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Deep State #2 – The Confirmation…

It is increasingly obvious from additional direct communication today, both on twitter and the speech in Missouri, that all of the necessary groundwork for the Big Ugly is in the rear view.  President Trump is now directly confronting ALL adverse … Continue reading

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President Trump Tweets Critique and Cover for British Prime Minister Theresa May…

Earlier today President Trump re-tweeted some videos showing radical Islamism and behavior of their terroristic followers.  The videos originated from a twitter account of a U.K. citizen.  Prime Minister Theresa May took exception to the sunlight: “It is wrong for … Continue reading

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Hillsborough Serial Killer Caught: 24-Year-Old Howell Donaldson III

The McDonald’s employee in the story needs to be given a big reward.  This serial killer murdered four people, at random, and the entire community was a nervous mess. (Via Fox News) The suspect in the serial killings spanning a … Continue reading

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Super-Creepy Expanded Predatory Sexual Assault Claims Against Matt Lauer…

Good grief, when does this get accurately labeled as super-creepy, villain-level, ‘work-place rape‘? According to updates reports in Variety and The New York Times, NBC Today Show creep, Matt Lauer, actually had a button installed on his desk to auto-lock … Continue reading

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Third Quarter GDP Growth Revised Upward – 3.3% Highest Growth in Three Years…

I’m getting really sick and tired of economic analysts talking down the U.S. economy even when they are surrounded with resoundingly good news.  These economic control agents are furious that President Trump is deconstructing their decades-long lies; and showing just … Continue reading

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One Company – 800 Illegal Workers Busted During Chicago Bakery Immigration Raid…

No-one really knows the scale of how many illegal aliens are currently embedded within the U.S. workforce because the immigration laws and employment laws are in conflict. However, as one example – a single commercial Chicago Bakery, Cloverhill, was audited … Continue reading

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President Trump Missouri Speech on Tax Reform – 3:00pm Livestream…

President Donald J. Trump will give a speech in St. Charles, MO on tax reform. The event will take place at the St. Charles Convention Center.  Anticipated start time 3:00-3:30pm UPDATE: Video Added

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