Dallas Cowboys Kneel Down in Arizona – Crowd Boo’s – NFL Implosion Complete…

The Dallas Cowboys, together with team owner Jerry Jones, take a collective knee at the start of the Monday Night Football game to display their unity with… well, something probably.  Stick a fork in the financial future of the NFL, it’s done; finished.

The only thing that was saving the NFL from full organizational collapse was the advent of Fantasy Football Leagues and the subsequent betting and fan-based league play therein.

Never underestimate the inability of any business organization to inoculate itself with idiot resistant policies once they enter the arena of identity politics.  It has always been thus:


There is something hilarious in the face of team owner Jerry Jones looking so smug. He thinks he’s figured out how to navigate this insufferable financial minefield. He didn’t. Now watch the slow-motion financial implosion… that smug look will change quickly as he watches his organizational bank account drain; which will be faster than it took to take the knee he promised would never happen. By Thanksgiving, we’ll see. Bigly.

I’m sorry, but I can’t stop laughing. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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1,262 Responses to Dallas Cowboys Kneel Down in Arizona – Crowd Boo’s – NFL Implosion Complete…

  1. Ken Finney says:

    It takes special effort to double-down on stupid.

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  2. Pam says:

    I’m very anxious to see POTUS’ response to this. These cowards just gave me another reason not to watch them ever again!

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  3. rsanchez1990 says:

    These fools will bring the NFL to its knees, and the American people won’t extend a hand to pick them back up.

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  4. thefrankproject says:

    Stunned, shocked and appalled at Jerry Jones. 100% agree with Sundance. The NFL is done, toast, kaput. We are living during the turning point of a grand epoch :O

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  5. helix35 says:

    One wonders if he has any idea how idiotic he looks. Leftism is a cancer.

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  6. HBD says:

    He’s friend of Bill Clinton. Go figure.

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  7. Stick a fork in it, the NFL (national felons league) is over, done. They just don’t know it yet.

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  8. JIm Rogers says:

    Now it’s complete!!! The NFL has jumped the shark!!! Time to drain the NFL swamp!!!

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  9. RedBallExpress says:


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  10. emet says:

    Next: Antifa halftime shows, in which mentally deficient kids dress as ninja assassins and throw bottles of pee at each other.

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    • Sharon says:

      The day that Michael Jackson stood with his fist to the sky, accepting the adulation of the crowd for endless minutes, was the last time I watched a halftime show.

      The present situation is illustration just how “tolerant” American culture has become. If it were not so dull and numb, it would have never gotten this far.

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    • MrE says:

      Featuring Michael Kaine, and Obama’s twerking daughter as his backup dancer!


    • Beverly says:

      The wankers who are doing this, the black multimillionaires, have gone to Baddell and told that weenie that they want a full MONTH of Black Grievance-Whining on the fields.

      Ok, we get that you hate us. We get that you hate our nation that made you rich beyond the dreams of avarice, admired you and threw prizes at your feet for playing a game.

      I. Am. Done.

      I usually watch 4 games a weekend, but now? How can I watch these hateful America-hating trash and enjoy it, knowing that they despise everything I hold dear? And JJ Watt??? Et tu, Brutus?

      I will NEVER watch them again. This sickens and infuriates me. They have urinated in the punch bowl. The person upthread is right — until we start WALKING OUT, these creeps will keep urinating on our flag. Are we going to let them get away with it????

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  11. visage13 says:

    I am a lifelong Dallas fan, since I was 7 years old and then Jerry bought the team and fired Tom Landry, it was my 1st slap in the face moment that sports was a business. I was young and I stopped watching football until Shaq’s rookie year when I got back into sports. Not going to lie I never thought he would cave but once a traitor always a traitor. I’m out.

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    • Phil aka Felipe says:

      I remember the last time Jerry thought he was so smart, when he ran Jimmy Johnson off.
      Hee, hee. He’s never been able to put together another Super Bowl winning team with his own brilliance.

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  12. Oldschool says:

    An unintended consequence. Hopefully your hubby is in a very small minority.

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  13. Archie says:

    Will Texas stand for this? We already saw Limbaugh wimp out today. Will Texas? Someone in the republican party (talking head, voter, politician) better step up to the plate and squash the the NFL or forever hold your peace. No more sanctimonious bloviating about culture on any subject if you fail this slam dunk.

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  14. sundance says:

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    • luke says:

      Jerry has done the math SD. I left as soon as Kapernick started pulling his stunt and it escalated. There were others like me which is why the ratings went down last year. The ratings have stayed down because we’re not coming back. I think Jerry only figures he’ll lose another 10% max and may even pick up some more liberal viewers to offset any further damage.

      Donald Trump issued not just a direct challenge for the players to stand but for us to hold the damn line if they don’t. Enough with the excuses; read a book. If these bastards are smiling after the Super Bowl because the American people have no will power or discipline it’s going to be painful on all of us that love this country.

      Stay strong; no excuses. No NFL period.

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      • lisabrqwc says:

        I did the same, luke. Have been a rabid Redskins fan since sitting on my dad’s lap watching the games 50 years ago. Last year when all this nonsense started, I walked away. It breaks my heart — I have such fond memories and used to plan my weekends around what time the game was on.
        Out of curiosity yesterday, I googled “Redskins knee”, and the photo was like a knife through the heart. It sealed the decision I made last year that the NFL was dead to me, but I had held out hope that maybe “my” team would have been different.
        It’s over forever. I don’t care what they do going forward. I’m done.

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    • chiefillinicake says:

      Jerry has the look of a man about to slip his head in the noose, as does his coaching staff.

      The trapdoor swung for America’s Team tonight.


  15. Sharon says:


    And did the people in the stands walk out?

    Or just do the obligatory boo?

    Don’t forget – this is a nation that elected barry obama two times.

    If they stayed for the game after that display is there any reason to think they still stop watching/attending “now”?

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    • WSB says:

      The entire point! Thank you!

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    • Oldschool says:

      Agree 100% Sharon. I want to believe the NFL is self destructing, but I am not sure. 10% ratings drop last night is nothing. Hope it is just the beginning.

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      • Deb says:

        That is a big drop for ratings, but it isn’t enough to kill the league. It will continue to exist, but it will never be a successful as it once was. It will be a slow and steady decline just like the NBA. Before you know it the number of games in prime time network tv will be fewer and fewer.

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    • There’s some wisdom there.

      Me: “Well, now everyone sees them for what they are. No one can keep getting dumber.”

      Fans still at the stadium: “Hold my beer…”

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Exactly! If they pay and stay no one cares about theirs “boos”! At that piont the booing is just making them feel better about themselves

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    • I have a friend in Phoenix who has season tickets to the Cardinals. He loves his Cardinals but said he will give it all up in a second if they push it too far. He said he will use his tickets as long as they don’t go over board on this kneeling stuff. He is seriously considering giving up his seats next season that he has had for several years.


    • chiefillinicake says:

      $175 a ticket. $12 a beer.

      At those rates you blow off the game you haven the paid for yet.


    • TimeIsNow says:

      I have heard that the real drop was 17% last Sunday. The Globalist Left will do everything it can to hide the truth now. My guess would be an overall blow of close to 20% this year, which will be falsely “polled,” like everything else these days, as SJWs always lie. They will make it out to be about 8-10%, but it will be much worse, and eventually there will be some Veritas like, between the line facts come out to show how bad it really was for the year.
      Meanwhile, they will depend on the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt from people like you to help out. Oh, FUD!

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  16. WSB says:

    Did someone threaten Jerry? What the Hell happened?

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  17. catluver99 says:

    So, what about that big speech by Jerry Jones that his players better not even think about kneeling during the anthem? Another wuss full of BS with no morals. They all make me sick.

    I really do hope that Americans turn their backs on these ungrateful sports teams. We made them rich, we can make them poor. Yep, bite the hand that feeds you. Maybe they’ll all write a book like Hillary, Duh, what happened?

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  18. Joe says:

    Elephant in the room: Race VS Economics.

    Black players are requiring the NFL take a racist, cop hating, anti American stance if they want their participation.

    Owners rely on these black athletes so they have made their choice.

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    • WSB says:

      Most of these players could not even get a job as a sports commentator. I have no idea what they contribute. They might be seeing their last paychecks.

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      • Joe says:

        NBA has already capitulated.

        I am totally stunned how freely Popovich, head coach of the Spurs, brands EVERY white American a racist. He says we are “born” that way. Kerr, head coach of the Warriors, father was assassinated by Muslim extremists, yet he publicly trashes Trump at every opportunity.

        How does one brand a new born baby “racist?”

        How does one, whose father was ASSASSINATED, not speak out against the killers?

        $$$$ & fame, that’s how.

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      • Abster says:

        Gosh, I would hate to see more than the average number of NFL player bankruptcies. Wink, wink.

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    • chiefillinicake says:

      Just a crazy idea, but all white football worked pretty damn well for a long-ass time.

      Red Grange. Johnny Unitas. Dick Butkus.

      Just saying.

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    • Beverly says:

      BINGO, Joe. The league is 75% black. So there you are. And they’re all in their 20s, so they’re millennial blacks: remember that they’ve been doubly brainwashed by their left wing indoctinators (I won’t call them teachers) to hate Whitey and hate America and believe that they’re being picked on somehow, or might be, any day! For being black. So, to use one of their favorite words, they are Ignorant. Ignorant of history, ignorant about America.


  19. This is the insidious nature of the left. While most of the country wasn’t looking, they changed the ground under our very feet. A lot of us have been screaming from the hilltops that was happening, and we were called fools or worse. The sad fact is that Jerry probably thinks this is something that just happened, something that a new policy can fix. The truth is, there’s nothing he could do to help or change this. He thought he was standing on bedrock and never saw the cracks. Now it’s crumbling and he’s falling. Doomed.

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  21. andyocoregon says:

    He can always cancel the tv subscription. Or you can.

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  22. Bob Thoms says:

    what did the Cardinals do?

    I am shocked that “America’s Team” did this………..they are toast now !

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  23. sundance says:

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    • paulraven1 says:

      Mass psychosis. You nailed it. Those talking in terms of sadness and disappointment and “what if he..” are completely missing the point and the story of our time.

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    • MM says:

      maybe they’ll figure it out when they’re bankrupt and can’t pay the bills to keep the lights on!

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    • Convert says:

      The madness has one source. Irrational, demented hatred of Trump and his voters….who happen to also be the NFL base. So, yeah, this is not going to end well for the Democrats. Antifa and these NFL drama queen s are now the face of the Dems.

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      • louche9 says:

        There’s something to that. Roger Goodell and the rest of the multi-millionaire NFL brass don’t give two sh**s about some dead drug dealer, but they do hate PT. They will unflinchingly support anything that they think will stick it to the president, and this fills the bill. They are taking a calculated risk that football lovers will be temporarily furious, but will not stop watching or attending games. It’s a cynical ploy that demonstrates no respect for the fans who’ve made them rich. It will be interesting to see how angry the public is willing to get about that.

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        The face of the Dems:
        Make them own it.
        Make every day be a new version of asking DWS: “what’s the difference between a socialist and a democrat,” as Hiraly tries to slander Bernie by calling him a socialist.

        Make them own this. Make them eat this. Please.

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      And they say marijuana is not a bad drug. Ask Sterling Castile, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown or any of the other ‘oppressed’ black men who lost their lives b/c they couldn’t control their behavior when around a cop.

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    • Agree 100% Bluto. IMHO, The NFL needs America, but America does not need the NFL.

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  25. Give him hell “tinfoilhat”

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  26. cybergal55 says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…

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  27. kittytrump84 says:

    Why was it a “sell-out crowd” – that is the most sickening part.

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    • Deb says:

      Tickets are bought well ahead of time, people didn’t think the Cowboys would do this.

      I’d say attendance will drop 20%. Doesn’t sound like much, but that’s enough to hurt the bottom line.

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  28. MrE says:

    President Trump now has his haters protesting him by kneeling before him. Absolutely hilarious. 😂😂😂

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  29. BobBoxBody says:

    This is bad for the NFL….a great opportunity for sports that haven’t caved to this identity politics garbage.

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  30. Bo3484 says:

    When it comes to the flag of the United Staes, this is the proper moment to take a knee’.


  31. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    Does anyone know why they are protesting?

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    • ECM says:

      You’d need an IQ north of most of their jersey numbers to even be able to contemplate the question, which 99% of them are lacking.

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    • AM says:

      They don’t even know why they’re protesting. I call it “Oppression or something”, which is totally laughable given their collective tax bracket.

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    • Right Mover says:

      ‘Cause sumbody told dem Trump iz a raciss!

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    • Coast says:

      Let me answer that question. There is no protest, because there is no “cause”. No one can really articulate what the cause is, because it’s total BS and a complete lie. So what’s the real deal? Answer….racial hatred….pure and simple. These black players hate white America, they hate President Trump, and they hate the fact that Obama is no longer in office. This is them telling white America F You. It’s really this simple. Anyone who thinks this is about “protesting” doesn’t understand what’s going on, including the white players.

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      • 1stgoblyn says:

        Absolutely correct as now the “black power” salute is being used on the field when some of the black players (guess that’s most of the teams) sack a white player. Racist, pure and simple.

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      • andyocoregon says:

        Yes, in the NFL, the black victim culture is predominant, and the other white players as well as the coaches and team owners are too cowardly to go against them.

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      • Stringy theory says:

        I totally agree with what you say. It’seems black hatred toward whites whom they envy because they’re not white. I don’the watch professional sports so they can do as they please until their money runs out.


      • TheLastDemocrat says:


        This is about Marxists bringing down our society by sowing division wherever they can.

        It just so happens that, with African Americans, this country really set things up on a tee for the Marxists to waltz in and foment anti-American division.

        This is ALL about Marxists cuing up and playing on racial discord like a violin.

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      • Beverly says:

        True, and lets not lose sight of who stands behind these young idiots, grinning malevolently: the Devil. Who owns and operates the Left, because as our Lord told us, the Devil is a liar and the Father of Lies.

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    • Deb says:

      “Racial injustice”

      Basically they are pissed that African Americans have higher unemployment, lower education levels, and are more likely to die violent deaths. Also, police brutality is apparently what you call it when a man is shot trying to reach for an officer’s weapon.

      Instead of organizing in their communities to lower crime, improve schools, and heal families, they blame America and protest the anthem.

      Because the real cause of their misery are the policies of the Democrats who run the cities where the majority of the problems are occurring.

      But we all need to be punished, even those of us in flyover country who manage to make our own communities decent places to live.


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      • jahealy says:

        At this point, I’m done blaming the Dem-run cities and states for the problems in the inner cities. No more excuses for the thug culture these players seem to worship. The black community needs to take responsibility for itself. Enough.

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  32. paulraven1 says:

    Unbelievable. It’s surreal. The entire edifice is collapsing. The whole pretense of their existence is a fraud. To get a grown man/businessman to participate in this disgusting, infantile nonsense is beyond belief. But we are being forced to stretch our capacity for ugly belief and to see the mendacity and moral corruption and we should actually be grateful. This is forcing Americans to do what is very hard for them, to reckon with mass betrayal in a more personal and immediate way than just politics. The culture is breaking apart and people will have to decide which side of the continental drift they want to be on.

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  33. fedback says:

    NFL posted a tweet of the moment America’s team showed ‘unity’
    Judging from the twitter responses, Cowboys lost a lot of life long fans

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  34. arete55 says:

    Just as Jimmy Carter blesses BO for eclipsing him in the historic presidential ratings…

    so too…”New Coke” will be supplanted as the new business school model for an epic business blunder…

    You Reap What You Sow…….”Read My Lips”

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  35. SeekerOftruth says:

    Cowboys with discussion with NFL commissioner probably thought they had the solution. Like the locker people had the solution.

    But really they were set up for a lose-lose situation. They just picked one option to lose.

    There never was a win-win out from this once they started letting the political protests take over the game last year. At that point there was no way out for the NFL to win and the fans to win. The only win-win was and still is to take all protests out of football. Play pure sport.

    Jones smug look says it all. he thought this was a win-win play. He is so much out of touch with America to realize there was no win-win as long as they allowed NFL to be a political protest organization..

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    • AM says:

      “The only win-win was and still is to take all protests out of football. Play pure sport.”

      Yes, exactly. I don’t know when the NFL becomes unprofitable, but I do know what happens is they will double and triple down on the political messaging from here. Nothing has stopped CNN or ESPN from becoming a laughing stock.

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    • Seeker, good analysis of the situation. They should either do politics/protests, or they should play the game. One or the other.


  36. catluver99 says:

    How quickly some in Texas forget. How about Hurricane Harvey and the great lengths and speed that our President went through to fix it all. And now they spit on not only our country but President Trump. I refuse to watch anti-Americans play sports. How utterly ungrateful.

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  37. sundance says:

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    • The clemson guy is a jerk. Not sure what to say to the Mother of the wounded soldier, she thought the Cowgirls solution was good. SMH.


    • kiskiminetas says:

      They sure did and that is the brand of succumbing to a leftist social narrative that is a lie, one that would take them down the path of hard times to come. As for the owners while they may be rich with wealth their minds were short sighted. They will rue what they have done this third week of season.


  38. MaineCoon says:

    Thank God the taxpayer won’t be doing a bailout!! For once.

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  39. Liberty says:

    Oh Jerry… Your red line is worth no more than any that Obama ever set down.

    Maybe it’s time to ressurrect the XFL… well, minus the —-show. My troll fantasy at this moment is to see McMahon ride down the escalator in Trump tower and pronounce the NFL dead and watch the sports snowflakes go into full radioactive meltdown.

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  40. Yankee Lawyer says:

    Rooting for NFL ratings collapse will be more fun than the sport itself! Next week will be interesting.

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  41. free2313 says:

    Perhaps your husbands simply enjoys watching car wrecks and the mayhem, that these NFL players will provide…

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  42. mpsquared says:

    I am a recovering NY Giants fan (Let’s go NY Rangers) and although I loathe the Cowboys, I was holding out a little hope that Jerry Jones would be smart enough to stand up to the ridiculousness of these protests. But I was wrong. I only hope that the fans can show as much unity in expressing our displeasure for the disrespectful League, players, and owners. Oh well, more time on the weekends to focus on our family and to try to make Sunday really a Sabbath. Blessings to you all…MP

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  43. First Last says:

    I am so done with football. Never again.

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  44. Glenn E Stehle says:

    Here’s the official statement of the Dallas Cowboys on their web page. And guess who they blame for the imbroglio? That’s right, President Trump.

    My message to Jerry Jones: Take your team and cram it up where the sun doesn’t shine, you SOB.

    Cowboys’ Team, Ownership Make Joint Demonstration Before National Anthem

    Monday, September 25, 2017 8:03 PM CDT

    By David Helman
    DallasCowboys.com Staff Writer

    GLENDALE, Ariz. – Given the events that have unfolded all across the NFL during Week 3, all eyes were on the Cowboys on Monday night – and not just because of their game against the Arizona Cardinals.

    Protests over racial inequality, centered on the national anthem, cropped up across the league on Sunday, following comments made by President Donald Trump on Friday night. In light of incendiary comments made by the President, players on every team in the NFL opted to demonstrate during the anthem. Some teams, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks, opted not to take the field at all during what has become a pregame tradition.

    For their part, the Cowboys opted for a display of team unity across the entire organization. With Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones front and center, the full Jones Family joined the Cowboys’ coaching staff and players in linking arms down the length of the field.

    In the moments before the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the full organization briefly dropped to one knee together. After several seconds, they stood and retreated to the sideline for the national anthem.

    It was a demonstration unlike any of the others seen across the league over the week, and it was in keeping with the Cowboys’ comments on the issue. Both Jones and Cowboys coach Jason Garrett have said in the past that they believe in the sanctity of the American flag. The decision allowed the Cowboys to make a team statement on the issue – albeit not during the anthem itself.
    Win or lose, the demonstration will undoubtedly be a topic of conversation following the Cowboys’ game against the Cardinals.

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  45. SR says:

    I want to see people leave stadium when match starts.

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  46. Bouchart says:

    The NFL is part of the bread and circuses arm of the deep state. They have nigh unlimited funding. If you think these protests against them are going to accomplish much you are delusional. It’s the same as news networks like CNN that have ten viewers but remain in business.

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  47. Merle Marks says:

    they just called every American a deplorable…

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  48. NFL’s time is up. The next league will sit players that don’t stand for anthem and you’ll actually be able to live stream any game you want. Can’t wait.

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