Pittsburgh Steelers Player Alejandro Villanueva Apologizes For Standing During Anthem…

Many people heralded Pittsburgh Steeler football player Alejandro Villanueva as a hero for standing up during the national anthem…. Today, not-so-much.

Unfortunately, today Villaneuva says he was embarrassed to stand for the U.S. flag and National Anthem; and he apologized to his team and coach for not supporting their decision to stay in the locker room.




I wonder if all of those people who purchased his jersey will now be asking for refunds?


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911 Responses to Pittsburgh Steelers Player Alejandro Villanueva Apologizes For Standing During Anthem…

  1. What an idiot! I take back my thoughts of him being a hero! He’s just another coward!

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  2. Fig Newton says:

    Go to the Steelers Facebook page and leave your comment now!

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  3. itsy_bitsy says:

    How shocking! Watch the sale of his merchandise fall! He just made fools out of the entire United States, and here we thought, because of his stellar military record, he actually cares about what our flag and Anthem stand for. What a mistake, Well run back to you teammates and next time take a knee. A coward is born every minute I guess! At least in my book apologizing for showing reverence for our flag and anthem is cowardly. Feel better now Villanueva?

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  4. Major Styles says:

    Long time Steeler fan…but no more. There’s comes a time when the diversions of your childhood give way to reality; and in this case, the reality of “stars” that are really man-children, riddled with anti-white animus.

    May the NFL “playas” continue to be triggered…their emotional breakdown is feminine (in the negative sense of the word).

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  5. Icandy55 says:

    Ya know, I don’t buy it. I think threats from the NFL, coaches, sponsors and his own team mates made him say what he said. It’s pretty sad when your own team mates are more frightening and threatening than the Taliban. Food for thought.

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    • JCscuba says:

      You are so far the only person that understands his dilemma.

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    • vincent cuomo says:

      Funny, he could tell his teammates to screw off like that loser did; only he would be a winner in the eyes of Americans.

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    • RG says:

      Think about how it is to have a UNION boss or a picket line. I’m sure he got threatened and cursed. I read where he barely made it to the NFL and makes much less than most everyone else but still a good payday. If he is cut, he loses big time. The Steelers are a sorry bunch of COWARDS and the Cowboys and Jerry Jones are TURNCOATS. Now we know.


  6. huskerheart says:

    Principles only mean something, if you stand by them when they’re inconvenient…

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    • JCscuba says:

      You don’t have a clue what you are talking about. How many tours did you do in Iraq and Afghanistan, obviously none. He knows he’s gone at the end of the year because of his racist coach. He’s just going along to get along until the end of the season.

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  7. suejeanne1 says:

    This same young man who demonstrated courage on the field of battle is now buckling under to WHAT? Who is in charge now – the Talib

    I just cannot understand this – these people who are “running” football are driving it into the ground – they have hijacked it and they are running it into the ground.

    I hope this young man gets out of the company he has been keeping – it almost sounds like someone being held hostage.

    The guys from The Pueblo being held by the North Koreans all gave the “Hawaiian Good Luck” sign for the article published for Americans to believe they were being treated just fine – when the North Koreans realized that was NOT the “Hawaiian Good Luck” sign they were making with their hands for the cheerful story, there was hell to pay. They were prisoners and were being treated as such, to the worst imaging – their hand sign gave the truth to the Americans reading the story.

    I just can’t quite figure out how THIS brave young man, back “stateside” could be so intimidated. There has to be more to the story – but what?


  8. Didn’t watch Monday Night Footbll tonight.
    Why is that a big deal? Because I lead a large men’s Monday Night bible study where we’ve always had a bible study, eats lots of food, and watch Monday Night Football. Instead we watched Cubs / Cardinals game, and every one of them said they were finished watching NFL. EVERY ONE OF THEM.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      But this is what it has come to! Sigh!

      The fabric of everything “American” at every opportunity, is being turned upside down based on false equivalencies and narratives that is agenda driven.

      It really comes down to media and their ideologues who started this narrative in the first place. After all they are the ones who pay a majority of the NFL players revenues so naturally the NFL decided to play along for sake of appeasement and offering platitudes in order to punt on the issue.(no pun intended)

      First it was about going after Americans for exercising their 2nd amendment rights then it was Beonce’s halftime show depicting black power and promoting violence against cops. Then it was the NFL banning the Cowboys from putting decals on their helmets to honor the slain cops. Then Krappernick who decided while wearing socks that was incendiary towards LEO to start taking a knee, to an owner who is just as stupid and contridicts himself by taking a knee. The very same players who feign moral outrage at LEO’s for doing their jobs because a lot of them decided to beat their wives or get involved with off field domestic altercations is really is saying something about the level hypocrisy being displayed to American audiences. At some point the American people would have to say enough is enough with millionaire spoiled brats being hypocrites as they try to portray themselves as having the moral high ground when in reality they don’t have the moral high ground and either does the NFL for that matter!

      Nope! I will no longer be watching! Lets see how long it takes for this fake optic to metastasize into MLB or other sports for that matter!

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      • bentley1blog says:

        The despicable Bob Costas (ugh) is so liberal and utterly stupid. Who cares what your ilk have to say about politics and for that matter sports. This idiot is so in love with himself when in fact he is one big plastic monster..blue contact lenses, hair implants, face lift and a lot of Botox. Shut up and sit down!


    • Lindenlee says:

      Rick Wiles, love him or hate him, had a great broadcast show today, and it is his contention that in the big picture, we are undergoing a Communist revolution, run by Soros and Obama from behind the scenes. That we either stand for the old America or kneel to the new Marxist/globalist/Muslim one.

      He went through the American institutions that bind families and Americans together, that define us as Americans… Football, our statues as historical memories, family dinner time, Barnum and Bailey circus, religious faith in the public square (Christmas), NASCAR, etc. The destroyers move from one “offensive thing” to the other, never letting up, until the Old America is GONE.

      Hillary was supposed to put the cap on it, complete the process of “transforming America”, and then along came Trump, upset the whole apple cart, and they are furious. When I really “got” the scope and depth of what was happening, it took my breath away.

      We desperately need Divine Help, Divine Intervention, and our own presence speaking truth and entreating those who will hear to listen, pay attention, pray, and speak up. The long-term solution will come from the bottom up, while Trump works from the top down.

      Our Founders understood that freedom must reside and burn strongly in people’s minds and hearts, and be lived in their lives, passed on through the generations, to stay alive. It cannot be imparted from the top, but is reflected in the leadership that a free people choose.

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  9. Charliep says:

    Army Ranger Major Alejandro Villanueva don’t drink the Kool-Aide! You did not throw your team mates under the bus! They threw America under the bus! Coach Tomlin made himself look bad and he didn’t need any help from you! The Rooney family needs to fire Tomlin NOW! Forget about winning or losing, if your leadership fails you and your fans abandon you why would you continue to play? Finally, I cannot say this to strongly: you made your team look good. Coach Tomlin made your teammates look stupid. #FireTomlin

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  10. Seriously, what is this the Twilight Zone? He actually thinks it’s his fault he made his coach and team “look bad”? Really? How about it being their decision to not honor and disrespect our country that made them look bad? This is insane!

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  11. tmonroe says:

    The PC sledgehammer takes no prisoners.


  12. Scew him, screw the nfl where diversity means 78% BLACK and to hell with the rest of you white/”other” PsOS.

    And screw the “radical” politicians, their indoctrination centers and those who run them, ALL of media/entertainment, the 47%rs that could but WON’T work, the insane “antifa” scum/blm ANARCHIST puppets of the next group & the whole shebang. Had it. Sick of the chaos, so most of all F’k you globalist banksters (FED) and your cucks who hate this nation for MONEY.

    End rant, but by no means end the cold anger that drives me. Again, had it. Done.

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  13. kathyca says:

    As far as I can tell, he’s not even American. Which would explain a lot.

    Villanueva was born on Naval Air Station Meridian in Meridian, Mississippi to Ignacio Villanueva, a Spanish Naval officer who worked for NATO, and his Spanish wife Matilda Martin.[1][


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  14. Lauren says:

    My word! The one bright spot in all this drama and now this… And now Jerry Jones, where will it stop?
    I’m taking a time out! I’ll be on the beach with a Rum and Coke.

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  15. So sad. The man just shit on his own dignity.

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  16. Guy Baker says:

    So sad – Tomlin obviously stuck it to him and told him either apologize or you don’t play another minute for this team. And by the way, we are going to release you at the end of the season. Tomlin has already shown he is a liberal fool. Now after taking his whole team into the toilet, he flushed the one bright hope on that team. Too Bad. I hope the NFL is in tatters by Thanksgiving as SD predicted. Bigly.

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  17. I don’t get these idiots. You stand for a national anthem, period. When I go home to Finland for Christmas, we always watch the Declaration of Christmas Peace on TV on Christmas Eve. In Turku, the oldest city in Finland, they have continued this tradition since the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages in Finland the Christmas Peace had a legal meaning. If you did crimes or created disturbances, your punishment would be more severe than normally if you broke the Christmas Peace. Nowadays it carries no legal meaning, but it’s still declared every year and televised.

    During the Declaration of Christmas Peace ceremony, there is a military band and a men’s choir playing and singing our national anthem. We’re at home in front of the TV and often still in bath robes (we go to Christmas sauna in the morning of Christmas Eve) AND WE ALL STAND UP FOR OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM! Now why can’t these idiot protesters get it into their fat ugly heads to stand up for the anthem in public events? Didn’t their mothers teach them any manners? Why don’t they say some choice words about this behavior to their sons? I’m over 40 and if I tried to sit during the national anthem in the privacy of my childhood home, my mom would drag me up and I wouldn’t hear the end of it the whole day. If I tried to do that in public and on TV, I wouldn’t hear the end of it as long as my mom lives. I would have disgraced the family in her eyes.


    • guitar107 says:

      Their mothers didn’t teach them any manners, neither did the public school system, the pervasive media, the lefty entertainment complex, etc, etc.

      That’s what’s so wrong with are lefty PC driven culture. Enough is enough. Maybe all this cr*p will awaken the sleeping giant.

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    • Lindenlee says:

      Because America’s traditions are good, the Old America is good, and the Communists must destroy every one of those traditions. Traditions bind us, they define us, they reflect us. The Destroyers must kill all of it, then all of us holdovers who love our traditions and the love of country they represent. Then they can remold us and our country into the image and likeness of their satanic master.

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  18. Big Jake says:

    I think he was embarrassed that he was by himself looking like he was trying to be a showoff. I didn’t take him to mean he was embarrassed to stand for the national anthemn. He wouldn’t have placed his hand over his heart were that the case.

    Imprecise language.

    Haven’t watched the NFL for even a second this season so this is the first I’ve seen of it–the photo.

    Whatever… I’m a diehard Spurs fan and just read that Coach Popovich ran off at the liberal mouth again saying Trumb is an embarrassment. Guess he was drunk during the eight years of SCOAMF Obama. SMH. Now I will probably dump them, too.


    • RG says:

      When an NBA team shows me more than 16 tatoos, I forget that they exist. I guess that means that I don’t watch, go, or talk NBA. I was awakening to the NFL with #7, Dak Prescott, playing for the Cowboys because I know his history and have respected his success. But, now that the Cowboys have taken off their spurs and put on red silk jackets with the hammer and sickle on them, I can’t be a Cowboy fan….and I urge others to give it up too.
      Hopefully Prescott will remember living in that trailer with his mom and siblings and that sports and the free enterprise system paved a way for him to become successful. If he was living under Communists China or North Korea, he might not fare so well. Group think is a dangerous thing.


  19. Tiger.red says:

    You will quickly find out how “brave” someone is when they are called upon to take a stand against whoever signs their paycheck. The vast majority of people – cops, military, and now even millionaire ex-army rangers – will disappoint you.

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  20. Nunya Bidness says:

    He is now engaged in red-guard self-criticism. A shame that a man possessed of such personal courage buckles under such pressure.

    A lot of cancelled orders and returns to process today.

    Dale Jr. has dropped the penny and revealed that he’s for “revolution”. Stand by for NASCAR protests.

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  21. Don’t buy his apologies. The Rooney family or Tomlin probably told him back off or we will cut you.

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  22. MBM says:

    This is just an avenue for liberals and their “tools” to vent and somehow cope over the election loss. They don’t like this President and will find any excuse to criticize. Hilary lost. Get over it.

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  23. moe ham head says:


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  24. TONYA PARNELL says:


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  25. Ted Donahue says:


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  26. georgiafl says:

    This is a Muslim vs Christian battle.

    Black Muslim Brotherhood taking over the NFL and NBA.

    It boils down to an Islamic conquest situation.

    Muslim activists are vicious, vile, vengeful and vehement as we have seen.

    MY ADVICE TO Alejandro Villanueva

    Drop out and become either a coach in a College, HS or Kids Leagues.

    Pick a Christian organization, however, or you will still be fighting PC and the Muslims.

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  27. So much for honor, integrity, loyalty, country.

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  28. Must be tough being a hero….


  29. fred2w says:



  30. CC says:

    from my own tree branch in the peoples republic of IL….am in a squirrel nest…not a treehouse but enough said…

    From my favorite statesman…quotes to ponder….H/T bbcamerica….

    “When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber.”

    • “There is only one duty, only one safe course, and that is to try to be right and not to fear to do or say what you believe to be right.”

    • “Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room.”

    • “One ought never to turn one’s back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half.”

    Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it. Winston Churchill
    Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/winston_churchill

    Treepers….the recent disrespect occurred in Chicago’s Soldier Field……excerpt follows, from Chicago Trib 16 years ago…when someone was wanting to buy the rights to the name.

    …”.Again: In light of the gravity of what the president announced in his speech at the U.S. Capitol, the subject of a football stadium seems somewhat minor.

    Yet the idea of desecrating a public stadium named for America’s war dead is so unthinkable now that the prospect of any company undertaking such an act — whether the company owns a National Football League team, or whether it hopes to profit by attaching its name to the field where the team plays — is so counter to everything the nation stands for that it should no longer be open to even a moment’s consideration.”

    I have been handed a flag by someone on bended knee…

    that someone bended his knee for me, willingly and most honorably…

    ….he did not “take a knee”….and whoever he is….I thank him.

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  31. CC says:

    I think it is time we quit giving them the attention they crave. Just ignore them…be aware but focus on the real issues of the day….where in the hallowed halls of government, our elected officials seek to destroy and divert the “will” of “we the people”. All of social media has posted who the sponsors are…contact them….stop buying their products…but keep quiet about it. Focus on the real problems…and let the commercial enterprises get sucker punched…and cry about ‘not knowing’ how it happened.


  32. Dougger says:

    I can just imagine what methods of coercion or blackmail were employed against him and his family by that leftist rooney gang to make him do that.


  33. Kent says:

    how can such a large man be so small and weak?


  34. Lester Smith says:

    What is missing is he was under the impression that at least some of his teammate’s were going to join him. They instead stayed hidden like rats and let him stand alone. He caved in and appeared to cowardly ask for forgiveness. Listen to his statement he said he was embarrassed to stand by himself and then his QB said he regrets no honoring the anthem. This young man was pressured by his peer’s and the league. Let’s also look at the big picture the republicans cave in to the liberals and cave in and are submissive to the democrats and even having the majority doesn’t matter the loudest voices (blm, antifa) over rule and the people lose. President Trump speaks for the silenced masses and is our voice he is our only voice and he is ridiculed by the media and judas ruling class. Money is power and remember what is the route of all evil.


  35. BMG says:

    Villanueva thinks he saved his job. Think again. He’ll be out of the NFL within a year. He has made himself toxic.What a disgrace. Imagine, he apologizes to the azz-wipe Mike Tomlin-who is an even greater low-life,

    These punks speak of respect; really? Where the hell is your respect for those that gave their lives to protect this country, so that you can live in freedom.


  36. Hillbillysailor says:

    Read an article that touched me to my core.

    Yes, I know he backtracked…but he was beset by all sides. I feel for him because he did not mean to hurt his team. He felt for them. He didn’t mean to humiliate the men he plays with …because make no mistake, his courage did just that. Agree with his view or not, it took courage because he went against his whole organization. He simply couldn’t not stand because he served…he buried people under that flag. From the New York Post, please read:

    “Watching Alejandro Villanueva stand by himself, honoring our nation and flag highlighted the pain and isolation so many veterans feel here at home,” he said.”

    “Men and women that volunteer to serve this nation stand on a very thin line between hope and darkness. They watch their friends die in service to a country that they love. A place that they themselves would die for. Then they come home to a country where in some cases they feel like exiles, surrounded by citizens that don’t truly understand what they have, or what freedom truly is, or what it takes to protect and defend it.”

    “Villanueva stood alone out there. It hurt because not a single player or coach thought to go stand with him. Not one. And that’s tragic because Villanueva had their backs on the battlefield, and no one had his on the football field during our anthem,” he said.”

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  37. Sue says:

    WOW! What a shame. I really respected you! For a day! Now I feel you threw me under the bus!


  38. nimrodman says:

    A brave man now cowed by commie peer pressure.

    For him … and for the Nation.


    • nimrodman says:

      If only he were a Treehouse reader, he would have known of the deep well of support across the heartland for his initial stance. Or if he had reached out to his fellow military veterans and gotten some sense of their agreement with him.

      Unfortunately, I suspect he was surrounded only by leftist media accounts and the immediate first-hand ostracism of his so-called “team mates”. And probably either outright threatened by franchise management or simply seeing the writing on the wall that he’ll get the boot at first excuse.

      Too bad. He’d have been sucked up by the business sector in a heartbeat, at least that portion that is looking for real leaders with moral conviction.


      • nimrodman says:

        … sorry, I broke Treehouse guidelines by not reading the entire thread and see that most of my sentiments were already expressed. Oh well, maybe I said something in a distinctive way that adds value.


  39. Summer says:

    All this kneeling, standing then apologizing and other wrong attention whoring just demonstrates that the concussion-induced brain damage is real even if you actually have sh!t for brains like these dudes.
    Anyway, my family don’t watch sports and could not care less (except for one of my son’s-in-law who is a Patriots fan) so I’ve never given these clowns a single dime in my whole life. Can’t ignore or boycott football more than I already do, LOL.


  40. Ken Watson says:

    I thought this was all about freedom of speech? Or expression? As always it is only ONE expression that is free. Any other is made costly. Whatevs. Trump has already booked this win but it is far from over for the league, teams and players. Behold! A wrinkle in the pigskin….

    Now here’s a new one on me. Did you know the NFL was a non-profit organization until 2015? Yes, it is true. https://nonprofitquarterly.org/2015/04/29/why-did-the-nfl-give-up-its-tax-exempt-status/ Chalk this one up with the famous exemption to anti-trust laws awarded to professional baseball (on the rather quaint grounds that it is NOT interstate commerce https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Baseball_Club_v._National_League). How could such legal legerdemain exist, persist and coexist with an unblinking application of rules, laws, conventions, expectations and demands levied against Joe Average? As Darrow said, The ‘Law’ is whatever is loudly proclaimed and plausibly maintained. But it’s hard to proclaim more loudly something you want to keep on the hush. Looks like the plausibility ran out of steam after some 42 years. In the meantime I guess Joe Average liked his football better than his Equal Treatment before the Law or the tax revenues forgone.

    More likely he never made any such calculation because FOOTBALL! The fanatic lives in a hypnotic state but colludes in its maintenance. Those who know me know I object to that trance state and therefore must object to a great many facts of life but professional sports foremost. The fanatical Marxist has more to recommend him as a fully realized human, in this view, than the fanatical Cheesehead. So any event that threatens to disrupt the vortex of avarice and pomp that has engulfed so many of our fellows is welcome. The beast is down, wounded. It is time for the mortal strike.

    Any other institution as crapulent and corrupt as a professional sports franchise would have been brought down long ago by the boutique legal carrion fowl who beset Red Bull, Netflix, Apple and a host of lesser morsels with far less loot to be mulcted and far greater (substantive) chance of defense. Their position of high social status; their secular divinity, has made them lazy in their actions. No one would sue the NFL, right? That would but Unamerican! But the hijinx of the players, owners and league have sunk that bark.

    As a practical matter, aggrieved parties are numerous, near at hand and have clear standing. First, think of the season ticket holders. The retail costs are not easily found which suggests that if you must inquire you cannot afford them. But ordinary seats are in the $100 range (which raises even an ordinary ticket purchase into the range of justiciable controversy). Is a season ticket MORE than the ticket price multiplied by number of games or less? In any case each seat is thousands of dollars. Skyboxes? Their lease for the season is much more than that and the lessor will often be a corporation with duties to its shareholders to take care not to be fleeced in the first instance and to seek legal redress if they are. Any single season ticket holder clearly has standing and a claim against any team or the league if they can show damages. Are there damages? There are not only if you consider the product of the NFL experience to be valueless, which is convincing, but a damaging admission. And even then, they may sue for specific performance obliging the teams to do what they claimed they would do under their own bylaws which prescribe the opening ceremonies and the players’ deportment during them.

    So a clawback of season ticket sales looks likely but may be far from crippling. And there may still be a sentimental resistance to harm The League as opposed to those players and others who have made adherence to the rules and practice subservient to the expression of their political views. Consider that each player is under contract. These contracts will have many provisions of which your car lease or agreement to install gutters is devoid. “Morals Clauses” are well known and are enforced against those who commit felonies but also against those who commit misdemeanors or simply deport themselves in a manner that brings disrepute on the team or league. Of course this avenue of redress requires the connivance of the team or league and these parties are indisposed to assert their rights. But their indisposition is subject to their fiduciary duties to their investors. Any investor of any size investment may bring suit to compel the teams, leagues and other bodies to enforce their rules as written. If this is not availing they can still demand specific performance of the contracts if they can show (not prove) that the negligence of the league in contract enforcement has materially harmed their interests. If attendance or other streams of revenue falter it may not be because of the Star Spangled Protests but it will be up to the defense to overcome the obvious.

    But, one might say, the players’ actions are in service to a high principle. They are kneeling down for what they believe. This does not apply to the instigator, Kaepernick, however. Since he has become a Free Agent he has made clear that he will give up his posturing for another contract. Since he is the father of The Movement we might presume his offspring will do the same. But we are concerned with the current contractors. And fat contracts they are, at least to the stars. But any competent entertainment law contract, whether with Billy Idol or Billy Roethlisberger will contain a codicile whereby the signator agrees that should they lose on a breach of contract suit the damages will constitute of the ENTIRE CONTRACT VALUE. Hmm. Whatever could that mean. Let’s say you are a middling starter and have signed a five year contract for ten million dollars. This will be your first complete season under it. If you are found in breach of that contract do you owe the two million back? No! You owe the entire ten million! Hey, you signed it, pal. Sure, your attorney or agent couldhave gotten that routine clause removed but it would have cost you. Would you have given up a million dollars to forestall the quite unlikely event that you would both breach your contract and be proven to have done so? Doubtful. I site precedent; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_Abdul-Rauf#National_anthem_controversy

    Arrayed before us are tonic, scalpel, arrow and gun. Each may be applied as a corrective; constantly increasing in severity until specific performance is enforced. However that presumes one is friendly or at least indifferent to the survival of the NFL, professional sports and modern circuses in general. I am not. The remedy I suggest will not leave a head to mount as a trophy. Dig it.

    The loot from the fans and advertisers may be the life blood of the sports industry but drain it all and they may STILL reconstitute unless you relieve them of their bones, their viscera and their most vital organs. This means their stadium. There is hardly a sports franchise in the nation that has not inked a publicly funded stadium deal and you will not find one that has lived up to the gassy promises of their architects and cheerleaders. No, not one. But that is not necessarily illegal. Since the bonds are generally issued by municipalities, which are sovereign actors, incompetence is a fine excuse. Yet here we do not have incompetence, happenstance, force majeur or unforeseeable adverse market conditions. No, we have, ahem, affirmative actions taken by the league and teams through the reviewed and explicitly approved actions of their agents on the field. The bond issuers, generally the cities, are in breach to the bond holders if they do not take care to enforce their claims against the stadium authorities. Okay, we have a wilderness of veils we must get through to win any such actions; there are sovereign, corporate and alienation mazes to navigate; no Mission Impossible but Mission Difficult. However there is another avenue to be trod since the cities never just sell bonds. They also have an infinite necessity to sell more bonds. As such the return on their existing bonds is a crucial measure of what their next tranche of bonds is reasonably worth and what level of interest the city may expect to pay at market. Past performance is no guarantee of future return but past failure is a solid indication that you might want an extra percent or five if the city’s existing bonds are selling at seventy cents on the dollar. That is where the bonds will be lucky to trade if encumbered by litigation like the above. And encumbrance is that remaining one-tenth of the law.

    This is not to say that the Powers That Be cannot still float the bonds, just that they have lost, almost directly from the National Anthem Protests, easily twenty-odd percent from any stadium deal going forward. We have not seen the last such robbery of the sports-addicted taxpayer but if these adverse actions are not ended, we have most certainly seen the largest (inflation adjusted) such deal. At the end all the love of the game, love of country and just good fun is secondary to the true purpose of football which is the gathering of loot and the nearly as important, dispersal of the costs of gathering the loot. And if you have fewer addicts or the addiction is less acute this also harms the gathering of loot. How long will the NFL play that game?


  41. Brett says:

    Our country is dying, and it is a sobering thought as to whether it can be saved considering the division, defiance, and lack of commitment that so much of the population has. I have not really dug into Alejandro Villanueva’s reasons for capitulating so quickly. I will reserve opinions for now. I just have this feeling of betrayal, though. It was so great to see one man, against the tide, standing tall; stuff out of great stories and classic movies. Oh well…


  42. Ted D Bear says:

    From hero to zero in 48 hours!!!!


  43. john mroczek says:

    am 61 yrs. old. been a steelers fan since 11 yrs. old. when I see a soldier/ warrior shamed by these overpaid, ignorant fools and their coach, steelers organization………..I am sadly DONE with the steelers. never will buy any merch, will root against them now, this low character, cowardly,

    “team”. never thought it could happen. DONE with you foolish steelers after some 50 years of loving what they used to be. jay . m.


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