President Trump Designates Kim Jong-un: “Rocket Man”…

Oh this is too funny:

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236 Responses to President Trump Designates Kim Jong-un: “Rocket Man”…

  1. PDQ says:

    You knew it was coming:

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  2. jedi767 says:

    Leaked footage of the recent NoKo missile launch.

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  3. Publius2016 says:

    Rocket Man will take this as a compliment and make peace…more unorthodox diplimacy from the master!

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  4. starfcker says:

    I still think the most amazing part of this whole thing is that what are the odds, that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have a mutual friend in Dennis Rodman? Truth is stranger Than fiction. This is going to work out without shooting.

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  5. Jimmy Jack says:

    Between this and the golf ball RT my morning is turning around.

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  6. Dennis Leonard says:

    And this is why we are here,off of Don Surber comments,
    “That’s why this blog and a few others- like The Conservative Treehouse- are the only sources of news that I trust!”

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  7. carterzest says:

    The twitter comments. All on the dem talking points…unfit….disgusting.


  8. jonhabart says:

    The Economist, July 2006
    Like Father, Like Son.

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  9. USA loves Melania says:

    Having a nice quiete Sunday. Turn on the Treehouse to see if there’s any news. See Rocket Man. What the…is this real? Check the big man’s twitter. There’s Rocket Man. And a Trump Train wearing a MAGA hat. And a solid red 2020 map. Incredible Trump golf swing Crooked H takedown shot. This is too perfect. I must’ve stumbled onto a parody account. Check it again. It’s real. Batten down the hatches, it’s a Cat 5 tweet storm. I’m dying laughing. Hail to the Chief.

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  10. Rob says:

    Long gas lines?

    They have cars?

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  11. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    omg I can’t stop laughing

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  12. frank field says:

    I find it amazingly easy to love beloved Trump. What a sweet way to diminish the punk from the DPRK.


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  13. Lucille says:

    South Korea officials make statement after call with Trump


  14. Sylvia Avery says:

    And then there is the other side of the coin.

    The WH sends out a lovely video about Frank “FX” who mowed the Rose Garden lawn. AND of course the ridiculous left couldn’t wait to self righteously snark about child labor, minimum wage, and occupational safety. These are the same fools that shut down lemonade stands.

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  15. wodiej says:

    Lol, great tweet!


  16. wheatietoo says:

    From hashtag #Rocketman:

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  17. starfcker says:

    William was entertainment gold. And he managed to parlay that audition into about 700 grand. Here he is on Jay Leno.

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  18. MVW says:

    America should take back the nuclear power plant and fissionable material since the Kim’s went back on their word. Fair is fair.

    Funny how a meme ‘Rocket Man’ is able to lower the temperature of the NK threat. By the way, I did not think of the song or the movie (yes, there was a movie ‘Rocket Man’), I thought of the New York dancers, ‘The Rockettes’.


  19. conservalicious says:

    Here’s another great meme… haha!

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  20. dianeax says:

    That was the best tweet I read all day. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  21. George says:

    Well, I guess the Chinese President, Xi Jimping, EU Globalists, and US Swamp critter’s received President Trump’s reply to their threat of a nuclear war. President Trump’s answer to their economic trade negotiations be like: President Jimping (how’s Rocket Man Doing ?) “what” (No gas) ” awe” (Too bad!)
    President Trump’s tweets run deep.
    Sundance got this!

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  22. Maybe we can come up with a meme for the president of China? I’ll throw out the first one.
    Rickshaw Boy.

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  23. Here’s Scott Adams Rocketman and Trump golf string video if you want a great laugh:

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  24. Rumor has it that the ‘Rocket Man’ has a ‘space’ ship ready for launch if necessary. Looks familiar from movies when I was a kid. ( late 1940’s early 50s)


  25. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    This is for Kim Jong UN, “Rocket man”, of North Korea. You are mad because President Trump didn’t cave in and pay you billions of dollars so you would stop making nuclear bombs. President Clinton, and Obama all caved in and paid you well. With all this money you made more nuclear missiles and more bombs. President Trump is the only President that refused. That’s why you hate him. President Trump is the only President with guts, and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are both LOSERS with no spine. We finally have a President that is a strong leader, not a wimp like Clinton and Obama. God Bless You, President Donald J. Trump and keep up the good job you are doing.


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