Supreme Court Cancels Travel Ban Arguments…

Against the backdrop of a revised set of administration rules on visa issuance and restricted nationalities; and considering the previously argued ‘Trump travel ban’ guidelines expired Sunday; the Supreme Court has cancelled their hearing of arguments in opposition to the former travel restrictions and visa guidance.

(Via Associated Press) – 1:40 p.m. – The Supreme Court has canceled arguments set for Oct. 10 in the dispute over President Donald Trump’s travel ban, after Trump rolled out a new policy Sunday.

The unsigned order from the justices Monday asks both sides to weigh in by Oct. 5 about what to do with the case.

The court had been ready to hear argument about the legality of a 90-day ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries and a 120-day ban on refugees from around the world.

The ban expired Sunday and was replaced by a new policy that affects eight counties and has no expiration date.  Those countries are Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen.  Chad, North Korea and Venezuela were not covered by the earlier ban. (link)

In addition both Chad and Venezuela are pushing back against Homeland Security guidance that led to their inclusion on the revised travel restrictions:

♦Chad’s government says it learned “with astonishment” of the decision by the U.S. government that its country is on a list whose nationals will be prohibited from entering the United States.

A government statement Monday said the government expresses its incomprehension about the “official reasons for this decision; which contrasts with Chad’s constant efforts and commitments in the fight against terrorism at regional and global levels.”

Chad’s government called for a better appreciation of the situation and for Trump to reconsider the decision which it says “undermines the image of Chad and the good relations between the two countries.” (LINK)

♦Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (nee-koh-LAHS’ mah-DOO’-roh) says the Trump administration’s decision to include Venezuelan officials on a travel ban is a form of “political and psychological terrorism.”

His foreign ministry issued a statement Monday saying that the travel restrictions violate the values of the United Nations charter and international law and are part of a continuing effort by the U.S. to oust Maduro from power.

The ministry said it is considering “all necessary measures” to defend Venezuela’s sovereignty and national interest. (LINK)

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84 Responses to Supreme Court Cancels Travel Ban Arguments…

  1. Publius2016 says:

    Get used to it, Venezuela! Better get with the program or everyone will be uninvited – including members of the politburo.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Our Lion 🦁 is a vicious cat when it comes to his country and its people! I absolutely love the fact that he added the three additional countries. Especially Venezuela 🇻🇪! It is just a matter of time before their citizens would be applying in record numbers to get Asylum into our country. The same could be said of North Korea 🇰🇵. He absolutely cut them off at the knees. I love the fact there is no end date with the latest EO! Democrats, Uniparty Republicans and the MSM know they stand absolutely no chance in the SC.

      Winning is absolutely right!

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  2. magatrump says:

    Oh Yea!

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  3. MN says:

    Awesome indeed….

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  4. Jimmy Jack says:

    Maduro called Trump Hitler. Why should we let anyone from Venezuela in at all?

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  5. Alligator Gar says:

    Venezuela’s government is delusional.

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    • kiskiminetas says:

      Venezuela’s is run by socialist-communists who have turned the country into a hades hole. The leaders remind of Stalin, Pol Pot and Castro. They like the others mentioned have no respect for their citizens and their lives.

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  6. SR says:

    The fake msm is not talking WIN but NFL garbage.

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  7. Dawn Windsor says:

    What is the meaning of cancelling arguments? Is it to argue on the revised EO instead?


  8. kathyca says:

    Oh dear — what it looks like when someone other than a Democrat is willing to game the system. #Winning #MAGA

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  9. Steve in Lewes says:

    “His foreign ministry issued a statement Monday saying that the travel restrictions violate the values of the United Nations charter and international law and are part of a continuing effort by the U.S. to oust Maduro from power.
    The ministry said it is considering “all necessary measures” to defend Venezuela’s sovereignty and national interest.”

    Good luck with that buddy! America’s sovereignty could care less about the UN charter’s values!
    Whose gonna enforce that; France, Germany?
    Thanks for the laugh!

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  10. Trumppin says:

    I’m confused, how is this a good thing? by SCOTUS not hearing the argument and ruling on the 90 day travel ban doesn’t this just set a precedent for liberal sjw to do it again to PDJT or another potus down the road?


    • andrewalinxs says:

      Not really activist judges are going to rule as they see fit until he supreme court says something. Also supremes already gave the important ruling that the President does have authority to restrict travel.

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      • Trumppin says:

        I still would of rather they ruled on the constitutionality of POTUS temporary 90 day travel ban. with out that SCOTUS ruling they will proceed to SJW things.


        • andrewalinxs says:

          Problem is you are expecting lower courts not to continue to rule against the order. They would regardless of what Supreme court say on the mater as the goal is to delay and file endless complaints.

          What maters is it was enforced and the new order demonstrates that Trump is not discriminating Muslims making all the argument pointless and the sham they always where.

          The judges in the district and appeals ruling against this should be disrobed and disbarred. As they have brought total shame to their branch of government.

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          • chojun says:

            Yes the SJW argument to the Supreme Court was on the basis that Trump’s Executive Order was founded in nothing more than xenophobic racism perpetrated against one particular religion. Now that the ban has extended into Africa, Korea, and South America that argument has lost all merit and there’s no need for SCOTUS to review the case at all.

            This is actually a huge blow to the counter-EO efforts. They’ll have to start all over again but they won’t be able to approach this on the same line of argument. They’ll have to go back to the drawing board on this.

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          • rashamon says:

            PDJT has to get his dominoes (judges) lined up before attacking big issues such as unconstitutional legislation, ignoramous judicial decisions and over-reach executive orders. It staggers the mind to see how much our freedoms have been diminished in five, six decades, not to mention since the Wilson debacle that denuded the U.S. Constitution.

            I’m impressed at how much he’s accomplishing with his team by taking skinny, hair-thin slices off the horrible moves of previous administrations. Just one wafer-then paring down at a time might effect more changes than the progressives/globalists realize.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      They have asked the parties to submit response as to whether the cases are now moot. Once answers are received, they will either hear the two cases or not depending on responses.

      I have a feeling they will be hearing the cases.

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  11. saywhat64 says:

    Expect a new challenge at the Hawaiian District Court in front of obama’s homey judge by the end of the week….


  12. filia.aurea says:

    Sudan should be reinstated on the ban list. I am waiting for a complete freeze on all immigration until the RAISE Act is implemented. New immigration applications should be on hold, although I expect tax reform will take up the remainder of this year.

    Look out RNC/GOP, your days are numbered. Glad to hear POTUS admit he ‘might’ have made a mistake endorsing Strange. We need God fearing, Constitution obeying Senators like Judge Moore. The President’s loyalties lie with God and the U.S. Constitution.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Actually – both Strange and Moore are Christians:

      “Strange grew up in Homewood, where he attended All Saints’ Episcopal Church as a child. He and his wife, Melissa, are members of St. Mary’s-on-the-Highlands Episcopal Church in Birmingham’s Southside and frequently attend services there when they are in Alabama.

      “He worships with us on a regular basis,” said the Rev. Huey Gardner, rector of St. Mary’s.

      Strange and Melissa also went on a trip to Israel several years ago with Gardner and other members of the church, where Strange showed a strong affinity for Christians in the Holy Land, the priest said. “They are very committed people,” Gardner said. “They are part of the fabric of this church. He is an active, engaged member of St. Mary’s.”

      As attorney general Strange often allied himself with the Alabama-based EWTN Global Catholic Network on religious freedom issues such as challenging the Obama administration’s health insurance mandate requiring employer-sponsored health plans to provide coverage for contraception, sterilizations and abortion-inducing drugs.”

      Obviously, Strange is also pro-life.

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    • CleanhouseinDC says:

      Actually, it would be great if the admin announced Sudan was back on the list. Then the Left SJW screaming would be that Trump is reacting to one isolated,Sudanese, Muslim immigrant shooting things up, driving even less support for the continued invasion.

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  13. Lumina says:

    Not watching this closely, but isn’t the Venezuelan ban on government officials not citizens?

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  14. beaujest says:

    Is California on the new travel ban ?

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  15. Nchadwick says:

    President Trumps response to both Chad and Venezuela

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  16. Erik Dee says:

    Who is this Chad guy anyway? And why do they keep treating him like some kind of country?

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  17. Minnie says:

    Sadly, the list of dangerously delusionals is growing.

    Who does Maduro think he is?!?!

    The United States of America is a sovereign nation.

    WE choose who receives the privilege of entering our land.



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  18. datagooroo says:

    Two “non-Muslim” (North Korea and Venezuela) countries added to the ban, two “majority Muslim” countries taken off (Iraq and Sudan), sounds like the “Muslim ban” argument fell apart before the Supreme Court heard it…

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  19. andyocoregon says:

    Unlike the former president, President Trump is following through on his promises to protect American Citizens before all others.

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  20. Sandra-VA says:

    Linda Sarsour seems to be very upset that NK was added to the Travel/Immigration EO 😀

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  21. maiingankwe says:

    Looks like I’m going to have to do some research on Chad. I would guess they’re not really working real hard on taking the terrorists out of their country like others are doing. At least that is my take on it. If they can’t do the job they swore they would do, they’re out. Easy peasy. No games.

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  22. maiingankwe says:

    Looks like I’m going to have to do some research on Chad. I would guess they’re not really working real hard on taking the terrorists out of their country like others are doing. At least that is my take on it. If they can’t do the job they swore they would do, they’re out. Easy peasy. No games.

    I just looked at his picture and realized it was more than likely taken when they had all gathered in Saudi Arabia. I remember those comfy, white chairs and all of the yummy treats laid out for each leader. I was so envious of that and couldn’t understand why most were not digging in like I would have. I bet they had the best chocolate ever!

    Anyways, I wonder if that was his expression when our President Trump was talking to them about wiping out/kicking out all of the terrorists and giving them no place to hide? Could be, not sure. I do know he wasn’t eating the dam chocolate though.


  23. scott467 says:

    “♦ Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (nee-koh-LAHS’ mah-DOO’-roh) says the Trump administration’s decision to include Venezuelan officials on a travel ban is a form of “political and psychological terrorism.”


    Sounds like the voice of experience talking.

    I remember a while back, maybe 6 months ago, when Maduro was out walking in the streets, alone apparently, at dusk. Some people recognized him and started shouting at him, and he ran away.

    I remember thinking (and writing, over on Breitbart) at the time, are you people NUTS?

    You HAD him!

    You will NEVER have another chance like that. I have no idea what he was thinking or what he was doing, whether he was drunk, whatever; no idea how he came to be by himself, walking through the streets, but THAT was their chance.

    That was their ‘string him up like Mussolini’ moment, and they blew it.

    How many thousands (millions?) of lives will be lost or irrevocably altered (for the worse) because that moment in time was not seized by the People.

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  24. youme says:

    New on Lawfare: Reality Sets in for Federal Courts: The Travel Ban Was a ‘Temporary Pause’
    Sep 25, 2017

    After eight months, thousands of pages of briefing and three Supreme Court orders, the Trump administration has reiterated what had been its position all along: that a pause on the entry of immigrants from certain at-risk countries was needed to give the government an opportunity to reassess its policies. Since the first executive order in January, talented lawyers ably told the story that this rationale was always a pretext for Donald Trump’s Islamophobia. Respected jurists accepted that narrative and issued nationwide injunctions that barred the president from exercising his constitutional and statutory authority.

    With the president’s proclamation Sunday, reality has set in. Even while charges of animus and bigotry were flying, behind the scenes, the executive branch undertook a methodical review of the “identity-management and information-sharing capabilities, protocols, and practices” of more than 200 nations. The proclamation noted that this was “the first such review of its kind in United States history,” and could not have been conducted in the first week after the inauguration or, for that matter, in March. The earlier executive orders were never designed to implement a permanent travel ban against Muslims but, instead, were needed to provide a “temporary pause,” during which a new policy could be reviewed and implemented. And the rationale for selecting these countries was based on objective criteria regarding how each nation shares information with the United States—precisely the grounds stated in the March executive order.

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  25. bsdetector4u says:

    While the media is chasing shiny objects (NFL), Trump is issuing a new travel ban EO. Heh heh heh. Gotta love this man!

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  26. volintn says:

    It is a ban on the Venezuelan officials ONLY. Its probably just a matter of time before they come here for refugee status. Sandra-VA upthread caused me to go reread SD’s post……I feel sorry for the starving people, but better to send food down there. No money, due to the corruption.


  27. The ACLU and Hawaii judges will be right back at Trump. Accomplished nothing. He would have won.


  28. My own note on Venezuelans and socialism. Great Venezuelans populate our baseball leagues and our country. I am an old man but remember as a child my family visiting Caracas and Valencia. To understand the ravages of communism in our hemisphere we need to be time- travelers. The two richest nations in post WWII of Latin America were Cuba and Venezuela. Cadillacs, fancy fashions, resorts and fine wines. Marxists had a better idea in the late 50’s. The Venezuelan people have been poisoned with ” free stuff” economy too long. Sad.


    • Major Styles says:

      Latin America has naively courted communism for many years. Even Pablo Neruda was a noted adherent. And what we see now is the fruition of these beliefs….like a rotten apple that has finally fallen from the tree.

      But Latinos, many of which are good people, are respectful of the forceful. Strength is respected and with Trump, we have that.


  29. lokiscout says:

    Ah, my knee jerk opinion is “not very well”! If you want I can sleep on it overnight but doubt my mind will change.

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