Alarming – Mad Man Inside Press Pool Throws Russian Flags At President Inside Capitol Building…

Well this is sketchy.  A disturbed individual named Ryan Clayton came within inches of the President of the U.S. and Majority Leader of the Senate today while, inside the Capitol Building and embedded with the press pool.

How this unbalanced person was capable of hiding within a credentialed and security processed press pool is a little unnerving.   He’s within a few feet of the president when he launches his confrontation:

Did members of the press pool facilitate the attack? It would seem likely.

“No Clue How” ?

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447 Responses to Alarming – Mad Man Inside Press Pool Throws Russian Flags At President Inside Capitol Building…

  1. wheatietoo says:

    Video from a different angle…

    Now, why didn’t the Secret Service jump on this guy and tackle him, the minute he threw something at the President?!

    Why was this guy not face down on the floor!

    Heads should roll over this.

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    • Moultrie Flag says:

      Or least a faceplate. This could have been an assassination if it wasn’t a mere snowflake

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      The Secret Service know that this is the new normal over in the psycho-press corp.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        But you’d think, after what happened to Steve Scalise…that security would be beefed up at the Capital Bldg.
        Especially with the President making a visit!

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        • paulraven1 says:

          Your logic is too simple and sound for modern reality. Better to assume incompetence in all commerce and encounters. As for the media, I’m sure they lapped it up. They are lower than hyenas on the hierarchy of decency.

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        • The Boss says:

          People bring cloth signs to hearings all the time because they don’t get picked up on metal detectors. They won’t get a semi-auto rifle in. The stupid flags are made of cloth too. This is hardly a breach. As for little Ryan – their was plenty of time to teach him manners once he and his escorts were clear of the press.

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        • kittytrump84 says:

          This is so out of control. I cannot stand it. Keith would have shot him

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    • grandmaintexas says:

      I feel like I’ve been taking crazy pills. It is mind blowing how CALM and collected everyone is, even when searching the guy for weapons. Surreal. They just let him continue to rant and calmly walked him out.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Literally, he was defenseless. No one came to his aid..

      “How this unbalanced person was capable of hiding within a credentialed and security processed press pool is a little unnerving.”

      Press is complicit.

      If the press is going to harbor unbalanced people within their ranks who are an arms length for harming the President, then the press needs to be banned,


      Charges should also be pressed Clayton for stalking O’Keefe reporter.

      FIRE SS.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Yes. This^^…all of it.

        The press aided and abetted this guy.
        Throw them all out.

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        • stenwin77 says:

          Yep. Start strip searching the press before they can get close to the president.

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          • backwoodsgirl123 says:

            NCIS Los Angeles episode tonight…There was an assassin loose and they were trying to figure who his target was. They spotted him, and the agent was shot at, he fired back. He felt the bullet pass his head. Nobody could find a gun or a shell casing but the dead guy had plastic underneath his fingernails and so did his wife.

            The guy had a plastic air powered handgun and glass bullets! Nothing shows up on scanners!

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            • Maquis says:

              Airguns were once the province of assassins, and suspected spies found in possession thereof were executed promptly.

              Back when murder and sedition were not in style.

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      • helix35 says:

        Are you saying the press colluded with this psycho? I’m shocked, shocked.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        Yes I do agree! This is alarming to say in the least, and sure do hope that security is tightened and addressed with this latest episode. It is an unsettling feeling knowing that people like this would do such a thing considering where the Russian story is now going. Coincidence? Perhaps, but lets not forget what is currently going on in the bigger context, where news of the Uranium 1 scandal is heating up and then this. I am extremely concerned for our president and I cautioning about the trip abroad to reconsider.

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      • Old Codger says:

        Real question is: Was this a “dry run”?

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    • Sharon says:

      Why didn’t they flatten him?

      Probably because their current ROEs do not tell them to or allow them to.

      Mr. President may have to bring his personal security as replacements. I know he already has some of them on hand but all the evidence indicates that Secret Service is no longer up to the job, even partially.

      It is what it is.

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      • skifflegirl says:

        Maxine Waters wasn’t talking about impeachment or the 2020 election when she said she was ready to “take Trump out tonight.”


        That was a death threat. Most likely she was speaking to this nutcase and others like him to do the job, giving them a trigger.

        I agree, this is testing the waters and there is nothing I can do about it as an ordinary citizen. It makes me sick. These deranged anti Trump scum know exactly what they’re doing.

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      • NewNonna!!! says:

        I agree, Cinderella. Even if not a dry run, does ANYone not believe whackos and paid assassins and patsy’s like the LV terrorist aren’t watching and seeing this, seeing just how close they can get to you??

        Mr President, PLEASE be sure loyal protection is with you at all times. The black hats are drooling, plotting how to get you out of the picture of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

        In the mean time, I again thank God for you and your safety and good health. We love you, Mr President.


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    • frankie says:

      The Secret Service parted like Gwyneth Paltrow’s legs so the Deep State people could murder JFK. Jackie was the first responder, not all the Secret Service self- proclaimed badasses. Only Jackie covered JFK when he was hit.

      How were the SS not able to stop Bush 41 pal John Hinckley from shooting President Reagan?

      SS needs to be sifted like FBI and CIA. Many criminals, cucks, and conspirators among these groups.

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      • dalethorn says:

        I’d suggest Hinckley as a brainwashed patsy, with the real shooter of Reagan up close, using a fletchette-type weapon. The official story, that Hinckley’s .22 round hit the limo roof, flattened into a dime-shaped object, and bounced off and into Reagan’s chest, doesn’t add up. Of course that story may be revised by now.


    • TigerBear says:

      Exactly! He should have been breathing floor tile!
      Very good questions. And why did they react/respond so slowly? One talking on his radio and none rushing the guy, although they did finally arrest him.

      Good grief, what if it had been something other than little russian flags? 😳 So thankful it wasn’t, but whomever allowed him that close…..should be held accountable. The press needs far less access if this is what they are allowing in their midst…..and cannot be trusted even when put through security.

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      • CiscoKid says:

        My thoughts exactly.
        Excuse my language, please.
        How in the f’k did this a-hole get that close to the President?
        If he was able to throw something at Trump, it could have been anything, up and including a destructive device.
        And why, most importantly, why did it take so long for security to take action?
        He should have been taken down to the ground immediately, cuffed and removed, no matter who he is.
        Test run for a attempt on the President?

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        • dalethorn says:

          Someone else referred to a current video where Maxine Waters directly threatened Trump.


        • NewNonna!!! says:

          Kid, if for no other reason than to send a message of how you will be taken out by our President’s security, this bum SHOULD HAVE BEEN EATING FLOOR TILE IMMEDIATELY, I agreed!!!

          WTHeck!!?? Heads better roll for this terrible response to this bum’s actions.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Mr. President, please put Dan Bongino as head of your Secret Service. Enough is enough.

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    • Sunshine says:

      He says BOB CRAMER sends you his regards.
      I’ve heard that name before. Where?

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    • Ree Fungorio says:

      I saw that not only was this guy a Bob Creamer guy but also heard that he had a HuffPo press pass. Also as described above he assaulted a PV reporter on video.

      LOCK HIM UP!

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    • Blue Ridge Mts Va says:

      I want to know that too.

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    • nwtex says:

      I miss Keith!! ❤ Sooooo much!

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    • auntiefran413 says:

      Has the Secret Service become as traitorous as the FBI and CIA? We can only pray…

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  2. BMG says:

    Deep state attempt at assassination? I think quite likely a test. No secret service anywhere near POTUS?! Why? How? Cap police moved like geriatric molasses. Tells me this was an inside job, no question. The Ryan guy could’ve had a gun on him instead of a flag. Very unnerving. Heads gotta roll on this one.

    Watch Netanyahu walk around in the Knesset and he has 4-6 armed bodyguards surrounding him at all times.

    BTW, really surprised that POTUS acquiesced in Keiths’s departure. Stinks, big time.

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  3. MIKE says:

    Ex-patriated and expelled from the U. S. and all territories. This should be the minimum sentence.
    He got so close, he could literally smell the tourists. Let him smell some HCN

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  4. Blaze says:

    I always have feared some type of gun cloaked as a camera. This guy could have easily been given something like that and no one could have stopped it.

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  5. jwingermany says:

    Ultimately, the buck does not stop with President Trump…not with Congress…not with the DOJ. They are public servants. They work for We the People. It is OUR responsibility to make sure that they clearly understand that.

    We the People are the ultimate checks and balances.

    What path were We the People allowing our country take pre-Trump?

    Our enemies within were permitted to convert our schools, colleges, and universities into institutions of indoctrination…and We the People sent our children, our future, there to be brainwashed. Our enemies within infiltrated our media…Hollywood…the music industry. HELL…the friggin’ NFL!

    America’s enemies within understand that the tide has turned…they are losing. They are wounded animals…dangerous. We the People represent an existential threat…incentive for our enemies to never stop fighting.

    I pray that we understand that electing Donald J. Trump to the presidency was only the beginning. This was never going to be a short war…YES…WAR.

    The calm before the storm.

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  6. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Would say 6 years at least for second offense impersonating a journalist and in this case physical aggression towards a President. 6 years for this nut with NO computer access. Adios amigo!

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  7. jeans2nd says:

    Americans Take Action are not new. These guys are Sanders people, who terrorized Pres Trump’s Inauguration and verbally attacked and disrupted Jeff Flake town hall in Sep 2017.

    They claim to be “populists.” They are “democratic” communists.

    Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) interviews Ryan Clayton, President of Americans Take Action


    Veritas Video Exposes Far Left Plans to Terrorize Inauguration
    The groups that O’Keefe mentions are the D.C. Anti-Facist Coalition, Progress Unity Fund (PUF), Workers World Party (WWP), Americans Take Action (ATA) and the Act Now to Stop War & End Racism Coalition (ANSWER). All of these organizations are seen as far left, socialist or communist in their tendencies and actions.

    Tons more to find. These ppl have a history.

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  8. H&HC, 2nd-16th says:

    Does the Secret Service detail get promotions for that show?

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  9. Bull Durham says:

    Time for Keith Schiller and half a dozen retired Special Operators to accompany our Leader.
    The Establishment is not going to protect him
    The People have to know he and his family are secure anywhere.

    SS is a pathetic, lame, limp org.

    We need loyalists with the POTUS.

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  10. MAGAbear says:

    If I were Trump I think I’d hire my own bodyguards. That’s insane this guy got that close to the Prez. Wish I could punch this Clayton guy out.

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  11. RAC says:

    Press can wait outdoors in future, bring your own umbrella, written press releases will be provided, written questions will receive a reply the following day. Failing that they can catch up on PDJT’s twitter page.

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  12. positron1352 says:

    I don’t think I’m on planet Earth anymore.

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  13. G. Combs says:

    General Kelly needs this:

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  14. pjb535i says:

    It’s chilling when I think of how 82 years ago, Louisiana Governor Huey Long, who had better security around him than our president had at the U.S. Capitol building today, was felled by a Luger bullet in the Louisiana State Capitol building during a visit not unlike the one President Trump made today.

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  15. Publius2016 says:

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  16. WeThePeople2016 says:

    This was way too close and should not have happened. Things need to start changing on security detail with our President and NOW.

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  17. sundance says:

    How many times have y’all heard me say put the Secret Service BACK into the Treasury Dept.?

    I’ve been making that plea for two years. DHS cannot adequately handle it with all their other duties.

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  18. Dixie says:

    Is it time for a WolverinePac? I’d like to do SOMETHING in retaliation for all the other pacs reflecting nothing but disrespect for our President.

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  19. dalethorn says:

    Seems like a pre-test for assassination. Hopefully someone is taking a very deep look at this guy and all of his contacts and sponsors.

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  20. Howie says:

    Press Pool

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  21. bofh says:

    So, how’d he get in? Either fake press documentation, sneaked completely in, or perhaps managed to get some help from someone in the press or congress.

    No way there aren’t extensive video’s of all entrances to the building, and one of those will show him. My bet is that he will be seen being walked in by someone with credentials. But let’s see for real. There should be no need to guess.

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    • It might not have been that difficult. I was watching the cspan livestream which started quite a bit before this happened, before Potus arrived, and it looked like there were regular citizens walking by; maybe a tour group. I didn’t see any security. To get in as a tourist you have to put your purse or whatever through security and you go through a metal detector I think, but it is not that tight. It just looked very lax in terms of security….I hope this is a wake up call.

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  22. RJ says:

    He should be arrested just like the fat left-wing college student that charged the campaign rally stage. He should be put on a no-fly list for good measure.

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  23. Eris says:

    Why did the Secret Service failed to get between the thrown flags & President Trump ?

    Why was the “protestor” not immediately tackled ?

    Why was the “protestor” allowed to rant lies to the Presstitutes about “Trump” and “treason” ?

    This is a continuation of the dog whistling campaign (see Maxine Waters just a few days ago) by the desperate tyrants to try to incite crazy people to try to physically harm the President with deniability. This is maddening.

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  24. SeekerOfTruth says:

    The press has become so extremist and disrespectful of the President of the US that this behavior is now normal. They have no respect for the President of the US unless the President is one of theirs. This is unacceptable behavior. While I did not respect the man Obama, I always respect the office of the President of the US no matter who is there.

    Did the press know a stranger was among them? Yes definitely.
    Did the press know this person? probably.
    Did the press willing shield this person? probably.
    Press will now play dumb.
    Secret service will say we they thought he was a press person.
    Circle of hate is so common now that SS cannot tell the difference in behavior of authorized people in to see the President and extremists. They are almost all extremist.

    Evidence: Just watch the massive disrespect displayed in the daily press briefings.

    They are all extremists. And should be all banned unless the press stops condoning these attacks here and across the country.

    In the future the MSM will be complicit in an assassination attempt on PDJT. They have to be banned. They are enemies of the state as I have stated before.

    MSM promotes violence all over the US.
    They promote attacks on PDJT,
    They promote civil unrest.
    They make up stories as news items to again promote violence.

    QED: MDM = enemies of the state. Ban them and block them.

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    • dalethorn says:

      Start by ending any govt. licensing for media, so they have to fend for themselves, just like independent media. Then set up some clear lines for what’s a threat and take action when these people cross a line. And seize their assets as necessary.

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  25. youme says:

    Would not shock me to hear that Spenser Rapone is now working for the Secret Service


  26. Angelo says:

    Someone ought to investigate the collusion between GOP and DNC, on how this guy was let into the Capitol!

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  27. signer1 says:

    Now that HRC has been outed by The Washington Post for commissioning the Fusion Dossier , who is this butt wipe gonna throw a Russian flag at?

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  28. MfM says:

    Remember all the fence jumpers during Obama’s time in the White House? Most were just let go.

    One ended up getting shot and dying after he took a knife to a sheriff’s deputy in West Chester, PA when he attacked him when trying to go through security at the court house.

    I hope this guy isn’t treated so carelessly.

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  29. Beverly says:

    Clayton is a dangerous, fanatical communist operative who works for that humanoid slime Bob Creamer, who visited the White House over 300 times when Oblowme was resident…. This guy acts like a jerk, but I’ve seen him in person, and he’s psychotic with hatred and very dangerous because he will stop at Nothing.

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  30. Beverly says:

    IOW, Clayton isn’t a “protestor,” he’s an enemy operative, a traitor, an assassin. The Secret Service need to have eyes on this b*stard.

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  31. Mike diamond says:

    Paid by the left, this dude never should of been able to get that close to our president ! If he wants to talk treason let’s ask him who sold 20 percent of our uranium to Russia !!!??? Obama! And the Clinton’s!????

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  32. Maquis says:

    Secret Service?
    Hell, I’d have face-planted this twit!
    What Patriot wouldn’t?

    “Trump is Treason!” is the new “Allahu Akbar!”!

    I will fire on the latter, looks like the former has fully affirmed its eligibility for immediate threat resolution.

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  33. Maquis says:

    The Capitol Police need to add ball-gags to their duty belts.

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  34. Neural says:

    How did he get in and so close? Pretty simple. He asked the press pool, stated his intention, and they agreed to help him. Even an individual showing intent and means to assassinate the president would be met with open arms and giddy excitement over helping the person carry out his/her plan.

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  35. I am sorry but reminds me of motorcycle cops pulling back from Kennedy car in motorcade.


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