President Trump Approval Climbing…

Believe me, we’ve watched closely.  The one constant, in an ever changing universe, is Trump wins. Everything else boils down to the details encompassing how… it’s weird:

Approval Rating Climbing – See Here

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120 Responses to President Trump Approval Climbing…

  1. The Boss says:

    I guess the Bush (league) book boomeranged like every other attack on our President.

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  2. Pam says:

    Awesome timing there Sundance.

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  3. Harry Lime says:


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    • wondering999 says:

      Love my Prez. “We’re going to win, we’re going to win, and we’re going to win!”

      I was watching Chinese TV today (CCTV) and there was a segment or two that I didn’t like, pointing out that U.S. power has diminished since WWII.

      Since it’s the truth, though, I can take it — that’s what happens when leadership is losership (and greedy and lacking in principles. We’ve had some leaders like that unfortunately)

      Most of the Trump coverage was highly positive and made me hopeful. CCTV said that this is the time of Xi and Trump, and these two major powers, working with other countries, may bring about good things around the globe. I could go for that kind of winning. Our Prez has just been winning in China and in the Philippines, and I’ll continue to back his leadership 100% — I expect him to be imperfect, but dang I’m pleased with what he’s managed to get done so far

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      • well.

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      • leebelieu says:

        President Trump compared to the 4 previous and devious Oval Office occupants is a study in public service vs self service. We’re in good hands folks, no problems there!

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        • piper567 says:

          When I wake up in the morning, I cannot imagine loving Trump more than I already do.
          Then when I go to bed, after some time on CTH, I realize I love him more than I did when I woke up.
          Its weird.

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          • Grandma Covfefe says:

            Same here.
            All of us Treepers here have what is called a Grateful Heart.
            Those who do not have a naturally grateful heart isn’t drawn to this site, only to bash us.
            Keep praying for President Trump, for the Treepers and for yourselves.
            We will make it thru the Big Ugly. With the Lord’s help, We Will Make It Thru.
            Thank You, Sundance and Crew, for creating and maintaining TCTH!

            Covfefe Rules
            Grateful hearts are winners
            Praise the Lord
            Thank You, President Trump
            We love you all
            Carpe Diem

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          • maiingankwe says:

            Not at all Piper567, I fall more in love with my husband all the time. I thought it was so weird in the first few years of out marriage, but it still continues to this day. I just came to the conclusion our hearts are forever growing. Plus, I just really love my husband. Don’t get me wrong, we have our moments, but he really is an amazing man, and I’m darn lucky to have him. He tells me the same, so it’s all good and even.

            Really, it’s not weird or different, your heart just has the capacity to grow. 😊

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          • shadowcole says:

            Haha, I feel the same. Every time I see him kick some a** while talking to the media or take to twitter to kick some a** of our uniparty swamp. I glow in admiration. Just yesterday I was vocalizing to my hubby how much I love President Trump. He says, I know you do, haha. I think he kind of gets tired of hearing it but he loves him too. President Trump is a true patriot and more than anything else that is what I love about him. I have always thought of myself as a patriot(and rebel) more than any other description, except being a mother.
            Too me it’s always about the future of our country not me as one person. The country is more important, our freedom is more important, the idea that if you work hard you will be rewarded. I love it. God Bless President Trump, all those who come here to fellowship and our America.

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      • SharonKinDC says:

        He should publish in the US where he may well have better protection than Oz.

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      • and China has ended its buying spree, has a major problem with men addicted to the new sexbots, is demographically imploding due to rampant abortion and sex selective abortions and has men basically turned off by or afraid of women

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      • oh so he’s like the ‘science guy’ who is a rank phony, got it

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      • wondering999 says:

        xyzlatin, I agree that Trump is a realist and likewise, I try to be a realist also. Substitute any other nation in your sentence … “(xyz) is a Communist State which is trying to export its power and influence all over the world for its own gain?” The CCTV commentary was that “socialism in 2017 is different from socialism when Nixon visited China; what will socialism of the future look like”. The Chinese are trying to work within the system that they have, just as we are doing. Massive upheavals (like the Cultural Revolution, or the U.S. Civil War) are extremely unpleasant, destructive and bloody. People get tired of hunger and scarcity. American academia is socialist/communist; so is much of our media. Is that a reason to hate, fear and cease contact with all Americans?


      • RG says:

        Before Trump we only heard about Muslim countries, Racism, and Unusual Sex.

        I bet those foreign countries were suprised anyone in the USA even knows they are still on the map. Good job, Trump!

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    • those were the good old days! Miss those rallys!

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  4. indiamaria2020 says:

    President Trump. And his TEAM. Includes me. And you. And lots of “forgotten” Men and Women. Unbeatable. America. Carry on.

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  5. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Tell that to FOX News who claims he is at 38% in approval, which I know is bs.

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  6. TwoLaine says:

    Buuuttt… Just last week they said all week that he’s UNPOPULAR.

    Sorry, I’m not buying it. It’s probably at least 20% higher and all of the rest of their polls are b.s.

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  7. Sentient says:

    I wish he’d get in another tiff with the pope. (Or anti-pope, if you agree with Ann Barnhardt, as I do.) That’d push his popularity up, bigly.

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    • wondering999 says:

      Write to the Pope and ask him to take a swing.
      Trump doesn’t start up trouble, but he often finishes it if someone else starts up. 🙂

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    • H.R. says:

      Howz about a PDJT tweet? “We’re evaluating prototypes for the border wall. Maybe the Pope will share the plans for the Vatican’s wall. It seems to be an affective design.”

      (‘affective’ instead of ‘effective’ typo on purpose to get maximum YSM exposure. Also evokes the association with the word, ‘affectation’ implying hypocrisy. 😜)
      P.S. Where the heck is the Pope; under witness protection?!?! Haven’t heard squat about the Pope from our YSM in ages.

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Or he could be a fan of medieval and Baroque music (to go with his admiration of 7th-century “cultures”). Look up “the doctrine of affections” in Grout, Groves, or one of the other music dictionaries…

        Then Francis could say, “They Baroque me”…

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        What is YSM?


        • wondering999 says:

          Yellowstream Media (sort of like Lamestream Media) (at least that’s how I understand it)

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        • H.R. says:

          Here’s the YSM (Yellow Stream Media) story, olderwiser21.

          YSM started here at the Treehouse at the time the Trump dossier was being pushed hard by the media. The ‘Golden Showers’ part was being pushed particularly hard and some here referred to the dossier as the ‘Pee-Pee Paper.’

          Commenter SteveInCO first used the term ‘Yellow Stream Media’ to describe the media’s hard push on the golden shower aspect of the story.

          YSM works on a few different levels; the reference to Golden Showers, the evocation of Yellow Journalism, the value of the stream of lies coming from the media, the media is down in the toilet.

          Shortly after YSM phrase was coined, someone referred to the ‘urinalists’ in the YSM. Perfect, no? Our MSM is definitely down there in the toilet. I can’t recall who it was who first used ‘urinalist’, but I know G. Combs was an early adopter and possibly the originator of the word.

          I write ‘jurinalist (Swedish pronunciation)’ because at a fast glance, it looks to be the word ‘journalist’ but the parenthetical comment is a humorous reminder that I’m calling them ‘urinalist,’ which is how the Swedes would pronounce ‘jurinalist.’

          There you go. A bit of CTH history just for you. Don’t tell anyone else, ‘mkay?

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    • blakeney says:

      An insufferable ass is an insufferable ass, of course, of course
      And no one can talk sense to an insufferable ass, of course
      And especially, of course, if the insufferable ass is the famous Pope Francis
      Go right to the source and ask the insufferable ass
      He’ll give you the answer that deceivers will endorse
      He’s always on a mendacious course
      Talk to Pope Francis

      Pope Francis just yakkity yaks a streak and wastes your time of day
      Does any sane person even believe anymore a single thing he has to say?
      An insufferable ass is an insufferable ass, of course, of course
      And this one’ll talk in Marxist circles til his voice is hoarse
      You never heard of a talking insufferable ass?
      Well, listen to this
      He is Pope Francis!

      (apologies to Mr. Ed)

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    • Jedinovice says:

      France is not an anti-pope. He was elected validly and has not denied any Catholic dogma.

      He is, however, a bad pope, a hopeless leftist and a scandal to the Church.
      But that does to stop him being the Pope…. in a way, alas. But if we call any bad Pope who was elected by the Bishops an ‘Anti-Pope’ we validate the sedvancentists and destroy the papacy as a concept.

      A bad Pope is still the Pope.

      Just sayin’.


      • you are right and I defend Francis because he was brought up with South American anti-freedom propaganda. Probably mostly only associated America with our mis-steps with the sandanistas. Unlike JPII and Benedict he never was helped first hand by our American military coming in to rescue the oppressed and occupied


      • G. Combs says:

        I am an agnostic and I am still aware the last Pope was forced out (threatened) so the Muslim/Commie loving pope could be ‘elected.’

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Soros forced out Pope Benedict, who was one of the best theologians of today. It seems that Benedict’s theology, conservative Christian theology, did not sit well with the illumis. However Francis(the talking fool)’s “liberation theology” did.

        Liberation theology is neither liberation, nor theology. People are bound by it into the slavery of Marxism, and it is the theology of death and sin.

        The last time there were two popes, one of them was an Anti-pope. Same thing here.
        Choose whom ye will serve – we can well see who Francis serves, and it isn’t GOD…
        Soros, perhaps, but more likely Soros’s master…

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  8. lastinillinois says:

    As much as I refuse to give any credence to any polls, this particular poll at this particular time does tell me one thing:

    The “media” (term used extremely loosely) is recognizing that they are losing the battle vs our Pres.
    They are no longer (at least for right now) covering only the b.s. low numbers polls.

    Thanks to our Pres, we are WINNING!!!

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  9. Irons says:

    It’s sad the US leftist media has chosen to miss out on honestly reporting the most dynamic, patriotic US President in 3 decades. Winning is great, we will keep winning as our numbers grow.
    But this constant leftist attack mode is getting ridiculous.

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  10. Doug says:

    i dont really buy any polls.. id say his approval ratings are in the 50s nationally but more importantly his approval ratings in the states that he won is probably close to 60 on average and in the 30s in most the ones he lost

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  11. BobBoxBody says:

    He’s coming HOME.

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  12. kittytrump84 says:

    I’ll say it again, President Donald J. Trump is the greatest human being on the planet Earth.
    He and his family make tremendous sacrifices for us on a daily basis.

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  13. DavidS says:

    Can someone look into the sampling to see how they pulled the polls?

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  14. Minnie says:

    God bless you, Mr. President 🙏

    We support you!
    We love you!!


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  15. leont says:

    Those who are against, if honest, should refuse to benefit from His policies. None of them even left the country, as they had promised. Miserable idiots and/or crooks.

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  16. belle819 says:

    President Trump makes me smile once a day doing what I thought he would do, so glad I voted for him a year ago.

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  17. 6.5 Creedmore says:

    Sundance . I copied that picture to my Facebook page without credit to you sir .

    Please don’t sue me .

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  18. BobBoxBody says:

    People who are wringing their hands over the swamp trying to stop MAGA need to watch this. The Democrats are a trainwreck. Even with the GOPe trying to hobble him, they’re basically missing him and hitting each other instead.

    Not tired of winning.

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  19. tuskyou says:

    That first picture shows how I feel about President Trump. Just smiling all the time. No matter what happens I carry on knowing that Donald Trump is large and in charge and God is in control. Coming up on 300 days and STILL not tired of winning!

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  20. keeler says:

    When you’re speaking truths, it doesn’t matter how you speak them in the long run. Ultimately, people will accrue to the side whose words best match up with reality. This is why no matter how the President says what he says, he wins and his enemies lose.

    The President referred to himself of the king of debt, and was mocked for it. Ignored was the fact that debt is considered a financial strategy. It is also a political strategy. Trump is willing to take the short-term PR hits (the “debt”) because he knows that in the end truth will pay out for him and prove him right

    If you doubt that, compare John McCain’s reputation today compared to what it was when the media fanned the “because I don’t like losers” flames two years ago. Look at Megyn Kelly’s ratings. Count the empty seats on Sunday afternoon and the number of criminal investigations into Hollywood.

    Oh, and wave goodbye to Jeff Flake while you’re at it.

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    • Turranos says:

      Well said. You totally nailed it.

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    • piper567 says:

      keeler…Speaking the truth: it doesn’t matter how you speak [it] in the long run….
      When Jesus told stories, He sometimes ended with, He who has an ear, let him hear.
      This is ongoing in our Country, and elevates my spirit daily.
      Each month the ratings for msm go down; each month the ratings for good sites go up.
      People are beginning to hear bs when they hear it, and are looking for actual news.
      Jesus once healed a man from blindness in two stages…He needn’t have done that…After Stage 1, He asked the man what He saw. The man said, I see men walking as trees. Stage 2 produces clarity of vision.
      We have been blind for so long, I believe this is a good approach…Too much light at once can be depressing…and Trump has a 5 cell flashlight, so I think his approach is perfect…He did give a warning: The Calm before the Storm.
      I do believe we are witnessing America beginning to see.
      I am joyous at the prospect of Americans beginning to see and evil being pursued…simultaneously…a sort of Perfect Storm.
      God bless America, and God bless President Trump.

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  21. I am so curious to see how he handles this Alabama Moore issue!

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    • chojun says:

      He said Judge Moore will “do the right thing.”

      He didn’t indicate what the ‘right thing’ is – we know the Swamp is trying to force Moore out which is due in part to Moore being a Trump ally.

      We know what the right hting is – to stay in and keep fighting just as Trump did.

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    • wondering999 says:

      I have been a bit baffled by the problem myself, although I’m not an Alabama voter so the decision isn’t in my hands.
      One of the glaring inconsistencies is that the same politicians who long for unrestricted illegal immigration from Mexico are indirectly supporting a legal age of consent of … 12.
      It’s kind of like slavery, the same illogical people who feel guilty about slavery of 150 years ago in the United States, are just fine with human trafficking through open borders now. Probably the best thing for the country overall is if Moore gets elected and does his job. The double standards are so glaring that at this point I hardly care.;_ylt=A0LEVj1M4wpaAkUApLYPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTBybGY3bmpvBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–?qid=20110808075220AAevo0J&p=Mexico%20%2B%20age%20of%20consent

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      • wondering999 says:

        Woops. The link isn’t good. But if you search “Mexico Age of Consent” you can find sites listing the legal age of consent in Mexico as 12 in many of their states.

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  22. Patriot1783 says:


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  23. georgiafl says:

    President Trump’s @realDonaldTrump Twitter followers have certainly increased dramatically since the Asian trip began 11 days ago.

    42,621,035 – 10:30 pm – 11/13
    41,678,967 – 6:55 am – 11/2

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  24. milktrader says:

    I’m quite interested, as Sundance points out, how that Trump winning is a constant, and it’s just the details of how that happens that is the drama.

    It’s like he’s inventing new ways to win, like Jimi Hendrix invented new notes.

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  25. Turranos says:

    A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. – John F. Kennedy

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  26. JoD says:

    Another very successful trip. REALLY enjoyed all the pomp and pageantry.
    That said, I am looking forward to the safe return home.

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  27. blakeney says:

    I guess more people are noticing their IRA’s and 401k’s going up as it can’t be from any of the MSM “reporting”.

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  28. TeaForAll says:

    Trumps majicial wand

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  29. we are supposed to be happy with them allowing for a 20 point increase since their last poll about a week earlier.

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  30. Curry Worsham says:

    We asked a never Trumper for comment on the poll…

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  31. Donna in Oregon says:

    I know these polls are so hard to figure out.

    Take for instance, the election polls of 2016. Now those polls still have me scratching my head. It was a miracle I tell ya. A miracle….snicker.

    Lordy, what would we do without the MSM? SNORT!

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  32. Luke of the D says:

    I have never been polled… not once. And I am very much a supporter of President Trump! I am part of the “silent majority,” but we are silent no more. God bless President Trump! And God bless America!

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  33. free2313 says:

    Even in Heaven
    There is a Wall
    A Gate,
    And Extreme Vetting


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