Updates on Mandalay Bay Massacre: Today’s Las Vegas Police Press Briefing…

Today the Las Vegas Police and FBI announced a campaign to get additional information, “true knowledge”, from the public. The FBI has created a specific call line: “1-800-CALL-FBI”, or (1-800-225-5324). The career-minded undersheriff held the presser.

There were virtually no answers to looming questions provided within the latest briefing. Officials are certain there was no additional shooters, but they are not sure if there was an accomplice aiding Stephen Paddock. Incredulously, some of the media questions would appear to be easily answered, or refuted, if the investigators watched the CCTV from the Mandalay casino/hotel; yet, they remain unanswered.

(Via NBC) Investigators are trying to determine whether someone else was in the Las Vegas gunman’s hotel room when he was registered there, senior law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation told NBC News.

The investigators are puzzled by two discoveries: First, a charger was found that does not match any of the cellphones that belonged to the gunman, Stephen Paddock.

And second, garage records show that during a period when Paddock’s car left the hotel garage, one of his key cards was used to get into his room.

One would think this would be an easy issue for law enforcement to confirm through the use of CCTV. It just seems odd they don’t hold answers to such easy questions.

[…] At a Friday press conference, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said they did not think there was a second shooter, but he said it was unclear whether or not Paddock had help.

“We’re very confident that there was not another shooter in that room,” McMahill said. “What I cannot confirm to you today, and what we continue to investigate is, whether anybody else may have known about this incident before he carried it out.”

Law enforcement are also examining Paddock’s finances. IRS records show that Paddock was a successful gambler, earning at least $5 million in 2015. Some of that could be from other investments, but most of it was from gambling, officials say.

McMahill said they also found approximately 50 pounds of tannerite and ammonium nitrate — materials that can be used to make explosive devices — in the gunman’s car, but it did not appear that Paddock had assembled the material into an improvised explosive device.

[…] His motive is still unclear. Senior law enforcement officials said Paddock, 64, had researched possible attack locations in Boston and Chicago, including the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago in August.

McMahill said investigators have not found any connection between Paddock and ISIS, the terror group that claimed responsibility for the attack, a claim it made without offering any proof. The terror group’s claim has been widely discounted. Investigators have not determined a motive, he said. (read more)

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655 Responses to Updates on Mandalay Bay Massacre: Today’s Las Vegas Police Press Briefing…

  1. thefrankproject says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry over this:

    “Paddock was a successful gambler, earning at least $5 million in 2015. Some of that could be from other investments, but most of it was from gambling, officials say.”

    Pure fiction!

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    • n1ghtcr4wler says:

      he would be the first guy who had a net income from video poker. amazing

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    • Shark says:

      Story of his riches came so easy, it’s like a fairytale.. I swear I was watching a blind stuttering Barney Fife


    • LOL, total BS. He used the casinos to launder his gun running moolah. That’s the only way you can come out a “winner” at a Vegas casino.

      Do they think we’re that stupid? I guess so.

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      • You nailed it.
        I watch the hookers the pimps the drug dealers do it all night long.
        They take the street cash and feed it into the slot/video poker machines and then hit the cash out button.. they take the ticket and redeem it at a kiosk. This way they just put a bit more distance between them and the “dirty dollars”.
        It’s laundering.. on a small scale.


      • Abster says:

        The casinos would have a record of his winnings. I think you have to present an id and complete an IRS form if winnings are over a thousand or so. The investigators can’t really think people are so stupid. There are cameras and a paper trail all over Las Vegas relating to Paddock and this horrible massacre. Why carry on with the continuous lies. This just shows how truly corrupt and compromised our government actually is. God bless President Trump. It is just amazing what he has been able to accomplish in spite of the opposition, hate and corruption.

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  2. kiskiminetas says:

    Hopefully the truth will come out as to who staged and implemented this horrendous crime. What happened here reminded me of the Kennedy assassination. It was blamed on LHO but that was government BS. LHO was a patsy just as Paddock is. Both episodes are similar in the fact that government enforcement agencies have espoused narratives that just don’t add up.

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    • Totally Domestic says:

      Yes so true. But any reason for his younger
      Brother chatting his head off that his brother did it and he is SO smart he did not need anyone’s help. Heck, he’s a one man army.

      Also this reminds me of the movie Jaws.
      No, no other hotels were shot up, just disregard the shooter footage & witnesses. No terrorist in Vegas, come on down.


  3. Paco Loco says:

    The LVMPD and the FBI appear to be engaged in a coverup of what really happened and releasing info to the public. It’s now five days since the mass shooting so; Where’s the coroners report on Paddock, where’s the coroners report on any of the victims indicating the type of gunshot wounds, where’s the list of the firearms that were used or found in the room, how many bullet casings were collected in the suite, video tapes of Paddock in the Hotel, key card log of entries and exits from the hotel suite, all room service bills, parking garage entry and exits, room telephone records, room Internet log on and off, searches of Paddoks PC and cell phone records, finger print and DNA evidence??? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  4. ray76 says:

    Making $5 million gambling…

    data sets, and research guides concerning gaming – http://gaming.unlv.edu/reports.html

    Nevada Gaming Control Board – Statistics – http://gaming.nv.gov/index.aspx?page=142

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  5. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Don’t buy the successful gambler scenario. This bastard got his money from somewhere. Government lies and subterfuge.

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    • Einzi says:

      I think he was a gun dealer who had a meeting with a client from the religion of peace,( that would explain the extra rooms and the extra dinner plate and the 2 broken windows) It also explains the multiple weapons that were found,in the hotel and his residences. He also traveled the world over according to his brother.I also believe that the client(s) set him up and killed him either before or after .All they had to do walk through the connecting doors and leave him laying there. The pistol was to far away for a suicide and the shells looked sprinkled there. His girlfriend who just recently took a trip to the middle east and his brother mentioned “arms” in the interview with the press,then he realized that he went to far and ask the reporters not to use it. He said his brother took care of him and his mom and always used cash and he had lots of it. If one starts thinking this way, it all fits. That is where all the money came from …and about the “winnings” good way to spend ill gotten cash. The house always wins!!!

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  6. distracted2 says:

    I’m typically an Occam’s Razor kind of gal but I am having a really hard time coming up with a simple explanation this time.

    I listened to a health professional a couple of days ago talk about the characteristics of mass murderers and the statistics involving such people.

    Crimes of notoriety are usually not carried out by people of his generation. They’re more likely to commit suicide or kill their significant other and/or family and then commit suicide. Crimes of notoriety are a fairly new phenomena by younger, narcissistic members of society.

    I think we can safely assume that he didn’t have financial problems because that information would have leaked by now or have been provided freely. He may have been depressed, and he might have wanted to die, but he has been planning an act like this for six months. None of the usual triggers make any sense, which is really messing up any simple explanation I can come up with.

    To me, it just seems like he’s been methodically making his plans, looking for locations, setting up opportunities and waiting for the go-ahead from someone else.

    And so I keep coming back to the same question – Who benefits from this massacre?

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    • Sentient says:

      Deep State.

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    • Corruptocrats in the fedgov that want your guns taken away so they can pass communist legislation with impunity and rig all the elections without fear of an armed uprising. Security companies that sell the x-ray machines. Short sellers of casino shares.

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    • G. Combs says:

      The ANTI-Trump crowd benefits in multiple ways.

      The Elite want a gun ban
      The elite hate Trump and his followers
      The Elite want to blame violence on Conservatives
      Violence has been escalating with most of it aimed at angering Conservatives
      Soros/Hillary and others want a Purple Revolution
      The Communists use civil unrest to overthrow governments

      Soros “shorted” MGM (which owns much of the strip) for like $40M and owns the company installing ‘security’ machines all across the country. According to Reddit The_Donald

      MGM CEO’s wife is Heather Murren who worked for the Obama administration on Obama’s “Commission for Enhancing National Cybersecurity” in 2016.

      Obama appointed Jim Murren to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council. lasvegassun(DOT)com/news/2013/dec/19/obama-appoints-mgms-murren-national-council/

      Jim Murren sold most of stock BEFORE massacre:
      Investment Watch Main Shareholder and CEO of Mandalay bay: main partner is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia… MANDALAY CEO SELLS 1/2 MILLIONS SHARES MGM 24Tth SEPT! Notice the date. Paddock checked in on the 25th a day later.

      This selling is typical of insiders who are in the ‘know’ about a planned event SEE: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2017/10/06/major-break-in-mandalay-massacre-follow-the-money/
      Notice Dave Hodges mentions Vangard is where Obama parks his money. Vangard is one of the big owners of MGM As is Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse.

      Jim Murren is on the Board of Trustees of the Brookings Institution, and and a member of the Business Roundtable, an association of CEOs of leading U.S. companies. (a Milner Round Table and sister organization to the CFR)

      Jim Murren sorted out those on the staff who support CAIR and ANTIFA:
      “…with his latest political gambit, Jim Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts International, has violated the trust of his board, shareholders, employees and customers. And not in a small way. In a “Vegas bigger-than-life way.”

      In response to what he sees as the racism, bigotry, intolerance and violence in the wake of Charlottesville, Murren announced last week that MGM will match employee contributions to a collection of groups that include extreme leftist organizations and Muslim advocacy outfit….”

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  7. Rich Gorman says:

    Do not trust anything that is reported by the FBI. The FBI IS involved in a botched gun running sting and is in lie, lie cover up mode.
    When POTUS stated ” … the calm before the storm .” , I believe THE STORM is going to involve the take down of many domestic terrorists at high positions in Alphabet agencies. And perhaps a few treasonous Senators. Obama made sure that the NDAA law specifically empowered POTUS to declare Martial Law at his sole discretion. Control EVERYTHING. Legally. Trump has no loyal FBI , and a non existent DOJ. He has no choice. Either he makes his move now , using the military, or else he and his family are doomed. That simple.

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    • THru Dr T says:

      President Trump will not forgive nor forget this carnage if perpetrated by the deep state which in my opinion seems likely. His demeanor in PR was so calm that I knew this was indeed the calm before the storm especially when he had the round table meeting in that beautiful ship with all the military agencies aiding in the rescue . I wonder how many of the top brass of the military that he trusts were threre?
      Yes. This carnage was the last drop.
      I’m just surprised that he cryptically let them know . But maybe it’s part of the Art of War?

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      • Paco Loco says:

        Trump also held the meet and greet and dinner with the military top brass and their wives this week. Keeps his enemies close if they are enemies.


    • G. Combs says:

      SNOPES (yeah them) on the National Defense Authorization Act.

      “[…]Under the ‘worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial’
      provision of S.1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill, which is
      set to be up for a vote on the Senate floor this week, the legislation
      will “basically say in law for the first time that the homeland is part
      of the battlefield,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who supports the

      The bill was drafted in secret by Senators Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John
      McCain (R-Ariz.), before being passed in a closed-door committee meeting
      without any kind of hearing. The language appears in sections 1031 and
      1032 of the NDAA bill[…]”


      Talk about hoisted on their own petard how apt.

      Oh, and lets not forget ANTIFA and their rattling sabers about November 4th.

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  8. Molly Pitcher says:

    I feel the same distracted2. Going by only “facts, he did buy the guns, he did send his girlfriend away, he did rent the room however he did think or plan to get away. How does that work in reality? His entire identity is all over the worst mass murder ever yet he thought he could get away? To where on the planet? How? Without like minded friends he would be a pariah.

    I suppose the getaway may have only been to reach his car and blow it up but usually when a valet parks your car you don’t have a clue where it’s parked so he’d go down and stand and wait while they get it..in the middle of chaos of a mass shooting? Doesn’t make sense.

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  9. jeans2nd says:

    Charger hidden camera



    “3.5 ” Portable LCD “Set Up” Monitor Specially designed for surveillance systems, this portable high resolution TFT LCD monitor is ideal for setting up our DVR Based Hidden Cameras.”

    These high-tech hotels in high-dollar Las Vegas for the high-high-high-dollar high-rollers do not have state-of-the-art tech greater than CCTV cams? Hard to believe.

    Is Sheldon Adelson not one of the Big Guys in LV? Shirley Sheldon knows a might more than what we are not being told. One suspects Pres Trump has a few “friends” in LV as well that knows a thing or three. We will be thrown off on a snipe hunt. Entertainment for the unwashed. Or well-scrubbed.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      “Vegas is one of the most heavily surveilled cities in the country, particularly in the area where Sunday’s shooting occurred…
      virtually every corner of the resort district is being recorded and logged in a given moment…
      In 2013, Nevada outfitted the Strip’s “real-time crime center” with an additional 37 pivot-and-zoom cameras with a $350,000 federal grant…
      Casinos have 100 percent coverage of virtually every square inch…(i)n the highways around Vegas, there are still cameras every half-mile. “Loss-prevention” recording devices stalk the Strip’s employees in the back-of-house”

      Facial recognition, license plate readers, iris scanners, fingerprint id, so much more. All this high-tech equipment, all the available knowledge, and they ask the public for help?
      Oh yes, the surveillance is security for the money, not the people. Silly me.

      All Muslim info was scrubbed from FBI databases during Obama’s reign of terror.
      Lack of knowledge? Or willful ignorance?

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    • Carolyn Goodman the mayor of Las Vegas who is the wife of Oscar Goodman (former Mayor) who was a lawyer for the Mob.
      Check out the video of Goodman and Trump on the Tarmac when he arrived in Vegas.
      Carolyn is not smiling and sucking up to our Potus.. in fact at their departure it looked to me that Trump was pissed at her and waved her off and made a less than complimentary comment about her.
      It’s important to find out what that was all about.
      Also.. Las Vegas is connected with the Russian Mafia.
      And the major casino corporations supported Hillary this election. Weird since they were always supporting the Republicans in the past.
      Also.. MGM resorts announced a couple weeks ago that they support CAIR.

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  10. POP says:

    The reason you know the “we don’t know” statements from the Sheriff and FBI is false is….
    The casino CTV has been exhaustively, minutely examined by now. It reveals all. There are hundreds of casino cameras, many are available for x checking.
    Any and all visitors to perps room since perp’s 25 September check in have been recorded.

    If no-one, except a hooker and room service, visited the perp’s room we have a lone nutter who killed people…… easily demonstrated from the CTV, why not tell us if that is so? All the speculation is then irrelevant.

    If other people visited the perp’s room………we do not have a lone nutter.

    Why don’t the “authorities” simply reveal the obvious CTV evidence?

    Same ‘ol stuff maybe……we aren’t to be trusted with the truth, it might upset us and make us harder to govern.

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    • distracted2 says:

      And a “lone nutter” who just “snapped” – as suggested by his brother – does not then take six months to carry out a plan.

      And if he had a brain tumor – again suggested by his brother – an autopsy would have shown this by now. Heck, a brain scan takes a few minutes.

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      • georgiafl says:

        ‘Suicide’ gunshot to head and subsequent bleeding might obscure X-ray and MRI.


        • distracted2 says:

          True. Do you think they’ve done the autopsy? I do.


        • Jim in TN says:

          The only reason you use xrays etc is you do not have access to the inside. He took care of that. Now it is just a question of what they look for and test.


          • G. Combs says:

            He bought 30+ guns in OCTOBER 2016, so it has been a year. Most brain cancer victims are dead in ~six months. They also have problems like blurred vision, dizziness and such that would make it difficult to shoot. Also after a year with brain cancer he would be close to a basket case with major headaches driving him to pain relief of any and all sorts.


    • The reason we aren’t seeing it is because knowing Paddock was a patsy and the shooter(s) are still at large would mean the end of Vegas as we know it. The whole city would empty out in a flash and many would never come back. The high rollers would go to Macau instead. It would be a total disaster, not that it isn’t bad already. You have shooters on the loose, the high likelihood of accomplices working in the casinos themselves, and keystone kops providing “security”. Stick a fork in it, Vegas is done.

      The other possibility is that the true story behind the shooting leads directly to people at the highest levels of the Deep State.

      Frankly, it’s probably both.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Mandalay is probably going to get hit with a lot of lawsuits.
        Wrongful death. Personal injury, etc.

        So that’s probably why they aren’t releasing the security videos.


    • Paco Loco says:

      He ate only one hamburger via room service over three days in the hotel room? That’s hard to believe.


      • G. Combs says:

        That is from the only waiter who was willing (and able) to photograph and up-load his order book. (Note the ticket says duplicate)


  11. chick20112011 says:

    Someone posted a vid to youtube with a “swat team” entering the tropicana and calling for hands up while pointing guns. Walking non-nonchalantly. Weird

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    • Totally Domestic says:

      Joe Napoli was on Crowdsource The Truth Mon after shooting & said he & his wife fled massacre to Tropicana & shell casings were everywhere at Tropicana & they were held there a good while,couldn’t leave.

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  12. Is there anyone in Las Vegas that can confirm that planes are being pulled off the airport runway onto the street. Like now.
    Vegasanon thread at 4chan (language warning, per usual)


    supposed video


  13. IMO says:

    Was paddock ever registered to vote? What political party? If so is there record of his contributions?

    More questions….


    • Joshua2415 says:

      Limbaugh said yesterday that he once lived in Boca, FL and was a registered democrat but I have not seen that in writing anywhere.


      • wheatietoo says:

        I’ve seen a screencap/photo of that…tweeted around, the last few days.

        It’s been reported on Fox that he was a ‘registered Democrat’.

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        • chick20112011 says:

          Saw the screen cap, and a day later looked at the at the Florida database from TWO sources, he’s “never” been registered. (scrubbed) The database that pulls Nationwide, he’s never been registered either, anywhere, under Stephen C Paddock. Very ODD

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    • Kaco says:

      I looked on Voter Records and he is not registered to vote in neither Florida or Nevada. Other Stephen Paddocks of different ages are registered. THE Stephen Paddock’s name came up with his correct age but not registered to vote.


  14. An interesting post on an archived thread

    “Theory that FBI tried to sell arms to ISIS or someone so they could trace them. They buyer set them up and did the deed. Now everything we’re seeing is a coverup because it makes the FBI look bad.

    Also unverified reports that Blackwater/Academi were present to protect and unknown vip were able to stop a much larger related attack.

    Many implications”

    near bottom of the page, here



  15. I’m still working on the mystery of the cameras and whether they were transmitting, and assuming yes, to where.

    If there was a second shooter, especially one outside the Mandalay Bay, one explanation for why the camera would be set up in the room would be to allow synchronization of fire. That would be a way to mask the true number of shooters involved. Everyone pulls the trigger and releases the trigger on a hand signal.

    If done correctly, it is an ingenious way to increase the body count while needing only one patsy. Just ensure the police converge on the patsy.

    What is disturbing about this possibility is the level of professionalism needed to achieve something like this. Definitely black ops special forces or CIA-style stuff. But it would not surprise me one bit if the shooting was a wetworks squad op sponsored by deep state globalists to undermine the 2nd.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Obama: “I’m really good at killing people.” Probably the only truthful thing he’s ever said.

      Abortion, promoting disease causing perversion, atrocious rules of engagement for military, promoting/pardoning thugs, thieves, tyrants, terrorists, traitors and Islamists…..and being involved with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

      Yep. Obama was telling the truth. He’s a ringleader in the cults of death.

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    • C. Lowell says:

      Transmitting to where? Reports are the 4 Seasons, owned by the Saudis, is just a few floors away. Would be pretty easy to transmit a signal four floors up in the same building, no?

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      • G. Combs says:

        I do not know electronics at all. However we know the NSA sucks up all cell phone and computer info.

        I have walkie talkies that only have a limited range. Could the streaming be limited range for communications??? Sound would not be very useful with gunfire going off.


      • I wonder if he could have had a ‘mifi’ thing. There were references made to “electronic devices” that they wouldn’t talk about in one of the pressers. (though that may have been one of the houses)


  16. racerxx says:

    imo, Paddock was laundering money Explains the vegas connection. I also think there is no way he was alone. No way he would have that many firearms in the room just for himself. Could’ve been a gun buy gone bad or something else. Yeah a lot of questions. Investigators playing close to the vest.. can’t say I entirely blame them. I guarantee there is way more to this than may ever come out. This also has to scare the h*ll out of the casino owners for losing business.

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    • georgiafl says:

      The few times I’ve been to a casino (Grand Bahama) or where people were playing slots and gambling, they all looked weird, dead in the eyes, unfeeling, zombie like….as though they had no humanity, like any one of them could pull a gun and commit mass murder.


    • TheWanderingStar says:

      My thought about a “gun deal gone bad” is that someone was thoughtful enough to bring a sledge hammer to the deal. The sledge was used to smash out the windows. Kind of out of place for a “gun deal”.

      This was a planned shoot. One that was meant to be a huge spectacle.

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      • G. Combs says:

        Doesn’t mean Paddock was the one who brought the hammer.

        If Paddock wanted to off a lot of people a 1/2 dozen guns would do the job.
        He would have ear muffs. (Remember he hated loud noise and complained about the neighbor in room below.)
        He would have worn leather gloves designed to fire weapons, NOT CLUMSY cotton gardening gloves.
        He would have rigged the suite with explosives and NOT left them in his car.
        He would have the two sites near each other set up not sites well away from each other.

        The bits and pieces we have, ESPECIALLY the money movement BEFORE the event says this in no way was a crazy ‘lone wolf’ shooting. The cameras live streaming also says CONFEDERATES loudly.

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        • TheWanderingStar says:

          Doesn’t mean the buyers brought the hammer. My point is a sledge hammer is just out of place for a gun deal.

          All of the oddities you point out are hallmarks of a disorganized mind and plan.

          He may have been directed and assisted by other parties. That remains to be proven. We may know soon or never.


  17. H.R. says:

    Since Paddock is dead, there won’t be a trial.

    No need to keep video and other evidence from the public since it won’t prejudice potential jurors, right?

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  18. TwoLaine says:

    It would not surprise me to find that he has a warehouse somewhere in the area that he paid cash for. Someplace to stash the guns & ammo he removed from Reno. I hope they are taking his pix and questioning each and every employee, of each and every warehouse operation, in person. He might have even slid someone a little on the downlow to keep it private.

    He may even have rented a property there, but I doubt it.

    I think they need to look into EVERY unsolved sniper style event anywhere across the USA, and find out where he was at that time.

    Have we heard ANYTHING about the planes? Flight logs? Fuel purchases?


    • benifranlkin says:

      And throw his DNA in the national data base and see what matches up!

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    • James W Crawford says:

      The FBI crime statistics confirm that deaths from sniper attacks are almost nonexistant. This is why any such killing is front page news.
      Given what we have been told, this really was not a true sniper attack because it was spray and pray into a crowd with no effort to aim at individual targets. However; I would not be amazed if forensics reveals quite a few of the people killed were hit by .308 or even .338 Lupua projectiles carefully aimed for the head.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        I had just recently read about a woman found dead in the desert. I’m not certain it was not aiming at individual targets once the crowd was dispersed out of the way and the police moved in. I heard cops this morning talking about how the bullets followed them.


  19. Meremortal says:

    I’ve never seen so many people enter a la-la land of fantasy as I have in the last year. It’s happening on the Left and Right.


    • Harry Lime says:

      That’s what happens when no one trusts anything coming from government or the media. And rightfully so. We’re left trying to come up with our own answers as to what is really going on.

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  20. Katiebug says:

    This thought came to my mind the other morning. I believe this is something just like Weather Underground or is in fact Weather Underground (a.k.a. BLM and ANTIFA) in 2017. If this is true then we know exactly who is behind all of this.


  21. not2worryluv says:

    July 14, 2016 Obama’s top dog Jeh Johnson tells us he’s more worried about home grown terrorists than ISIS-and yet we have one guy that stumps the entire intelligence community?

    God help us if this is the same group we are paying billions of dollars of our tax payer money to protecti our Country!

    Maybe we do need the Russians to tell us the truth.

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  22. sudsy49 says:

    I have yet to hear anything about how Paddock was trained in the use of firearms. Apparently he never served in the military. Why haven’t we heard something from anybody who might’ve seen him at a shooting range or who instructed him? Before Oct. 1 did anyone ever see him shoot a gun?


  23. Great research, Sundance and team! I have not seen most of your vieos and pix anywhere else.
    As to questions concerning the shooters possible helpers, etc., I find the output from
    http://www.understandingthethreat.com far more plausible than anything I’ve seen elsewhere. Check it out and compare.


  24. Michael says:

    (1) distracted2 says: “Who benefits from this massacre?”
    I would add
    (2) Who benefits from a cover-up?

    (2) For which I can imagine many possibilities. If you are LEO in LV and it becomes crystal clear there is fed-gov or quasi-fed-gov involvement are you going on TV and tell the world? Really? With wife and children at risk?
    Or someone in a suit and wraparound sunglasses tells you “you don’t know anything, do you?” (yer mudda, yer fadda, yer dawg, whatever you love most in life……)

    “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”
    George Carlin

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    • See this, closer to the end wrt LVMPD


      Take out the > or you’ll get ‘cannot be displayed’
      (Trying to prevent the whole thing from posting and eating up bandwidth)

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      • G. Combs says:

        That goes to what I said ABOVE.

        To add to that, a bit of history.
        Look at the Saudis, the Rockefellers, Maurice Strong (employed by the Rockefellers) and Great Granddad Samuel Bush, who was also employed by the Rockefellers.

        The linchpin is the Rockefellers (puppets/buddies of the Rothschilds) and OIL!

        The Rockefellers found oil in the middle east. They got permission from the Saudi King to prospect and drill. The Saudi Royals and the Rockefellers formed Aramco. Then in the mid-70s after Nixon had to take the USA off of the gold standard. The Saudis kicked the Rockefellers out and formed OPEC… RIGHTTttttt… Do you REALLY believe the Rockefellers wouldn’t have retaliated if that was true?

        On May 15, 1911, the Supreme Court ordered the dissolution of Standard Oil Company, ruling it was in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. They broke Standard Oil into 34 companies. However J. D. Rockefeller retained control. Standard’s president, John Rockefeller, had long since retired from any management role. But, as he owned a quarter of the shares of the resultant companies, and those share values mostly doubled, he emerged from the dissolution as the richest man in the world.

        This Supreme Court ruling taught the Rockefellers to be more subtle in gaining monopolies. So in order to increase the price of fuel, the idea of OPEC was hatched. Since OPEC is NOT inside the USA, and supposedly the Saudis and not the Rockefellers are behind it, the violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act does not apply.

        I have no proof, except the Saudis are treated by the USA with kid gloves when compared to other middle east countries and that to me means they have a very powerful USA Sugar Daddy.

        Liked by 3 people

        • Yes. The Rockefellers and the Saudis are cut from the same kind of cloth (Don’t forget BP and Royal Dutch Shell. We can thank Britain in large part for the mess that is Iran. imho))

          But G, I think we *do* have proof. Remember when they were allowed to fly out Sept 12, 2001 and all the Saudis that comprised the hijackers (that’s rhetorical. Of course, you do). It’s sickening the way our presidents from W to 0bama practically kiss their behinds. I *really* had to bite my tongue when PDJT was over there (But… he knows what he’s doing. Tapping, maybe.)

          These are the people we should have hit after Sept 11th, not Iraq- not even Afghanistan.
          Those were about oil/ pipelines & to hell with us. don’t get me started.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Michael says:

        Interesting. First there are “no terrorist connections” but because there is a known to be fake claim by a terrorist org FBI grabs the investigation and gags the local LEOs under guise of investigating terrorism that doesn’t exist.

        Work place violence.
        Nothin to see here folks.


  25. Looks like this is a Fakebook post. 7 shooters. *Remove the >


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  26. Molly Pitcher says:

    The report cited many times that the security guard was responding to a “door alarm” from down the hall from Paddock’s suite….has anyone ever heard of that? A door alarm for an ajar entry door?
    For various reasons we’ve had the door ajar when staying at LV hotels and never received a visit from security. I would think a stairwell door would have an alarm but each and every hotel room? Is it true?


    • G. Combs says:

      The report I remember reading was the guy next door called down to the desk about shots fired. That seems a heck of a lot more reasonable.

      The security idiot showing up WITHOUT WEAPONS (?) and alone makes you wonder about some people’s children.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Molly Pitcher says:

        ..So in a casino with extremely efficient security the glass shattering , falling to the ground , should have been a huge scramble to identify where it came from. In a place with a top notch team it should’ve only taken minutes to zero in on which room had a gaping hole in the window (s). The windows breaking, then shots fired but they respond to a door open..makes no sense (again) to me.

        Liked by 1 person

    • G. Combs says:

      Lets take a look at the security guard showing up. https://i1.wp.com/i.4cdn.org/pol/1507227066401.jpg

      I think you probably had people calling about shots fired.
      “>18:10 “Shots fired on 29 and 32nd levels’
      >18:25 “we are coming out on 32nd floor”
      >18:45 “we have a security officer shot in the leg on the 32nd floor”
      >19:15 “he shot down the hallway and hit a security guard”

      It looks like a good half hour between reports of shots fired and the cops getting to the security guard.
      you also have:
      “>9:10 “Reports shooter on 15th floor” So that is 15, 29, and 32 floors.

      If a door alarm going off I think was probably the stairwell emergency exit door with the panic bar. I think they messed up the timeline intentionally to confuse people.

      1. Shots fired.
      2. Multiple calls about shots fired.
      3. Security guard goes to check it out.
      5. Security guard shot, Paddock killed
      4. Team lays down cover fire (200 rounds shot) and team leaves via stairwell emergency exit and heads UP to the Four Seasons hotel.

      My guess is there were at least three people in that suite. Two firing and one monitoring cameras. A fourth was in contact ready to open the locked door at the Four Seasons Hotel. Paddock may or may not have been one of that three man team.

      Paddock was ALWAYS going to be left dead because they needed a WHITE MAN to lay the blame on. Preferably a Deplorable Trump supporter. Except the news he was a Democrat got out too soon and brother flubbed his lines.


    • Shadowalker says:

      Paddock would have had to keep one of his suites doors open to run the cable to the camera on the room service cart.


      • G. Combs says:

        WIFI or under the door.

        Also there were reports he had a drill, so a hole in the door and thread the wire through.

        Open door is possible but not necessary.


        • Shadowalker says:

          Wasn’t wifi. Saw a pic of the cart in the hallway. Camera sandwiched between plates with cord running across tablecloth towards wall.


  27. Regarding the gory corpse photo (“not necessarily” “if he had shot his mouth while sitting or standing, he would have blood ALL OVER his lower face and shirt”. There’s a pic of another headshot suicide that I won’t include.) Redactions ** mine.

    Who shoots themselves in the chest? Pretty awkward.

    “Not necessarily. In all likelyhood yes, but if he fell straight back and landed the way he did then that probably wouldnt have happened.

    Regardless – the fact that there is an apparent entrance wound on his chest is evidence enough. How did that blood get there? If it was from his mouth, then blood would be all over his chin and upper chest like you said. But its not – his chin and neck and upper chest are clean. The blood cant just spurt out of his mouth and magically land neatly center of mass and nowhere else. That s*** would be everywhere.

    Moral of the story is that he was 100% killed almost instantly by a shot to the chest. This fact makes the FBI narrative that he commit suicide untenable – which is why a friendly leaker chose that photo specifically to leak. Im curious to see whether these leaked pics came before or after the alphabet agencies claimed paddock shot himself – if the pics leaked afterwards, it is definitely a giant F*** YOU to the establishment and their false story.

    Anyways. Since its clear paddock was killed by a shot to the chest, it can be assumed someone else shot him. The police already said he shot himself, so they cant just turn around and say their breach team took him out – they already blew their wad on the story that he was dead when they got there. Which means some third party was involved – obviously meaning paddock was not alone and there is more to this than the establishment is letting on (ie; a deranged mystery schizo rampage).

    This is pretty obvious to us – but this info should be pushed to normies so they can see clearly that they are being lied to and that there is a massive coverup happening as we speak. Right now the biggest issue isnt what is true and what actually happened – its about showing the public that the official narrative is impossible and couldnt have occured, which means they are lying to us – which means we have clear evidence that the establishment is not to be trusted.”


    • Ranger103 says:

      How is it clear that Paddock sustained a chest wound? Is their conclusive proof?


      • Ostensibly, because of the way he bled out. (Sorry, gross)

        How is there conclusive proof of *anything*, other than that he gambled, accumulated big money (in spite of lacking visible means of support for the last 25 to 30 years), and had a Fillipino girlfriend who is pretty sketchy herself?
        People are believing *claims* made by the FBI, who are clearly covering up and outright lying again and again, without concrete proof. AND with testimony and video that contradicts the claims. I don’t blame the LVMPD. It looks like the police chief has flat refused to be a part of it.
        People are believing what they want to believe completely without concrete proof. Things that defy common sense, the obvious, and fact.

        I want to see the receipts for all these guns he allegedly purchased. But oh wait, receipts can be forged- especially after 7 days time. I want to see the CCTV tapes. We could have seen these within, at most, 3 MAYbe 4 days.

        They’ve done this shady s*** over and over again for years. I don’t believe 1 word they say.


  28. bessie2003 says:

    Hoping this link posts. I got it off an astrology site I like to visit, it is a copy of the shooter’s birth certificate.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. POP says:

    This crime scene is unique. Never in the history murder, terrorism or assassination have so many hundreds of cameras covered the area in minute detail.

    I believe there is no chance of a coverup. Too many redundant cameras, even if the hallway CTV “failed” there are too many other ways of determining who was on that 32nd floor.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. ray76 says:

    “I could see on it he had written the distance, the elevation he was on, the drop of what his bullet was gonna be for the crowd”



    • POP says:

      Unlikely, no trajectory tables needed, he sprayed the crowd, bullet drop was unnecessary information. In any case, if the scoped weapons were sighted in for the distance to the concert there would be no apparent bullet drop at all.


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