If CNN want a report to be there for their Corporation, then they could send someone who has some form of decorum at least.

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  9. TrueNorthSeeker says:

    Throw him the hell out!! Take his credentials and his coat!! Out!!! I’m sick of the embarrassing disrespect these scum continue to show our President.

    And grandstanding Cory Booker can join him!

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    • domain496 says:

      I don’t care how they feel about Trump. Haters gonna hate.
      BUT I demand they respect the OFFICE of POTUS or get banned from the press Corps.
      There is decorum or there is no press representation.

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    • Mongoose says:

      Yes, him with all the “tears” and rending of garments at the apt description of African countries, and many others. Plain talk, even if he did not say it quite so indelicately, is “clean up your fricking act!”


  10. Reassign Acosta to Gitmo


    • Mongoose says:

      That is still way too nice. I think a stint in Mogadishu, a real crap hole, would be great but then I think CNN already has a bureau there, if BBC didn’t beat them to it. You know, CNN focuses on the MENA countries and BBC focuses on African countries. Weird how they segment their news market, isn’t it?


  11. Daniel says:

    Would he ask Netanyahu if he only wanted Jews coming to Israel?

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  12. treehouseron says:

    I’m to the point where Acosta and the others don’t even bother me. I just chuckle at their futile attempts. It’s like watching a baby fight Muhammad Ali.

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  13. BAM says:

    One could hope that the fake news awards would bestow an ultimate award, the loss of the press pass. One could hope that Acosta would “win” it.

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  14. Ellen says:

    CNN created this monster. A sane organization would have canned him years ago for lack of professionalism. What a disgrace!

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  15. rsmith1776 says:

    Go back to Univision.

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  16. rsmith1776 says:

    Forget about Acosta – he is truly small fish, an IQ-challenged, Affirmative Action moron who stands out among other morons because of his particular “gift”.

    CNN as a whole has to be denounced as NOT being part of the media and excommunicated from the hallowed grounds of American leadership.

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  17. Time for the Secret Service to drag little Jiminy Acosta
    out of the White House in handcuffs, void his background check, declare him a threat to National Security and revoke his access to any U. S. Government facility for the remaining services of his life. The coup d’grace would be placing him on the no fly list. Ironically, little jiminy has done as much damage to foreign relations as obozo.

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  18. kea says:

    Notice how quickly Acosta went when Trump told him out. Good for Trump. Throw that idiot out.

    Ohhhhhhh can we fine the ‘news’ like a swear jar. But only make it a Build the wall jar!?!?!!? That should pay for at least 10 walls at this rate.

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  19. Singer says:

    Why is it that (one of) the lowest-rated cable networks has two “reporters” featured prominently on a daily basis at the WH pressers? Maybe they should allow questions based on ratings and paid subscriptions?

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  20. AH_C says:

    Ban Acosta tomorrow when you pass out the Golden Douchebag in Media Awards. The msm deserves several categories in Fake News
    # Talking Head male/female
    # Correspondent male/female
    # Blog Pundit male/female
    # Editorial male/female /group
    # Talk Show male/female/it/group
    # Newspaper
    # Magazine

    Feel free to add more

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  21. Summer says:

    The long-anticipated Fakest News Awards should be handed down to the losers ASAP because the competition is getting way too fierce, especially among the Crappy News Network clowns.

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  22. Molly Pitcher says:

    Call me crazy but I think the moron wanted to get booted. There has to be some upcoming Kabuki theater that will highlight it…maybe?

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  23. The Jimmy Jack says:

    Acosta was making a last ditch effort to win the #FakeNewsAward. It’s the only thing he’d have won since Trump ran for office. 🤣

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  24. Mia C says:

    I can’t wait for the fake news awards. When are they?

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  25. mike says:

    Acosta represents the left, the media and the democrat party perfectly; they are disrespectful, angry, and contemptuous as they show the entire world what a bunch of spoiled, insincere, hateful and immature babies they are. Think about who hates our President: communists, wealthy globalists, democrats and isis. Now look who likes him: middle eastern countries, China, S. Korea and Japan, all who gave him fantastic welcoming ceremonies, blue collar American patriots, millions of Europeans fighting for their own independence against government oppression, business leaders and billions more across the globe who know America is the shining light of the world and if it is extinguished, so are their dreams, hopes, families and lives.

    In my humble opinion the Jim Acosta’s and CNN’s of the world are on the wrong side of history, flailing and lashing out after being humbled so completely on Nov. 8th, 2016 that they will never get past it, and instead of admitting how wrong they were that fantastic night they will try and destroy everything but in the end will destroy themselves.

    Mr President, kick CNN fake news and their disrespectful “reporters” out of the white house, take their press credentials and bar them permanently. They are unworthy of you, us and the world.

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  26. HankM says:

    The MSM is a serious danger to democracy and is the press wing of the Deep State and Dem party. As I’ve said before, calling these politically corrupted agents “fake news” is true but it is also a euphemism for something much more sinister and deadly. These trained agitators, provocateurs and name callers hide behind their press credentials like punk Acosta but they are not reporters. They are paid to incite hatred, peddle lies and use every other dirty trick tactic at their disposal to derail any elected President that their bosses tell them to trash.

    They would do it to any Republican if ordered to but because Trump fights back, they’re more vicious than ever and escalate their attacks to absurd levels. They no longer hide them because too many Americans are being duped by their corrupted charades.

    Trump told Acosta, “Out” and that should mean a cancellation of his WH press credentials even if Acosta becomes a hero and a martyr to the left. If it’s not that, they will be saturating their networks with negative Trump accusations and coverage anyway. This real and present danger to a stable society and democracy needs to be exposed at every opportunity.

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    • farrier105 says:

      Acosta will get his one day, just like workplace bully Matt Lauer. As Johnny Cash reminds them: “You can run on for a long time, but sooner or later God will put you down.”

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  27. Liberty Forge says:

    For entertainment I read Dean Koontz novels. I absolutely love them. Those novels get my mind onto “fantasy” thoughts. (One can become overwhelmed with mere politics.)

    In between, I will read historical & political books — so yes — Dean Koontz novels “refresh” the mind, as it were.

    That said, both Jim Acosta & April Ryan would be absolutely PERFECT characters in a Dean Koontz novel. I can “sense” both of them, and Koontz would be able to describe them to a “T”.

    So, there is a place for them — in fantasy

    I wish they were fantasy, but they’re not. Instead, they are abhorrent; repulsive characters in real life.

    So — try to think of them as characters in a Dean Koontz novel — and then they are at least palatable.

    Disregard both of them and move on. Do not allow either to get your dander up, as that is precisely what both of them are trying to do. They are both extremely good at causing controversy. Pros.

    Train yourself to ignore them as pffft.

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  28. Linda McMillan says:

    His expulsion is long overdue!

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    • Dave says:

      It’s better if the network gets kicked out of the press conferences. That way, all their moronic “reporters” would be banned in one action. No network is “too big to be banned”! Let the precedent start now!

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  29. armie says:

    I’d just announce that, “as the result of the behavior of one of your members, we are no longer inviting the media to be present at events that involve leaders of foreign nations”. Offer them Pool coverage shot by the White House photographer. Back it up with a video montage of Acosta’s behavior over the last six months. Let the media figure out what changes they need to make if they want to be admitted again. There’d be a few days of whining, then it’d work out.

    There’s aggressive reporting, and there’s openly insulting the President of the United States. Calling him a racist bigot goes in the latter category.

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  30. fred5678 says:

    I wish Sarah Sanders would tell Acosta next presser, “Jim — you get to ask 1 or 2 questions, I answer them, We DO NOT DEBATE. You DO NOT GET TO ARGUE with me. Are we clear?”

    Same with April Ryan.

    Else they lose their credentials — permanently.

    BTW Jimmy — 60 countries — 1/3 of the whole freakin’ UN — have English as their sole, or one of their several, official languages. .English is spoken by all Air Traffic Control center personnel or is available on request also in major airport control towers in the world.

    Finally, lets make a 30 cognitive score mandatory for credentialing.

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  31. Mongoose says:

    Mr. Abilio James Acosta, son of a Cuban immigrant, is a sorry excuse for a news correspondent. No one in his field boxes his ears, in fact, his employer rewards his stupidity with a promotion to “Chieft WH Correspondent.” How ridiculous is that?

    If his employer won’t smack this clown up-side the head, and his profession won’t set him straight on how to behave in the WH or in front of the nation, then it is up to the WH to kick him out. He doesn’t deserve to be in the protected environs of our nations top leaders with that kind of attitude. I would take his hostility at face value and consider him as a threat, not a professional doing his job.

    Kick him to the curb and let him do his reporting from Pennsylvania Avenue. I’m sure CNN must have someone who knows some manners, like others in the press corps for how to act in front of the President and to the President.

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    • Mongoose says:

      Just thought I would point out his ancestry as Latino or Hispanic is way too broad for hiding behind. The man is a sorry excuse for a news correspondent and thinks he is “annointed” or something? I think it is something … like lunacy.


  32. Luke of the D says:

    Think about how completely stupid Acosta’s question really was: “(Do you want immigrants coming to the USA) from just Caucasian or white countries?” Think about that question for a moment. It is both completely stupid and redundant at the same time. What answer was Acosta really expecting? “Yes of course I want only immigrants from white countries!” Is that the answer that he REALLY was expecting?


    • armie says:

      It was rhetorical. Like, “have you stopped beating your wife?” Grammar school debating games for those who’ve never advanced emotionally past that stage.


  33. Steven Hitt says:

    Ban the POS from any access to WH for obstructionist behavior. Simple.


  34. Gary says:



  35. Bone Fish says:

    Acosta Left his wife and children last year (divorce) to be all he can for the communist new network.


  36. Mike diamond says:

    Where was Acosta when Obama traded 5 of the worst terrorist for bergdal??? Where was Acosta when Obama tried to throw our best friend Israel under the bus???? Where was Acosta when Obama did the bad Iran deal????get out Acosta,you have no place in the white house!!!if you can’t respect President Trump stay out!!!!!!!!


  37. Tom Power says:

    I am all for FREE press but Acosta is an activist Democrat. Keep him the hell away from the White House.


  38. John says:

    Narcissist person like Jim Acosta does not have any remorse. He is a very disrespectful and should be ashamed to be called journalist. Journalist should only report facts but Jim is totally the opposite, he should a commentator but not journalist.


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