Jack Cashill Was Right! – Kansas City Serial Killer Was Targeting White Males…

Police have arrested a man named Fredrick Demond Scott, a suspect in a years-long series of at least five murders in the Kansas City area.   However, a long time before this arrest investigative Journalist and best-selling author Jack Cashill was on the trail of the killings and noting a pattern.  All of the victims were white males, and all followed a specific pattern within the geography.

Jack Cashill (pictured insert above) followed the murders closely and developed a theory that a serial killer dubbed the “Indian Creek Killer”, was a black male racially targeting white men.  Cashill’s intuition drew attention to the pattern as it was being uncomfortably avoided by a politically correct media:

“[…] The police see “obvious similarities” in the four Indian Creek deaths, but they are not yet willing to attribute the four killings to one source. To its credit, the Star reported that the victims were “all white men between the ages of 54 and 67.” Had the paper acknowledged a pattern after the third death, however, there might not have been a fourth.”

In May of 2017, after the fourth victim, Cashill wrote: “Four Dead, Is the Indian Creek Killer Targeting White Men in South KC”?

Jack Cashill Was Right!  TODAY:

(VIA KC STAR) The 22-year-old man suspected of shooting five middle-aged white men since last year — including four on south Kansas City walking trails — threatened in 2014 to shoot up a school and “kill all white people,” according to court records.

Fredrick Demond Scott, who was charged Tuesday in two killings and named as a suspect in three more, made those statements in January 2014 at Center Alternative School, as documented in a municipal citation for harassment.

Scott, who is black, has been charged with murder in the deaths of Steven Gibbons, 57, and John Palmer, 54. On Tuesday, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced those charges, also naming Scott as a suspect in the killings of David Lenox, 67; Timothy S. Rice, 57, of Excelsior Springs; and Mike Darby, 61, co-owner of Coach’s Bar & Grill at 103rd Street and Wornall Road.  (read more)

Jack Cashill has done some incredible investigative work and written several books. His latest: “TWA 800 The Crash, The Coverup, The Conspiracy” is available on Amazon.

Jack Cashill also wrote the definitive book on the Trayvon Martin shooting by George Zimmerman: “If I Had A Son” Amazon Here   – Which is where CTH first encountered Mr. Cashill as Treehouse research was a small portion of the investigative material Cashill used.

Jack is one of those writers who follows his instincts, questions everything, and allows the facts as they present themselves to be the source material for his analysis, as noted by his accuracy in the Indian Creek Killer.   [May 2017 ↓Follow Jack on Twitter HERE

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80 Responses to Jack Cashill Was Right! – Kansas City Serial Killer Was Targeting White Males…

  1. progpoker says:

    Checking on @deray’s reaction now. LOL!

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  2. Indimex says:

    I’m a huge fan of Jack Cashill. His writing during White Hispanic trial prompted me to check out TCTH.

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  3. Juzjon says:

    Always loved reading Jack Cashill’s articles over on americanthinker.com. He’s always, as they say….. “spot on”

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  4. Sedanka says:

    Another of Obama’s “sons.” I am so thankful that we’re past that sorry era in American history.

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  5. WSB says:

    This always comes to mind when I see crimes like this:

    Oprah’s incitement or free speech?

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    • scott467 says:

      Oprah should say those exact same words, while she’s looking in the mirror.

      That was basic, textbook, psychological projection.

      SHE is the one from ‘that’ generation.

      SHE is the one who was ‘born, and bred and marinated in it’.

      And because it SERVES her, because it confers special ‘victims rights’ and ‘privilege’ status upon her, she (and those who think just like her) will wear her own prejudice, bigotry and racism like a badge of honor until she, too, ‘dies’.

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    • Tee says:

      Remember (2013) Oprah accusing a shop girl in Zurich of not showing her a purse she wanted to see because she was told she wouldn’t be able to afford it? Mmm, hmmm. Sure. She says she had designer clothes on too. I lived in Zurich and if someone came in who was interested in a $35,000 handbag, they would not refuse the opportunity to sell it because of your skin color. The number of nations represented by those residing in Zurich and working in high paying financial jobs is astounding so I found that racism story very unbelievable.

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    • Janie M. says:

      WSB, I remember years ago watching a few of her shows (she was, after all, a local celebrity in my neck of the woods – IL) and noticed the majority of her audiences were comprised of white women. Now, in retrospect, it’s apparent she despised everyone of them as they helped her on her climb to fame and riches… Ironic, no?

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    • WSB says:

      You and I know what she is insinuating. Tell that to a socially inept 20 year old.

      Doesn’t cut mustard. The left and race baiters can’t have it both ways.

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    • dutzie60 says:

      How about I say …
      The black American generation born and bred into poverty, crime, uselessness have been stewing in that and taking hand outs from the government for over 50 years. In order for black Americans to become useful, productive members of society, the older generation will have to Die.
      What would she think if she heard that?

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      • LARS says:

        Oprahpolitics was why Trump won.


      • kp3ace says:

        A lot of that generation seem to be waking up. I watched a YouTube video earlier of an early 20-something young lady that spent about 27 minutes trying to describe her “red pill” experience. I’ve been seeing quite a bit of that lately.
        Also, apparently people are still switching from Democrat to Republican. Seems to be a trend.

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    • scott467 says:

      “No. While some may take it as incitement she meant it in the sense that, that generation has to get old and die before a new paradigm will take hold. And that’s the context of the statement and the context of the interview. It’s like in science – all the old guard have to die off before new thoughts can be given any critical analysis.”


      Except there will never be a new ‘paradigm’, because the nature and character of Man has not changed since Adam, and it’s folly to think otherwise.

      I asked this question here about two weeks ago, and as expected, I received no answer:

      Is there any example, anywhere in the world, where multiculturalism and multiple different races have flourished together, on any long-term basis, in the history of the world?

      If there was an example, it would come immediately to mind, we would know about it and be able to answer that question easily, wouldn’t we?

      And if there is no example, if it has never happened before, anywhere, in the history of mankind… then who are we really foolin’ here, besides ourselves?

      Are we somehow different, or better, or more capable, or superior — morally, socially, intellectually or otherwise — to all of humanity which has come before us?

      Or is that just something we would like to believe about ourselves?

      “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. [10] Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us. [11] There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9-11, KJV)


      The paradigm won’t be changing, no matter how many people grow old and die. So long as one group benefits from portraying itself as a ‘victim’ of another group, there will always be people in both groups willing to ‘wave the bloody shirt’, creating division for personal or political gain.

      It is nothing specific to this generation or any other.

      It is just one of many evil things men do to advance themselves at the expense of others.

      The Left has based their entire worldview on creating this very type of division for political gain.


      • Rock Knutne says:

        Well if 240 years is sufficient for your definition of ‘long term’ then I’d say all you’d have to do is look at the country you’re living in.
        The Good ol’ US of A!

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      • svenwg says:

        The USA was the only country in the world where multiculturalism worked while it was a melting pot, where everyone from foreign nations became Americans and not hyphenated ones at that.

        The only exception to that was the African-American, who lusted after all the modern gimmicks and money of those that melted into Americans, but who used slavery to become victims and not producers, demanding special treatment and money for nothing.

        Now, over 200 years after the creation of the Greatest Nation on earth, the bill of allowing the Demoncraps to keep the African-American downtrodden and nothing but leaches on the hind-tit of American taxpayers has come due. Unfortunately the only way out is to remove all illegal aliens from the USA and use the money saved to reverse the Demoncraps policies, meaning the reestablishment of the two parent family and the earned privilege of House ownership.


      • diogenes says:

        Homogenous nations have always emerged from the crucible of heterogenous nations. Diversity is not a strength. “Diversity” is the seeds of chaos sown in fertile soil.

        As Vox Day puts it so eloquently, “Diversity plus proximity equals war.”


    • Beverly says:

      As the tinfoilhat bloody well knows, she hates our guts. Only a deeply racist and hate-filled black person would attend “Reverend” G*d D***n America Wright’s “church” for years and years.


  6. fleporeblog says:

    From the article:

    Scott was cited in Kansas City municipal court in 2013 for assault on his mother, accused of shoving her several times. She called police, hoping tough love would help him, she said.

    “As far as I know Fredrick never had a problem with white people,” his mother said. “He would do odd jobs for people and some of those people were white men.”

    This is the same mom that this animal decided to rough up stating he had no issues with “White People”! You can’t make this stuff up folks. The article eliminated the ability to leave comments. I guess they were afraid to here from everyday Americans that have something to say about all of this.

    The day of reckoning is coming! I just pray it is with our Heavenly Father rather than here on Earth.

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    • SpanglishKC says:

      they’re trying to keep up the fake narrative that only white people are racist


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      • scott467 says:

        “they’re trying to keep up the fake narrative that only white people are racist”


        White people are viewed as less likely to be racist than blacks, according to both white people AND black people:

        Rasmussen Reports: More Americans View Blacks As Racist Than Whites, Hispanics
        Wednesday, July 03, 2013

        “Among black Americans, 31% think most blacks are racist, while 24% consider most whites racist and 15% view most Hispanics that way.

        Among white adults, 10% think most white Americans are racist; 38% believe most blacks are racist, and 17% say most Hispanics are racist.”

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        • kp3ace says:

          True! When my daughter was about 2 years old the next-door neighbor’s daughter told my daughter that her mother had told her that she couldn’t play with her anymore. When I asked her why, she said, because she’s black. My daughter lost a friend that day as did the little girl. I thought about talking to her mother, but decided against it. Some people are just too set in their beliefs.


    • LINER011 says:

      This should be the biggest story in the news and it’s being buried. DailyMail had it for one day, restricting comments, then gone. DailyCaller had it for one day, over 500 comments.
      Nothing in the MSM of course, and nothing on Breitbart of American Thinker.

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  7. SpanglishKC says:

    as a “white” Hispanic that lives in the area I can only tell you how relieved we are that my family and I can ride bicycles on the trail again


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  8. Gov Jay says:

    What are the odds he will be charged with a “hate crime”?… on the other hand, if the races were reversed, this would be automatic…

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    • scott467 says:

      “What are the odds he will be charged with a “hate crime”?… on the other hand, if the races were reversed, this would be automatic…”


      That’s because we live in the United States of Double Standard-land.

      It says so, right on the Supreme Court building:

      Equal Justice Under Law for Some (I don’t think that last part was always there)

      All animals are equal, but ‘protected classes’ are more equal than others.

      ‘Protected Classes’ are a Big Club.

      Chances are, you ain’t in it.

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      • starfcker says:

        Who cares about hate crime. It’s all b******* anyway. Murder is already a capital offense Try him, fry him, next.

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        • joanfoster says:

          They may try him, but they will never fry him. Big, fat mama will come into the courtroom and sing a few bars of Swing Low Sweet Chariot, and the jury will collectively have a pants wetting and acquit based on his poor background and his mental incapacity to stand trail. Taking bets as I speak! This entire country has turned into one gigantic kangaroo court.


          • LARS says:

            Demon was able to afford four handguns, then promptly reporting them stolen. Clues much?


          • scott467 says:

            “This entire country has turned into one gigantic kangaroo court.”


            It is nearly impossible to argue with your conclusion.

            Therefore… I won’t.



          • scott467 says:

            “… mama will come into the courtroom and sing a few bars of Swing Low Sweet Chariot…”

            I would tune in for the show if Eric Clapton was playing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”

            But it wouldn’t affect my verdict one way or the other.


          • Coldeadhands says:

            He’s a good boy. He was gonna go to college. If Jug Ears had a son he’d look like Fredrick.


          • LINER011 says:

            It is every liberal’s dream to become Atticus Finch.


        • scott467 says:

          “Who cares about hate crime. It’s all b******* anyway.”


          Agreed 100%.

          Murder is murder, regardless of the motive, and the penalty for murder should be the same, regardless of the motive.

          But ‘hate crime’ legislation was introduced as a Leftist PC weapon to use against white people, period.

          They would never say that of course, but that is the de facto reality.

          And until the bogus ‘hate crime’ laws are removed from the books, it is one more part of the de facto double standard.

          And until that double standard no longer exists, I am going to keep pointing it out.


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    • Red Nor Blue says:

      If the races were reversed this would be on the “news” 24/7 for the next several weeks

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  9. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    I have read Cashill’s book on TWA 800, and it is excellent.

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  10. keeler says:

    Kudos to Cashill, one of the few remaining investigative journalists, or journalists for that matter, still around.

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  11. bluejean says:

    One of the articles says he was distraught over his brother’s death. His brother was killed by 2 black men during a robbery….so it’s only natural that the response to that was to kill as many white men as you possible. /s

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  12. EbonyRapror says:

    I like Jack Cashill and believe him to be what a journalist should be – unbiased, curious, and doggedly determined to find the truth.

    He was cast as a tinfoil hat conspiracist because he disputed many things about Obama, such as who really authored Obama’s “Dreams from my Father” and much of Obama’s early life story, including facts around the birth certificate. I don’t believe he was ever a “birther” but he believed there enough conflicting facts to understand why birthers were skeptical.

    I wish there more Jack Cashills because there’s no shortage of things needing investigation.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      Jack Cashill is an awesome investigative reporter. Have been following his writing for years. He was one of the few who had the goods on O early and wasn’t afraid to write the facts.

      Thanks to for Sundance for being the most awesome investigative reporter and economist and “international relations” expert, plus many more.

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  13. NJF says:

    Very happy they caught this guy. Of course MSM will never even mention it.

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    • Harry Lime says:

      Certain crimes just seem to magically disappear down the media memory hole. It’s amazing how few people are even aware of what the Zebra Killers did.

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      • scott467 says:

        “Certain crimes just seem to magically disappear down the media memory hole. It’s amazing how few people are even aware of what the Zebra Killers did.”


        Thank you for posting that, I had never heard about this before.

        For those who didn’t watch it, it’s about a group of black Muslims in the early 1970s who targeted white people to torture and murder.

        And the reason why it was ‘forgotten’ and never discussed is obvious. The Left doesn’t benefit from talking about it, it doesn’t advance their ‘narrative’ of ‘protected classes’ good, white bad.

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  14. JT says:

    why post this here? too divisive.


  15. PDQ says:

    Racism is a dange ous mental illeness and YES racism comes up in all colors.

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  16. Plato says:

    This would be headlining the national media for a week if this racist black lad was a white.
    I take it Cohn is beyond outraged and will expose the Uniparty media’s silence on the matter.
    As will TRex.
    Google and Amazon will also be shocked that Ryan says nothing.

    It’s the old neo-marxist story…”.tell me your cultural politics and I’ll tell you if you committed a crime.”

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  17. GW says:

    Well, is he getting charged with federal hate crime laws as well as state murder charges ???


  18. Tejas Rob says:

    You can thank the MSM for creating people like this.

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  19. Sayit2016 says:

    Cashill’s literary forensic study on the book “Dreams from my Father” the book Obama”wrote” was very good– he exposed Obama as a fraud.

    Jack Cashill’s Book-TV presentation of “Deconstructing Obama” can be viewed at http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/298382-1

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  20. jim says:

    Jack Cash I’ll was right! Of course. Jack Cash I’ll is always right.

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  21. Loves me some Jack Cashill, ever since he co-hosted a local Kansas City radio talk-show with liberal ditz Mary O’Halloran back in the day. His work on TWA 800, Obamao, Trayvon-Zimmerman, etc., is spot on and bullet-proof. If Jack writes a check, you can take it to the bank.


  22. RZ says:

    Jack Cashill is certainly an excellent writer and wonderful individual.

    I had the opportunity to briefly meet Mr Cashill on the eve of George Zimmerman’s trial. He seeks the truth in all of his writing and also is a very compassionate individual.

    Mr Cashill’s thorough research makes him the most knowledgeable writer I have ever known – right up there with Sundance.


  23. timholman says:

    I’m from KC and heard all about it but I had no idea it was so big of a story outside of the state. Great post!


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