Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – 2:15pm Livestream

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders delivers press briefing for September 25th, 2017. Approximate start time 2:15pm EDT:

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream Link Alternate Livestream Link

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61 Responses to Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – 2:15pm Livestream

  1. mazziflol says:

    How many Qs are going to be about the NFL or NFL protest related? LOL

    How many Qs will be about important things?

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    • Nigella says:

      Let the jackals hyperventilate over this… meanwhile POTUS will do the peoples work…

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      • singingsoul says:

        Concerning the NFL players and their owners, we are the costumer!
        Would we keep going back to a store where our values being trampled on…?
        I would not!!!!
        People who keep going back to overpaid prima donnas whose claim to fame is throwing a foot ball and knocking each other over . This reminds me of the wife who gets beaten by her husband and keeps going back for more. The players need to take their 40 million and see a shrink and use it for good purpose not goose women and drugs. They need spiritual healing and maybe they ned to spend more time in Church do some charity work in their community they grew up in. Maybe by giving back to society they will value our society and our Nation more. They have no clue how good they have it. They need to go on their knees every day and thank God they live in a country who has afforded them so much.
        These players have a psychological spiritual problem not a Trump problem he is only the lightening rod for their ills.


    • duchess01 says:

      Are we up to (6) questions about the tweets, yet?

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  2. duchess01 says:


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  3. Troublemaker10 says:

    Sarah mentioned Gen Dempsey statement.

    Here it is:


    Why we stand for the flag: Gen. Dempsey

    It’s important to remember that our military is composed entirely of volunteers. It obviously takes a special kind of patriotism for people to volunteer to risk their life for their country. Theirs is not blind patriotism that pretends there is nothing wrong with the country. Every man and woman in uniform knows we still have work to do to achieve the equality, opportunity and justice for all to which we aspire. But every member of the military also knows that what is right about America is worth defending. And if it’s worth defending, it’s worth honoring.

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    • duchess01 says:

      Thank You!

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    • tax2much says:

      Tom Brady said that what President Trump said was “divisive”.

      What Tom and his ilk fail to see is that the Kaepernick kneel is what is “divisive”. It is not divisive to stand at attention for the national anthem. It is courtesy and respect for all who have fought to defend that flag. Yes, mostly white folks for sure, but many black folks as well. Thousands and thousands of those folks paid the ultimate price with their lives. Is that “divisive”, Tom?

      Forget the country Tom. Look to your own NFL rule book. You taunt another player or show too much celebration , or don’t stand for the anthem you are supposed to be penalized. Which is more “divisive” Tom, “taunting” another player or not taunting? Do you condone ridiculing your teammate for a botched play? No, that is “divisive”. Yet you can not allow your fellow teammates and fans to honor their country by standing for the national anthem. Instead you encourage a minority of your teammates to “taunt” them and their beliefs.

      Spoiled rotten hypocrites, all.

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      • mimbler says:

        Yes, just like the libs: claim that the position 80 to 90 percent of the country believes in is divisive, and their fruitcake position 10 percent believe in is unifying.

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      • Tegan says:

        EXTREMELY disappointed in Brady! Of all people, perhaps one of the few with intelligence to wade through the nonsense and hypocrisy…he was way off base and needs to issue an apology to the millions he insulted.

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        Once again, projection is the sole form of progzi communication and irony their sole state of mind–a direct result of limiting the sphere of one’s experience to the interior or one’s own rectum.

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      • singingsoul says:

        “Tom Brady said that what President Trump said was “divisive”.
        Who stood by Brady when Brady was in trouble accused letting the air out of the football…?
        Trump did he stood firmly by him even though it was risky for the candidate Trump.
        President is finding out who his true friends are. President inadvertently is housecleaning his friends.
        Mr President nothing is lost with friends like Kraft and Brady those type of friends are a dime a dozemn.

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      Won’t someone please tell the social justice warriors that Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you….” ~Matthew 26:11 There will always be a time or the chance to give opportunity and justice, and to treat all with equality. That’s how I read Jesus’ words on this subject.


  4. G3 says:

    President Trump commonly speaks of the American Flag in his rallies and speeches. I’ve got great photos of when he paused during a rally to give a little hug and point to the flag. Media suddenly can’t recall his rallies. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  5. duchess01 says:

    They have no idea what the President does on any given day – they think he sits there and ‘tweets’ all day – Geesh!

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    • georgiafl says:

      I’m beginning to think PDJT wants and plans it that way….sending out tweets to direct and misdirect the media.

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      • G. Combs says:

        Of Course President Trump does.

        I am 1/2 way through Art of the Deal (all read yesterday) and what stands out is PLANNING!

        President Trump knows the art of Planning every move carefully and the Art of precise TIMING. He knows how to be flexible and have several contingency plans. Very Very rarely have we had anyone in the oval office with his type of skills of planing AND flexibility.

        The NFL tweet was all about a death shot to Political Correctness and Social Justice virtue signalling.

        Do not forget the ANTIFA Website is Planning Nationwide Anarchy On November 4th. If this is for real Trump has to get ahead of it so his base is solidly behind him.

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        • Sloth1963 says:

          Yay! My Birthday. Thanks ATIFA. Not.

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        • dekester says:

          I read A.O.T.D. A couple of months ago.

          You are correct…another thing that struck me, was PDJTs seemingly endless patience.

          God bless PDJT.

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        • valheisey says:

          Read it right after he announced and I was sold. Think about everything PDJT said in the rallies like taking the lumps out and always being willing to walk away and always having a plan B, and what was revealed on CTH like owning the downside and coming out ahead in the end. Never underestimate Donald J. Trump. He is the master negotiator. EVERYTHING he does is intentional. He is not ever caught flat-footed.

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      • JC says:

        I’m sure of it, Georgiafl. The maestro plays them again while still getting his point across. Respect the flag and those who sacrificed for what it symbolizes, and msm will spin and obsess over it; meantime, tax cuts and strengthening of OE 13780 full steam ahead almost under the radar.

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      • duchess01 says:

        Oh, but those ‘tweets’ are so hurtful – gotta get to my ‘safe space’ quickly – big babies!

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    • hippielouie says:

      ya…he’s wasting soooo much time /s

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  6. I love it! the new travel ban is being overlooked…lol

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  7. dbethd says:

    Seriously, I only watch these for Sarah. I cannot stand the MSM. I can’t believe that Jim Acosta is still in there for one thing.

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  8. georgiafl says:

    Gotta get in their ‘sound bites’ – aka negative talking point assertions posited as questions – right down to Acosta at the last second.

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  9. CiscoKid says:

    It is so tough to watch, but Sarah performs brilliantly.
    Press Corps along w/ media, as always, trying to make this a racial issue.
    Same crap over and over and over.

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  10. tuskyou says:

    I knew one of these pricks would squeeze in the “demographics of Nascar”.

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  11. Paco Loco says:

    Media whores who know nothing about anything. It’s spin, spin, spin all the time every day. Push the meme, push the meme as ordered by the daily talking points memo. I no longer can watch this crap. Life’s to short to listen to these frauds.

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  12. Trumppin says:

    it should be shocking but we all know it won’t be

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  13. duchess01 says:

    Bu, Bye kiddies – gotta go – The President is in the wings…

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  14. carrierh says:

    The media just doesn’t get it because they don’t love America nor honor our flag and anthem themselves. Anyone can think about anything political or not, but when an employee and performing, then keep your mouth and actions engaged in the sport and not anything else. By the way, police again blacks – gee, and statistics prove the exact opposite. Blacks being killed by blacks doesn’t resonant with you at all, does it? How about remembering you are a very small percentage of the population in spite of so many illegal black births. How about thinking about the fact you have been brainwashed because most of you are not exactly high on the IQ scale, BUT you are earning millions which soon will be lost due to the NFL owners losing money in attendance and advertising. Where else in any other country could you earn this kind of money, in general waste it, and still hate the country that gave you the freedom to do any of this. How about you think you are the only ones with brain damage. You aren’t! Time to grow up and start thinking for yourselves. Curry certainly disappointed me, so he lost a lot of people who watched him, admired him, but now cannot respect nor watch him. WE have people of many colors in this country so you are not special at all, but brainwashed or just plain ignorant!

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  15. True, Cisco, but note how she makes the same reply over and over and over. So, every time they ask about “taking a knee,” she responds with almost the same words each time. Maybe they will get tired of this and stop repeating?

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  16. She is using all of the tricks a good kindergarten teacher has at her disposal. The were really petulant today. I sense they feel that their tricks are not working & they are becoming irrelevant.

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    • MVW says:

      I like Sarah and she does a fine job schooling the gaggle of pinheaded antiTrump political operatives. I just won’t take the time anymore to wade through the garbage question narratives.

      I can’t recall a single question in all the press circus shows Trump’s press secretaries have dealt with. (Yes, I know it is the press secretary’s job, but nothing comes of it other than airing garbage narratives from the press-titutes).

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  17. Karmaisabitch says:

    Notice the similar sleepy dispositions on the Fox news reporter and dirty blond next to him in the first row? Maybe they stayed up too late last night playing hanky-wanky.

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  18. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    One could think that these presstitutes aren’t Americans.

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  19. Karmaisabitch says:

    Sorry for such a tacky comment above. But I got so bored listing to the phony reasoning pouring out of the reporters. Isn’t the NFL a private corporation? If so doesn’t that make the players employees of the NFL. Doesn’t the 1st Amendment only apply to governmental suppression of an individual’s rights? So in all reality the 1st Amendment, that every reporter screamed out, is not even applicable to this kneeing situation. If so reporters are as dumb as sticks and are stuck petting straw dogs.

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  20. backwoodsgirl123 says:

    What message does it send???
    It sends the message that we are sick and tired of people who HATE our Country, DISRESPECT our Flag, DISRESPECT our men and women in uniform and the sacrifices they and our forefathers made!

    So, if you don’t like it, the door swings both ways, don’t let it hit you in the arse on the way out!

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  21. joshua says:

    I wish Sarah would start ALL press briefings with National Anthem and the US Flag in the corner for the MSM to have to stand and honor the flag.

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  22. joshua says:

    The last person “taking a knee” in the White House was Monica Lewinski…..


  23. Mike diamond says:

    Right on Sarah what a sweet lady,,We are standing with you Sarah !!! And President Trump!!!!


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