Intellectual Froglegs – Thanksgiving Edition….

Joe Dan Gorman has released the long awaited internationally acclaimed 2017 Thanksgiving Day commemorative collectors edition of Intellectual Froglegs:

Visit Website Here


Um, ahem, ‘scuse me human, would you be so kind as to afford me entry?… WE HAVE A SITUATION OUT HERE !

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64 Responses to Intellectual Froglegs – Thanksgiving Edition….

  1. rsanchez1990 says:

    Help a cat out, human!

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  2. Pam says:

    Poor kitty, it truly needs help!
    Another golden episode. Great work Joe Dan!

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  3. MaineCoon says:

    Thank you Joe for speaking truth in such a humorous and creative way!

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Love ya, Joe Dan. 🙂

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  5. grlangworth says:

    Joe Dan, Joe Dan, Joe Dan. Oh my goodness.

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  6. Katherine McCoun says:

    The “art” collection was truly disturbing. Fun episode packed with humor and truth. Appreciate all of the hard work you put into these videos!

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    • Rudy Bowen says:

      It was. Like Obama, it’s evidence of true, universal evil, Satanic evil. The Podestas and the ‘artists’ who committed those atrocities should be put away in a mental institution. Honestly, I couldn’t look directly at them after the first couple and my hands were shaking afterwards. It SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME.

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      • TreeClimber says:

        Really scary part is, all that stuff’s real.

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      • Katherine McCoun says:

        After the first couple I had to turn away and didn’t look again until a quick peek after the music changed assured me that was over. Terrible and I didn’t those images in my mind. However, it was informative of the type of people we are dealing with. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, etc. I could never listen to that man speak again and am not disgusted with anyone associated with him. How could his employees and clients tolerate such a person?

        The Podesta brothers are known for their personal hospitality style of personally cooking gourmet dinners and hosting VIPs for networking, fundraising and business purposes, much as their mother did in DC before them. That means that people are well aware of that art collection…disgusting! A complete loss of credibility by anyone associated with them. For Hillary and Bill to be so closely associated with such people…telling and confirmation of the truly depraved and as completely lacking in morals as I thought them to be.

        Who would want that stuff around their house, as the frame to their daily home life?! Horrific!

        The rest for the video was the normal truth/humor combo.

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    • Is that just not sick? Good Lord……The times we are living in and the demonic people that we are having to deal with–I do not even recognize these people as Americans.

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  7. Carrie2 says:

    Hard not to laugh because Froglegs always on point. Made my day today. Thanks, SD

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  8. Queensland Kel says:

    So incisive and with humour too. Joe Dan you rock! I can’t get the clause ‘a flyover peasant production’ out of my head. That is a killer as is the ‘driving the dems crazy’ staring Jeff Sessions as the chauffeur and Hillary as Miss Daisy. Brilliant.

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  9. parteagirl says:

    Another hit out of the park, Joe Dan!
    Q: Why do Democrats cry after sex?
    A: Mace

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  10. ken says:

    Joe Dan thanks for making my day!

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  11. Happy Thanksgiving guys!
    I’m thankful for all y’all’s asses..

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  12. Coldeadhands says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Joe Dan! 🦃

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  13. Shark24 says:

    Love me some Joe Dan in the morning (it is 6am here in the ME). I usually throw a few bucks his way each month to help the cause so if the Spirit moves ya, something to consider. Great job Joe Dan from a Connecticut Yankee.

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  14. bessie2003 says:

    Still laughing at the Paul Ryan muscle flex! Great video. Thanks so much, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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  15. ladyfortruth says:

    Funny…..thanks!! 🙂

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  16. Mr. Gorman, thanks for mentioning due process and rule-of-law. I’ve been harping on that with the Hollyweird types being accused, and even more so with these fabrications against Judge Roy Moore. And thank you for your great sense-of-humor, as you recap the news.

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  17. freq says:

    good read… thx…

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  18. YouTube flags the website as “Possibly Offensive” with “Disturbing Content.” Naturally because it is daring to express a Conservative viewpoint.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Could the flags be because of the inclusion of the Podesta’s “art” collection? I certainly think the warnings are correct on that but do not think that such warnings are equally applied to liberal and conservative content. Many other things are also offensive and disturbing but not labeled.

      Brings up an interesting question of how does one report on disturbing things without then being disturbing themselves?!

      And, if that “art” is offensive and disturbing as determined by YouTube, shouldn’t that embarrass Podesta and any friends that he has who condone such “art”?

      In today’s hysterical climate of accusations, the publication of this “art” collection ought to be an embarrassment to him professional and personally and reduce his credibility. And the fact that he was Hillary and Bill’s long time associate and right hand man and that they would have been to his house and seen this art will also sling more mud their way.

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    • jmclever says:

      Yes. That was my initial thought too, but then i remembered the Podesta collection which is actually disturbing.


  19. Sayit2016 says:

    I LOVE the music he uses….too funny ! You know when there are flying cows… it’s all over ; )

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  20. Kevin says:

    I need heads to roll.
    Blood must spill.


  21. Thecleaner says:

    Joe Dan rides again…this guy is brilliant…!!

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  22. woodstuff says:

    At 29:30 see credit Conservative Treehouse.

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  23. carterzest says:

    As always, thank you so much, Joe Dan. You are a true #WOLVERINE.

    I say more Podesta stuff. It’s finally gaining some traction…..keep the heat on.

    What’s crazy, my initial feelings of shock, disgust and awe at learning about the Podesta art, Spirit Cooking, etc., was similar to some sentiments above. This viewing, just COLD ANGER and a certain peace about the knowing sh!t is finally getting fixed.

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  24. calbear84 says:

    So I click the link to watch Froglegs and get this message from google:
    “BE CAREFUL! This site may be harmful. The site you are trying to visit ( may include malware, phishing attempts, or disturbing content.”
    Sure enough, the content was pretty disturbing, especially if your name is Bill or Hillary Clilnton!
    You know what they say, JD. When you’re drawing flak you’re over the target!
    Happy Thanksgiving and MAGA to all.

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  25. Big Jake says:

    Subpar effort by Gorman. Can’t hit a homer in every time. Still enjoyable though.


  26. Papoose says:

    Gotta love me some Joe Dan. I F would sweep the awards in all categories.


  27. redridge45 says:

    I spy Suspicious Cat!


  28. Wee2low says:

    Love Joe Dan and IFL!


  29. drdeb says:

    Fellow Treepers, if you are able to do so, please support Joe Dan. You can contribute via pay pal. I have it set to do so every month. It is such a small amount-$25-that I don’t notice it. I LOVE what intellectual frog legs produces to support President Trump, our freedoms, and our nation. Joe Dan is a creative genius. I also love how he credits Sundance and The Conservative Tree House in every video.

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  30. elletelle says:

    More Victoria Jackson.
    Concert clip at end….. can never have enough cowbells.


  31. thesitrep says:

    I get a malware warning at that site:

    Be careful! This site may be harmful.
    The site you are trying to visit ( may include malware, phishing attempts, or disturbing content.

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