Mandalay Bay Shooter Riddles – The Philippine Angle

We haven’t torn into one of these riddles in a while and this one has a signature pattern that makes in very interesting.

Stephen Craig Paddock (64).  Girlfriend reported as Marilou Danley (62).

  • Paddock considered a “high stakes” gambler.(link)
  • Danley considered a “high stakes” hostess. (link)
  • Paddock reported visits to Philippines. (link)
  • Danley reported as Philippine origin. W/Filipino connections. (link)
  • Paddock reported to be sending money “tens of thousands of dollars” to Philippines recently. (link)

The picture below (unknown origin) appears to be Paddock (far left – check shirt), and Danley (center).  The bar appears to be the Lex Nightclub in Reno Nevada. Website HERE

(click to enlarge)  2048 x 1152

The two dance poles and walk around dance platform give the appearance of a dance club, go-go club.  (Dancing girls, professional hostesses etc.)  Or restaurant (day) and club (night). Note absence of alcohol in these pictures (seems odd).  Water bottles “natures spring”? (philippine company)

Bowl of Ice center of table.

Black lace woman (right) has orange wrist band, as does Marilou Danley (center) and Jabba-the-hut (black shirt).  Stephen Paddock wearing same shirt as prior (well publicized) photo below.

Woman in pink shirt (left shoulder) appears same as closed eye drinking photo. And appears to wear wristband.  Pink shirt and orange shirt appear to both have, what looks like, scrolls of some sort (update: they’re “glow sticks”)

Reddit has this version of picture:


CTH is more interested in finding where this nightclub is located?

  The bar is the Lex Nightclub in Reno Nevada.  Possible owner Lex Moser A real estate developer in Northern Nevada – Zillow Profile HERE

Notice the “X” on the bucket of water bottles.  Club logo?

What are those scroll looking things?  Again, notice the “X”  and possible “L E X”

Lex Nightclub Website HERE

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  1. G. Combs says:

    ISIS and random thoughts….

    First the shooter lived/visited Texas, Florida, California and Nevada.
    Second he had two planes and a license to fly.

    He was an accountant and had LOTS of money yet gambled, usually a method to LOSE lots of money. That suggests to me he was a mule used to run drugs from Texas to other locations — Florida, California and Nevada —- as the Clintons did in AK.

    Isis and al-Qaeda are little more than glorified drug cartels, and their motivation is money not religion “…Groups such as Isis and al-Qaeda succeeded in gaining a degree of legitimacy for their cause, by dressing it as a twisted heavenly mission. They are now viewed globally as Muslim fanatics rather than the hardened criminals, money launderers and drug lords that they are….Approximately 40 per cent of the cocaine reaching Europe each year arrives through Africa but is grown in Colombia and Peru….”

    Someone on page one mentioned how Casinos are used to launder money and get around the reporting laws.

    “Eric Paddock, who lives in Orlando, said his brother often gambled in tens of thousands of dollars. “My brother is not like you and me. He plays high-stakes video poker,” he said. “He sends me a text that says he won $250,000 at the casino… Eric Paddock said his brother previously worked as an accountant but also had real estate investments, including houses and apartments around Orlando….In addition to the Reno home, Paddock and Danley had another home in Mesquite, Nevada, said neighbors. In recent years, he had moved to Nevada from Melbourne, Fla. And he had previously lived in Texas and California, where he had married once and later divorced…. Property records show he had homes in both Mesquite, Texas, and Mesquite in Nevada.

    ….Don Judy, his next-door neighbor [in Florida] until two years ago, recalled that shortly after Paddock turned 60, Judy saw the inside of his home and was shocked by its appearance. He said it “looked like a college freshman lived there.”

    There was no art on the walls, not even a car in the driveway, Judy said, just a dining chair, a bed and two recliners. “It looked like he’d be ready to move at a moment’s notice,” Judy said.

    Paddock, however, always seemed on the move, carrying a suitcase and driving a rental car on monthly trips from Vegas to the community near Cocoa Beach….

    Public records show Paddock was a licensed pilot who owned two planes. “/i>

    NEXT the girl friend:
    She is now 62.
    “For several years, the gunman lived with his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, in a retirement community in Reno, Nevada, neighbors said.”

    She worked as “high-limit hostess” at the Atlantis Casino in Reno, Nev. between 2010 and 2013. She would have been mid fifties and with a bit of cosmetic surgery would have easily looked younger esp. in low light. She quit work after snagging Paddock as a live-in boy friend.

    On her facebook page is a photo taken in Dubai

    ” Marilou Danley’s Facebook profile reads, “Proud mom and grandma who lives life to the fullest.” Her last public post was an update of her profile picture in August. She had posted numerous photos of herself. Friends commented on her looks, and she wrote under one, “Thanks …That was taken at Wiltshire Roof Top Restaurant in L.A.” In 2016, she wrote in the comment thread under a photo, “…Kuha Sa Jumeira Beach, Dubai.” She also wrote under that photo, “That’s a beautiful City except it’s hot. Will be back there next year to visit my niece.”

    There was also a this from the tampabay story linked above.

    “He was weird. Kept to himself,” said McKay, 79, who described Paddock as small but in pretty good shape. “It was like living next to nothing. . . . You can at least be grumpy, something. He was just nothing, quiet. He never went out in the back and enjoyed the back yard, nature. They had a little back yard, 17 feet to the fence and hill. But the blinds were always closed.”

    McKay said the couple was gone for six months last year, which she thought was for a gambling trip.…”

    Lots of little facts and connections that make you want to go HMMMmmmm

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  2. GaryT ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ🇺🇸 says:

    I found a long one, too:

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  3. GaryT ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ🇺🇸 says:
  4. JoD says:

    IMO, the FBI is following an all too familiar pattern
    What was the killer’s motive? Every intellectually curious mind needs to know.
    By now, the investigators have already formulated a theory. A theory that will not be disclosed until they are confident that most of those currently speculating, have lost interest.
    Weeks or months from now, in the midst of the next crisis, a small article on a back page of some newspaper, we will be told what manufactured crap we are permitted to know.
    The FBI/DOJ are nothing more than a political tools of the “establishment.”
    They have lost their credibility and the confidence of the American people.
    FBI Director Christopher Wray…..silence
    AG Jeff Sessions…..silence
    Just about every member of Congress….silence
    They are all waiting for their “cue.”
    The general consensus of those who have been paying attention..
    “Something isn’t right” or “This thing smells.”
    Unfortunately, it will never smell any better or make some sense.
    This is by design. Prolonged uncertainty eventually yields to diminished interest.

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  5. 180daysofkindergarten says:

    Interesting that all of these shootings are starting to look similar. Horrific event. Then the next 24-48 hours full of muddy speculation and research that just gets muddier. The clear result is leftist citizens begging for gun control. Then liberals (a better term that leftists maybe) whining and gnashing over the evil right and why won’t they let them make the world a safer place. It is getting tiresome.
    I don’t know if this latest dirtbag was ISIS, pawn of his dead criminal father, deep state or whatever but he sure as heck wasn’t just some quiet rich retiree who went off the rails.
    The left in the country has got to quit peddling hate. Or this stuff will never stop. It is pure hate, and it turns my stomach.
    Keep up the good work Treepers! God Bless.

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  6. tgmccoy says:

    What were the Aircraft? would tell a lot.
    Twin(s) for over water flights-extra tanks for longer range?
    Heavy Hauler single engine-for back country pick up and dropoff?
    Reminds me of Park-o-Meter of Mena Ark.
    Which had nothing to do with parking meters..

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  7. Texmom says:

    No doubt, the whole thing smells. You have added some interesting tidbits.
    It will be harder to cover up anything than it used to be. People are much more inquisitive and willing to do the research.

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  8. grandmaintexas says:

    Accountant, millionaire real estate investor/developer, successful gambler, pilot, hunter, retiree, ties to ISIS and Antifa. What else will come out about this renaissance man?

    I get the impression they are throwing out multiple piles of 💩 to see what will stick. When they get the scenario fixed everything else will be retracted and discredited.

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  9. The Phillippines has been invaded by ISIS and Islam in the recent past and so he COULD fit the narrative of a convert who is proceeding along that completely whacked out course. He sounds like a thrill chaser and given my exposure to Phillipine women who come to America they fall into two categories pretty consistently : 1) THEY latch onto a sugar daddy and he finds himself supporting a whole family back in the Phillipines; 2) They are EXTREMELY pious to their faith and become outstanding members of their church and community, often with choirs, shelters and pro life places – and real estate.

    This DOES fit the narrative of someone who was not necessarily hooked on the phony religion angle of Islam, but loved the thrill of the gamble with the law and the ‘excitement’ of the lethal drug cartel.

    Libs are bored creatures who are followers. Even if he was a maverick he still was pursuing risks that others had started: gambling, drugs, Islam are all perfectly happy to sponsor their radical members, while still not elevating them to the top tier…and maybe he didn’t need to be top tier, he just wanted to be able to pursue his self-indulgent, radically anti-American, course.

    A recluse is the favored prey of cults and he certainly appears to have fit the bill…and most dangerous of all, appeared to have considered himself superior.

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  10. Very amateurish speculation on my part.
    But this shooter is reputed to be a winning gambler and…
    The casinos give him free complementary rooms and meals.
    I thought that casinos hate winning gamblers (there are a few)
    The casinos give the free stuff to losing gamblers.
    Owns two planes? Has to be Drugs.

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    • Mike says:

      Casinos generally give comps/perks based on how much money you put in play, and for how long. Whether you win or lose on a given day is irrelevant, they just want to incentivize getting you into their casino and putting money in play, and let the odds/averages take care of the rest. (Of course if you win big every time they’ll prob put extra scrutiny on you to figure out how you’re cheating).


      • LULU says:

        Casinos work on volume. The more you visit, the more they are interested in your business. The VIP cards keep track of everyone who has one (the VIP is intended to make the gambler feel like a big guy). The regulars who are so addicted that they are there frequently are the bread and butter of the casinos.


    • Or Gun Running !!! Explains one mystery , how he got them .


    • mimbler says:

      I’m guessing the planes are a red herring. He doesn’t have a current pilot’s license, and since they never mention what kind of planes they are (and they have to know in order to know he has two planes), I’m guessing they are puddle jumpers. Are they even currently airworthy? These things are public record, and the “journalists” are silent about it.


    • Handy N Hansom says:

      Casinos have no hope of re-acquiring their money if they can’t get it into their casino.


  11. jmclever says:

    A nightclub with everyone drinking bottled water but certain people with identifying wristbands? Perhaps it was during an under 21 night? Makes me wonder if there is human trafficking involved. Pure speculation based on oddity of bottled water being served.

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    • dginga says:

      None of the women in that pic were underaged, by any means. Maybe the wristbands identify them as employees.

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    • Indimex says:

      I went to their website. There are options to “upgrade your experience,” so to speak. I think they might indicate VIP status.


    • I live in Reno & the Grand Sierra Resort’s Lex Night Club does supply water bottles by a brand called Dasani. The ice bowl is typically used for champagne – it’s possible that when they took the pictures, the champagne just hadn’t arrived yet. But… some other comments mentioned they thought he might have been into drug trafficking – interesting, because in a club when you see a bunch of people drinking only water, it usually means they’re on cocaine. And that guy sitting on the end to the right really does look like more of a body-guard or “watcher”, than part of the group.


    • sjand3kids says:

      Muslims don’t drink.


    • vladdy says:

      When I see people looking like that and drinking ice water, I think drugs.


  12. Ziiggii says:

    Sorry, I’m just not having a good feeling about this event….

    Human trafficking and the prostitution of children is a significant issue in the Philippines, often controlled by organized crime syndicates. Human Trafficking in the Philippines is a crime against humanity.

    In an effort to deal with the problem, the Philippines passed R.A. 9208, the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003, a penal law against human trafficking, sex tourism, sex slavery and child prostitution. In 2006, enforcement was reported to be inconsistent.

    Sketchy looking white guys (neck beard types) with a ton of Asian women “partying” and this random Asian male that doesn’t look like he’s part of the group, but more like a guard or watcher.

    Paddock is a “multi-millionaire” all from owning residential properties?!?!? And sends a large amount to the Philippines where his GF is a frequent visitor of?

    Man my spidey senses are tingling – are we about to see a spoke in the pedogate wheel get busted up?

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      The guy was comfortably retired and all we know about his work history is he was employed as an accountant consultant for 3 years for an aerospace subcontractor back in the ’80s? For a start that place in Reno, the Lex, should be raided and locked down ASAP. Will that happen? Probably not. Too many powerful people in high places involved, be they patrons or investors in that strip joint.

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      • Ziiggii says:

        here’s a hint…. I do not believe that place, the Lex, is a “strip joint” or “dance club” or “fun bar”.


        • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

          With the pole dancers (depicted upper right in the photo) it surely wasn’t an upscale Chuck-E-Cheese. From the hint . . . it’s a brothel?


          • I live in Reno & have been to Lex – it’s just a night club, not a strip club or brothel LOL. People go there to dance & drink, they just have poles for the girls to dance around as “eye candy”. Pretty much every club I’ve ever been to has those in Reno & Vegas.


      • uvaldegirl says:

        The work history is awfully light, as known.


  13. Wee2low says:

    Yeah this is just getting stinkier and stinkier. Planes, money, gambling, “high-end hostesses”, empty houses, lots of travel. Tinfoil hat is firmly on at the moment. Another angle to explore is the profiles of the victims. Was one of the victims in the crowd connected to the folks above? I know it’s reaching but this just seems waaaay too strange to be a simple case of someone snapping. Someone with a mental illness so severe that would drive them to plot and carryout such an act, would be hard pressed to not leave some type of trail that would point to their sickness. Someone this mentally unstable would be suffering so badly they would need to express it somehow prior to an event like this. Either through a diary or social media or talking with friends etc. I just don’t think that crazy people go from 0 to snapping overnight. It would be interesting to talk to a mental health expert about this.

    This just smells of something very nefarious. Human trafficking? Drugs? Pedo ring?

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  14. This shooter in Las Vegas
    Was sending 10 of thousands of dollars to the Phillipines

    planes , lots of money and access to advanced automatic weapons and an undocumented work history ( last employment Lockhead in 1984 ), since then free lance, pilot, consultant , accountant,,,
    Can we ask Arms Dealer ???///

    if so was he known to FBI and Cia

    We will never know

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  15. wheatietoo says:

    I tried searching the FAA Registry data base for any planes registered to Stephen Craig Paddock…but turned up nothing.

    All that means is that there are no aircraft registered under that name.
    A lot of aircraft owners form a small company to register their planes under…often an LLC.
    That way their liability is limited to the value of the aircraft.

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  16. hawkeye13 says:

    I wonder if he was actually the shooter? Could he have been killed and left in the hotel room dead to take the blame? I have not went back to listen to the audio again, but my initial impression was more than one shooter or a belt fed machine gun… at least someone reloading? We’ll never know.

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  17. jmclever says:

    The selection of the target tells about the ideology of the perpetrator. When it is ISIS, there is a kind of sick reasoning behind the event or group that is chosen. The same goes for when it is a deranged leftist. Note that the fact that the concert goers were likely Trump supporters has been voiced by CNN and the now-fired CBS lawyer. Who are the most recent targets in the US since the election? leftists or Islamists, the targets are usually Christians and conservatives. Maybe the goal is to dissuade us from being Christian and/or conservative out of fear? OTOH the fact that they are fighting so hard is most likely bc they are losing influence, despite what their MSM mouthpieces would have us believe.

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  18. GW says:

    There are a number of interesting details, theories and possibilities being discussed here; however, regardless of whether any are accurate or not, I haven’t seen anything suggesting a motive why the guy would do this.
    Just a sick leftist who finally cracked ?
    Poisoned by Islamism by a Filipino girlfriend ?
    Country music hater who cracked ?
    CIA Manchurian candidate to reignite the gun control debate ?


  19. G. Combs says:

    Jim Murren, chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International, owner of the Mandalay Bay, Donates to CAIR and Southern Poverty Law Center.

    “…In response to what he sees as the racism, bigotry, intolerance and violence in the wake of Charlottesville, Murren announced last week that MGM will match employee contributions to a collection of groups that include extreme leftist organizations and Muslim advocacy outfits….”

    HMMMmmmm Interesting way to find out who among the staff are ‘extreme leftist’ …..

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  20. Realist says:

    There are videos and eyewitness accounts appearing online showing a SECOND shooter on the fourth floor. We are being LIED to by the Cops and the Media.


  21. 7delta says:

    The water only in a bar is odd. One or two people drinking water wouldn’t be strange, but no sign of any adult beverages…in a bar? I enlarged the picture to see what I could see. Just curious about what they’re doing, besides “visiting.”

    The things I noticed:

    1) The blonde woman at the table behind the focal group is bent forward with her hand to the center of her face in a classic snorting pose. Her hair obscures her face and hand, so it’s just a pose that could have other explanations. What are the bottles on their table?

    2) In the eyes-wide-shut picture of the shooter, he seems to be holding a shot glass, another type of shooter. Not necessarily significant. Just ironic.

    3) The table in the group picture has so many of these little glasses turn upside down, the area almost looks like a blob of blue bubble wrap or something, but a few of the upended glasses that aren’t clustered as tight are clear.

    4) A tiered (plastic-looking, could be glass) serving tray is on the right side of the table across from the knee of the man in black pants with the woman in the red/pink top. The top tier is empty. Appears to have a white doilie-thing on it. The bottom tier has some sort of food item. I think the coloring in the photo is misleading. Maybe cake slices or could be apple slices? Dunno.

    5) Between the serving tray and the bottled water is something white I can quite make out. Looks like a bag with markings on it.

    6) A small silver bowl on the table in front of the shooter, on the other side of the upended glasses and toward the center of the table. Appears empty or the contents are below the angle of the photo shot.

    7) On the ledge next to the shooter is an object that looks as if its body is clear or slightly purple in color, with a thin metal-looking extension protruding from the wider end of the object. A key fob? A small walkie-talkie with antenna? Another sort of radio device? Old phone with antenna?

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    • LULU says:

      It looks like a party celebrating someone. The brownish box appears to be a gift with a big mass of purple ribbon loops on top. Bottled water on table is common for many rather than tap water. Those could be shot glasses for toasting, with some (turned upside down) declining alcohol.

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      • LULU says:

        This will explain the small glasses. Everything you need to know about Filipino drinking:

        View at

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        • tdwesselman says:

          Silly gooses, it is common in Filipino culture to have water to chase shots, especially for women. Remember most of them are five foot nothing and weigh less than an American 12 year old. LULU that article gets most of it right. Yes Usually there is only one shot glass. But unless you ate in the country(Jungle) everyone uses their own chaser glass.
          Some alcohol is kept cold some is server room temperature, just like here.
          Having done a lot of drinking with Filipinos both here in the USA and in the Philippines i see absolutely nothing about those photos that raises an eyebrow before October 1 2017.


      • LULU says:

        And here is how drinks are served to VIPs (in booths) at the Lex nightclub (from their website linked in article):

        Elegance truly becomes unruly with the ultimate VIP experience at LEX. Start your night by surpassing bystanders as you enjoy VIP entry into the venue. Then, take your seats at an exclusive table where you’ll enjoy bottle service from a personal Lex employee ready to pour, mix and serve all night long. Mix, mingle and dance the night away worry-free while your private security personnel and bottle service assistant take care of your every need.

        Setups and water are on the table. A personal Lex employee brings the alcohol, pours and mixes. Filipinos are apparently big on straight shots of various liquors with chasers.

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        • 7delta says:

          I’m sorry I didn’t thank you for the information. Had a meeting, which just concluded, but have another in a few hours, so I’m trying to multi-task, with an only-one-track-at-a-time mind, and trying to get any questions about water and shot glasses down somewhere before I forget. Unfortunately, what I forgot was to thank you.


      • 7delta says:

        The brown box is the back of a chair or something propped against the table, I think, since it covers the side rim of the table. It’s not sitting on the table. The purple loops, when zoomed in on, are the upended shot glasses. There are too many of these glasses for one table or for a toast.


        • LULU says:

          7delta, just looked at photo through your eyes. Yes, not a package. Yes, those are glasses. The servers bring many kinds of liquor (most known only to the Filipinos),, so I imagine a few new glasses are on the table (there aren’t that many spares). They are not toasting, but that is how they drink. Shots w/chasers.

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    • Some states , if a strip club, no alcohol, Minnesotas was , perhaps still is

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    • vladdy says:


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      • 7delta says:

        Don’t know. The blonde woman’s pose caught my eye. Could mean nothing and even if it did, may have no connection to the shooter. Just looking at everything in the photo.


  22. 7delta says:

    Still thinking:

    Do shot glasses come in specific shapes for specific liquors or shots, like red and white wine glasses or cocktail glasses? Different establishments may have signature shot glasses or other glassware. Does this one have such glassware? Is it a restaurant during the day? If so, wonder what time it opens?

    We can’t see much of the room in this picture to know if there are other customers, whether the other people are eating a meal or just doing what most people do at bars. Just wondering what time of day it is…there are pole dancers on duty, but in Vegas, that might not be strange. I’m trying to get the water only angle and shot glasses. Shots of water? Are they waiting for a new bottle of something else when this picture was taken?

    Lastly, is it possible to dissolve certain substances in water to transport illegally, then reclaim that substance through evaporation, distillation or other methods for sale? What sorts of dissolved illegal substances would have street or other value, without having to reclaim it and could be ingested, as is?


    • LULU says:

      Go to the Lex club’s website. All information is there.

      These two had known each other since at least 2013. This could have been taken any time between then and now (though I have a hunch it was early on she looked younger).

      What difference does it make?

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      • 7delta says:

        Just curious if anything in the picture might give us some hints about what the guy was in to that might generate revenue or tell us something about his “behaviors.” Kinda like turning over rocks. Might be something there. Might not.

        I appreciate the info you posted. It’s helpful.


  23. Sayit2016 says:

    Ok… I am going to weight on on the bottle water at Clubs discussion. Full disclosure-I was a bartender when I was in college for 4 years and if that does not make you some type of an expert on human nature nothing else will. ) I was at a Club with friends in Vegas called Liquid Blue…I tend to be a social observer…and I began to noticed the rhythm of the people dancing and drinking and drinking water at the club- the dance floor full and almost empty. Then the cycle would repeat.

    We had been out in the sun earlier that day- and it was a party weekend- so I tend to have drinks and then have water in between. I had gone up to the bar to get water and they only had bottled water and it was like 8.50 a bottle. I was talking with some people and mentioned the cost of a bottle of water and a guy told me this is common in X clubs… hmm. What is an X club you ask ? It is where people drop Ecstasy before they go to the club and then don’t drink alcohol but drink water- thus the 8.50 charge… and any decent bartender knows clubs hums on liquor receipts.

    Ecstasy—The amphetamine analog 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, ‘ecstasy’) is often used recreationally in social settings, reportedly because it enhances mood, and uniquely increases feelings of sociability and connectedness with others MDMA is a potent releaser of the monoamine neurotransmitters norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine, which are involved in physiological arousal, mood regulation and drug reinforcement. There is also evidence that MDMA releases oxytocin, a neuropeptide involved in affiliative behaviors.

    Dehydration is the most serious risk when taking MDMA- because it has suppressant effects on the bladder, and stops you urinating for hours, so if you keep drinking you overhydrate and your brain swells and you die-so staying hydrated can help keep neurotoxicity to a minimum. Alcohol interferes with the mechanism that regulates the water levels in the body so that is why X users opt for water. to avoid DD ( double dehydration )

    So it is kinda weird to have a group of adults at a club all drinking water…I would expect to see as an x bartender some water at a table- but the absence of any alcohol is weird. I am wondering if there is a drug/traffic angle to this….especially with large sums of cash being sent to the Philippines.

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  24. NebraskaFilly says:

    Watched an interview with a woman who attended the concert, who claimed there was also someone on the ground firing.


  25. They would have got away with it , if it wasn’t for those meddling 4 chan teenagers.

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  26. Great comments on this page! It’s the first one I’ve found where people are actually forming coherent hypotheses on Paddock’s motives.
    My initial guess was that his family & girlfriend were somehow at risk, and he was being bribed by an anti-american group. News sites have now exposed that he sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Philippines over the past several months, so he must’ve been preparing for quite some time.

    Some other commenters on here suggested drug running, gun running, or human trafficking – perhaps he didn’t hold up his end of a bargain and his family was threatened, unless he carried out this specific act. If he was into drug or gun running, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that a terrorist group was posing a threat and this was his only option to save his family, or prevent some larger incident. Will be interesting to see if the true motive is ever discovered or released to the public.


  27. wantsomebacon says:

    It appears in the picture with Paddocks eyes closed you can clearly see the 13 tattoo and in the other picture even when you zoom in you do not see the tattoo (maybe the other picture is too blurry). I would think you could at least see a mark or something?! And now with a picture of him dead there isn’t a 13 at all. Just some thoughts and wondering what you all think. If this was already said I must have missed it so sorry if this is a repeat thought/question


  28. Linda says:

    Watching Shep Smith on Fox News…..just said CTH is “FAKE NEWS”…no truckers strike!!! Unbelievable!

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  29. LULU says:

    No time to review thread. The Lex nightclub is in the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno. It is not a freestanding club. It is wildly unusual looking. Similar to an old membership disco, it has special VIP booths with one’s personal drinks server, a dance floor on glass over an indoor pool, massive lighting effects.


  30. thesitrep says:

    It looks like what we have here is a “Howard Sprague” character, a Postal, IRS, Auditor type that had a psychotic parent.

    It is easy to imagine that this guy was on SSRIs for a while and may have had some debts to some seedy guys.

    SSRIs can cause desire for all kinds of risky behavior, like gambling, and mass shooting.

    A weird combination of events and associates and planning had to go into this event.

    Looks like the guy was a willing tool.


  31. CathyMAGA says:

    The ‘X’ is seen in the opening video. So it’s the club.


  32. Denise Reed says:

    Any idea how recent these club pictures are?


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