20 Year List of Annualized Congressional Harassment Settlements…

Reid Wilson via The Hill provides a list of “Congressional Office of Compliance releases year-by-year breakdown of congressional harassment settlements and awards”:


*Note* Democrats took over Congress via elections in November ’06 for congressional year 2007.  Republicans retook Congress via elections in November ’10 for congressional year beginning 2011.

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222 Responses to 20 Year List of Annualized Congressional Harassment Settlements…

  1. walt614 says:

    I get the feeling we’re being LOWBALLED here…and how would nameless, undocumented children that are expired ever qualify for any money…but of course THAT Never Happened…

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  2. FrenchNail says:

    Now I understand Franken’s initial response asking for being investigated by the ethics committee….
    He knows how the game is (was?) played in these instances: There is a complaint against you, you get investigated by your peers, the taxpayers pay hush money to the complainant and you carry on….

    I bet he is already on that list!!!! Scumbags. All of them. All leaders need to resign. Schumer, McConnell, Pilosi (aka the defendant of Women), Ryan in the first batch. Parasites!

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  3. Blue Moon says:

    This slush fund looks like it was started in 1997, Clinton was in office, and Monica’s affair was in 1997, being revealed in 1998 by Linda Tripp. Interesting isn’t it? Remember during Monica gate Newt lost his speaker job and they replaced him with at least 2 others who it was revealed had affair problems along with Newt. I think they ended up getting Hassert and look where he ended up. I hate all these people.

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  4. frangelica1 says:

    In my opinion, if lifetime non-disclosure is part of the settlement, then only the Congressperson should pay the settlement out of their own personal funds, not the taxpayers. Money paid from government funds are the people’s money and the public has the right to know names involved in those cases!

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    • That is a very good point.
      But the other side of that is many others knew. Part of the coverup.
      So who gave them the moral responsibility to decide what is or whats not important to share with the public?

      Say it’s one time someone reports you for sexual harassment. Now say it’s 2. Or 10.
      Where is the line if others know what is going on?

      AND how compromised is that person when others know?
      Will he know a bill is wrong and vote for it anyway?
      Thats the real problem.

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      • Tegan says:

        responding to Areyoustill….and WHO makes the determination and signs off on all these complaints? Who has the oversight authority? As a former Board member of various organizations, I know the value of insurance to protect individuals from frivolous lawsuits but this appears to have gone WAY overboard. There needs to be accounting and since, indeed, it is OUR money we should have some comfort about the limitations (if, indeed there are any!). Just more swamp activities uncovered. America is being “woke” and probably not in the way intended.

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        • AmericaFirst says:

          This list is yet one more area in which our government is totally unaccountable to us, their constituents.

          Can anyone name a single governmental entity which IS accountable?


  5. mikebrezzze says:

    Let’s guess who’s on the list…..my first guess is Barney Frank

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  6. What about the female congress critters and senators? Don’t think for one minute they are above harassing men, women and young aides (or whatever their titles are), janitors, guards,….women can be really nasty critters, even when they play the ‘victims’…..
    I don’t buy into the BS that it’s only the men.
    And I won’t even touch on the transgenders just elected in Virginia or the gays and lesbians floating around the muck in the swamp.

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  7. Trish in Southern Illinois says:

    I found this list on Wikipedia (of course they included president TRUMP & Herman Cain…i just ignore this) of politicians & sexual accusations/resignations/impeachments/& censures
    Scroll down to 1997


    • MVW says:

      An accusation is just that, and by itself is nothing (unless you are not in the protected class). Proof plus accusation is something entirely different.

      Part of the ‘Two Tier’ justice system.

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  8. shirley49 says:

    We want our money back. Cannot give us a tax cut and of course no where can they cut spending. Well, Start here, Pay your own dam hush money. Bunch of perverts.

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  9. Atticus says:


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  10. KBR says:

    The names we demand are no more important than the names of all in Congress who approved the use of taxpayer dollars as hush money, as well as the names of all who continue to approve it.

    Let me ask, if the average citizen commits such “high crimes and misdemeanors,” as for instance sexual predations, will the average citizen also have a “slush-hush fund” paid by taxpayers to keep him from being arrested, or even from being known as a predator? No.

    Misappropriation of taxpayer funds is still a crime, even if it is done by those who set the rules for appropriation.

    The most basic problem here is that the Congress has set up a fund and system whereby they are not held personally accountable with personal funds: an elite get out of jail free card, at taxpayer expense.

    And Congress thereby is deliberately hiding the crimes and aiding and abetting the criminals.

    We must demand that there be no such fund, and that any who resist this demand be included amongst the names of those who utilized such funds.

    Yet another set-up such that the elites do not need to follow the law nor suffer the consequences that their constituents (read supposedly those whom they serve:their supposed to be bosses) must!

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  11. Louis Zimmer says:

    At best every single rep and senator are enablers. At worst Co conspirators. Our nation’s moral compass is broken and it appears there is no will to fix it. It’s the 4th quarter folks and evil is kicking our butt. It’s not about left or right, it’s good vs. evil.

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  12. “America has no distinctly criminal class…except Congress”

    ~Mark Twain~

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  13. Sick of taxes says:

    Where are the names and why are our tax dollars paying for their bad behavior? Make them pay their own settlements that would quickly reduce the bad behavior.

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  14. littlebird160 says:

    Here’s how you reign the S.O.B.s in:
    1. Claim “EXEMPT” from Federal Withholding on your W4.
    It would require the taxpayer to discipline him/herself to pay quarterly payments to the IRS. Since the USG requires a steady stream of cash, the river would be reduced to a trickle. Additional benefit would be an awakening from the anesthesia of voluntary withholding and a general realization of the true scale of the tax burden on the working citizens of this country. We the people control when the hogs of Congress get slopped.


    • Carolina Kat says:

      Bad advice. If you don’t think that would end up getting people audited or having their money seized right out of their banks, or their assets frozen, you’re nuts. Sorry, but this won’t work, please don’t give advice that might get others hurt. The IRS in this country is above the law – no due process.

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      • Scott Howard says:

        You just proved my point. I’m glad the Patriots who founded this great country didn’t shy away from direct confrontation with tyranny so quickly. Like I said, it would take guts, nerve, and a spine to take that first step. Remember: E pluribus unum.


  15. littlebird160 says:

    Oh yeah…it would also require immense resolve, determination, guts and the participation of all taxpayers to slay the IRS Dragon. But, we as a citizenry, have been reduced to an ignorant, compliant mass of cowards (present company excluded) who are too financially encumbered and too busy with our day to day lives as serfs to trouble ourselves with this fantasy called liberty. Yep, that’s exactly what they are counting on.


  16. iwasthere says:

    Meh, this is just chump change. The real money would bet coming out of the campaign funds.

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  17. Niagara Frontier says:

    After some digging, I’m starting to suspect data being released this way is a distraction. Although it may yield a few interesting names down the road, I don’t think it’s going to be the bonanza some think.

    For requests for counseling filed against all employing offices, 75% came from two offices (Architect of the Capital and the US Capitol Police). Only 16% came from House and Senate offices. Still bad, but not a bombshell.

    Also remember that these are not all harassment issues. The OOC handles many employee complaints from issues ranging from ADA violations to complaints about Training.

    Although this is good stuff, I’m now starting to believe this has something of a “Squirrel!” feel to it.


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    • I know of one case personally that is probably included in these statistics. I was very close friends with a landscape architect who worked for the Architect of the Capitol. He was in his early 40’s and supervisor of a crew in DC, one of whom who was an older black man who had been on the team for some time. He was explaining, quite patiently, where this man had messed up and not done something according to the plans, and reached out and literally only TOUCHED him with a notebook – as in, leaned it lightly against the guy’s chest in emphasis. This hardworking, good-hearted and very mild mannered man was drummed out of the agency, and fought for over 2 years to clear his name. He was charged with “assault.” Eventually, he settled. So, some perspective needs to be applied to these cases, IMO.


      • Niagara Frontier says:

        I totally believe that story. I also know from personal experience it’s routine in the government for large number of employees unsatisfied with a performance appraisal or who failed to get selected for promotion to file an EEO complaint.

        It keeps the EEO counselors busy and ties management in knots defending against such claims and complying with insane amounts of discovery requests. It’s almost a cottage industry of its own within the federal government.

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        • Yep – exactly one of the reasons I refused when others pushed me to take the GSA exam and go to work for the government. After my experience at the Pentagon as military working with the public employees and their unions? No way, no how! There were some really great public employees but the good ones worked their fingers to the bone while the rotten ones got promoted just to get rid of them.

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  18. Oldskool says:

    Interesting that Jason Chaffetz would say yesterday on one of the Fox shows that he knew nothing about the “shush fund”, then Laura Ingraham mentions last night in his intro that the oversight committee which he chaired administers the sub committee that handles hearings and payments. She never asked him about it though.


  19. Robert W. says:

    I don’t want to pay taxes for shit like this anymore….


  20. van winkle says:

    and…they are casting stones at Moore?

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  21. Bendix says:

    The Hillary campaign gave a home to Mark Alan Siegel, the man at the center of one of many harassment scandals in Albany NY.
    NY had its own Gropergate when Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver used taxpayer money to cover up swinish behavior by Vito Lopez.

    Various “ethics” panels played hot potato over the issue, it is no wonder that Franken wants to go the ethics route in his own case.
    NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was so okay with Silver’s behavior that he traveled to Israel with him, but he did start up some sort of Women’s Equality party or other as a front, not to make himself look good, but to let those who were going to continue to support him pretend they had women’s best interests at heart.


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