President Trump Tweets Suggestion for Fake News Competition…

This is an epic POTUS Trump tweet.  The flow, content, syntax, ratio of succinct thought to humor, along with the auditory elocution rate -and inherent hilarity- are master level word assemblies.   One tweet containing all the ingredients to make the media go bananas.

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250 Responses to President Trump Tweets Suggestion for Fake News Competition…

  1. rsanchez1990 says:

    President Trump is basically tweeting, “watch the fake news media go crazy,” and they’re always eager to prove him right.

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  2. Uncle Max says:

    bwhwhahahaa. The ( me ) part…. I busted a gut laughing. Oh man, he’s the best troll ever! He loaded that tweet with so much awesome triggering… heh… Man, I love it so much!

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  3. yy4u says:

    Friend reported that at Thanksgiving dinner, one of the diners complained that POTUS’s calling the Fake News media “the fake news media” is silencing the freedom of the press. What a hoot! After we quit laughing, however, we can wonder if our lefties are any different than the USSR lefties other than Lenin, Stalin et al had the military behind them. Any doubt whatsoever if our lefties thought they could get away with sending us to the salt mines, they wouldn’t?

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  4. bullnuke says:

    This man is truly a boss. He has got to be thinking “this is too easy”. They should use Sara’s pie as the trophy.

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  5. robins111 says:

    As a trophy. I envision a rancid green colored statue of a skunks butt.

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    It sure as hell shouldn’t be Gold-Silver-Bronze.

    Let’s focus on the EFFECTS of the CORROSIVE CORRUPTORS CABAL:

    • 1st Place: PERVERTED PROGRESSIVES Trophy
    • 2nd Place: LYING LEECHES Trophy
    • 3rd Place: RABID REPORTERS ;Trophy

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  7. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    What about the TV channel that used to be all about fun & games which gradually devolved into the Extra Sports Propaganda Network, ESPN? Would give them a dishonorable mention for ruining televised sports entertainment in America. RIP NFL.

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  8. treehouseron says:

    The “Your Favorite President (me)”

    Is one of the funniest things he’s ever done, period.

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    • fuzzi says:

      Scott Adams mentioned this in a Periscope, and basically said that Trump did that so trolls couldn’t respond with “My favorite President…you mean Obama?” and laugh. Trump took away their comeback, lol.

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    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Inserting (me) adds an innocent, childlike quality to the tweet.

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      • treehouseron says:

        I was watching “Friends” yesterday, which I always felt was a great show, and many members of the cast use that little thing over and over again, and it always works. It’s like Rush Limbaugh… whom we all know is a harmless little furball….


  9. I was originally going to leave this comment as a reply to someone who had posted that despite being comedic gold from the President, that it reflected a serious MAGA issue of the times…

    so here’s my take on that and the hoaxing of the media that i’ve been aware of for maybe 45 of my 62 years – take it for what it’s worth – i’m not trying to convince anyone…

    my basic point to is that it’s really not a stretch to extend the idea of FAKE POLITICAL NEWS to ALL news – mind control and propaganda that’s not limited to one partisan flavor or another…

    : : : : : : This is NOTHING new – the thug puppet globalist media has been hoaxing and mind controlling the American taxpayer since day 1 (and yes i’m talking 1776 and BEFORE that) – of course the platforms have evolved, as well as the propaganda, incredibly refined…

    Donald Trump made a HUGE segment of the population aware of this –
    My concern is that this is generally perceived/received in a POLITICAL context by (in this case, deplorables) HALF the population, MANY of whom had never remotely conceived that this was occurring…The liberal left/progressive segment on the other hand, still consider the idea of “fake news”, to be unquestionably, fake news.

    What i’m getting at is that confining the awareness of fake news and propaganda to a narrow partisan POLITICAL spectrum, disguises the IMO FACT that these treasonous attack dog “media” thug puppets have been visiting their trickery on ALL American taxpayers (right left and center) for purposes of absolutely DIVIDING an eagerly self dividing populace to more easily CONTROL it.
    And it is NOT just confined to politics, which is in my opinion, a ruse to distract from the fact that their hoaxing applies to almost everything they are feeding us in relentless 5 second sound bites…

    I’m sure that this will upset some who want to attribute this phenomenon ONLY to the other side, to the “LIBERAL” media. Although, there are doubtless a high percentage of what i would call low level liberal ideologues operating in that arena, i believe that those captains of industry who preside over our oligarchic, shadow government, have ZERO partisan allegiance…there’s is simply an allegiance to absolute GLOBAL control and to absolute profit.

    And i would remind conservative ideologues that our true enemies are not the WORKING CLASS democrats who are simply not participating in the “resistance” of the elite political class, media, and brainwashed students etc….

    anyways, i could go on, but i’m sure you get the idea ;O

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    • jbt says:

      Your paragraph 6 absolutely nails it.


    • As you state so clearly, news, politics, sports, ad nauseum have not changed their tactics.
      Only the format and platforms change as the years go by.

      The basis for it all is that we are truly ADDICTED to conflict
      and will reward ANY content provider
      that will feed our confirmation-biased hunger for MORE titillation
      of our appetite for ANY us-vs-them narrative.

      In our President’s book, Never Give Up, there is a chapter title I like,
      “When the Other Side Expects a Duel, Offer a Partnership.”

      Our amazing President has mastered the power of what Cynthia Bourgeault explains as the “Law of Three”. Here is her quick summary of this transformational principle.

      “The Law of Three is a basic metaphysical principle that was first articulated by G. I. Gurdjieff, though he claimed it had ancient roots. This principle states that in any new arising, anything that comes into being at any level, from the quantum to the cosmic, at whatever scale and in whatever domain—physical, physiological, or spiritual—is the result of the intertwining of three independent strands: affirming, denying, and reconciling. Note that reconciling is not the synthesis, but a mediating principle between the other two. This is a ternary, not a binary, system. Instead of paired opposites, we have the interplay of three energies that in turn creates a whole new realm of possibility.”

      “Resistance or transgression is an absolutely essential part of any manifestation. It is a great mistake to try to eliminate resistance. Rather, you have to work with it, weave it, honor its presence—because what is going to come into birth is not what you want or expect. It is going to be completely new and surprising. The three forces working together dissolve gridlocks and move everything into a new playing field.”

      Her book on the Trinity could be a fun read for those who like to explore the essential underpinnings of Christianity (or maybe gain more insight into the “MORE WINNING” brought to you by President Trump’s masterful use of this principle).


  10. waltherppk says:

    The Award should be Russian Art ….The Pillar Of Deceit Creation

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  11. joninmd22 says:

    The Fake News Trophy also known as the Walter Duranty for the man who wrote shameless lies to cover up the deaths by starvation of 6 millions, mostly Ukrainians in the Great Famine or Holodomor. A Pulitzer was awarded for his reportage that the New York Times to this day will not return in shame for it’s part in this genocide.

    The recipients will be so proud to be in his august company.

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  12. Uh, PDJT needs to include Fox!

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  13. dissonant1 says:

    This reminds me of the scene in “True Lies” where Jamie Lee Curtis asks Arnold, after finding out he is a spy, “Did you ever kill anybody?” and Arnold replies “Yeah, but they were all bad.” Our wonderful President is “killing” them with his tweets.


  14. kea25252014 says:

    LOL you get a Trophy and you get a Trophy and you get a Trophy… LOL I love this


  15. Carolina Kat says:

    There should be categories:
    Least Logical
    Most Fanatical
    Purest Propaganda
    Highest Paid Presstitute
    Deepest Delusions

    Like shooting fish in a barrel.

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  16. Yeah, I’m curious why PDJT didn’t include Fox. They aren’t exactly genuine in their reporting. Must be strategy in there somewhere that I can’t see. I don’t bother with Fox News. I get my “news” HERE at The Treehouse.

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    • dekester says:

      Just pi** the others off. Especially CNN.

      The Moore fiasco aside. Several of the Fox crew are very good to PDJT.

      I despise Wallace, Sheppie, Cavuto a few others.

      PDJT does have friends there though.

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    • treehouseron says:

      It’s because he mainly watches the morning show, which is very Pro Trump. And at night, he likely only watches Hannity, which is very Pro Trump. During the day he’s working and doesn’t see Shep and the others be idiots.

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    • Thecleaner says:

      Fox actually provides balanced coverage, which is all Trump expects…he has haters and supporters at Fox. Everbody else is nothihg but deranged venom.

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  17. rumpole2 says:

    A song comes to mind (From 1967) LOL

    Even The Bad Times Are Good (1967 )

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  18. doit4atlas says:

    I vote for CNN

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  19. Bob Thoms says:

    … “Plus CNN…”

    double takefown, lol!

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  20. piper567 says:

    an element to not overlook is the pairing of “news”, with the day-after retractions.

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  21. Johnny Bravo says:

    Can we ensure all nominated media outlets at least get a participation prize?

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  22. citizen817 says:

    Spin the Wheel! Winner gets the FAKE NEWS TROPHY. Of course, there’s lots of competition out there – but can anyone really hope to beat CNN from taking first place?

    Give the mainstream media an inch and they’ll make a crude mile of nonsense out of it. The legacy media’s repeated failure is dangerous, however. If the Deep State’s megaphone isn’t working, they shadow government may resort to more drastic measures in order to remove our president–including war, false flags, a stock market crash, and perhaps even a civil war. The rats want to sink the president’s ship, even if they go down with it.

    —Ben Garrison

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  23. Baits are out.. Our President is the BEST fisherman EVA!

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  24. Pam says:

    Let’s see, who do we give the award to? Decisions decisions. LOL


  25. Thecleaner says:

    Trump needs to get an American trophy maker to donate a huge floor model trophy, with 8 blank inscription plates…one for every year of his reign, and make this an annual event…Fox can do the polling….he can hand out participation trophies to the runners-up, in true libtard fashion


  26. waltherppk says:

    Zombie Never Trumper and Resist Media soldiers on ……

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  27. “the networks, plus CNN…”

    hahah! Had to add in CNN as they are not part of the networks..hahaha! Trump is having too much fun..and letting us in on it too. I just love the guy.

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  28. NJF says:

    Way too funny.


  29. The Devilbat says:

    Sundance – how about the Treehouse awarding a fake media award to the group that the treepers vote as being the worst? Hell’s bells, if we all chipped in ten or twenty bucks I am quite sure that there would be sufficient funds to purchase something.

    The only downside is that the Treehouse would instantly become famous and the democommies might unleash mega-trolls upon us. It’s a very interesting idea. I have not heard of anything like this ever being done before. Who knows, the recipients might even get the message.

    How’s this for an award?


    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Sort of like in Dr. Doolittle, where they had a “pushmi-pullyu” which was a horse with heads on both ends. The enemedia would be deserving of the other halves (not sure what to call it – push-you, pull-me???)… Both halves would be the tail end.

      Plaque could read “we only tell tall tails”… or “we lead from behind”…

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    • Dave says:

      Instead of a horse’s ass, use a replica of Hildabeest’s ass! It’s bigger, and it actually means more!


  30. phoenixRising says:

    I saw this online and wanted to share…

    “The POTUS’ tweets are like a laser point, and the MEDIA is like a cat.”

    Of course if you have never seen a cat chasing a laser point, you won’t get it.

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  31. phattcat says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


  32. Bendix says:

    I had previously thought ABC to be the least worst, but the last couple of nights have proved me wrong.
    Tonight all the “top stories” weren’t even news. I sometimes watch after the first ten minutes or so, because they get the Trump bashing out of the way, but this evening I would have had to be at least five or six stories in before seeing anything worthwhile. That was news about a volcano.
    I turned it off and didn’t turn it back on.


  33. KPomeroy says:

    A statue of Diogenes giving the thumbs down!

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  34. phoenixRising says:

    POTUS Proposes ‘Fake News Awards’, French Conservatives Have Been Doing it For Years and It’s Hilarious

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  36. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Sundance, Nigel agrees with you:

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  37. The Jimmy Jack says:

    So. Much. Winning.


  38. auntiefran413 says:

    ” The flow, content, syntax, ratio of succinct thought to humor, along with the auditory elocution rate -and inherent hilarity- are master level word assemblies. One tweet containing all the ingredients to make the media go bananas.”

    Another magnificent flow of words! Thank you, Sundance.


  39. Phil aka Felipe says:


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  40. Donna in Oregon says:

    The President is draining the Swamp. It’s happening every single day.

    Meanwhile the MSM Swamp Protectors are busy trying to defend themselves. Wonder if the Right is going to buy their companies. That would be delicious.

    The Koch Bros. are buying TIME. Not that I’m a fan of the Open Border people, I just think it’s amusing to watch Capitalism destroy Communists. Lefty Loons working for Libertarian Zealots. Hilarious!

    I love POTUS tweets. Keep on Trumpin’!


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