Late Night Senate Tax Reform – Vote Watch and Discussion Thread (W/ Livestream)…

The Senate is voting on the final Tax Reform Bill tonight. According to Democrats as soon as the votes are cast people will begin to die (we await confirmation). Unfortunately due to a Parliamentary Rule the Senate Bill will then need to be voted upon by the House tomorrow.  UPDATE: Bill Passes 51-48

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612 Responses to Late Night Senate Tax Reform – Vote Watch and Discussion Thread (W/ Livestream)…

  1. El Torito says:

    It’s a glorious morning in the Treehouse and all across the land! I love the picture of DJT and Mitch. It’s as if DJT is saying:

    “Mitch, I just want to make sure you’re on the right list. You want to be on the right list, don’t you Mitch?”

    (way back in my leadership days in high tech I’d use this on my direct reports. 98% humor, mixed with 3% poker face so I’d just a wee bit in their head.)

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  2. Leslie Ingersoll says:

    It is a glorious day🇺🇸 I’m just so giddy😀😍😅😂

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  3. Patriot1783 says:

    I hope CT Dems Sen Blumenthal, Rep Murphy, Hines & others hear the tick tock of their political careers and are voted out now in order to get CT in fiscal order once again.

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  4. magatrump says:

    Winning!!!! Major promise kept! This will put the economy in overdrive and will create massive jobs, jobs, jobs for Americans!! Thank you President Trump. Thank God. Amen. MAGA

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  5. Luke of the D says:

    So I have been reading various news and such and the liberal critics against this tax bill are clearly either incredibly stupid or blind. I am convinced at this point that there is something wrong with liberals. I have read comment after comment from liberal trolls talking about how this plan “borrows money to pay for tax cuts” or is “a wealth transfer from the poor to the rich” and other such garbage. It is simply amazing how deluded these people are. How can a tax cut to everyone be considered borrowing? Or a wealth transfer? How can they even say that with a straight face? It makes no sense. There simply do not seem to be any rational or intelligent arguments against this bill. None. The snowflakes are melting… because we just allowed them to keep more of their own money. What the hell is wrong with these people?

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    • Sean Supsky says:

      My friend, be not amazed.

      To find the answer, think that liberals always want to look good, compassionate, helpful, with big hearts and warm regards. They love to give donations to any cause under the sun that fits into the mental construct. The funds they give though, it is not their own, rather, it is other people’s money.

      They do not give away their money. No, their angle is to shame others into doing so. They want to keep their money.

      Essentially, it’s all a sham. I know these people, I am around them all the time.

      They are the most greedy, evil, narcissistic people I have ever met. They are shamelessly selfish.

      There is hope though. Sometimes, one is able to get through the brainwashing and, little by little, lead them to the path of light. The secret is to drop hints until they think it is their idea to head toward the light.

      Yes, this means you must agree with them while at the same time, nudging them ever so slightly. Basically, manipulate them, in such a way that they don’t know they are being manipulated, onto the correct path.

      They will then be your friends, very good friends in fact.

      Obviously, this means that you must be sincere in what you are doing, and not just putting on a show.

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  6. Blacksmith8 says:

    Tax bill passes House in re-vote; more to MAGA!

    2 scoops plz

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