Steve Bannon Speech To California GOP Convention…

If you can get past the first barf-inducing five minutes where Alt-Ego Steve Bannon tells the audience how his incredible brilliance won the 2016 Presidential Campaign and saved a somewhat nice but generally weak candidate, Donald Trump, from certain crushing defeat…. if you can get yourself past that point of rewriting history (admission: I barely made it)… well, the rest of the speech seems worthwhile.

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429 Responses to Steve Bannon Speech To California GOP Convention…

  1. MVW says:

    Perhaps Bannon is learning from Trump. I know I am. Not everyone is a billionaire genius.

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    • MVW says:

      Self promotion in politics is a given. Bannon’s point of candidate authenticity is salient. So is big tent.

      Try to get over it.

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    • PatrickH says:

      I’m a newbie here at this fascinating site. I think Bannon continues to work for Trump. He does the big “I AM CREDIBLE” stuff, and then he gets down to business. Bannon is Trump’s active aggressive overt media operator. In the end, he won’t do anything PDJT doesn’t tell him to do.

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      • treehouseron says:

        Does President Trump strike you as the type of man to fly to Alabama, tell you for an hour and a half to vote for 1 guy because he’s his personal friend….. all because he really wants Steve Bannon’s guy to win?

        You can’t actually believe that. As soon as Bannon started actively campaigning against President Trump, I no longer had any use for Steve Bannon. Period.

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        • Judith says:

          I’m with you, Ron. These “muh principles” CONservatives may fool some of the people, some of the time. But they can’t fool ME.

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        • Rudy Bowen says:

          This is exactly how I feel. His support for Cruz is really the only ‘tell’ one needs to get a handle on Bannon.
          Besides, it really irks me to see anyone take or give credit for what DJT has done and is doing other than DJT. That includes Bannon, Palin, and anyone else.

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        • Orygun says:

          Bannon and Breitbart were phony Ted Cruz supporters. That should be all you need to know. Cruz was supposed to divide the true conservatives and was part of the Bush/McConnell deep state scheme to get Bush in office.

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        • Sayit2016 says:

          “As soon as Bannon started actively campaigning against President Trump, I no longer had any use for Steve Bannon. Period.”

          I am curious….How do you see he is actively campaigning against Trump ? Bannon is saying exactly what Trump Campaigned for. Trump says he speak with Bannon ” frequently”- there is no bad blood there.

          In my opinion, people need to look at the totality of a person–and stop all of this purist bashing. No one is going to agree 100% with anyone. I voted for Trump I support him 1000%- I think he is doing a fantastic job, however, I did not agree on his statement that Hillary has “suffered enough” and gave an indication that she would skate especially since he said if He was President she would be in jail. That is where she belongs. I did not agree on his Luther Strange endorsement. I think that was a mistake. I voted for him on what he campaigned on, but I am a grown up and I do understand there are things he may not be able to do—-but that would never cause he to stay I no longer support him. People need to grow up- there is no political utopia-there is no perfect candidate, or Leader, but we can all strive to get as close as we can.


          • Judith says:

            Trump needed muh principles conservatives to win the general. So he pulled in Pied Piper trusTEVE Bannon to scoop them all up. It worked.

            Trump was already the republican nominee, *no* thanks to Bannon and his ilk. Bannon had supported “Teddy Bear” Cruz. I call these people as I see em. What they are is Globalists, no “small” difference of opinion, that. And Trump and I are decidedly not.


        • Falcon Koch says:

          Boy here we go again cutting down another Conservative. Playing right into the hands of the Dem’s. It is really funny how we just keep shooting ourselves in the foot. It’s like a bunch of 10 year old kids. But then again when have Conservatives ever stood united to get something done. Bannon is fighting the RINO’S, but I guess that does not matter. We will end up loosing the House and possible Senate because we can be united. God helps us.

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          • Judith says:

            Bannon fought *for* the RINOS. Right up until the republican nomination. How do you square that now? Was he their patsy (ignorant) , or was he their secret weapon (sneaky)?


      • MaryLS says:

        An interesting theory. I do think Bannon being on the outside gives him more flexibility and I believe he continues to be a Trump/conservative supporter and an enemy of the Washington elite. Most of what he does is I think helpful.

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  2. GSR says:

    I know SD has “issues” with Bannon but I for one, like Bannon and his core positions quite a bit.

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  3. treehouseron says:

    I’d like to point out… that President Trump won the Republican Primary before Steve Bannon came calling.

    Sorry Bannonites. He’s a johnny come lately, and johnny got fired.

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    • nightmare on k st says:

      i would like to point out i was voting Republican while Trump was a registered Democrat


    • MrE says:

      I’ll add that President Trump managed to do so against 17 candidates, including one Lyin’ Ted Cruz, who just so happened to be supported by BREITBART NEWS.

      Cruzbots/Bannonites same/same. They were 10x nastier to the Trump Train than the Low-Energy Jeb and Little Marco crowds were combined. Now they act like they’re the masterminds behind President Trump winning. 100% gaslighting. All of it. I’ve even been seeing some of them start to push “Bannon 2024.” THAT is their endgame, and they are trying to accomplish it by capitalizing on MAGA. Do not trust them.

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  4. treehouseron says:

    I also love how Bannon has tried to co-opt the “MAGA” strategic mantle. I mean seriously? He’s acting as if he has something to do with it, when it’s literally a term President Trump coined, trademarked, and used to great effect a year and half before he started paying Steve Bannon to scribble on his dry erase board.

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  5. jeans2nd says:

    Beg pardon, but, wth?
    Has dementia become so bad that my recollections are that false?

    The Trump primary win had nothing to do with Bannon. The origin of the Trump movement was the TEA Party, now known as the T Party. Having not been a part of the original Tea Party, one is able to declare that with certitude. Pres. Trump and the Trump family engineered that win, with a few trusted subordinates.

    Those vaunted analytics of Bannon’s did not work so well for Ted Cruz, did they? Pres Trump’s brand was well-established eons before Bannon. Pres Trump seems to have become the defacto leader of the Tea Party, imo. It was reading at The Last Refuge – who was the first, perhaps only, original backer of Donald J. Trump – asking questions of the contributors, and receiving logical, common-sense answers, that convinced me – and many many others – to join the Trump movement.

    Even Bannon’s words re: Silicon Valley are incorrect. Silicon Valley scoured the commenters at message boards, well before Reddit was ever thought of, and stole the ideas of those commenters. Wicked Son was one of those – his idea, loudly proclaimed as genius by the Apple msg bds, was subsequebtly stolen by Appleisforwimps and incorporated into the Apple code in the early 2000s. Apple did this to countless young kids, then Apple replaced Americans with H2Bs. All of Silicon Valley did this, and still does.

    One can understand Bannon’s purpose, which seems to be to throw the fear of the masses into the Uniparty and keep the Trump movement going. One must follow one’s leader though, not work against him. Seems Bannon’s time in the Navy had little lasting effect on him. One CinC at a time. If one does not agree, one disagrees in private and follows the decisions of the leader. And takes corrections from said leader (which you all have done to me from time to time, as warranted – thanks).

    Btw, Steve, that web site is named Breitbart, not Bannon. There is a very good reason for that. One wonders if Bannon has forgotten why Breitbart is named Breitbart?

    Ultimately, the credit goes to The Lord. Prov 3:5,6

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    • Benson II says:

      All I can say is Bannon better not screw this up. I didn’t vote for him and if he uses his “reporter hat” one more time to pontificate on a Trump policy (which he doesn’t understand in the least) I’m going to list him as a poser. He didn’t get Trump elected and was a late comer and uninformed entirely as to why Trump was doing what he was doing as president. I kinda wish Pres. Trump had kept him on just to shut him up because if his efforts to unseat Rino’s is not successful or leads to Democrats being elected I can only hope his reward will be total exclusion from society as a pariah but by then it will be to late. I have no trust in his judgement to deliver.

      Many say Trump has a big ego. He does and it’s backed up with utter brilliance of accomplishments before the presidency and now after his election as president. Bannon has a big ego and I see no brilliant accomplishments to support it whatsoever.

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    • skifflegirl says:

      It looks as though Bannon never stopped supporting Cruz. Even after Ted’s shameful debacle at the RNC in July 2016, and more than a month before Bannon ‘put his team together in 72 hours.’ And, as someone mentioned upthread, we here at CTH learned in early 2015 that Ted Cruz was very much part of the GOPe splitter strategy to get Jeb! nominated and to give Hillary the win. Smh.

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  6. Mia C says:

    I enjoyed the speech. It was well worth watching. It makes me feel better about the direction of the Breitbart site. I do want to keep our revolution going. But we have to be careful not to hand Dems any advantage. As bad as the Establishment Republicans are, the Left has literally become satanic. They’re trying to turn this country into a cauldron of race hate, cop assasinations and general chaos. So we need to move the revolution forward but we must be so careful not to let the Dems totally destroy us.

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    • Gov Jay says:

      Their real goal is to destroy the civil society itself so that they can roll-out their socialist “utopia”… where everyone is equally miserable…

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    • Judith says:

      Be careful who you trust to move the revolution “forward.” These people have been fooling conservatives for a very long time. Way before Trump came on the scene. And they continue to do so now. Right now, there is an all-out effort, by these same people, to throw the “majority” to the democrats in 2018. So, prepare for it.

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      • Paul says:

        “to throw the “majority” to the democrats in 2018.”
        I’m thinking that they’re sending ringers to the next election (OK, more ringers)
        They vote the party line until their needed.
        I see people in NV who have been full left wing for years refiling to run as Repubs and getting lots of money. They only need them to cross the aisle on the important votes a la Mccain.

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  7. Peter says:

    Bannon’s vehemence is helping Trump…The rest does not matter.

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  8. wodiej says:

    I didn’t even bother.

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  9. cycle1 says:

    The bottom line is that Steve Bannon is assisting President Trump as POTUS is playing 4D chess to MAGA!!!

    I trust POTUS’ judgement and POTUS appears to be just fine at this juncture with Bannon assisting POTUS. I believe that Bannon will continue to be fine in helping POTUS’ agenda.

    I don’t believe anyone will outsmart POTUS. So, even if you don’t trust Bannon, at least trust POTUS. POTUS is an incredibly intelligent guy who is also being guided by God.

    BTW. Bannon gave an excellent speech that is very much in line with Trump’s agenda. I bet POTUS is very pleased with Bannon’s speech! MAGA!!!

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  10. winky says:

    Everyone knew including PTrump that Luther strange could not win when he is at least 10 points behind Moore. This way by endorsing the loser he pleased those Rino rats that supported Strange while some of his staunchest supporters campaigned for Moore. Very good strategy especially when PTrump came out immediately and supported Moore and Moore did the same thing and said he would support PTrump’s agenda.
    I believe there is another reason why Bannon says “except Cruz”….I am sure we will find out soon enough.

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    • cycle1 says:

      Agree, Winky. Trump was playing 4D chess in the Moore election. Bannon was and is still assisting POTUS win his 4D chess matches.

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    • thecleaner says:

      Cruz is no threat to anybody. Bannon supported him in the primaries until he lost, then supported Trump. This is nothing more than standing down and not attacking somebody you worked for, given that Bannon haa all the inside info on him. If he attacked Cruz he would be a pariah, and I would be concerned that he would turn on Trump. Its a professional courtesy. Period

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  11. chbailey says:

    imo, there would have been nothing wrong with the first five minutes IF Bannon had put his opening in context first…as in ‘PE Donald Trump delegated a job for me to do and this is a bit of a review of how I did what I set out to do’. Absent that, it took a couple of minutes for me to figure out the point of it.
    Certainly now that Bannon has served the people with his talents in our victory, I like how he aligned himself with POTUS.
    He described a lot about the situation we find ourselves in but I am still not sure of exactly what he is doing…but I couldn’t hang on to find out because the camera doesn’t pan…just even cutting to the participants in the audience yukking it up, to break the monotony, would have kept my attention to the end.


    • Thecleaner says:

      Many people forget that just before Bannon was “fired” he had a dinner meeting at the WH with Trump, Mercer, Hannity, and 2 other fox people….this is the meeting that got Reince Priebus fired for leaking…you cant forget the Scaramucci show….in order to primary the Senate Rinos you need financial backing to set up the infrastructure and organization, you need a headhunter to recruit the talent, and you need media exposure to get the message out….all of those ingredients were at that meeting, and Bannon moved on shortly after and announced war on the GOP.
      Trump is fully on board….he cant be the one leading primary challenges against his own party, but he can cheerlead from the sidelines, which I believe he is doing given todays statements on party infighting and how he enjoys it.

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  12. Landslide says:

    My personal experience:

    In Spring of 2015, wanted to vote for whoever could defeat Hillary Clinton.

    In June of 2015, found said candidate! First debate confirmed it. Only Lion Trump was going to have the backbone, money, and charisma to do it.

    Prior to June 2015, Never joined any Tea Party movement, never heard of Bannon, never read at Breitbart, and never trusted Ted Cruz.(I live in Texas)

    After candidate Trump brought on Bannon & Conway, I was confused at first, but believed it was for one reason only: get the Cruz-supporters on the Trump Train/get their votes.

    Clear as day to me that Priebus and Bannon served their purpose and then were let go. (Never understood the Gorka hire)

    IMHO, there are waaaaayyy too many talking heads. Just causes strife and division. Bannon needs to work behind the scenes. He will never have the gravitas to be a spokesman for President Trump or for his base. The simple fact that Bannon is not perceptive enough to realize that he needs to never utter Cruz’s name, speaks volumes to me. He is creating a schism with just that one issue. Not smart.

    Ultimately, I trust GOD to allow President Trump to succeed in the things that HE wants him to and be re-elected in a landslide in 2020. “Keep America Great” 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  13. MaineCoon says:

    The below Guardian excerpt and Sundance’s August 24, 2015 article entitled, “The Enemy Behind The Wire – About That “How Brutus Killed Caesar” Consultant…” have an eery similarity.

    “Speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington on Saturday, Bannon invoked the death of Julius Caesar and called for “a season of war against [the] GOP establishment”.

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  14. POP says:

    I don’t know if this is going to come out properly…..
    Cruz’s biggest problem was a slippery one, he always sounded like he was reading the lesson on Sunday, he was typecast as a religious “handwaver’, fairness doesn’t come into it.
    Whereas Donald Trump professed religious belief with a happy smile, you knew it didn’t own him.
    You could feel DJT was first a Patriot informed by Christianity, not someone whose every waking moment was consumed by trying to figure out what God wants today.
    That’s the way America wants it.


  15. Apfelcobbler says:

    Breitbart wandered way, way off into SJW-land immediately after the election, but is improving just recently. I’m not following the internal drama there, but presumeably there have been firings as Bannon gets the place cleaned out and back to the MAGA agenda. No doubt was a prime target for leftists to hijack. We have so few popular mass-media organs to counteract the tidal wave of leftist indoctrination constantly being churned.

    It’s a tough coalition to hold together, as libertarians and conservative butt heads on many issues. But Trump (not Cruz) proved it’s possible, and thank God the evangelical / conservative wing prevailed. One thing about Bannon is he is tough as nails and finally we have someone to let loose on Brock and the perpetual Clinton commie machine. Portraying him as the devil on SNL just shows how much they hate they guy who knows all their tricks. He is their equal.

    Cruz took his diehard libertarians with him, while the neocons formed NeverTrump, so it was Trump who made them leave, and take their “principles” with them! He forced them to part ways with the real GOP and the rest of America – and some joined Hillary. Who else could possibly have resisted the temptation to “deal” with those two factions in securing the win? Trump won’t deal with traitors.

    The GOP belongs to Trump conservatives – make the others leave the party.


  16. winky says:

    I just had a thought about Bannon supporting Cruz…..perhaps he was an inside guy at Cruz campaign for PTrump…….I am sure that PTrump and Bannon knew who Cruz was…and what he stood for.


    • Thecleaner says:

      The fact is when Trump entered and the primaries started, he had 20% support.
      Anothet fact is very few people actually thought he would stay in let alone win.
      Bannon and Breitbart as a small but influential online publication had to make a choice of who to back of the 17 candidates….as did everbody else…and 20% aligned with Trump, 80% with somebody else….as candidates peeled away, support divided between those who remained.
      Breitbart picked a guy they thought could win, and who represented their values most closely, and to their credit, they did not bail on him. I am of the opinion that all things being equal, Bannon would have prefered Cruz to get out of the way earlier, so he could realign Breitbart with Trump for the general…,which he did hugely…after Cruz left.
      Half the people here hate Bannon or anybody who was not part of the original 20% supporting Trump in the primary…thats not gonna change, its ideological….however I give Bannon credit for sticking with the guy he backed until he got out, and refuses to stab him in the back now with a primary challenge….if he remains this loyal to Trump then big things will happen…despite the haters.


      • winky says:

        I agree with you. I still believe Bannon was an inside man for PTrump so a lot of people are wrong about Bannon. There is no way that anybody thought Cruz could win the election and everyone knew that.


      • Benson II says:

        Don’t see the hatred here for Bannon just because he didn’t support Trump from the beginning I do see questions about his sincerity. I have no hatred for Bannon but I certainly don’t trust his ability to do what he’s set out to do until I see actual results not just speeches about how great he is. We had better hope he can deliver and not just stir the pot. None of my concern has anything to do with his support of Cruz only with his ability to match his words with reliable actions.


  17. SteveC says:

    LOL – California GOP? Were they all in that room? Kali has been lost for a long time.

    How to ‘fix'(neuter) Kali – in 2020 we need to have the census count people living here, but separate citizens from non-citizens. Use the citizen count for Congressional seats and Electoral votes. Kali will become a lot less significant when they only have ~44 of each, turning the illegals into a liability instead of an asset to the dems that own the state.


    • winky says:

      There is something else screwy with California. The electoral votes have to do with th census. Ca got a lot of electoral votes because there were many illegals in the census which is how elections are stolen.


      • SteveC says:

        When those extra 10+ votes and congresspeople go to more southern, right-leaning states it will be a lot easier for our agenda to move forward. And we’ll have the additional benefit that a liberal will never win a national election, again.


  18. fran wendelboe says:

    Bannon coming to NH Nov 9th to keynote at a conservative group called the 603 Alliance who specializes in electing conservative constitutional candidates. Part of their Initiative’18 election at the NH state level.


  19. magaskook says:

    So the Sessions bashing is over and Bannon is the bad guy this week? Who’s next? This is why I have never registered as a Republican. Can never unify to fight the bigger fight. Always beat themselves and the Dems just sit back and laugh. They know they have no message. They know they don’t have a product that anyone would buy. However, they also know that Republicans aren’t fighters unless it’s an internal one. I’m no Bannonite and I don’t like Breitbart, but he has and will play a big role in MAGA. The Republicans have clearly shown they will not support Trump and MAGA agenda. I have said this since Inauguration Day and have also said since day one that we had better organize to primary these S.O.B.’S and defeat them, REGARDLESS of the general election consequences. This entire MAGA movement has been motivated by the refusal of elected officials to honor their campaign promises. It’s that simple. They have promised and promised. “When we have both houses, we will”, ” when we get control of the White Jouse, we will”. And what have we got to show for it! Buck up people, this is a real fight what’s the point of getting out the pitchforks if you ain’t got the balls to use them? The Republican establisment isn’t going to do it…… get that through your heads. There will be no turning point. They are all in against Trump and the MAGA agenda. So too bad if you don’t like one of the “leaders” of Our Noble Cause……Nobody’s perfect, and to once again get sidetracked by allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good and start dividing amongst ourselves, we play right into THEIR hands. Don’t be a Whino!


  20. scarlettbr says:

    Boy I dislike the Treehouse comment method. It is not a common forum and why not many people comment. Love the articles but the method to comment is draconian.
    Stop with the Bannon bashing, this speech was an honest assessment of the real issue. Bannon did not take full credit in the first 5 minute and the virtual signaling by the lead in comment to the video is so blatant it is funny. Maybe Sundance should join Bannon to unite the grassroots. Trump was elected by grassroots from all walks of life. The establishment voted for Hillary.

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    • TKA says:

      Agreed. Instead of bashing Bannon give some credit for rallying the troops and being honest enough to remind folks that Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Bannon etc aren’t going to fix the issues with Washington. It’s going to take grassroots folks working day in/day out to create real change and it’s not always going to be pretty and it most definitely won’t be easy. There are times the critique coming from CTH is a bit over the top and hard to tell exactly which side they’re on. Establishment or non-establishment? Bannon, Ingraham, Hannity, Limbaugh, CTH and others are multiple approaches aimed at encouraging the grassroots to get in the game.


  21. my take on Bannon? conservative ideologues: DON”T BE FOOLED.
    he’s a LIBERAL thug puppet obstructionist, like Jeff Session etc. implanted in the WH originally by the deep state to OBSTRUCT Donald Trump and MAGA – it’s what these psychopaths, and their surrogate attack dog media, do. is OWNED by LIBERAL GLOBALIST Zionist type jews
    they’ve been bashing Trump in every way since Bannon was shown the exit and originally were lying ted cruzers
    The liberal deep state media LAUGHS at the chaos Bannon et all cause as they create cartoon opposition to the “republican” “establishment” – and we all should know by now that their’s only one party of oligarchic actor pawns in the Swamp serving at the pleasure those captains of industry that we will rarely, if ever, see.
    Call it CO-INTEL or dis-info if you like, but these are pros that have been at their manipulation and mind control for a very long time…
    i could go on but i’ll leave it with this:
    just use your eye test on Bannon – the guy is a bum…blood shot eyes, always unshaven…an ACTOR.
    but mostly i just go with my gut – and it tells me that Steve Bannon is phony…


  22. Young Van Vliet says:

    Bannon for Governor CA!!!


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