CNN Called Out By Distraught Flood Victim For “Vulture Journalism”…

Narrative Engineering – This is what happens when you put arrogant and condescending Jim Acosta at the CNN media desk and tell production journalists to stimulate and capture the highest level possible of ramped-up anxiety.  Why do this? Simply to push a crisis agenda, lead news with stories of desperation and create toxic narrative, that’s why.

One distraught Houston flood victim has enough, and righteously calls out CNN for their “vulture journalism”. Watch:


Vulture media allies will quickly circle the wagons in 3…. 2…. 1….

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180 Responses to CNN Called Out By Distraught Flood Victim For “Vulture Journalism”…

  1. Florida Playboy says:

    Sign this now!!! Petition to enforce Communist Control Act

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    • Florida Playboy says:
      We, the undersigned law abiding citizens of the United States of America, call upon the U.S. Government to enforce Article 50 U.S.C. 842 in order to stop radical groups affiliated with communist ideals from committing further violence, terrorism, destruction and subversion of the American people and their way of life. The law clearly states that any groups, such as “Anti-fa”, who are utilizing communist paramilitary methods in order to attack American citizens and push to overthrow elements of the U.S. Government, or any groups/individuals giving aid in any way shape or form, are in violation of this law and their allowance to continue to plan and promote terrorist acts on Americans has to end

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    • Ursula says:

      Done! Thanks Howie.


  2. DebbieUK says:

    I know its not the same as a natural disaster but similar happens when there is a Terrorist attack in Europe, The 24 hour news stations are soon there en masse interviewing anyone they can stop and get on camera .I often think for goodness sake ,go away and leave these people alone.I don’t want to witness their grief.
    By all means report on the incident but stop pedalling human misery.

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  3. sunnydaze says:

    My Pillow donating thousands of pillows!!!!!!!!! Yes!

    Support My Pillow!!!

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  4. fangdog says:

    As a result of the flood there will be some changing of Libtard attitudes for the better. It will not be the other way around. We are witnessing first hand what Americans are all about and the pride which comes from being one. I suspect in due time, the left-wing will see their numbers dwindle to a point of irritating irrelevancy. ……I am not sure it is not at this point already.

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  5. Donna in Oregon says:

    What no one has talked about is how hard it is on 21st Century parents when the electronics go off. The food and water is certainly an issue, very important. However, it’s the kids that no longer have electronic babysitters that drive the parents over the edge.

    It’s true….


    • sunnydaze says:

      It’s true. But parents really need to teach their kids about the joys of sitting around together playing card games, board games.

      Even the most dysfunctional families can have fun together doing that (ask me how I know, LOL).

      Comes in VERY handy when the power’s gone and your huddled relative in darkness.

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    • nuthinmuffin says:

      after a minute, mommy, mommy, when is the power coming back on?


  6. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    “Ma’am, you’ve been through a terrible ordeal. Here are some sandwiches and some bottles of juice for you and your children. Here’s a couple of dry blankets to keep you warm.”
    Oh, wait. That’s never going to happen with the vulture media.

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    • nuthinmuffin says:

      i found it creepy that the reporter thought it was okay to keep her hand on the lady’s arm while looming over her with the mic in her face. trying to show they “care”

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    • not2worryluv says:

      Wonder how much CNN, MSNBC, FOX have made in contributions to helping those in peril in Houston.

      They see it first had with their “reporters” in full make-up, coiffed hair, “casual” preppy clothing and expect those struggling to snuggle up to them?

      Very surprised they haven’t called out those young white men saving folks 24/7 on their own dime as Nazis or White Supremacists.

      Where are the leftist helping – oh I forgot on their yachts, at Burning Man and closing out the season in the Hamptons, Marthas Vineyard, and Malibu.


  7. Ghostrider says:

    I am a bit late reading this post. I have family and friends who live in Houston. A few are doing OK considering the extent of the damage and the others lost everything they have and own. The thing that struck me most about the CNN video is CNN’s condescending attitude, the lack of genuine, real compassion for the victims, the absence of any authenticity by Acosta and the female reporter… but more importantly, the false presumption by CNN producers that in finding a black woman and her daughter to stick on camera was a coup for them…almost like the progressives own the African American communities in Houston. I will bet my house and cars that CNN was hoping they could influence the woman to say something negative about Trump. She didn’t and her reaction and words were straight from the heart. CNN does not get it and they never will get it. They are worse than fake news; they are more akin to a domestic terrorist network.

    When we look rationally at what is happening in Houston, CNN’s Trump hate is still ongoing. It never ends. The anti-Trump thinking, actions, the protests, the apparent desire to rip this country apart and eventually destroy it goes on unabated, as does the meteorological disaster taking place in southeastern Texas.

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  8. uvaldegirl says:

    Yes. CNN is chief propangist for some enemy force. No heart for Averica, no honesty
    , even, there.


  9. remuda2016 says:

    As the ‘Big Easy’ continues its struggle from Katrina’s aftermath…lost horizons…lost hope…
    And the TX coast will rebound forthwith mightily…!

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  10. Realist says:

    CNN and most of America’s disgusting LYING LEFTARD Media are a world laughing stock.


  11. Mike diamond says:

    CNN?? The worst fake news with no heart no real understanding of people ! They only care about themselves!!!!!

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  12. Maggiemoowho says:

    Fox news did the same thing yesterday, they stopped a boat in the rain to interview people and a man yelled and told them to get moving or something because they were cold and the water was getting higher. The media is exploiting victims of this nightmare for ratings. The MSM should be ashamed of themselves.


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