Sunday Talks: CIA Director Mike Pompeo -vs- Chris Wallace…

CIA Director Mike Pompeo appears on Fox New Sunday with swamp guardian Chris Wallace.  As the new year begins, all of the deep swamp voices are angered that all other primary attack angles against the Trump presidency have failed.  Tactics shift.

Chris Wallace and his fellow UniParty swamp dwellers have made a conscious decision to combine the anti-Trump Wolff smear book with their familiar passive aggressive interview techniques to affirm an engineered narrative of Trump as unfit for office.   Wolff’s book essentially channels the inner conversations held by the UniParty DC media circuit.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo begins the interview visually stunned to see the level of ridiculous questioning that flows as an outcome of this ideological alignment between Wallace and his white-wine-spritzer colleagues.

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190 Responses to Sunday Talks: CIA Director Mike Pompeo -vs- Chris Wallace…

  1. Charlotte says:

    32 missing after Iranian tanker collides with freighter off China’s coast
    BEIJING — An Iranian oil tanker collided with a bulk freighter and caught fire off China’s east coast, leaving the tanker’s entire crew of 32 missing and causing it to spill oil into the sea, authorities said Sunday.

    Iran was sending oil to NORK


  2. undrprsr says:

    Article states the Iranian Oil was going to S. K. and the Chinese ship was carrying grain from U.S. re-read!


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