How James Comey Lost Christmas…

“Ho Ho” to the Rubes he was grinch-ish-ly humming,
“they’re finding out now that no justice is coming”;
“they’re finding out now, and I know just what they’ll do”;
“why, their mouths will hang open a minute or two,
then the flyover rubes will all cry Boo Hoo.”

“That’s a noise”, said James Comey, “I simply must hear”;
so he tweeted a word, a sanctimonious sneer.
And he did hear a sound rising over the crowd;
it started in low – then it grew rather loud.

“Justice-for-us, justice-for-us, welcome justice for this place”…
“Justice-for-us, justice-for-us, welcome justice – justice day.”
“Welcome, welcome,  justice-for-us, welcome, welcome justice-for-us”…
“Justice day is in our grasp, so long as we have truth to clasp.”

But this, well this, this sound wasn’t sad.
“Why”, he sneerly snarked “this sound, sounded glad”?
Each one a Deplorable, the tall and the small,
was just singing for justice – with no worry at all.
He hadn’t stopped justice from coming, it came;
somehow or other, it came just the same.

And the treasonous fellow, with a treacherous woe,
stood there puzzling and puzzling “how could it be so”?
“It came without Schiff”; “it came without Yates”;
“it came without Clinton, Ben Sasse or Jeff Flake”?

He puzzled and puzzed til his puzzler was sore,
then the prick thought of something he hadn’t before.
“Maybe justice”, he thought, “didn’t come from DC”;
“maybe justice… perhaps… is much plainer to see”?

And what happened then, well, the electorate say,
a consciousness guilt grew three sizes that day;
And the minute reality took over so tight,
he quivered and tremored – accepting his plight.
And he fought back the tears, and he choked back the screams;
his glorious books disappeared by his schemes.

The Comey distressed, self-visions destroyed;
a career now in tatters, a Trump overjoyed.
Indictments begin, handcuffs looming near;
with no-one to blame, except his own twitter sneer.

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146 Responses to How James Comey Lost Christmas…

  1. solomonpal says:

    What an emotional idiot. So this is the FBI ?

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  2. ditzee58 says:

    Sundance, love How James Comey Lost Christmas! Made my heart sing and sink at the same time. Sing because you nailed it and sink because of the corruption that has gripped our beloved USA for the past 8 years.
    Praying that something will be done to these woud be usurpers.

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  3. Not tired of winning.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

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  4. jello333 says:

    You’re one crazy dude, Sundance… and crazy talented on many, many levels. 😉

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  5. shallbe4 says:

    When it appears that The Deep State is so powerful no matter how many fails they have had its hard to believe that our President has stood up to everything they have thrown at him. However, even though Comey lost Christmas I am proud to say Trump has found it. Thank you Dear God for giving our President the stamina to fight back against those who hate our great nation. Mueller and his aides took on this Russia collusion so-called scandal to destroy our President but Trump stands strong while the rest are hopeless confused as to what went wrong.

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  6. holly100 says:

    Political life….Partisan gain….LOL. Lame attempt to pivot away from what’s really going on here.


  7. TakeBackOurRepublic says:

    Love the rendition of what I’m guessing is The night before Christmas. This pearl clutching swine deserves everything that’s coming to him. I’m breaking out the cookies and milk for Santa!


  8. southernsue says:

    in a nutshell
    the fbi cia doj did not expect hillary to lose
    GOD intervened
    and now they are all suffering heart break
    the bank is broken and the snakes can only slither around now

    i pray that they all see justice and shame and go broke trying to defend themselves and lose all the respect that they once enjoyed along with sitting in prison day after day remembering what they have done to our country working for the supreme satan’s spawns, hillary and obama
    they truly sold their souls
    please join me


  9. Brenda Purington says:

    Absolutely wonderful!!


  10. 1harpazo says:

    Prov 29:4
    A king gives stability to a country by justice,
    But a man who takes bribes overthrows it.

    It’s time for great stability and jail time for bribe-takers.

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  11. Kaco says:

    What a brilliant poem! Merry Christmas, Sundance!

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  12. recoverydotgod says:

    Excellent poem, Sundance. I like the play of the opening word “Sadly” and the phrase

    “…a consciousness guilt grew three sizes that day…”

    Interesting history tidbit beginning @18:05 of the video Director Comey had under the glass of his desk the order in which J. Edgar Hoover said he wanted to wiretap Dr. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy’s signature on it.


  13. Aubergine says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for that excellent tale! You are a wonder. Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and yours, and here’s to an exciting New Year!

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  14. duchess01 says:

    The “Comey Standard” for Espionage Act and 18 U.S.C. § 1924 Violations and What It Could Mean for Comey Himself
    By Benjamin P. Sisney5 months ago


    • duchess01 says:


      There once was a man named FIB,
      Who would frequently AD-LIB,
      He would tell you a story,
      Leave out all the gory,
      In truth his responses were GLIB.

      He detracted, refracted, and acted,
      His testimony should be redacted,
      He twisted and turned,
      Contorted and churned,
      In truth his responses were adapted.

      To each question he refused,
      The possiblility of power abused,
      The lack of intent,
      What it really meant,
      In truth she would not be accused.

      When it came to condemnation,
      He gave his accommodation,
      He would not dictate,
      A slight reprobate,
      In truth no recommendation.

      We were stupefied and stumped,
      As all of the charges he bumped,
      She got off scot free,
      Oh, how could this be,
      In truth she would soon be ‘Trumped’.


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      • BakoCarl says:

        The more I see Sundance and Duchess write
        The more I think I write poetry lite.
        We need them stage front to take a big bow,
        And they must give me poetry lessons. But HOW?

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        • duchess01 says:

          What are you saying, Carl? You are a precious poet in this HUGE Treehouse – we just dabble – you are the Official Poet Laurette – who are we – jut underlings – 🙂


          • BakoCarl says:

            The poem was meant in very good humor . . . not dejection at being outed as a rhymer of lines (poem coming up on that) . . . but when Sundance gets it into his mind to rhyme forth, he does an absolutely extraordinary job of it . . . bar none!

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  15. I just read this out loud…omg…that is so good! You are a genius, Sundance.


  16. Victoire2020 says:

    Brilliant! Excellent! A literary masterpiece! And the best laugh of the season! Bravo!!! 👍👏👍👏


  17. fakenoozisforfools says:

    Why is someone who is nothing we should want our “public servants” to be lecturing us on what we should want our “public servants” to be? Comey, like Baker, was a Public Servant In Name Only. They served the public all right. Just as long as you define “the public” as themselves.

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  18. Donna in Oregon says:

    James Comey…..start with a good bottle of scotch. If he doesn’t come clean then: Truth serum.
    Still dirty? Truth serum, polygraph. Still dirty? Plane ride, truth serum, polygraph, water board.

    Repeat. Repeat. Repeat, till he spills the beans. Comey is the weak link.


  19. BrianB says:

    “…James Baker…served our country incredibly well…”

    He’s right. It’s not credible. Nothing Nutjob Comey says is.


  20. ron n. says:

    Comey, mafia type FBi, vouches for Baker. Lets have a little compassion here, let them be assigned adjoining cells.


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