“Toodles” – Senator Jeff Flake Concedes: The Peasants are Revolting…

More MAGA winning today as another senatorial blockage in the swamp is cleared. Senator Jeff Flake announces he will not seek reelection.

Toodles !

Senator Jeff Flake told The Arizona Republic ahead of his announcement that he has become convinced “there may not be a place for a Republican like me in the current Republican climate or the current Republican Party.” Gee, ya think?

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544 Responses to “Toodles” – Senator Jeff Flake Concedes: The Peasants are Revolting…

  1. linda4298 says:

    This guy, Jason Johnson, is a former Ted Cruz strategist, and now is at an outfit called J2 communications.

    He posted a series of tweets discussing the #SalonHot25’s/Weekly Standard’s/Chuck Schumer’s favorite liberalitarian Senator.

    1) Tempting to comment on Flake’s floor speech. Instead, offering context on his view of “governing” by highlighting a few of his votes.

    2) Jeff Flake was 1 of 10 Republican senators who voted to confirm Loretta Lynch for Attorney General

    3) Flake voted to fund President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty.

    4) Flake voted against Sen. Mike Lee’s 1st Amendment Defense Act

    5) Flake voted for Obama’s $1.1 trillion Cromnibus 2015 spending bill

    6) Flake voteed to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank

    7) Flake voted for S.2114 which increased Russia’s power at the International Monetary Fund

    8) Flake voted for a CLEAN debt limit suspension (2014)

    9) Flake was 1 of 11 Republican senators who voted to confirm Janet Yellen

    10) Flake voted for the Ryan-Murray budget which lifted spending caps & raised fees (taxes) in exchange for promises of future spending cuts

    11) Flake voted for the Gang of 8 amnesty bill

    12) Flake voted for the post-Newtown gun grab

    13) Flake voted AGAINST The Defund Obamacare Act of 2013 (S.1292)

    14) Flake voted to increase debt by $900 billion in exchange for the promise of discretionary cuts in the future (2011)

    15) Flake preferred John Kasich over Cruz or Trump in the 2016 GOP Primary.
    The liberal wing of the “conservative” movement has the sadz about this, claiming that we lost a “libertarian” voice and a staunch advocate of limited government.

    How is the guy voting repeatedly for huge omnibus spending bills and clean (no strings attached) debt increases a fighter for limited government?

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  2. webgirlpdx says:

    I remember back when the little known Governor from Arkansas started running for President and a story that he had been traipsing around Russia when he was a ‘student’ back at Oxford in the 60’s.

    Well, Bill’s been hanging around with the Russians for a very, very long time. Greased all the skids to profit handsomely after being President and planting the wife as SofS.

    Collusion? Ya think?

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  3. Mike diamond says:

    Flake is about loosing ! President Trump is about winning for the american people !

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  4. azcatsclaw says:

    To: Flake
    From: Arizona


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  5. whatdabuck says:

    flakenstein the monster chased away by peasants with pitchforks

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  6. PC says:

    Good Riddance Senator SnowFlake.

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  7. lokiscout says:

    Well, let’s see what Arizona can replace him with. Might help if so many Californians hadn’t relocated there. Hard to believe we are talking about the home of Mr. Conservative Barry Goldwater. Don’t get me started on his “War Hero” college.


  8. Don’t get too giddy. Flake’s departure signals not defeat for the GOPe but that they are gearing up for the attack. They know they will have less power after 2018, so they will be going balls to the walls to get their anti-Trump agenda through with veto proof bills. The GOPe in league with the dems are already working on a general amnesty bill, and obamacare redux, and a tax bill that favors the globalists. There were ten GOPe Senators that came out publicly against Trump in the general. There are another dozen who oppose his America first agenda. With the dems, that gives them a veto proof majority. The anti-Trumpians who are leaving are getting big bucks from the global plutocracy to put through the globalist agenda they want.


    • DGC says:

      Perhaps. But that scenario is far less likely for House Republicans, who would be facing extinction in 2018 if their counterparts in the Senate, who are not facing the electorate in 2018, act in such a duplicitous manner so as to leave them holding the bag.

      Don’t undersell your strength any longer. The DC political class is barely beginning to realize that the political terrain that they are in now is uncharted territory, where none of the old rules work and instead boomer rang back upon them.

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    • shadowcole says:

      I suspect these senators that are leaving are doing so because Wikileaks has the goods that will ruin these people politically. They wouldn’t be leaving if not. It will come out it’s just a matter of time now, either Mueller has to drop it or Assange will. President Trump knows everything and is waiting for Mueller to do the right thing, PT is hoping that he doesn’t have to push the issue, it would be better if Mueller did this than Assange especially for the good of the country. Only time will tell but something big is coming.

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    • Kintbury54 says:

      If they want to end their careers. They will all be up for re election sooner or later and the base will not give them a pass. Get rid of them all and their pensions.

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  9. tony says:

    take mcshame tooooooo.

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  10. AJ says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. God has answered prayers once again.

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  11. Ken says:

    Bye Flake-licia!


  12. Padric says:

    See ya! Wouldn’t want to be ya!


  13. shadowcole says:

    I love being a peasant and a REBEL! #MAGA

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  14. jojo says:

    Go Dr. Kelli Ward. One swamp creature down and now working to get you into the Senate. The GOPe will undoubtedly send $$$ to the democrat candidate. Get ready for a YUGE smear campaign by McCain, Kyl, & McConnell. We deplorables will NOT back down. Working hard in AZ to take our party back.

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  15. stinkfoot63 says:

    One down and how many to go? We need to see a whole lot more of this before it’s to be seen as meaningful.


  16. unconqueredone says:

    When I heard Flake was done on the morning news, I smiled all day (and it was otherwise crappy)!

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  17. Mia C says:

    I’ll be a lot more excited when I see what he gets replaced with. Just hoping for the best. So far Arizona has been pretty awful. Obviously I’m including McShame.

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