Representative Jim Jordan Has Questions…

O’boy, things are fun now. We’ve gone from a small peep hole in the rat-filled barn wall letting in the sunlight, to rapid cannon-fire knocking holes the size of bowling balls.  Whoo doggies… look at em’ scatter.

A few days ago CTH advised of a few good people to keep an eye on.  Yes, there are a few people inside the Swamp with a laser painting the target.

Ohio Representative Jim Jordan flying through the chaff and countermeasures while carrying a MOAB of truth. Head’s up, he’s quickly approaching the target:

1) Did the FBI pay Christopher Steele, author of the dossier?

2) Was the dossier the basis for securing FISA warrants to spy on Americans? And why won’t the FBI show Congress the FISA application?

3) When did the FBI get the complete dossier and who gave it to them?

•Dossier author Christopher Steele?
•Fusion GPS?
•Clinton campaign/DNC?
•Sen. McCain’s staffer?

4) Did the FBI validate and corroborate the dossier?

5) Did Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, or Bruce Orr work on the FISA application?

6) Why and how often did DOJ lawyer Bruce Orr meet with dossier author Christopher Steele during the 2016 campaign?

7) Why did DOJ lawyer Bruce Orr meet with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson after the election? To get their story straight after their candidate Clinton lost? Or to double down and plan how they were going to go after President-elect Trump?

8) When and how did the FBI learn that DOJ lawyer Bruce Orr’s wife, Nellie Orr, worked for Fusion GPS? And what exactly was Nellie Orr’s role in putting together the dossier?

9) Why did the FBI release text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? Normally, ongoing investigation is reason not to make such information public.

10) And why did FBI release only 375/10,000+ texts? Were they the best? Worst? Or part of a broader strategy to focus attention away from something else? And when can Americans see the other 96% of texts?

11) Why did Lisa Page leave Mueller probe two weeks before Peter Strzok? This was two weeks before FBI and Special Counsel even knew about the texts.

12) Why did the intelligence community wait two months after the election to brief President-elect Trump on the dossier (January 6, 2017)? Why was James Comey selected to do the briefing?

13) Was the briefing done to “legitimize” the dossier? And who leaked the fact that the briefing was about the dossier?

14) The New York Times reported last week that George Popadopoulos’ loose lips were a catalyst for launching the Russia investigation. Was President-elect Trump briefed on this?

15) Why did Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson meet with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya before and after her meeting with Donald Trump Jr.?

16) Why was FBI General Counsel Jim Baker reassigned two weeks ago? Was he the source for the first story on the dossier by David Corn on October 31, 2016? Or was it someone else at the FBI?

17) Why won’t the FBI give Congress the documents it’s requesting?

18) And why would @SenSchumer, leader of the Democrat party, publicly warn President-elect Trump on Jan. 3, 2017 that when you mess with the “intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you?”

It doesn’t work that way in America. We are not ruled by unelected bureaucrats, police forces, or intelligence agencies. In America, We The People ELECT officials who govern.

~ Jim Jordan

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  1. RuckusTom says:

    Outstanding !!! 18 strongly worded tweets !!! And McCabe will be retiring in 3 months with FULL pension !!! Those are the republicans I’ve come to love and respect !!!

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    • ggalloway says:

      Back in March 2017 there were CTH articles concerning British Intel spying on Americans in order to “short cut” the FISA requirements for the US intel agencies. Further, Intel suggests BO had the Brits survey DJT going back to 2012, when trump was questioning BO birth cert. and have been spying on Trump for YEARS… The Brit spying was based on the NSA data base shared with the Brits on a 24/7 basis…Earlier this year, Judge Nepolitano was suspended from FOX for making this summary statement. The real news here is the Trump Dossier was merely a reference document required to obtain the FISA warrant to justify the illegal spying previously conducted. In Oct. last year Admiral Rogers (NSA) discovered the spying thru an internal audit and informed Trump on Nov 17.


  2. Howie says:

    What did Rosey know and when did Rosey know it?

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  3. Margaret Berger says:

    Going way back in time. I think I remember reading something interesting about the fbi after comey made his no intent statement about illiry. His wife was interviewed and said he was very depressed. She said he had a stack of resignations on his desk with discouraged FBI agents because of the illiary investigation.Then he went on a national tour of the various fbi offices speaking to current and past FBI agents to try and get them to understand and accept what had happened and improve morale. So I wonder, did he tak those agents out of quitting, where are they? Will they step forward?

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    • “Clinton Fires All 93 US Attorneys” on March 23, 1993

      In Sept 1989 I presented a functional rail system to Houston city council, got rave media reviews leading to private meetings with seven US congress-critters, four Houston mayor’s and a hundred other “poli-ticks” puppets. I exposed a $200 million bid rigging scam and ended up in divorce court, where I discovered corrupt judges. I was interviewed twice for hours by Houston FBI on METRO, family court and billions in S & L fraud. There was no prosecution on these crimes because Slick Willy puppet dismissed these and bribery charges on seven city councilmen, bribery charges on six Port Authority boardman, felony charges on five family court judges and two probate court judges, as ALL WERE DEMOCRATS. One probate judge got 22 of 23 felony charges dropped.

      Houston FBI spent years undercover getting evidence of bribery and kickbacks at NASA and prepared 50 felony charges. The crooked US Attorney dismissed 49, but the FBI went public on “Operation Lightning Strike” and exposure on CBS Sixty Minutes got the whitewasher fired.

      Average citizens are unprepared for the depth of Feral government corruption.

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      • Sunshine says:

        I agree with you on the bid-rigging system. The high majority are rigged. I did Call for tender or Request for proposal work in many fields. Their friends are advised how to bid to win.


      • Lindenlee says:

        Wow, that must have broken your heart 6 ways from Sunday. I am sorry you had to go through that. The average American doesn’t know, and doesn’t care. Until he/she becomes a target. Wow. Unreal.


  4. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    I said last night, it was right there on page 2 …
    There will be No contempt of congress, there will not be any document drops…. Rosenstien had the option of giving “Legal reasons” for with holding information. he had a meeting today and I am certain that is how it went down. Public will not get information today and not until investigations are done, indictments written and all I’s and T’s are dotted and crossed with perfection.

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    • Sporty says:

      So is he a good guy.

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      • Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

        Trump Hired Him, and he hired Mueller one day after meeting with Trump…. what has come out since is a whole lot of Democrat crimes.

        You tell me.

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        • Sporty says:

          I may not be the smartest person in this conversation. Weren’t we warned or primed to believe this was a slow drip because the whole truth would be overwhelming? Seems like the fuse has been lit.


          • Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

            it’s been explained many times by legal people here about the reality of how real cases are put together, like RICO cases etc.

            i wish more would actually read and comprehend those posts more.

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            • CleanhouseinDC says:

              Though there is no reason they couldn’t bring lesser charges while they are still investigating a larger issue such as RICO. Arguably, bringing in a lower level person on charges could be leveraged to perhaps flip them and get them to spill the beans that could push the investigation along. Isn’t that what many here accused Mueller with over the Manafort indictment?


              • ZurichMike says:

                Who says they haven’t brought lesser charges? But you keep these indictments under seal (private) so as not to tip off the bigger fish you are trying to catch. Once you catch the big fish, you can unseal the indictments. Given the scope of of the filth and corruption, this could take months — even years.


            • Charlie says:

              dang… time for a break UnTamed or drink might do. Many are just catching up, reading fast, trying to absorb. Come on Sporty, keep reading lots of great people here to learn from.

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          • mimbler says:

            That is the story being spun.
            But what I see over and over, when you do the slow drip, you de-sensitize people to where when something should happen, it is covered up with the “oh, that’s old news, we need to move on,”

            They didn’t do a slow drip with (if it was actually true) the huge charge that PDJT had been colluding with Russians, and hiring prostitutes to pee on a bed.

            This is no bigger than the claim a presidential candidate colluded with a foreign country to fraudulently win the election.

            And as rediculous as the claim is, probably nearly half the country believes it and are waiting for him to be impeached.

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            • ZurichMike says:

              What is your point? That the left, aided by the media, are playing unfairly? That the wheels of justice turn too slowly for you? Or should Trump become a dictator and just abandon due process to clear his name and bring criminals to justice?


              • mimbler says:

                I have no idea why you are making straw man assumptions. My point is exactly what I stated: I don’t believe the speculation that these things are being dribbled out slowly because the American people can’t handle it all at once. And I gave an example of a charge just as big being dropped on the American people and they handled it just fine.


        • lastinillinois says:

          I trust you,
          Because you are untamed.

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        • RJ says:

          I saw Rosenstein give congressional testimony. His head was slanted, his eyes darted, his hands were used as indicators…his demeanor was slinky and very evasive. I immediately thought of Admiral Mullen and his presentations on Meet The Press years ago. Next think I knew was here comes Mullen to disparage again, knowing he was on Hillary’s team.

          In other words, I don’t trust Rosenstein, I think he is a weasel of the first order! If proven to be wrong my sincere apology will be forthcoming as I retreat back into the shadows.

          I have been wrong many times in my life.


    • Trialbytruth says:

      I concur

      The question is Nune knew all this I postulated he did it merely to keep the public engaged, build the drama What do you think.

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  5. Colt Lending says:

    Wife tells me not to get so discouraged in the midst of all the brainiacs in the Treehouse.

    She just pointed out to me that I have better intuition then she.

    She reminded me that I said in April of 2016 PDJT was going to be PDJT.

    I laughed and said, “Remember when Schumer made that comment, I called his NY office and politely told the woman in Schumers office that his comment sounded like a threat and that it was a threat he was likely to regret (I wonder if she remebers that call)?”

    Well, I’m also pessimistic as I’ve let it be known before.

    I hope all the optimism of everyone here in the Treehose is proven-out to be legit and that a lot of people involved in all this Treason go to jail.

    I’m just not feelin’ it…the’re goin’ to jail.

    I hope I’m wrong. ‘Really hope I’m wrong🙏

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  6. H.R. says:

    I read the questions, read the comments (a little over a hundred at the time) and noted that some commenters had picked one of the questions as a favorite.

    So I went back reread the questions to pick and comment on a favorite.
    DANG! I like ’em all! I really tried and couldn’t settle on one of them.

    Now if only the perps answered a handful of the questions, they’d be halfway to the gallows.

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  7. Old Lady says:

    Yep, heating up. Gateway Pundit reporting a fire in a bedroom at Bill and Hillary’s. Raise your hand if you aren’t suspicious.

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  8. Bravo! Now, will anything come of any of this? Is the 19th question. I hope the Patriots beat the Swamps!


  9. Jenni says:

    1. P/Trump has the power to request Any and All documents within the FBI and DOJ.
    2. P/Trump has the power to personally walked into the FBI and DOJ without notice, with a special investigative team and seize ALL documents, Paper and Digital trails. Every Document

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      • Jenni says:

        P/Trump plays 5 dimensional chess with Timing. He sometimes will let it sit until he is ready to push his nuclear button. I believe he has been waiting to get closer to the 2018 elections and for his Judges to be approved etc…. PTrump is holding all the ACE’s. FBI and DOJ; they work for the Pleasure of the President.

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        • From your lips/keyboard Jenni to God’s ears!!

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        • H&HC 2nd-16th says:

          The FBI and DOJ may work for the pleasure of the President, but Mueller does not. Keep that in mind. And, if the President walks into the FBI/DOJ and demands any documents, it will be construed as obstructing justice. That’s why he delegates. He is not impatient, nor irrational nor does he want immediate gratification and instance justice like I do. That’s why he is President and I’m relegated to hanging onto a low level branch in the CTH……

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          • Jenni says:

            Points Well taken and Noted. It’s good that the P/Trump has the Power just in case the FBI/DOJ actually decides to obstruct Justice. P/Trump is Extremely Patient. Just thinking out-loud…PTrump can demand/order documents from the FBI/DOJ that Congress has the rights to according to the Constitution; especially since Congress has been requesting these documents repeatedly. P/Trump can even order/demand document requests to be forwarded to Judicial Watch which is the Right of the People to have. P/Trump is extremely patient….probably playing a timing chess game.


            • Paul says:

              Hi Jenni…I don’t usually post this late but you got my attention. Demanding documents to be turned over to the FBI/DOJ by P/Trump would only ensure there is Justice. I’m Not sure how PTrump ordering/demanding documents from the FBI/DOJ could be classified as obstruction of Justice for the Requests from Congress and the Judicial Watch; especially the voluminous amount of evidence showing criminal acts needing to be investigated immediately.


          • WSB says:

            Doesn’t the SC work at the behest of the acting AG, who works at the pleasure of the President?


            • Jenni says:

              IMO: The pleasure is more complicated and the actions of the pleasure would have to work indirectly because of the nature and appearance of the current situation. P/Trump must be very careful in taking any indirect action of the pleasure with SC. P/Trump can directly (I believe) apply the direct pleasure to the acting AG who can apply the indirect pleasure with the SC. I believe this would not be good especially since P/Trump could pull the trigger and speed up the Investigations of the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Emails, Uranium One and the alleged Largest Criminal Organization in United States History, which will overwhelm the Russian Investigation collusion with PTrump showing the Conspiracy. P/Trump is holding all the Aces…and unbeatable hand.

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        • ZurichMike says:

          Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!
          Absolutely concur with Jenni — Trump is going to wield all of this like a blazing sword in the midterm elections. This is why he was not too concerned about the pace of things last year (he tweeted a few things for public consumption, but seriously — does he look or act concerned about any of this?).


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Trump may already have all documents he might want.

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  10. How can we be assured that a grand jury will not be composed of morons who have not the slightest ability to decipher this convoluted maze of crimes? Further, how can we be assured a gj would not be packed with partisan stooges as we have heard about Mueller’s? I want to believe the truth will be revealed to all of us but these bad actors will not go down without a fight. The only thing I feel like I can do is pray like crazy and post this info on as many left wing forums as I can. And I am sure that brings trolls here. Not that you all aren’t locked and loaded enough to make easy work of them.


  11. scott467 says:

    “It doesn’t work that way in America. We are not ruled by unelected bureaucrats, police forces, or intelligence agencies. In America, We The People ELECT officials who govern.”


    THANK YOU, Mr. Jordan!

    [I would have said we elect Representatives, but it’s a minor complaint in an otherwise outstanding public statement]

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  12. CaliVet says:

    Paul Sperry‏ @paulsperry_

    Paul Sperry Retweeted Paul Sperry

    BREAKING: More email evidence is surfacing that Huma, on Hillary’s orders, directed Hillary’s DC house cleaner to go into SCIF & print out classified “call sheets” and access other sensitive Clinton emails, even though immigrant Marina Santos lacked the security clearance …

    Paul Sperry added,
    REWIND: Hillary directed Abedin to order her uncleared maid in DC to print out & handle classified State materials. Guess what? Lead FBI investigator Peter Strzok never bothered to interview the maid, Marina Santos, a Filipino immigrant. & now we know why!

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  13. Craig from Scotland says:

    We need to look back to the beginning and question why on earth would a former UK spook with Russian experience be retained to provide ‘opposition research’ of a US election candidate ? It doesn’t make any sense. How does a meeting go with someone suggesting Christopher Steele as best pick for the contract ? Surely you would want someone with US domestic knowledge and experience of US issues, and the timeline is way to quick for anyone to produce huge amounts of information as the dirty dossier.

    The whole story of Christopher Steele being the guy who brought down FIFA soccer corruption is utter BS. Corruption at FIFA was known about and discussed for many, many years, mostly if not all due to the brilliant old school investigate reporting by Andrew Jennings [coughs…Scotsman].

    Wednesday 3 June 2015
    ‘Andrew Jennings: Meet the man that exposed the Fifa scandal that toppled Sepp Blatter’
    ‘These scum have stolen the people’s sport – they’ve stolen it, the cynical thieving bastards’

    “After all, he was the man who set the investigation in motion, with a book in 2006, “FOUL! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote-Rigging and Ticket Scandals,” followed by an exposé aired on the BBC’s “Panorama” program that same year, and then another book in 2014, called “Omerta: Sepp Blatter’s FIFA Organised Crime Family.”

    “For the past 15 years, Jennings has focused on the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), international soccer’s governing body. As other journalists were ball watching — reporting scorelines or writing player profiles — Jennings was digging into the dirty deals underpinning the world’s most popular game.”

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    • Ziiggii says:

      “We need to look back to the beginning and question why on earth would a former UK spook with Russian experience be retained to provide ‘opposition research’ of a US election candidate ?”

      It makes perfect sense when said US election candidate is being setup to take a political fall – this is the modus operandi of the Clinton Cartel. If that candidate wasn’t Trump it could as easily been Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

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    • WSB says:

      Hysterical, save for the fact that 5 Eyes allows for back door espionage using the NSA info outside the US. Do we know why Harrigan suddenly stepped down last January?


  14. phoenixRising says:

    Sundance –
    you might find this interesting… I apologize if I have posted it to wrong thread, couldn’t decide where to put info…

    Geo Webb claims McCabe has worked w/ HRC for over 20 yrs.

    Geo Webb says that McCabe searched for a particular property for the Clintons and found it in Chappaqua 20 yrs ago,1998 when McCabe created a “safe” house for HRC – brought in construction workers to bring in and set up “the server”

    start about 5:40 on tape

    FBI Regime – Mueller, McCabe, MacAuliffe, Brought Imran Awan and Crew To US

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  15. Colt Lending says:



  16. lawton says:

    I think some Justice will be done but Comey is as deep state as they come and won’t be charging any of these crooks. Someone else will be doing it after the IG report.

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  17. phoenixRising says:

    TrumpSoldier has a SECOND twitter thread today on IG etc.

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  18. Truenative says:

    I stayed glued the my trusted websites all day hoping the DOJ would hand over requested docs to Nunes, only to find out what Bannon said and Rosey/Wray and Ryan had a private meeting… Meanwhile Nunes gets the middle finger! WTH! DOJ heads (whomever that is these days) needs to be held in comtept tmrw! Holder was!

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  19. The SHEER VOLUME of crimes, perps, collusions, cover-ups, lies, conflicts of interest, spouse collaborators, corrupted organizations, deep state operations, media conspirators, conflicting stories, etc., WILL TAKE THEM DOWN.

    There is no way in hell they can complete the MUELLERGATE COVER-UPs without impeaching and outing one another to CRASH this HOUSE of CARDS CABAL.

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  20. lawton says:

    [quote=”ncbullgator, post: 10213063, member: 3424″]You mean the corrupt Comey.

    Time for Congress to hold the other clowns in contempt.[/quote]


    Rep. Ron DeSantis: “I think what we have to do is use Congress’s inherent contempt authority that was done for 175 years. You have to bring them into Congress. You have a vote on the contempt and then you detain them. Just as if you were in contempt of court, the judge would detain you. And they’re detained until they comply. And here is what I predict, if they were put in the House jail for contempt of Congress we’d have the documents within 24 hours.”


  21. Colt Lending says:

    I’m not going to be surprised if the Treason of attempting to unseat a presidental candidate and president-elect was the culimination of years and years of hubris and abuse of the post 9-11 laws to protect America from terrorism.

    But, eventually those laws were used to enrich the wealth of those at the levers of power in the Red and Blue camps, some FISA Judges to boot probably.

    And lackeys of Soros to boot.

    While the boiler-room consisted of the small groups in agencies SD has outlined, I suspect before Operation Trump Treason existed, the same thing was going on under Bush.

    Think about it.

    Before PDJT the people in that Big Club were using the “Box”, a TV or cell phone to listen in on Goldman Sachs, Sandy Lack, Jake Tapper, every Congressman, their girlfriends, their wives, their neighbors, their bookies, the coaches of their favorite sports teams, Cheryl Attkisson etc. and sharing the info they got with those in the Big Club paying the most, Red or Blue team it didn’t matter. It was all about the green.

    Before tapping PDJT as president-elect or candidate Trump they were probably tapping thousands, perhaps millions and millions of Americans and making millions and millions of dollars.

    Many people in both parties are probably terrified if this comes out (If I’m right).


    • G. Combs says:

      “…the same thing was going on under Bush…..”

      I KNOW the same thing was going on under Bush — Weaponizing the government against Americans.

      Earlier today I posted the USDA using the lady’s private emails to get a Hackney Horse Farm tossed out of an EXPO. (She was handing out anti-NAIS literature as well as selling horses and hay.)

      This is one of the several other injustices.

      Please note the farmer WAS NOT ALLOWED to test his animals so could not produce proof the animals did not have Pseudorabies. HOWEVER, not being able to catch the piglets IS proof since abortion or weak piglets is the classic symptom of the disease. Also the method used by the USDA was against sanitation regulations. (Not to mention they left human feces and toilet paper all over the farm per independent eye witnesses.)

      “…*Official pseudorabies herd-cleanup plan: A written plan to eliminate pseudorabies virus from a swine herd. This plan is (1) developed by an official pseudorabies epidemiologist in consultation with the herd owner and his or her veterinary practitioner, when applicable; (2) mutually acceptable to those parties; and (3) approved by the State animal health official. [HA! They failed that one]
      *Have undergone a 30-day depopulation with appropriate cleaning and disinfection.”
      Disinfection? What’s that? — They pulled the BLEEDING carcasses down the public highway!!

      This is a published story still on the web about the fiasco.
      Oct 5th, 2006 — Danny Henshaw, a former police officer who’d done undercover narcotics work, is a former nationally ranked bow-hunter who made hunting videos for a decade. The last thing he expected was to be arrested in a SWAT-style raid…

      A group (NoNAIS) similar to the Tree House investigated. Government agents ACTUALLY broke in to a car and stole their records. Danny’s Lawyer was a complete Donkey’s rear-end. AFTER sentencing he finally noticed the law DID NOT EXIST.

      “…I am a retired magistrate and am having a real hard time getting my head around why Danny was arrested to begin with. Rather than a warrant a summons could have been issued which would have given him a court date and not required his arrest. Also, second class misdemeanors can be permitted (sign for with promise to appear on a certain date) or not permitted which require an arrest and being taken to the magistrate for a bond hearing. What was said to the magistrate to make this type of warrant be issued is very perplexing to me.”

      The WHY was intimidation of farmers resisting having the World Trade Organizations rules shoved down our throats.

      These are the e-mails from Cindi Henshaw and other wittnesses from NONAIS – ORG website
      ““I am sitting here at 1:00 am, and trying to figure out what has happened to our little farm. Last Tuesday morning at 5:30 am a Game Warden arrested my husband on a Class 2 Misdemeanor for having a mammalian shooting enclosure without a permit. That was followed by agents from the USDA swooping in (9 different vehicles) and beginning the slaughter of our hogs. It is almost one week later, and it is still going on. We have 24 hour armed surveillance, we are not allowed on our preserve, we are not allowed to do our own testing, and they have killed 2 of our pet hogs that we had in a totally separate pen [separately deeded property not on warrant]. We are in shock….
      The USDA is STILL here on our property. After 3+ months they have not been able to kill/catch the 100 pigs on our 100 acres…”
      — Cindi Henshaw

      “…Dick and I went outside to wait and Norman, Dan’s Lawyer came out, while we waited for Danny to make arrangements to pay fines and etc.
      The person that Dan had to talk to after, really had an ego attitude for sure. We noticed it when we were in the courtroom. Danny came out with his blood pressure about to explode.. This gal, I guess, treated Dan like a common criminal asking all kinds of personal questions and telling him he would have to be drug tested, go for counseling, report to her every two weeks and all kinds of unnecessary things, which in fact did not apply to his case. According to the Judge, all he had to do was arrange payment of fines by 01 June, 2007.
      Norman was not aware this was going on at all and was a bit peeved. He figured that Dan would just have to make arrangements to make payments or whatever. Norman was not happy with this sort of treatment.
      Finally, the gal called over the Commonwealth Atty. Bell and said Danny was being un-co operative. Bell spoke to the gal and finally settled it, I guess. Danny was not happy with her attitude at all.
      While we were talking to Norman, he pointed out the laws that were sited on the original warrant. ( there were several quoted on the original papers) and Norman found, after a great deal of study, there was no law at all that pertained to this case, especially how it was carried out with no notice or warning to correct the problem, if in fact one existed. Basically the bottom line is Danny was convicted on laws that do not even exist. SO MUCH FOR JUSTICE….”
      — Comment Becky — March 4, 2007

      This plus ‘MAD SHEEP’ were the warm-ups for the Bundy Ranch case.

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  22. Ari says:

    I think the Trump statement on Bannon today should give everyone confidence that the conspirators will not walk away free men. Trump did an epic beatdown on a minor political figure (Bannon) who messed with his family and administration. Does anyone really think Trump isn’t going to grind his heel into the group of people that tried to subvert a presidential election? Trump will find a way to make it happen, trust me.
    p.s. It will be via Sessions.

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  23. Kristin says:

    Sarah carter just said congress will receive documents before midnight.


  24. DoggyDaddy says:

    Jim Jordan is the perfect example of the kind of people who think activity equals accomplishment. He talks, writes, appears in front of TV cameras, but in the final analysis he does nothing except retreat: he fought against the President’s agenda to repeal Obamacare; he’s not willing to say that national security wrongdoers (i.e., HRC and her comrades) should go to jail — no, “we need to investigate” which is Swamp-speak for let’s talk about it but not do anything. He’s just an Ohio version of Gowdy. He’s not “Action Jackson” but more like a “Hot Air” Jordan.


  25. jeans2nd says:

    Ohio and Florida are playing tag-team now.
    Rep Matt Gaetz’ turn on Dossier Watch. 4 min 21 sec


  26. covfefe999 says:

    I heard on the radio that Manafort has filed a lawsuit against Mueller.


  27. phoenixRising says:

    Julian Assange speaking against Obama and his administration – published yesterday

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  28. klp says:

    One more: Why were Lisa Page and Peter Strzok allowed to retain their security clearance when their relation became known? Who made the decision not to yank their clearance?


  29. Jim Jordan got me in his team by #18. It was an open threat by a sitting senator to a president elect and nobody thought of a follow-up question to the senator? I have highlighted this threat few times in my comments. I am so glad that Jim Jordan finally lay it out.


  30. Jeff says:

    The stuff Pulitzer’s are made of Sundance !! Well that is before journalism became ACTIVISM !!
    May God bless and keep you in these days of Ephesian’s 6

    I can only imagine the ” OH SHI$ ” moment when the DEEP STATE agents found out Mike Rogers took a meeting with president elect Trump . !!

    ” HE KNOWS ….now THEY KNOW …HE KNOWS …soon we will ALL KNOW ”

    TRIGGERED isn’t a strong enough word . The COVER UP and RUSSIA RUSSIA GASLIGHTING has failed . SUNLIGHT ..” it will all come out ”

    Thank God I’m alive to witness HISTORY IN THE MAKING !!


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