Amid Big Momentum President Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting…

Don’t be so caught up watching the granules moving at your feet that you fail to step back and recognize the entire landscape is shifting.  It Has Begun… 

Important remarks today. After a year of careful navigation Captain Trump has now hoisted the Spinnaker and is using massive economic winds to advance ALL ‘America-First’ policy objectives.

[…] “to get it going the way I really want, where we have GDP getting up to 4, 5, and even 6 percent — because I think that’s possible. If you look back in your notes, you’ll say when I said 4 percent, people said that would be years. Well, it’s turned out that I’m right because without the hurricanes this last quarter, we would have hit 4 percent. At 3.3 percent, which was adjusted previously — this is far beyond what anybody thought it would be at. So we’re at 3.3 percent GDP. I see no reason why we don’t go to 4, 5, and even 6 percent. And I don’t want to go beyond that because then it will be criticized if we don’t hit it.

But every time we go up one point, just so you understand, one point means $2.5 trillion, means 10 million jobs. So one point in GDP is an incredible statement. $2.5 trillion for each point, 10 million jobs for each point. And I think we’re going to be going up a lot of points.”

[Transcript] THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Thank you very much for being here. America is prospering again at home and being respected once again all over the world. However, we face many serious threats. Lots of things are happening in our country — lots of very positive things — but we have some things that we have to talk about.

We’re going to be discussing today the situation in North Korea. It will be handled, and it will be handled properly. Many of our brave troops will be spending Christmas overseas. We’re thinking about them. We’re funding them like they haven’t been funded in a long time — best equipment you can get. Our military is getting stronger, and I expect that very soon, I’ll be able to say stronger than ever before. It was very depleted when I got here. It’s not going to be depleted any longer.

So I just want to thank everybody. I want to congratulate Kirstjen Nielsen, who was just confirmed yesterday. Been a long wait and we’re waiting for a lot of others. All of you are waiting for people, or most of you are waiting for people to come in and help. I know from the standpoint of trade, we’re waiting for a lot of our trade representatives to be approved. They just don’t want to do it. The Democrats just don’t want to give us those people. They delay them as long as possible. They take every single minute they can take. It’s not right. But I would like to congratulate our new Secretary of Homeland Security. Kirstjen, good luck.


THE PRESIDENT: I’m especially thrilled to report that the Senate passed massive tax cuts and reform. You know about that very well. You’ve covered it — for the most part — accurately, which is surprising for you folks, but that’s okay. (Laughter.) We’re on the verge of a historic victory that cuts taxes for the middle class, for businesses; brings back, probably, an excess of $4 trillion. As you know, we’ve been saying $2.5 trillion for years. Well, that number has greatly expanded. And we’ll be bringing back an excess of $4 trillion. It will be put to work in our country. There will be a lot of jobs being brought back with that money. Right now that money is being spent overseas. It’s not going to be spent overseas anymore.

The House and Senate are now negotiating the final bill, and I cannot wait to sign these giant tax cuts and reforms. I mentioned tax cuts, but it’s also reforms. But I’m looking forward to signing it. It will be the largest tax cuts, by far, in the history of our country.

We’ll be bringing the business tax from 35 all the way down to 20. At 35, it’s the highest in the industrialized world. At 20, we’re on the very low side, so we’ll be very competitive. You look at China, it’s 15 percent. Other countries are 18 percent. Some are 23, 24 percent. The average is actually, of the primary competitors, is actually 23 percent. So we’ll be pretty much below the average, and we’ll be able to compete.

And despite all of that, and despite — before we even get this massive injection — we have a stock market that has hit record highs 81 times since our election victory — 81 times. It’s at a new high right now.

Unemployment is at a 17-year low. Very shortly it’s going to be at a 19-year low. We think the numbers are going to continue to go down. And we’re also getting into the pool of the 100 million people that are not working. That pool is now coming back. As you know, that’s not considered in the low employment numbers, which means we have a lot of people that want to get to work, and that will be working.

Consumer confidence is at a 17-year high. We’ve created nearly 2 million jobs. Think of that — 2 million jobs since Election Day. That’s based on consumer confidence. That’s based on enthusiasm. Every enthusiasm poll, especially for business enthusiasm and job enthusiasm, is at an all-time high.

That’s why companies are coming back into our country. They’re opening up new plants. Most of you have written about — Toyota came back in. We have many car companies coming back in. They’re going to Michigan, they’re going to Ohio, they’re going to the states where they want to be. They can go anywhere they want — South Carolina, North Carolina. But they’re going all over our country. They’re coming back in. We had many years where we had no new plants; we only had closures. Now we have openings, and that means a lot of jobs.

But to get it going the way I really want, where we have GDP getting up to 4, 5, and even 6 percent — because I think that’s possible. If you look back in your notes, you’ll say when I said 4 percent, people said that would be years. Well, it’s turned out that I’m right because without the hurricanes this last quarter, we would have hit 4 percent. At 3.3 percent, which was adjusted previously — this is far beyond what anybody thought it would be at. So we’re at 3.3 percent GDP. I see no reason why we don’t go to 4, 5, and even 6 percent. And I don’t want to go beyond that because then it will be criticized if we don’t hit it.

But every time we go up one point, just so you understand, one point means $2.5 trillion, means 10 million jobs. So one point in GDP is an incredible statement. $2.5 trillion for each point, 10 million jobs for each point. And I think we’re going to be going up a lot of points.

So in order to really keep it going the way I want and the way we all want around this table, we have to get — pass our taxes. I call it “the mixer”. It’s in conference right now, but I call it “the mixer”. I think when it comes out, it’s going to be a beautiful mix.

There are things that I like better in the Senate bill; there are things that I like better in the House bill. I think when they come out, we’ll have some new additions and we’ll have the best of each. I think we’re going to have a fantastic tax bill.

There are very, very few people that aren’t benefiting by it. But there’s that tiny little sliver and we’re going to try to take care of even that very small group of people that just through circumstances maybe don’t get the full benefit of what we’re doing. But the middle class gets a tremendous benefit. And business, which is jobs, gets a tremendous benefit.

We’ll be giving the Cabinet, today, an update on national security and strategy. We’ll also receive briefings on the latest developments in the tax cut negotiations. And Administrator McMahon, who’s done a fantastic job at Small Business Administration — where’s Linda? Linda did a really fantastic job — is helping small businesses in record numbers. And they’ve needed help, really, because of the hurricanes. The hurricanes were devastating.

As I said, GDP — if we didn’t have the hurricanes we would have hit just about 4 [percent] this last — but we had — as you probably know, and probably everybody remembers, we had five really bad ones. And we have a lot of businesses that have been severely hurt and Linda McMahon has done an incredible job in helping those businesses out through the Small Business. So thank you very much, Linda.

So we’re in a great period in this country because jobs are coming back, unemployment is low, business has never been stronger. But we have a military that we have to build. I want to thank General Mattis for doing such a great job with respect to ISIS. He’s knocked the hell out of them. Of course I’ve made it possible with what I’ve let you do, I think. (Laughter.) Wouldn’t you say? But he has done a fantastic job.

He and the military have done a fantastic job with ISIS. They’re essentially knocked out of Syria, knocked out of Iraq. That’s the good news. The bad news — they go all over the place. And I’ll tell you where we don’t want them: We don’t want them here. We don’t want them in our country. Tell them to stay wherever the hell they are. We don’t want them coming back into our country. They do go back into some countries. We don’t want them going into our country. So we’re watching that closely.

So I’d like to wish everyone a really great season. I’d like to wish everyone a merry Christmas, happy New Year.

And I will tell you that we have a big announcement coming up at one o’clock. Perhaps a couple of you will be there; maybe not. But it’s a big announcement. It’s an announcement concerning Israel and the Palestinians and the Middle East. And I think it’s long overdue. Many Presidents have said they want to do something, and they didn’t do it. Whether it’s through courage or they changed their mind, I can’t tell you. But a lot of people have said we have to do something, and they didn’t do it. So we’ll be talking about that something at one o’clock, and I look forward to seeing you then.

Thank you all very much. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Q Mr. President, what will the decision do? How will it help the peace process, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: We’ll talk about it in a little while.

Q Are we going to have a shutdown, Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT: It could happen. The Democrats are really looking at something that is very dangerous for our country. They are looking at shutting down. They want to have illegal immigrants; in many cases, people that we don’t want in our country. They want to have illegal immigrants pouring into our country, bringing with them crime, tremendous amounts of crime. We don’t want to have that. We want to have a great, beautiful crime-free country. And we want people coming into our country, but we want them to come on our basis. And that’s why we’re being so careful with our process and our screening.

And, as you know, we had a tremendous victory the other day in the Supreme Court with the ban. It got quite a bit of attention. Probably not as much of attention as it deserved. But we had tremendous — that was a tremendous victory for this country. Not a victory for me; it was a victory for our country.

So the Democrats maybe will want to shut down the country because they want people flowing into our country. And I want people coming into our country, but I want to vet those people, and I want to vet them very carefully. Because we dont want to have radical Islamic terrorism in this country, and we dont want to have crime in this country.

If you look at what just happened in San Francisco, that was a disgrace. And, as you know, the federal government just got involved and did a great thing, because they’re going to take that at least to the next step. They did a great thing by getting involved.

So thank you very much. I’ll see you all at one o’clock.

END 11:50 A.M. EST

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103 Responses to Amid Big Momentum President Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting…

  1. Snailmailtrucker says:

    Carry on President Awesome !

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    Al Green, the Democrats, RINOs, MSM, Globalist, CoC, Big Club etc. are all DEAD! The Economic Train continues to run them over. There is absolutely NOTHING that can stop the train as it plows along. Additional passengers are being added daily.–3014499.html

    From the article linked above:

    Private sector employment in the US rose more than expected in November, according to data released by ADP on Wednesday.

    Employers added 190,000 jobs, versus expectations for an increase of 185,000. In October, 235, 000 jobs were added.

    Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees added 50,000 positions, while medium businesses with between 50 and 499 employees added 99,000 jobs. Large companies with 500 or more employees added 41,000 jobs.

    The goods-producing sector recruited an extra 36,000 people, while service providers added 155,000 jobs.

    Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, said: “The job market is red hot, with broad-based job gains across industries and company sizes. The only soft spots are in industries being disrupted by technology, brick-and-mortar retailing being the best example. There is a mounting threat that the job market will overheat next year.”

    Capital Economics said the 190,000 increase in private sector employment is consistent with its estimate that the official non-farm payroll employment will show a 200,000 increase when the data is released this Friday.

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  3. susanswa says:

    Captain Trump ❤️

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  4. Clydeen says:

    Definitely gonna need a mountain bigger than Rushmore! Maybe a range?🤔

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    Folks these few sentences says it all! it is the difference between the EU and countries like Germany, France, U.K. etc.

    “We don’t want them coming back into our country. They do go back into some countries. We don’t want them going into our country. So we’re watching that closely.”

    From the article linked above:

    The security service and police have thwarted 22 terrorist plots in the past four years and there are more than 500 live investigations ongoing. Police chiefs are struggling to handle more than 3,000 subjects of interest, along with a growing pool of more than 20,000 individuals identified during terrorist inquiries.

    Even though the U.K. is getting out of the EU, the paragraph above tells me that the country is gone! The 3,000 and 20,000 referenced above is because of the country’s policy of allowing ISIS fighters to return to the U.K. Just think about that for one minute…… They allowed these Animals back into their country so that they can kill innocent civilians. Who in their right mind would think this was a good policy.

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    • Doug says:

      i listen to Nigel farages show every evening and whats worse is they actually accost and grill their own soldiers more about their fighting activities in the middle east then these actual jihadis.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Doug it doesn’t surprise me one bit! The U.K. is gone! Not even Brexit will bring them back.

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        • Doug says:

          The Uk has a problem in that its trying to recover itself but they dont have a Trump (Farrage is their Trump but hes not in charge) … May is an extremely weak PM, possibly worst of the modern era. However, the party is scared to get rid of her and cause a possible new election and one that Jeremy Corbyn ( a true socialist) could win

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          • Lulu says:

            Demography is destiny. They either remove muslims now or in under 25 years the UK will be a majority muslim country with all that entails. France is in the same situation.

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            • Carrie2 says:

              Lulu, England and much of the EU is too far gone to recuperate. They suffered socialism and now are seeing their countries becoming part of the islamic caliphate and they did by choice which is very difficult to understand. Their morals, ethics and values are down the tank, i.e., Harry’s brainwashed fiancee. We will never again visit the EU countries due to dangers of all kinds.

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              • Maquis says:

                I mourn Western Europe. Miss France. I can never return.

                Then again, a Good War, a literal and much needed cleansing of Socialism & Socialists, of Islam & Islamists, could save perhaps, ultimately, all of Europe.

                They fought them off for dang near a Millenium and a Half. They can do it again.

                With lots of help in the way of small arms, and keeping the rest of the World out while they do what they must.

                It will take much more atrocity, sadly, to awaken a people so drugged on Socialism and inured to the destruction of their own progeny.

                I can’t help but pray they put up a fight.

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    • I was having a discussion with my grandson and we were discussing this very subject and I made the exact same comment as you did Fle…” Who in their right mind would think this was a good policy.’. and he responded matter of factly…”Liberals”

      You are correct….England is lost and Churchill is turning over in his grave.
      I don’t think another Churchill could even save them now…..they have exceeded the “tipping point”….the cancer has metastasized….they are in the palliative care state

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      • AM says:

        There are ways back, but I suspect they involve a great deal of pain and suffering for native Brits. For sure, step one is to shake the atheistic paganism that has settled like a fog over the place. They need to believe in St. George and the dragon again.

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        • never going to happen UNLESS they kick muslims out of the country….and they won’t do that….muslims are reproducing at rates far greater than Christians so that within a few decades GB will become a muslim nation


      • thinkthinkthink says:

        People were saying that about America not so long ago…

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        • Carrie2 says:

          think, true but we are a Republic of, by and for the people and unique in that. Most countries are dictatorships, socialist or communist and read freedom is a mere dream. Actually, however, I must admit that I felt more freedom in China while Obama was in office not only in visits but when I was studying there. Slowly but surely China is moving more and more into the real world of freedom allows more growth, more jobs, more millionaires and billionaires every year. Other countries have to make decision to be free and able to honestly elect leaders and make sure they don’t turn into dictators. Actually this is a hopeful prayer I have.

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        • CountryclassVulgarian says:

          I think the US was in a much better position to correct. Mainly because of our constitutional protections and also because America did not abandon God the way Europe and Britain has.

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          • El Torito says:

            Obama and the Libs sure tried though. We need to back DJT to completely and permanently reverse all the damage. He is ahead of schedule, thankfully.

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          • yucki says:

            That faith is a big part of it.
            Our country was founded for it. The Constitution written for a Godly people, can’t work otherwise.


          • thinkthinkthink says:

            Those around the world, including Britain and Europe who are holding true to the principles best established in hearts open to God need our support and prayers.

            I’m sure that the inspired structure of our nation is an advantage, but history provides us with numerous examples of nations or peoples who dramatically changed in response to awakenings that appeared in various seasons.


      • fleporeblog says:

        Sad but true! I like your description.


    • mopar2016 says:

      The UK likes to reward former Guantanamo detainees. They give them millions.
      Great Britain isn’t great anymore. Looks like the sun has set on the British empire.

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  6. And I think we’re going to be going up a lot of points.”

    Lolololol😂👍🏻 Me too, Mr. President!

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  7. Minnie says:

    God Bless America
    God Bless President Trump
    God Bless every freedom loving, patriotic American

    Thank you sir, we respect you, we support you.

    MAGA On!!!

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  8. POP says:

    “best equipment you can get.”

    No, we have the F35, think of it as cannon fodder in a dogfight, which is how 60% of fighter combats evolve. “The F-35 doesn’t offer any significant upgrades in range, weapons payload, or dogfighting ability over legacy aircraft”. No-one seems to have noticed.

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    • joninmd22 says:

      An Air Force report last year said the F-35 would need legacy platforms to protect it.

      Time to pull the plug.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      OkAy and you know this because you fly them? Because you program the electronics?,or do you have access to its classified capabilities?

      Or have you been reading the reviews written by competitive plane builders.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      OkAy and you know this because you fly them? Because you program the electronics?,or do you have access to its classified capabilities?

      Or have you been reading the reviews written by competitive plane builders.


    • trialbytruth says:

      OkAy and you know this because you fly them? Because you program the electronics?,or do you have access to its classified capabilities?

      Or have you been reading the reviews written by competitive plane builders.


      • trialbytruth says:

        Oh man trips word press is working overtime

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      • POP says:

        Simple tech specs and USAF “admissions”.
        There are no competitive “plane” builders, the F22 production line is shutdown.


        • trialbytruth says:

          Yeah we lied about top speed of f15 for decades and it’s problems with the osprey.

          Truth is I want my military to lie to me about both our strengths and weaknesses. as long as Trump gets the straight dope I’m good with that.

          Our enemies don’t need to know that are ospreys like to fall out of the sky. Or that are rapters have swarm capability. ( an ability imagined by me but should put fear in the hearts of our enemies. Lol)

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        • starfcker says:

          Do you really think there is an Air Force on earth even remotely close to the USAF? F35 is just one platform. Remember all the problems getting the Osprey online? Now it’s a workhorse. Nobody else even comes close.


  9. Publius2016 says:

    Work work work…Man is a Machine!

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  10. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    John Lydgate – c.1370- c.1451
    “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

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  11. All Hype says:

    The liberals do not hate Trump because he could fail and fall flat on his face. They hate him cause he is going to succeed in a way that other president has in the history of this great Republic. When the economy hits a constant 4-5 % growth he will be impossible to beat in 2020.

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  12. Zumtrotz says:

    Send a Christmas Card to President Trump and Family.

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  13. bob says:

    As much as I love Trump and his cheerleading the economy he is blowing smoke with the 2.5 trillion and 10 million jobs. Ain’t anywhere close to that. More like 100 billion and 200,000 per point of GDP. In fact, GDP can go up substantially while jobs actually go down. It’s called automation. But hey, let’s do this!


    • sundance says:

      GDP will go up disproportionately to ecnomic growth because lower imports mean less is deducted from the math.

      GDP is combined value of everything made and sold, MINUS the value of everything imported.

      For every dollar product we make domestically, if it replaces an import, our GDP grows by $2 worth.

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    • angusmcgeef says:

      I love PTJT but I cringe when he says, and I paraphrase, “for every point of GDP it’s 2.5 trillion added to the economy.”

      Help me here, and this is not the first time said it, but say for example the economy (GDP) is 20 Trillion dollars. Then 1 point (1%) would be 200 Billion, not 2 Trillion. Two trillion represents 10% or 10 points in the GDP.

      Surprisingly, I haven’t seen the anti-Trump media pick up on this…but then again, they may be thinking by their Common Core Math training what he says is correct.

      Can somebody please check my math?


      • Yeah I’m in the same boat, the math doesn’t add up.
        The only thing I can think of is this…..
        The Great President is talking about the expansion of the total economy across his 4 (8?) years in office. So a 1 point increase in GDP sustained throughout his term may add up to $2T in toto.

        Maybe he is thinking in terms of compound effect?


        • angusmcgeef says:

          That’s a good stab and may be in the right direction.
          Of course a lot depends on the assumptions in the model…I can get to 2.5 T IF:
          Start with 20 T and grow at 3% per year for 4 years. This results in 22.5 T.
          So maybe President Trump is saying assume 2% growth is baseline and the added 1% will get us 2.5 T (total growth).

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          • Tom says:

            No, I think he’s saying, over 10 years every point in GDP … so 250 billion x 10 years = 2.5T.

            See how that works ?


            • angusmcgeef says:

              Well, I see what you’re saying but never heard PDJT say that. Also, best I see reported is that current GDP (today’s) is about 19.5 Trillion; lets round it to 20…so how do you get 1% = 250 billion as a start?
              The exaggerated claim may be a tactic by our president as a way to get people to buy in to the agenda…or as a trap laid for critics to challenge his math. I’m challenging his math but I’m not a critic of his policies. On numbers, I just like plain talk.


    • NewfTea says:

      Conservatives lose debates by trying to get every little fact 100% correct. Most refuse to say “90” whether it’s 84, 86, or even 89.9999.

      In the political public-money arena, approximations are King, exactitude is death. First, because super-exactness sounds like a prissy George Will getting every last decimal correct, which bores people and turns them off . Second, exactitude gives no wiggle room — the opposition can beat you to death with hyper-technical arguments. Big round numbers are easy to talk about, hard to refute.

      So Trump says 2.5 trillion per point of GDP. So what. If the Dems say, “That’s wrong! It’s only 1 trillion/800 billion/whatever.” The response is, “You’re complaining about a trillion dollars of growth?”

      Old joke (iit’s relevant; stay with me). A guy tells his friend that he bet on horse #3, and it won, so he bet on horse #6, which also won, so he then bet on horse #9, and IT won. Finally, he put EVERYTHING on #26 and he was set for life. He told his friend, “Multiplying by 3 was sure lucky for me today.” “But you can’t divide 26 by 3!” the friend replied. The lucky horse-player retorted, “So YOU be the mathematician!”

      We are watching a master at work. Enjoy it, and stop worrying about “being the mathematician.”

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      • Maquis says:

        These are my thoughts as well, sans the effective analogy.

        Challenging his numbers, with their own “accurate” numbers puts them in the uncomfortable position of defending numbers far higher than they prefer to feed to the ignorant. If they fight on these grounds, they lose on them.

        Trump knows how to not step into traps. He also knows how to build traps. I pity the fool that takes his bait on this one.

        PDJT is also Cheerleader in Chief. He is announcing to economic non-participants and idle nay-sayers that “WE ARE BACK, BABY!!”

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      • angusmcgeef says:

        Sorry to see you miss the point…it comes down to credibility.

        If your accountant said you’ll get a tax refund of $2000 and then you get $200 instead, what are you going to think about your accountant?

        This is simple math and, really, you should do the math, just to keep one’s self and other people honest…there is no agenda in math…just facts to live reality by.


  14. volintn says:

    How can you not just LOVE this man! He brings tears to my eyes I love him so much. Oh thank you Lord Jesus for this man!!! Just think…..picked by God, THANK YOU!

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  15. applevista says:

    If you are a Libtard, you are wrong 80% of the time. The 20% of the time a Libtard is correct which happens to coincide with sleeping hours.

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  16. Bob Thoms says:

    Americans suffered for eight years, for no other reason than we had a President who hated American exceptionalism and wanted to fundamentally destroy us.

    PTL for the Trump MAGA Movement!

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  17. Bob Thoms says:

    Think of all the under employed millennial who will be touched by the Trump economy….2018 will be be great to run the table with MAGA candidates!

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  18. 5-6% GDP? I cannot fathom what that will mean to my business in construction. I thank God for President Trump every day. I am even optimistic that I may be able to overcome the disgusting eight years of the One I Shall Not Mention (without spitting) that cost me dearly in potential earnings. We have so many reasons to rejoice, do not let the dishonest, mendacious media rob you of your joy. Laugh, smile and be grateful that you are alive to see these days.

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  19. thinkthinkthink says:

    “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year” 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  20. woohoowee says:

    Donald Trump: I Will Be the Greatest Jobs President God Ever Created

    Published June 16, 2015 Election FOXBusiness

    Merry Christmas, America 🙂

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  21. Daniel says:

    From a future exchange between a reporter and president Trump:

    Reporter: “President Trump! I have to admit it, I had my doubts that you would make America great again, but you did it. But how did you manage this?!”
    President Trump: “It’s not so much what I did, but what we *STOPPED DOING* to the country.”

    The thing is, most of what the president is doing is reversing the damage caused by others. It’s more about not doing what we know is bad for the country rather than doing anything new, creative or innovative. There is almost NOTHING original about what president Trump is doing. People behave as if it is but that’s demonstrably not the case. Sure, when “common sense” isn’t quite so common and when political corruption has reached the levels it has, merely making sensible decisions seems like a radical act because it is do very far from normal.

    The only thing which is awesome and incredible about president Trump is the will, strength, stamina and determination which drives the man. In this respect, president Trump is unmatched in my experience. But that is precisely what it takes to restore the MAGA states.

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    • Fake Nametag says:

      I’ve been facing this problem in my career, eerily it almost exactly coincided with President Banana taking office. All my management became dictatorial counterproductive jerks. Every time I got an email from management it felt like I was getting one from BO. Thanks to President Donald J Trump, I finally feel enough financial relief to consider taking a step sideways to get into a position with much more upside and have started interviewing for something new. I feel like I’m breathing pure oxygen.

      I thank God every day for PDJT.

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  22. paulraven1 says:

    Jared Kushner is the Zelig of our time. He always seems to be there in the background, bland, placid, inescapable.


  23. thesavvyinvester says:

    Again I ask 5 or 6%?…..

    Look at the winds in PDJT’s sails, and what many financial/policy wonks on our side are discussing as potential % increases in GDP in terms of cause and effect, note this is stuff I have read or heard and you have to do your research to verify or dispute these numbers

    * Reducing the lawsuits for road construction is said to be worth .5% GDP
    * Get rid of Dodd-Frank via the dual track system, Another 1% GDP
    * Get rid of Obamacare? Another 1%
    * I have heard financial wonks saying the Tax cut is worth 2%
    So that is another 4.5% on top of where we are now, yes I know, this is back of the envelope stuff.

    And that doesn’t include the Fracking Revolution unleashed, and all the LNG exports yet to come on line. For what ifs… Consider one Breakthrough Drug of the 4000 backlogged at FDA ( if they ever fast track this backlog ) and the one thing that no one sees, a battery breakthrough that puts the electric car front and center and it would be a disruptive tipping point event and require massive infrastructure upgrades ( can you say trade jobs ? ). Oh and note, NAFTA re-orgs, ICE doing their jobs etc cause and effects are not included. I am sure you can come up with more positive events that I forgot to add to this discussion.

    Do a simple proportion, Clinton’s avg GDP was 3.78% =’s an increase in the DOW of 225%. Now go with 6% and solve for “X” and multiply the resultant to the 21,000, and see what you come up with. Yes it is simple, it is not scientific, and it isn’t investment advice. However look at the winds in PDJT’s spinnaker vs the Internet/Computer Revolution of the Clinton years, and ask yourself does this administration and it’s desire to unleash the individual and the current historic opportunities have a greater potential than the Clinton Years….


    • Randy says:

      Lamborghini just released an electric vehicle that uses hyper-capacitors and has molded them into body panels which are constructed of a self healing nano-composite. So..the battery or rather the hyper-capacitor revolution has arrived. Now Elon Musk’s mega battery factory is near obsolete.


      • thesavvyinvester says:

        Randy thanks. Yes I should call it a storage device or medium. So many chemical compositions Li-ion and non-Li-ion and yes the whole Capacitor side of the equation with and without graphene. Fascinating stuff, I barley passes H.S. Chemisty and it has me scratchin’ my head a lot ;-).


  24. whoseyore says:

    With all of these jobs, shouldn’t be long until most of the welfare recipients are kicked off of welfare for not choosing a job. That will be a HUGE amount saved by the Federal Government.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Ditch Mitch says:

    Shut the darn government down! Less government equals less intrusion, less spending, less corruption.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. StanH says:

    Pay attention you Washington swamp critters this is how you run a country.


    Liked by 1 person

  27. skaebne says:

    Unless I got my math wrong, a 1 point increase in GDP translates to $250 Billion: Presuming the GDP of the US is something like $25 Trillion, one percent of 25 Trillion (2.5×10^13) is 2.5×10^11.
    $2.5 Trillion increase in GDP would be awesome, but that would be 10% growth. Who knows; it could happen,


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