Sunday Talks: Stephen Miller -vs- Jake Tapper…

President Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper for an interview today.  The level of sanctimonious condescension and snark from Tapper throughout this interview is typical for a Clinton Traveler that cannot yet come to grips with her defeat.  In short, Tapper triggered his inner child, and used the recent Wolff book to frame his defensive shield.

Additionally, Jake shows a complete disconnect from understanding the subject matter of his questioning when he states, wrongly, that Steve Bannon was the impetus for Stephen Miller joining the Trump campaign in early January 2016.  At the time Tapper attributes the claim, Steve Bannon (and Robert Mercer, and Breitbart Inc.) was working for the nomination of Ted Cruz.   It was the relationship between Senator Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump that led Sessions to recommend Miller for the Trump campaign.

The combative and argumentative nature Tapper reflects an ongoing disposition of opposition toward the continuing successful presidency of Donald Trump.  In an embarrassing display of petulance and denial Tapper ends the combative interview.

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339 Responses to Sunday Talks: Stephen Miller -vs- Jake Tapper…

  1. HankM says:

    Brilliant smack down of over excitable Tapper.

    Jake looked like a guy drowning and struggling to keep his head above the water. But Steve kept pushing Jakey’s head below the water.

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  2. BT a/k/a BT in SC says:

    I’ve watched this twice, now. No – three times! It was that good. We can bet the farm / life’s savings that Stephen Miller won’t be invited back to fake yapper’s show anytime soon. [I think we all know why Mr. Miller doesn’t get invited to do the Sunday talk show rounds very often.]

    As the late, great George Carlin once said, “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

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  3. Jlwary says:

    Jake Tapper is a $&(#’%! @$$ hole.

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  4. Robert Ruegger says:

    Ha ha ha. Jake Tapper fails miserably in trying to box in Miller to cause a rift between the President and Miller. Miller saw it coming and did not fall for the trap. What a smart guy! Go Miller! Cnn fails again to take down our President. God Bless our President and all his trusted aides. MAGA!

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  5. Kathleen Rady says:

    Wow, can’t believe how thin skinned Tapper is.

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  6. Ron Myles says:

    Tapper the rapper needs to go back to being a worthless “street thug” like he was before joining the Clinton News Network!

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  7. Totally Domestic says:

    Love 💝❤️💝 Stephen Miller
    🤬🤬🤬Can’t stand Fake Yapper!!!

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  8. Mike says:

    I hear Trapper is still throwing things in his office.

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  9. Stephen Miller is a UIUUge Rock Star! What a performance!

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  10. Stephen Miller is a UIUUge Rock Star! What a performance! Bravo!

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