President Trump Impromptu Presser Returning From Camp David (Video)…

President Trump landed on the South Lawn after spending most of Saturday and Sunday in Camp David with Vice-President Pence and several key cabinet officials.

A confident, assertive and empowered President Trump walks to the media pool to answer questions.  The first (inaudible) question was about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team illegally retrieving Trump transition team emails and communications on the transition.



A second (official WH) camera angle of the presser is below.

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88 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Presser Returning From Camp David (Video)…

  1. Old Lady says:

    That is one fine President.

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  2. quintrillion says:

    God Bless you President Trump; the best President evah!

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  3. webgirlpdx says:

    What I always visualize now is P45 in his overcoat, turning his back, walking away from them and taking his right hand out of his pocket and casually flicking the Zippo. Behind him is a big woosh!

    This man is in control.

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  4. Cindy says:

    He’s a gift.

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  5. Cow wow says:

    And he is angry

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  6. kinthenorthwest says:

    Trump works more with the press than Obama ever did…Most of the time the press was luck to get a wave from Obama.
    God Bless President Trump…
    It is going to be a really good Christmas this year.

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    • “Trump works more with the press than Obama did..” Why? In my opinion the past president was afraid of raw questioning (even softballs) without advanced expectations. He was at a loss without his teleprompter. He could not respond intelligently, quickly due to his lack of (documented) formal education. “If if if if if if if if” Whereas President Tump has had “street” and (documented) education and business wranglings for decades. President Trump can fend off the questions standing up. Obama was in way over his head. Pathetic.

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      • kinthenorthwest says:

        They called Obama a good speaker.
        NO!!! Obama was a good/decent reader…Whenever there was no teleprompter or a problem with the teleprompter Obama could not string one sentence together.

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    • luke says:

      Every time O would make any public statement it had to be carefully crafted to make sure it didn’t back track too much on a previous statement. The ol tangled web cliche. The Truth isn’t always easy or pretty but it sure simplifies things. Trump is blunt honest unadulterated truth…right in your face.

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  7. Such the right man for the job, and just in time. Thank God for PDJT………

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  8. sundance says:

    “What Else”? …

    😀 ROFLMAO… media all perplexed… Godzilla Trump says “WHAT ELSE”? (is that all ya got).

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  9. TeaForAll says:

    President looks tired tonight. I hope he gets some much needed rest.

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  10. filia.aurea says:

    Not a day’s rest from the fake news presstitutes in 18 months, yet PDJT still takes time out to acknowledge their questions. These hypocrites don’t deserve a minute of his time, he’s worked harder to #MAGA than anyone in the last twenty years. I would like to see a few headlines acknowledging the TRUTH about our great President, that’s not much to ask.

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    • CleanhouseinDC says:

      He knows how to am,e the press hungry. I can’t say I’d give them the time of Day if I were him, considering how badly they treat him and his staff. Keep the enemy close….


  11. MfM says:

    I loved how he said louder… the helicopter is loud. No way they should back able to say he is hard of hearing!

    Obviously they will, but great tape of the background noise being a problem to be able to blast them with.

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  12. Michael Marrick says:

    It is beginning to look a lot like . . . . . . .

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  13. Pam says:

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  14. Pam says:

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  15. The Boss says:

    You all noticed how the President said twice that McCain would be in to vote IF his vote was needed. I’m thinking there are a few democrats voting for this bill. That would surely explain why Cryin’ Chuck Schumer is being more of a man-bitch than usual.

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    • BobBoxBody says:

      They see the writing on the wall. If they don’t help MAGA they’re gonna get crushed in the Midterms and beyond. I also think they see what’s coming over the horizon with the IG and know that isn’t going to help the DNC. The DNC is on life support and they have no choice but to support tax reform or die off completely.

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    • Oldschool says:

      I think so too boss. My bet is 2-3 dems are going to vote yes. One female, I think Heikampf, sounded positive the other day. I think she is up for re-election

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  16. He prowls the press line like a predator. I especially like the part where he said “What else?”

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  17. Peter says:

    You can’t help but think of what weak and pathetic leadership we have had since Reagan.

    It’s really pathetic to consider. So sad really. The pansies of the last 30 years. Weak and pathetic.

    Thank god for trump. He is changing peoples minds about him each and every day. 1 vote at a time.

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    • Rex says:

      I used to speculate on how much a Perot or a Buchanan presidency could fix what is broken. No disrespect to either guy, but there is no way they could match Trump.

      Remember the old saying, “Only Nixon could go to China”? The new one will be, “Only Trump can MAGA!”

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  18. Apfelcobbler says:

    I have never seen him quite like this. He seems disgusted. Like maybe he’s annoyed that he’s going to have to do something he hoped he wouldn’t have to do (for the good of the country).

    Looking back on this last year, there was not one person who wanted to or who could have pulled the plug on that stinkin Swamp but DJT.

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  19. Chickficshun says:

    I think he looked tired. I feel so horrible for the way he is being treated. And hardly anyone stands with him.

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  20. Mark Ryyan says:

    This has been a great site for some of the best insights as to what is going on with the central leviathan in real time and even ahead of time. As of late, I have not been able to peruse, much less enjoy this site do to adware that commandeers the web pages and instantly consumes my computer’s memory to the point of paralysis.


  21. Ehlert says:

    He moves like Elvis did (on his good days), in total command.

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  22. woohoowee says:

    President Trump45 wears this job like nobody’s bidness 🙂 What an epoch!

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  23. volintn says:

    Pray for POTUS 45 daily and call, text, email or write the WH and let him know how much we love/appreciate him.

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  24. tigsmom says:

    The “People’s President”. Merry Christmas to y’all.

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  25. kltk1 says:

    LOL. White Hat. Lol. Is he sending a message? Haven’t listened to the audio yet.


    • Yes, that’s the first thing that I thought when I saw the white hat. He usually wears red. It’s as if he’s using the same reference that Sundance does – white hats vs black hats. Maybe it’s a signal to the swamp creatures who aren’t too deeply into the dark subversion of our Constitution that it’s not too late for them to come out into the light.


  26. cajost says:

    I don’t think he is “tired” in the sense of energy or needing sleep. I think he is “tired” of the BS, but keeps on going like the BOSS he is.

    He OWNED those reporters. “What else?” And then crickets…nothing real to ask him.

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  27. Firefly says:

    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever predict we would have such a gifted billionaire become President working so hard for we the people. PTrump is an amazing leader. America always seems blessed to get the greatest presidents when we needed it most. He embodies the American spirit- guts, brains, and a big heart.

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