*Update: Video Added* President Trump Speech To ASEAN Summit – Manila Philippines 11:30pm EST (Delayed – See Update)…

President Donald J. Trump will begin to wrap up his extended 11-day visit to Asia with a speech during the ASEAN Summit at the Philippine International Convention Center, Manila, Philippines.

UPDATE – Video Added:

[TRANSCRIPT] – PRESIDENT TRUMP: President Duterte, distinguished leaders, friends and partners: I’m honored to represent the United States of America at this U.S.-ASEAN Commemorative Summit. We gather today at a time of great promise and great challenge.

I speak to you on behalf of 350 million Americans with a message of friendship and partnership. I’m here to advance peace, to promote security, and to work with you to achieve a truly free and open Indo-Pacific, where we are proud and we have sovereign nations, and we thrive, and everybody wants to prosper.

This year we mark 40 years of friendship and cooperation between the United States and this organization. It’s a long time. I also want to congratulate ASEAN on 50 years of promoting peace and prosperity and stability in Southeast Asia and in the broader Indo-Pacific region.

Rodrigo, I would like to commend you on your success as ASEAN chair at this very critical moment in time and in the association’s history — such an important event. And I want to thank you for your incredible hospitality.

And the show last night, the talent at that show — I assume mostly from the Philippines — was fantastic. Thank you. And you were fantastic, also, very much, from the Philippines. (Applause.) We couldnt tell the difference. (Laughter.)

I send the people of the Philippines warm greetings from the people of the United States.

I also want to thank Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia for the excellent job you’ve done as coordinator, and I appreciate it very much. I really appreciate it. You have coordinated so well with us.

For five decades, this organization has brought together a vital assembly of nations to build consensus on critical issues facing the region and the world. You have created a forum for all nations with a stake in the Indo-Pacific to listen, learn, and develop solutions to common challenges through strategic dialogue.

The United States remains committed to ASEAN’s central role as a regional forum for total cooperation. This diplomatic partnership advances the security and prosperity of the American people and the people of all Indo-Pacific nations.

In recent decades, nations across the region have built strong societies, robust economies, and vibrant communities of citizens. Really proud — totally proud, always — of their heritage, and confident in who they are.

Today, we celebrate your incredible success, and we also seek economic partnerships on the basis of fairness and reciprocity. As the world knows, the United States, since our election on November 8th, has been moving ahead really brilliantly on an economic basis. We have the highest stock market we’ve ever had. We have the lowest unemployment in 17 years. The value of stocks has risen $5.5 trillion.

And companies are moving into the United States. A lot of companies are moving. They’re moving back. They want to be there. The enthusiasm levels are the highest ever recorded on the charts. So we’re very happy about that, and we think that bodes very well for your region because of the relationship that we have.

So we want our partners in the region to be strong, independent, and prosperous, in control of their own destinies, and satellites to no one. These are the principles behind our vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific.

So again, I wish you all the best of luck. It’s an honor to be here. And, Rodrigo, thank you very much for the way you treated all of us. Thank you. (Applause.)

END 3:02 P.M. PHT

The President’s remarks are scheduled to take place at 11:55pm (U.S. EST).  However, live-streams should activate at approximately 11:30pm (or earlier) UPDATE: President Trump is running approx 2 hrs behind schedule. A few of the links needed to be adjusted:

White House Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link

NOTE: President Trump has also added *dinner with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to his remaining schedule:

•3:30pm (local) / 2:30am (U.S. EST) THE PRESIDENT participates in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India – Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Manila, Philippines
•5:00pm / 4:00am THE PRESIDENT participates in an embassy meet and greet – Manila, Philippines
•6:30pm / 5:30am THE PRESIDENT has *dinner with Prime Minister Turnbull – Manila, Philippines


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127 Responses to *Update: Video Added* President Trump Speech To ASEAN Summit – Manila Philippines 11:30pm EST (Delayed – See Update)…

  1. maggiemoowho says:

    The next summit that the USA hosts, all attendies should have to wear a Make America Great Again hat.

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  2. i like your thought here lol.

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  3. sundance says:

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  4. DebbieUK says:

    The things President Trump has to do to be diplomatic .Those shirts are ghastly. Ill fitting and they need a good iron. Cant imagine Trump wearing anything that creased in private.

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  5. sundance says:

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      The pageantry of this whole trip has been amazing… they have really rolled out the red carpet for President Trump. Sadly, it seems like President Trump is treated with a deeper respect and admiration than he is treated in the US by people that I shall not even bother to name.

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  6. sundance says:

    The president, now running more than an hour late, departed his hotel at 12:55 for a second time today, to travel the short distance to the Philippine International Convention Center.
    He is scheduled to meet Rodrigo Duterte and take part in the US-ASEAN summit.


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    • WSB says:

      Why two tries? No report about it in the link.


    • bessie2003 says:

      Thank you for posting this; have been going back and forth between the different ‘live’ links.

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    • sundance says:

      The Trilateral meeting between Trump, Abe and Turnbull went long… that’s why the ASEAN remarks are late starting:

      PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much. It’s great to be with Prime Minister Turnbull and Prime Minister Abe of Australia and of Japan. You know them well; I know them well.

      We’ve had many meetings. We’re having another one right now, primarily focused on trade, North Korea, other subjects. But we’re very far along. The dialogue has been very good, I think, for all countries. And we look forward to the continuation of that dialogue.

      Mr. Prime Minister, would you like to say something?

      PRIME MINISTER TURNBULL: Thank you, Mr. President. It is great to be with you and Prime Minister Abe. We’re working very closely together. We’ve got the same values and the same focus on ensuring that the North Korean regime comes to its senses and stops its reckless provocation and threats of conflict in our region.

      Peace and stability have underpinned the prosperity of billions of people over many decades, and we’re going to work together to ensure we maintain it.

      PRIME MINISTER ABE: (As interpreted.) So for three of us, the immediate challenge is the issue of North Korea. And also, three very close partners with each other — Japan, the United States, and Australia — share fundamental values, as well as strategic interest.

      So I do hope that we are going to have a meaningful discussion, particularly on the issue of North Korea so as to ensure regional peace and stability.

      And also, I think the key for us is to ensure very close trilateral cooperation so as to bring peace and stability on the ground. So I do look forward to having a very productive discussion with the two leaders.

      PRESIDENT TRUMP: In addition, a lot of things are happening on trade. And I’ll be announcing pretty much what happened here, and also with other meetings, including China and South Korea and lots of other places. We’ll be announcing that, for the most part, in a statement. I’ll make it from the White House, as opposed to from here. We’ll probably do that on Wednesday. We’ll give you a chance to sleep. Because the press, I have to tell you, I’m very impressed — you’ve stayed with us. You were able to hang in there. I’m very proud of you. (Laughter.) But it’s not finished. Steve, it’s not finished. You have one day left.

      Q (Inaudible.)

      PRESIDENT TRUMP: But see, we care for you. So we’ll be making —

      Q Mr. President —

      PRESIDENT TRUMP: Excuse me, we’ll be making a statement when we get back from the White House sometime during Wednesday. And it will be a very complete statement as to trade, as to North Korea, as to a lot of other things.

      We’ve made some very big steps with respect to trade, far bigger than anything you know, in addition to about $300 billion in sales to various companies, including China — that was $250 billion and going up very substantially from that.

      But we’ve made a lot of big progress on trade. We have deficits with almost everybody. Those deficits are going to be cut very quickly and very substantially.

      PRIME MINISTER TURNBULL: Except us. (Laughter.)

      PRESIDENT TRUMP: Except with you. You’re the only one. (Laughter.) And if I check it, I’ll probably find out that was —

      PRIME MINISTER TURNBULL: Oh, no. It’s real.

      PRESIDENT TRUMP: So we’ll be making a major statement on Wednesday. And this has been a very fruitful trip for us and, also, in all fairness, for a lot of other nations. The way they’ve treated us, the respect that Japan and China and South Korea, in particular — because we went there — have treated us has been really a great respect for the people of our country, the people of the United States.

      And we very much appreciate it, I will say that. It was red carpet like nobody, I think, has probably ever received. And that really is a sign of respect, perhaps, for me a little bit, but really for our country. And I’m very proud that.

      So we’ll be making a statement on Wednesday. Thank you very much, everybody. Thank you very much.

      END 11:15 A.M. PHT

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    • I will be grateful when it’s wheels up back to the USA. I don’t like like him in the Philippines. Too dangerous. May God bless you President Trump and bring you home safe.

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    • Tony Stark says:

      He’s going to discover how bad Manila traffic can be.

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  7. srr says:

    Reports in Australian political blogs is that President Trump cancelled his meeting with ‘aussie’ P.M. Malcolm Turnbull (We can’t stand the UN Installed self serving turd!), so it who knows what’s really going on.

    Also, the Parliament Turnbull is heading is crumbling under a great many M.P.’s being found to be ineligible to have even run for election due to having Dual Citizenship!

    Australia’s Traitors to the West are in desperate need of a thorough Trumpening!

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  8. rumpole2 says:

    (Half) Listening to ASEAN peeps “ad-libbing” as they await the “proper speakers” to arrive.

    What I am hearing is “Globalists”… dreaming of “Bigger Budgets” and more region wide regulations…. more bureaucracy and control
    It seems to me that this ASEAN thing has alarming parallels to the EU. Stars with “noble” goals… but becomes an all controlling extra body.

    It might pay to GET OUT NOW… be warned by what UK is going thru to get out of EU.

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  9. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    Who knew there were so many ‘fashion police’ on a conservative site.

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  10. A2 says:

    Hot off the press,
    ‘Indo-Pacific’: containment ploy or new label for region beyond China’s backyard?
    Analysts from five countries weigh in on the Trump administration’s move away from the conventionally used term ‘Asia-Pacific’


    Very interesting. A good analysis (for those who read my comments, seems aligned)

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  11. scully7 says:

    “Pool has now listened to the pool spray recording multiple times. We have a high level of confidence in his rendering:
    [Duterte’s reference was to “spies” (i.e. the media), not “spice.”]

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      I suspect they render his name as “Do Dirty” too. Presstitutes are the same the world over. The (un)TRUE first profession. Like the Serpent Satan in the Garden of Eden who “rendered” what GOD said “But GOD didn’t say”….

      Sometimes I have the feeling this all started with Woodward and Bernstein, where the press started getting way to big for their malfeasant britches. But then I look back at caricatures and articles as far back as Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln, and even Washington and Adams. Some things never change. The tools, perhaps, but not the fools…

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  12. wheatietoo says:

    I wonder what’s going on…it’s not like Pres Trump to be a no-show or to be this late.

    He was late to a rally one time, but that was because of a weather delay in being able to land.
    And then he had to cancel that one rally in Chicago…because of the paid-goons beating people up in the streets.

    But this is strange.
    One of the live-streams said they don’t know what’s going on, and shut down.
    Anyone know anything yet?

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  13. scully7 says:

    OZ PM

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  14. wheatietoo says:

    Well that was short and sweet.

    Haaa, I loved how Dutuerte told the press to leave them alone and leave the room.

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  15. ALEX says:

    >AP, Philippines – President Duterte this afternoon issued arrests for the entire US Media Press Corpse that accompanied President Trump during his meeting at the 50th ASEAN Conference. When asked what brought about this stunning action, President Duterte replied, “This is a gift to the American people and my good friend President Trump.” A stunned pressed was seen being herded out of the meeting hall with sobs from many of them. CNN’s Jim Acosta, however, could be heard asking President Trump question and shouting, “President Trump! What about Russia! What about your taxes! We are NOT fake news! Mr. President! Mr. President!”

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  16. wheatietoo says:

    Thanks for putting up the video of the speech, Sundance!

    This part was especially interesting:
    “So we want our partners in the region to be strong, independent, and prosperous, in control of their own destinies, and satellites to no one.”

    Hmm, ‘satellites to no one’.
    I wonder if he was referring to someone in particular there.

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  17. I loved the the way President Duterte dismissed the press. “Leave us alone. You may leave”.


  18. H&HC, 2nd-16th says:

    I just heard a recording on Rush where McTurtle said (a recording) HE BELIEVES THE WOMEN in the Moore situation. Please excuse my language…….how do we get rid of this SPHINCTER? He is NO F N good. Sorry for my tirade.

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  19. Paco Loco says:

    Once we realize that people like McConnel and Ryan are no longer our countrymen, then we can begin to clean up Washington.


  20. Abbott Rock Monastery says:

    “The media can leave us alone. You can go.” Can you imagine if Don Lemon or Rachel Maddow were in that room? *giggle*


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