Curiously Missing CNN Op-Ed, Supportive of President Trump, Mysteriously Appears Two Days Later…

On December 27th CNN Legal Analyst Paul Callen appeared on television to discuss his recent Op-Ed that runs counter to the preferred engineering of CNN executive narrative sellers.

Paul Callen had accepted the CNN-echo chambered position that President Trump was making unfounded accusatory statements toward the FBI and Department of Justice.

However, then Mr. Callen broke the cardinal rule, he actually did some investigating of the claims he was criticizing.  To CNN’s horror, Paul Callen came away from his research with an evolved and informed position that Trump was right, and his detractors were wrong.

Callen appeared on a CNN segment with Poppy Harlow to discuss his findings on Wednesday December 27th.  At the very end of the segment an obviously uncomfortable Ms. Harlow told viewers they could read Mr. Callen’s Op-Ed for themselves and decide.


Except, there was a problem.  CNN never published the Op-Ed.  However, two days after the interview, around 8:26pm tonight (Friday), the op-ed appears.

No explanation is provided as to why CNN delayed putting out the Callen Op-Ed until late on a Friday night at the end of the week.  Obviously, the transparency of ideological motivation speaks for itself.  Regardless, you can read it now HERE.

…“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”..

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75 Responses to Curiously Missing CNN Op-Ed, Supportive of President Trump, Mysteriously Appears Two Days Later…

  1. ECM says:

    If this were nearly anyone else, I’d say it was just a screw up by some web lackey who’s job it is to hit “publish”. Since it’s CNN, however, it’s pretty much a given that they buried it for 2-days so no one would ever find it or read it as its timeliness was directly linked to the interview.

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  2. 2bn3mr says:

    Can you say Friday Night Doc Dump?

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  3. wheatietoo says:

    ‘Friday evening’ is the preferred time for news dumps that the media wants to hide.

    They can now proceed to Step Two…which is to say “Oh we already covered that” and “It’s time to move on.”

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  4. jmclever says:

    Love how all the embedded videos undermine the theme of the article…NOT

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  5. Jedi9 says:

    CNN the clown news network! The crown of clowns that is CNN. There should no longer be any confusion why CNN can not be trusted any longer as a legit new organization, as this just goes beyond being plausible deniability, it just down right dishonest! Who watches this crap anyway? Mentally lazy people who can’t tell the difference that there continually are being lied too? I wonder!

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    • TreeClimber says:

      People ask “who still watches MSM.” Unfortunately, most Americans. I’m the only person in a household of five who has any clue what’s going on – and I’m constantly being lectured by my in-laws (specifically the grandmother who watches NBC.) They have yet to notice they’re consistently wrong in their predictions and I’m consistently right in mine/SD’s.

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      • @Treeclimber,…many Canadians as well.

        I challenge them by asking how could they trust the MSM who predicted the US election results so incorrectly. Then I direct them to the CTH.

        Thing is, unless one has been reading the CTH for some time, the latest about the treason…(calling a spade a spade) by the FBI and others is convoluted…and many will not take the tine to read all the evidence packaged so well by Sundance as well as the insightful comments.

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        • Carrie2 says:

          genetically, it is #1 sad that an attorney became a turncoat and still working. They take a pledge which obviously meant nothing to her but sleeping around. #2 Strozk ditto. Guess if you are offered a huge hunk of money (on top of a very good salary and benefits), your moral standards just go down to the floor. They will all be removed so we must be patient because Trump will see them removed in a way they won’t like. Personally, I hope he removes them to a rope necklace for betraying him and America.


        • All American Snowflake says:

          I’m not allowed to speak of such things as MAGA at the hearth and home.


  6. Turranos says:

    I seriously want to see CNN go out of business in 2018. I know it won’t happen but it would be SWEET!

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  7. Katie says:

    CNN SUCKS!!!

    Own the chant CNN – you’ve earned it.

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  8. LBB says:

    Op Ed says it was updated this evening, so can’t tell what , if anything changed. Speaks about a lot of the info we know. The end was the supportive part.

    “While I rarely agree with much of what the President does or says regarding legal issues, this time he’s got it right. The FBI’s reputation has been severely damaged not by the President’s criticism but by a systematic failure of the bureau’s leadership.
    The field agents of the FBI should still retain the trust of the American people. Their honor and dignity has not been compromised; but the bureau’s leadership ranks require a prompt and thorough house cleaning by the new director, Christopher Wray. The bureau’s leadership has forfeited the reputation of a cherished American institution.”

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    • Carrie2 says:

      LBB, a thorough cleansing is in process so hang in there for the fun for us and hell for them.


    • All American Snowflake says:

      It seems to me that anything the FBI has touched has been corrupted. Trump could fire them all and start over with agents that would at least be whistle-blowers when they see corruption.


  9. fleporeblog says:

    Even Lindsey Graham on Tucker’s show this evening seemed spooked by what he saw and said there needs to be a Special Prosecutor for the DOJ during Barry’ Reign of Terror!

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  10. If you want to read the article without giving CNN the clicks I archived it here>>>

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  11. Lucille says:

    Hillary’s Major Brainwash Minions think this attorney is a shill paid by President Trump. LOL!–or it would be funny except these people get to vote.

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  12. Howie says:

    Obama stacked and packed the FBI, CIA, and DOJ with Social Justice Warriors top to bottom. The average career is now 6 years, it used to be 25. It all oughta be purged and the Patriot Acts repealed.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Doesn’t the Patriot Act expire soon?
      It has to be voted on by congress to be ‘extended’…unless something has changed that I am not aware of.

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      • yakmaster2 says:

        I only know that Section 702 (capturing of communications of US citizens) is coming up for renewal soon. IC is in defensive combat status to get it renewed after highly questionable unmasking of citizens during Obama Administration has come to light. I have some hope the largely spineless Repubs will demand modifications to 702, but am not holding my breath.

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      that is really strange ….. law enforcement is usually much longer than that …
      I know after Benghazi he was firing top military people who questioned the White House on their non-actions.

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  13. How many readers does even get? The idea of hiding it (from who?? the throngs of readers?) is sort of funny.

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  14. fred5678 says:

    Hopefully, after Trump admin is totally exonerated by IG report, CNN will become 24/7 golf channel when they have no Anti-Trump news for a 9 liberal talking head panel to bloviate over.

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  15. NJF says:

    “These are very dishonest people folks.”
    President Donald J Trump

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  16. Donna in Oregon says:

    CNN? Who?

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  17. yakmaster2 says:

    Poppy Harlow has her list of CNN’s standard quotes used to refute any suggestion of corruption in the FBI regarding Clinton and POTUS.
    But, Paul Callen, smarter, better researched, and truthful, shoots them down one by one. Bobble Head Harlow is left with no more ammunition and comes off looking clueless and/or deluded!
    Popcorn worthy. Thanks, SD for posting!

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  18. KBR says:

    Sundance, I doubt the op-ed would have ever appeared if you had not reported on the fact that it was not there a couple days back.
    After you put it out there that it was missing, many people knew about it.

    Good work again, SD!

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  19. Polish Rifle says:

    Is Poopy the granddaughter of Jean Harlow?


  20. Aubergine says:

    One reason I maintain a presence on Facebook is to spread stuff like this. All the liberals in my feed get to see this article. Maybe a few will share, I hope. I like to think I am educating a few, one article at a time. A tip; if you see a video clip on a conservative site, try to find it on Youtube or some more “liberal” venue, and post it from there. The libs are more likely to go to sites that support their confirmation bias.

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  21. Gueppebarre says:

    Well, well, Poopy Harlot, the “journalist,” jumps right in and begins arguing with the legal analyst – that’s not reporting, that’s advocacy, Ms. Clown.

    I’ll bet her earpiece was rattling – “Show the purge video clip!” Just because McCabe is a partisan democrat does not mean he’s biased!” “Get him off – get him OFF NOW!!”


  22. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Truly amazing. Not just the op-ed timing, but the fact that apparently this talking head genius, who must have really great sources, couldn’t figure out until now what we have all known for weeks (some of it for months). Methinks things must be coming to a boil if Callen and CNN have to talk about them…

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  23. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    CNN can’t pull 750k viewers in prime time. Even the sycophants are tuning out. They are at or near confirmed irrelevance.

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