Chairman Devin Nunes Cleared After Eight Month Ethics Cloud Over Classified Information…

Again with the timing…  Delicious.

After House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes almost derailed the Muh Russian Collusion Conspiracy in March/April 2017, the UniParty pushed him into an ethics blender claiming he disclosed classified information.

As an outcome of his Chairmanship role Representative Nunes is also a member of the elite intelligence oversight team known as the Gang of Eight.  Today, the House Ethics Committee cleared Nunes of any wrongdoing, and stated the information he discussed was not classified.

Chariman Nunes is now free to go full wolverine on the usurping intel agents.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. House of Representatives Ethics Committee on Thursday cleared the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee of charges that he had disclosed classified information, potentially clearing the way for him to resume leadership of the panel’s Russia investigation.

Republican Representative Devin Nunes, who had consistently denied wrongdoing, thanked the committee for its finding, but said the probe had taken too long and the accusations against him were politically motivated.

[…]  Nunes criticized the ethics panel for taking “an unbelievable eight months” to dismiss the matter, and called on the panel to publicly release all transcripts related to his case. (read more)

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171 Responses to Chairman Devin Nunes Cleared After Eight Month Ethics Cloud Over Classified Information…

  1. Pam says:

    It’s about time!

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    • filia.aurea says:

      It took a new Chairperson.

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    • lastinillinois says:

      They thought Mully would’ve found something by now – is this another sign that the “Russia, Russia, Russia investigation” is about to end?

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      • Coast says:

        If Mully wants to save any shred of integrity (and it may be too late for that), then his investigation better start focusing on the real Russia election interference/collusion, which leads back to Hillary/DNC.

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    • 4sure says:

      Well, you know these investigations take time. Gotta have all yo’ i’s dotted and yo’ t’s crossed and yo’ fingers too. Eight months. Us rubes don’t know how sausage is made in DC according to Massa Turtle to the POTUS.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      Seriously Pam… 8 months to determine that the information he divulged was not classified. THIS is what is wrong with our Government, it should have been done in 2 weeks. Look at the dang information determine if it classified, no ” Not Classified ? DONE.

      For crying out loud do these people even know what classified is ?

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    • Sunshine says:

      I’m sorry but it doesn’t sound too good. It reminds me of changing four quarters for a dollar.
      ”Sullivan is an appointee of President Bill Clinton, and Contreras was appointed by President Barack Obama.”

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      • Sunshine says:

        The only star in the sky is Nunes. Let’s hope he’ll live up to our expectations and Flynn’s new judge will keep this in mind.
        We live in interesting times.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Pam, it should never have happened except those who are desperate and afraid blocked Nunes for being a real American and telling the truth! Truth hurts so many unfortunately.


  2. woohoowee says:

    Another amazing day. And it’s only Thursday! Merry Christmas 🙂

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  3. trialbytruth says:

    Enter the Dragon

    Come on Nunes show them your inner Ninja. Paybacks are hell.

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  4. Cow wow says:

    Hot dog!

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  5. sickconservative says:

    Sounds like some water is leaking at this point but need some real ethic violations to open the drain.
    Drain the swamp is the goal and establishment from both sides are plugging the drain at this point.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      sickconservative, they can try all they want to plug their evil actions against America and its citizens, but draining the swamp/sewer is and will continue as I believe more in Congress will force out others that even worse than they are. They see 2018 as a watershed and no further years in Congress to rip us off. I have suggested to my contacts that if any candidate has already completed 2 yrs., that they don’t vote for that candidate again and start fresh with a real patriot who will understand 2 terms max, no benefits/perks because we are and will remove them as we did not give them to them, the greedy power hungry supposed representatives we have voted in. This will be another way to drain the swamp. Now, email Trump that before the 2018 election that a fed law for ALL states must require photo IDs for voting. If not, their votes will not be accepted. This, too, will drain the swamp of so many aliens voting, i.e., here in CA but also in many other states. That day has come and is going!


  6. lastinillinois says:

    Oh baby oh baby oh baby –
    Its hittin’ the fan now, isn’t it?!

    As another poster asked on another thread – do you suppose the judge who just recused “without explanation” may be the judge who signed THE FISA WARRANT?!?!

    Are we looking at collusion all the way to the level of judgie-wudgie ?!?!?!

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy …..

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  7. rf121 says:

    “The federal judge in Mike Flynn’s case just recused himself, but nobody knows why.”

    1. Either the Judge was banging the/a/several court reporters.
    2. Tweets were found between the Judge and (name of any former Obama official) bashing PT.
    3. Pictures were found of the Judge cross dressing. Oops, that was so 80’s and does not count any more.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      rf121, or he was a bought and paid Clinton judge and investigation will see him removed from the bench and with luck in prison as he should be for accepting and I believe knowingly accepting a new “FISA”. This FISA court must go as well. Not been in action for too long, but now is the time to remove it. We must know what is transpiring!


  8. MAGAbear says:

    Wonder how long before the demonrats try to entangle him in another ethics probe? They stop at nothing.

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  9. Blue Ridge Mts Va says:

    This part will be fun: “…Chairman Nunes is now free to go full wolverine on the usurping intel agents….”

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  10. REVIDAM says:

    Could this be actually possible? The Big Ugly in plain sight? Good God! Thank you. It’s incredible that in our great country, crap like this happens. I thought this sort of banana republic happens elsewhere.. It’s sad that we have this happening. But I know it has to happen to flesh out all the poison of the Deep State, The Never Trumpers and The Uni-Party to start healing. God Bless America!

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  11. milktrader says:

    Have we found a white hat in the House?

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  12. Sylvia Avery says:

    This Nunes strikes me as a tough cookie rather than a “show boat” if I may quote our PDJT (when referring to Comey).

    It is only Day 1 since the Ethics Committee cleared him and he has already come out swinging by telling them they took too long (clearly they did) and the accusations were political (of course they were).

    I am eagerly waiting to see what Chairman Nunes does next. I hope he goes for the jugular of each Swamp Creature he encounters.

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  13. fleporeblog says:

    Devin Nunes has and continues to be a Patriot in my book! This man stemmed the tide against our President last February when he took the time to go to the WH after reviewing the unmasked documents. He did a 10 minute interview were he was shaken by what he saw. He emphatically said not one document had anything to do with Russia 🇷🇺.

    That paved the way for our Lion 🦁 to send out those four tweets on March 4th that went after Barry from Kenya 🇰🇪 about wiretapping Trump Tower. He took so much heat for it by the MSM, Democrats and RINOs. It lead to these BS charges. It also freed him from the dumb investigation into Muh Russia and allowed him to turn his full attention to the unmasking, Fusion GPS and now the FBI and DOJ.

    Whatever Nunes saw scared him tremendously. It continues to be his motivation to take down the whole House of Cards. This isn’t a countermeasure. This is the real deal. He has galvanized the other Republicans on the committee he oversees. Even Lou Dobbs had to say this evening that for the first time he is so proud of the House Republicans.

    Devin Nunes is setting himself up for an incredible future! He was part of our President’s transition team. I could easily see him being the VP pick in 2024. I actually see him taking over a cabinet position in our President’s 2nd term.

    This country will one day thank him for helping our President to Drain The Swamp!

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    • lastinillinois says:

      How about Nunes for head of DoJ?

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Yes, and back when Nunes came out with that astonishing statement about having gone to look at the unmasked documents, there was NO ONE else in the Congress or the Senate or for that matter in all of Washington DC IIRC who was willing to say one little peep in support of PDJT.

      That still rankles. I was impressed that Nunes was brave enough to step up.

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    • rf121 says:

      As a CA Republican he may need a job in the administration the way the State is trending. Sorry, I meant gone except for what is left in the Central Valley.

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      • kroesus says:

        you are ignorant about CA…..only SF Sac LA and to a lessor extent SD are prog/commie zones…..the rest of the state is conservative or leans that way…..even wacky N CA is for the most part conservative….unfortunately those coastal areas are heavily populated so we are muted voices in the interior

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        • soozword says:

          True to some extent but the more rural Central Valley is agricultural and pro-illegal based on their miserable Congressional representative voting records on immigration. Nunes is one of their amnesty champions. NumbersUSA gives him an F- (C earlier in his career, so he is getting worse):

          So he shines in the Intelligence arena, but he’s no patriot in my book looking at the overall picture.

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          • M. Mueller says:

            Thanks, soozword. The amnesty info is good to know.

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          • rf121 says:

            There are towns in the Central Valley with 40% unemployment. There is a huge illegal population who do most of the work. There is also a huge homeless population. You want to see poverty, take a trip through Tulare, Fresno, Firebaugh, and Visalia. The LA and San Fran crowd don’t have a clue. Watch the Hunger Games. The difference between District I and District 12.

            He votes ammnesty because his voter base needs those illegals to do the work. I have never drove by a farm and seen white folks picking crops. You want to pay $10 for a cucumber then start paying the freight and quit critizing farmers for getting you cheap produce hypocrite.

            Or, we can totally give the entire state over to democrats who I am sure will do a great job of taking care of the big cities and farmers. Just like Chicago, Detroit etc.


            • NvMtnOldMan says:

              rf121—produce prices have steadily climbed EVEN after they started hiring illegals, so it looks to me like the farmers are getting the difference. I have seen this in the building trades. The contractors hire cheapo labor but their prices stay high. So who exactly is the hypocrite.

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              • soozword says:

                NVMtnOldMan–check out Sundance’s articles on how global corporations control commodity prices here in the U.S. Basically they buy up a certain commodity (he uses lemons in his example) worldwide so they create a monopoly. Then they determine how much Americans can afford to pay for lemons — of course, the maximum. They sell the other lemons dirt cheap in less developed countries. Then with the huge U.S. profits they hire the best lobbyists and our greedy politicians to squeeze out the family farmers (eg via regulations and taxes). Would not be surprised if at least 75% of California’s agriculture is owned by large global corporations. And California produces almost 50% of the nation’s produce, so the impact is staggering.

                That said, I agree with you on the local contractors — have seen that here in UT as a new resident and am now anticipating it on my remodeling projects by hiring my own subs (who must speak excellent English!). Fortunately, there are lots of Mormon teens/young men (“lost boys” ejected from polygamy compounds) who compete with the illegals here and I always pay them extra if they do a good job since I will not have anyone I suspect as an illegal on my property. Try to feed them too — usually as skinny as a rail which drives my Italian stepfather here crazy!!!


            • soozword says:

              My, my rf121, are you new here? Usually Treepers are more civil here than to call others names, eg “hypocrite”. You can make your points without getting rude.

              It’s been awhile since I’ve read the reports at the Center for Immigration Studies, and I’m not about to spend hours finding those links for you, but there are many ways to support our farmers (family as well as global farm corporations) than to give them basically slave labor. And we can do it without heavily burdening the taxpayer with social services for these slaves. It would be a win-win without an amnesty or open borders.

              As I recall from CIS studies, they found that labor was actually a minor cost in the overall production of food. Plus most food grown here are harvested by Americans, natural born and naturalized. Relieving farmers of these other costs would greatly minimize the potential small rise in food costs for the consumer.

              Here are some of the approaches which their research has shown works (Europe, Australia): more support for high-tech, labor saving machinery, less regulatory burdens (EPA, FDA, etc.), eliminate the estate and other burdensome taxes, and reduce energy costs. So there are many ways to support our farmers, taxpayers and our national security at the same time without engaging in this semi- clandestine slave trade.

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          • RoninInCA says:

            Haven’t commented in a while.. Devin is a Solid Congressmen and a Very Straight up Patriot.. He is my Congressman.. To often people attack things they don’t understand.. An in rare cases “Numbers” don’t tell the real story..

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            • soozword says:

              I don’t understand as a native-born Californian (just moved to UT) in my sixth decade?????! Now that’s a laugh! I’ve witnessed the utter destruction that open borders has imposed on Californians over my lifetime. I was advocating for sensible immigration policies for the past thirty years (have done some public speaking on that topic).

              So Devin Nunes has been a key player in that destruction given his role in Congress. So most here are enamored with him on his recent Intelligence role and are putting him on a pedestal. I don’t object to that by itself, but he is indeed two-faced in his patriotism.

              Too bad he isn’t working harder for his local farmers in making other changes in U.S. agriculture and tax law that will benefit them as well as taxpayers who foot the bill for their “cheap” food via social and medical services to this population. More efforts in that area would also help boost national security which Mr. Nunes is supposedly so concerned with (see comment to rf121 on alternatives to illegal farm slave labor).


              • RoninInCA says:

                We all bring our unique experiences in life to the Tree.. I was never good at playing the game as they say.. I try not to live in the grey.. I was born and raised in Clovis, CA so understand the area enough.. Its not that I completely disagree with you on Devin’s previous stances on Immigration policy.. I’ve seen the effects of Illegal Immigration and it is devastating..

                What I will say is that when the time came to take a stand.. He stood.. Its one Patriot at a time.. This is what we should all look for in the people who represent us.. (On a Side Note)Got a chance to listen to Devin on the Appleton radio show a few months ago.. It was interesting to here his take on the water issue.. I got the impression he got hung out to dry by AG interest.. Its tough to lead a charge when you are alone..

                Long Story Short.. He choose a side.. That’s all I ask for.. LOL

                Merry Christmas to you Sir

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        • piper567 says:

          kroesus, sympathies, believe me. The entire w Coast is just as you say: Cities are lunatic, the remainder of the States is red.

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        • rf121 says:

          Lived there 30 years. No ignorance here. Traveled the entire State for work, visited every county. As you stated, LA and San Fran will dominate any election. Who cares if the majority of counties are republicans. If you don’t have the votes you are screwed. And you are. Your best option is to leave unless you are wealthy and therefore it does not matter.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        I think our President would do it! He is a good man that loves his country.

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    • Schiff’s not gonna like it one bit

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      I am wondering now, if it was not classified – what info did he has that seemed to unnerve him… hmmmmmm

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  14. The Boss says:

    Any wonder Adam Schiff is running around with a wilder-eyed look than usual? Time to lawyer up Schiff. Pay attention to your Miranda warning when it is read to you.

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  15. keeler says:

    Well this explains the timing of the Bloomberg article currently headlining Drudge.

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  16. John Doe says:

    And yet, right now, 8 morons on CNN Anderson Cooper are clutching their pearls over Don Jr’s meeting with the Russian lawyer. OMG…they still don’t see POTUS coming. Oh well….Merry Christmas everybody!!!

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  17. freddy says:

    Remove Sessions and Gowdy. Then get down to business and let Jordan off his leash… This has to end now…………

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  18. Brant says:

    Perhaps unlike the other graphic of hearings that go nowhere, Benghazi and those others, hopefully this made him mad. Unless perhaps they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse……… If he doesn’t jump back in and go for the jugular, we’ll know someone said, “Thats a nice family you have. It would be a shame if something happened to them. Now, you can go back to the house and do some play acting, but we’ll be watching you……..”

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  19. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I sure hope that Nunes has a bodyguard, because they will try to come after him to shut him up one way or another.

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  20. Left_at_Dunkirk says:

    Jim – no need to yell (aka type in all caps). Makes your posts hard to read.
    Otherwise, love your passion!

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  21. Zhang says:

    Devin Nunes: One of the very, VERY few things Californians can be proud of in their POS state. And I say this as a resident of Los Angeles.

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  22. Curry Worsham says:

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  23. treehouseron says:

    President Trump can’t do it all himself, he can’t easily stop an investigation supposedly into his own campaign. We’re going to need 1 more hero. Who will step up and go down in history… as a HERO ? Nunes may be that man.

    WE’RE COUNTING ON YOU, NUNES! America is calling. Do it. MAGA. Do it. Go ahead. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, NUNES.


  24. HMelville says:

    Rep. Nunes was doing a great job investigating and pressuring them so he had to be derailed and “the UniParty pushed him into an ethics blender” thanks to the weak kneed or complicit GOP leadership that seems to abandon their members whenever they need their support. The Dems are steadily improving their relentless shaming and pressure tactics on their opponents that lead to Special Counsels or Ethics Committee investigations etc.

    So, the GOP had better harden their defenses and develop effective counter measures against the Dems never ending attacks because they are not going to stop. And when the startled and angry Dems and their media are on the defensive and they begin their usual cacophony of piercing peacock vocalizations, just ignore them until they tire out. Besides, they never needed a legitimate reason to howl or scream anyway.

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  25. NJF says:

    Oh this is good!!!!!!!

    The outrage expressed by twitter was pretty hilarious as they all claimed what a dishonest sham the ethics review was bc they’re all Rs.


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  26. Running Fast says:

    The white hats are taking back control of our government. This last week has been incredible!

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  27. Sayit2016 says:

    I like most people here am sick and tired of these hearings….anyone with a brain can see what happened with Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Hillary’s emails….where I come from if some one dies from something other than natural causes someone is to blame. Someone must be held responsible. When I have to ” take responsibility” it ALWAYS costs me something. Always.

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  28. pmdea says:

    Grassley blasts Democrats over unwillingness to probe Clinton 12/6/2017 – Truth and Justice!

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  29. just curious – Nunez is suddenly not a card carrying swamp weasel?

    not buying it

    THEY ALL ARE – as has been accurately stated here many times

    do not let ideology blind you – the swamp thug puppets have been engineering our reality with their globalist psychopath NWO agenda since 1776 – and well before then

    this is NO time to celebrate – the battle is just beginning

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  30. applevista says:

    I know Devin Nunes personally. We are of the same ethnicity and raised in the same type hard working small farm environment. It is an environment whereby the only law book needed is a handshake and your spoken word. Devin Nunes knows exactly what it means to be a “Deplorable”.

    Devin has little use for the “fancy” slick tongue elitists who live by devious corruption.

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    • chicagodeplorable says:

      Thank you, applevista; it’s always great to hear from a Treeper that actually knows a person we have to rely on. I liked Devin before your post, but this confirms it for me.

      Thanks again.

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    • nimrodman says:

      At some point, I really really really want to see Nunes give a public presentation of what he saw in those “secure facility” intelligence materials last January(?) that “shook him” so badly.

      I’d like to see a slide presentation, with graphic aids hung on a whiteboard and closeups on the computer/slide screen as he walks the public through the materials that he couldn’t believe he was seeing and “had nothing to do with Russia”.

      Essentially, I want to see Congressman Nunes give an Al Gore powerpoint show, but using the materials that shook him and caused him to go straight to the President.

      I think the American people are owed that kind of explanation, in simple terms with examples.

      Anyone in Nunes’ congressional district, please forward this suggestion to him.

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  31. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

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  32. Arkindole says:

    I just noticed on the letterhead Tony Deutch is the ranking member.
    That guy always takes the annual corrupt cake award in PB, Broward and Dade.

    Makes perfect sense.


  33. All American Snowflake says:

    “[…] Nunes criticized the ethics panel for taking “an unbelievable eight months” to dismiss the matter, and called on the panel to publicly release all transcripts related to his case.”

    I, for one, will be interested to see these transcripts.

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