Reuters Calls Violent Antifa Rioters “Peace Activists”….

So the Arizona police were in riot gear to protect themselves from “peace activists“?

Water isn’t really wet, it’s just lacking dryness.  Uh huh,… sheesh.

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248 Responses to Reuters Calls Violent Antifa Rioters “Peace Activists”….

  1. youme says:

    Read the comments. They are getting slaughtered

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  2. woohoowee says:

    Trump45 assigned responsibility for the division in our society last night: The MSM. He tells the truth and you’d have thought he was chunkin’ shoes at puppies again 😉 The usual UniParty Propaganda Arm suspects went to howling.

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  3. RG says:

    They (the MSM is in high gear today with denials and other such nonsense. Does anyone ever entertain the question, “What is a REAL problem?” We are making fools of ourselves for the world to see…so a war was fought in the 1860s and the idiots of today who are ignorant liberal fools are won’t rest until the monuments are destroyed. Will it make history go away? Not in the USA. Why don’t they work at something more productive for them and the country. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” JFK for those who don’t know history.

    Pretty soon my TV will be out of the street for sale.

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  4. woohoowee says:

    In the photographers own words:

    I’ll just come right out and say it, 2016 was a pretty shitty year. Lots of really cool leaders and entertainers died, our country decided it wanted to halt what was a nice flow of forward thinking progress and economic gains and go backwards to a Mad-Men-esq era of old corporate white dudes who are mostly interested keeping each other wealthy beyond all belief(at the expense of the environment and the 99%). In some weird way though, I think it’ll be a very prosperous 2017 for us news folk. If it’s anything like the Bush years, which was the last time I called myself a working photojournalist, we’ll be very busy. Bad economy, corruption, global conflicts, immigration/deportation, rights issues, will all be front and center these next few years like we’ve never seen. I really hope many media outlets and their journalists and editors, as a whole, can gain back some respectability after a rather pathetic election season where made-up, red meat scandals ruled our news cycles along with an orgasmic Orange crush on a certain candidate who helped manipulate and rile-up a large portion of our less educated, working class folks. He basically put out the bait and and caught whale. I hope to do my part by striving to show humanity in the people I photograph and by staying honest.
    Keep up the fight everyone, be prosperous and have a great new year.

    And there ya have it: we’re just riled up b/c we’re ignorant and we work. Facepalm.

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  5. realcapedcrusader says:

    I had Fox on today while folding clothes, and Cavuto was going off, putting all the blame onto PDJT for his problems with Mitch McConnell saying calling him names wasn’t helping, and look at all the “Turtle” had done for him. I turned to the Golf channel before I threw a shoe at it.
    Sean, Judge, Lou, and a little Fox & Friends is all I watch anymore.

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  6. sunnydaze says:

    The Peace Activists who wear masks and carry sticks and bats (kudos to Alabama cops for making them take the masks off. Boo to all the other cops in the US who DON’T!):

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  7. woohoowee says:

    A Brief Guide to Standards, Photoshop and Captions

    Home > A Guide to Reuters Operations > Photos > A Brief Guide to Standards, Photoshop and Captions


    Accuracy in Captions

    Just as our news photographs must reflect reality, so too should our captions. They must adhere to the basic Reuters rules of accuracy and freedom from bias and must answer the basic questions of good journalism.,_Photoshop_and_Captions

    Oopsie! No accuracy in the Caption.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      To this point, if you ever tweet from Daily Mail they routinely change the tweet captions from the article to make them anti Trump. I always change them when I tweet from there. Nuts it’s definitely worth noticing.

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  8. Rurik says:

    Yes and no. I totally agree that calling these weenies Peace Activists is totall backward. But at the same time it is also totally in line with what “Peace Activists” have always been, ever since the Vietnam War. Remember those Peace Activists Billayers and Bernadette Dohrn, or any of the other Weathermen. Or the Chicago Days of Rage. Maybe the term fits as far back as the CND of the mid 1950s. Actually it should be spelled Piece Activist.


    • Bill says:

      dunno … Ayers, Dohrn et al aka Weathermen then Weather Underground once they went violent were not too well embraced by the ‘peace movement’ in general that did distance themselves and called them on their tactics. That’s how I remember it anyway. Small group of agitators and agent provocateurs co-opting the demonstrations that would have been otherwise peaceful, pushing radicalization of the whole movement


  9. Gil says:

    “Domestic terrorist organization ANTIFA are planning a nationwide day of riots on November 4th, which they say will force President Trump out of office.

    According to two ANTIFA-based websites, plans are being made to end the “Trump/Pence regime” via acts of violence and terrorism across the United States.

    Don’t be caught flatfooted. Call your congressman, senator, sheriff, mayor’s office and ask them: “What are you going to do to ensure these domestic terrorists don’t get away with killing more Americans?”

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      Oh, dear. They are such losers. Looks like we’ll have to do another Day of Prayer for these losers to fail bigly. This site called Trump’s Administration ” this whole regime is illegitimate”.

      Nov 4=”Antifa Temper Tantrum Day”—Sick demonic beings being paid by the Soros Cabal. Time to swap rubber for lead.

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      • Gil says:

        Yep so be aware. I suppose if it gains traction the msm will be saying its a “love in” like from the 60s and gee these are just like 21st century hippies. Instead of a peace sign we get bike lock guy and pee balloons.

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    • Bill says:

      A very important report by Doug Hagman on Alex Jones today. Said ANTIFA/BAMN/BLM and a whole bunch of other extremely radical left groups have been coordinating at very high levels. Small group of ex LEO infiltrated ala Veritas type operation over the last year and believe they are planning a full out operation come October/Nov which will be the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution that brought down Czarist Russia creating the Soviet Union.

      Starts 3:45 in


    • Bill says:

      Doug Hagman on Alex Jones today said ANTIFA/BLM/BAMN and a whle bunch of other extremely hardcore leftist groups have been coordinating at the highest levels. Hagman is involved with a small groups of ex LEO that have infiltrated the group over the last year and claim they plan to make their big push this Oct/Nov on the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution that brought down Czarist Russia leading to the Soviet Union.
      Hagman starts at 3:45 in


  10. sunnydaze says:

    This is a serious question: Was the Weather Underground and SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) actually supported by the Dem Party back in the day? Even a tiny slice of it?

    I ask because, tho I *do* remember some of the violence (the bombing of ROTC in Madison and murder of the math grad. student for one), I was a bit too young to pay attention to the Politics of it all.


    • G. Combs says:

      The MSM certainly supported it. My college had a ‘Phantom Riot’ broadcast — WITH FILM FOOTAGE — on coast to coast networks. It just about gave my parents heart attacks since it was just after the deaths at the Kent State Riot.

      Only one problem. THE RIOT NEVER OCCURRED. So the MSM was doing fake news all the way back in 1970.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      sunnydaze – I would like to hear the views of others, but my impression was / is that there was the Republican party, the dem party, and an apparent, separate social movement of hippies and peace activists. That movement was portrayed as organic, but it was orchestrated. Dems were largely mainstream / centrist, although you could find many adopting the flare – leg jeans and facial hair.

      Kent State: it is known now that SDS was there, helped plan it all, and were as always hoping for the Powers That Be to get violent, “proving” the myth of “peaceful” change agents in contrast to an “oppressive” government.

      Peter Paul and Mary were supposed to be part of this “organic” movement. But that group was as put-together of a product as were the Monkies. They were a product.

      Etc. That movement did not grow out of the Dem party; they have gradually co-opted the Dem party.

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  11. sunnydaze says:

    Whoah. At @3:50 in this vid the CNN Talking Head (Alison Camarota?) actually says this in response to the statement “There was violence on both sides”: “There was violence on both sides during WWII also, but we were on the right side”. These CNN people sound EXACTLY like Yvette Felarca of BAMN!!!! They DO support the violence of Antifa! They compare it to the Americans fighting WWII in Europe!!!!

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  12. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Why do I get the feeling whenever I see Antifa, that these Antifa “adults” favorite hobby is playing video games 24/7? The way they dress, talk, act, it seems like they are playing out their fantasy world of their video games. That would amount to mental disorders-no connection to the real world–like solipsism syndrome?, depersonalization disorder?, schizophrenia?—-Antifa are mindless showing us they’ve been brainwashed–maybe by video games as well???

    In our household we don’t do video games-only board and card games. Luckily our kids are not into video games in their household either. Ex son-in-law didn’t believe in guns and yet played violent war game video games. Go figure—–but it is why he become an EX—he was very abusive our daughter.

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    • Remember the Project Veritas tape of Dem party dirty ops Creamer(sp?) admitting he hired thugs to attack Trump rallies and make it look like Bernie supporters?
      He stated on tape he hires mentally ill people to do the dirty work.
      Now think of what happened at Charlotteville. I am convinced it was a leftist operation. Study the videos. The bad guys had constumes that looked like they came from central casting. The Nazi flags still had fold creases like they just got pulled out of a box.

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    • Dixie says:

      I’m convinced they (antifa) and like minded white liberals are all mentally ill. I spent a couple of hours listening to my step granddaughter describe what she sees on FB. They’re all crazy.

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    • yucki says:

      Some are skilled fighters. They’re behind the silly girly-types who serve as cover and distraction. Significant martial arts, military training.

      The swarms aren’t as amorphous as they seem. Street fighters and ex-cons mixed with the clumsy, fat, basement-dwelling, video-game freaks. Mercenaries from who-knows-where. The Muslim Brotherhood, Soros, others who-knows-who. This ain’t cheap.

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  13. The Reuters moniker “peace activists” is even sicker when watching this from the European, especially Nordic, perspective. The US Antifa is lightweight stuff compared to Antifa in Sweden. Antifa in US is attacking people in public places and at mass gatherings, but in Sweden they’re attacking people at their homes and when just walking normally in their hometowns. People who are members of Sweden Democrats, an anti-immigration and anti-EU party labeled far right but actually their policies are pretty much center-left on many issues, constantly get threats from Antifa. People have dropped out from their positions in local councils etc. after being attacked either on the streets and ending up in hospitals with serious, sometimes permanent injuries, or at their homes with their children present and placed in danger. They have harassed people at their workplaces in order to get them fired. They have doxed people who read and comment on certain forums and Swedish MSM has helped them by publishing these illegally created lists of Sweden Democrat sympathizers. They’re very closely tied to far left parties in Swedish parliament, but the relationship is downplayed in MSM. There’s nothing peaceful about Antifa.

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  14. BIRMINGHAM, AL (Reuters). Local fire department provides cool relief to civil rights activists marching in the summer heat.


  15. BIRMINGHAM, AL (Reuters) A policeman and his K9 partner engage in community outreach with area youths.


  16. Bill says:

    Contact Reuters, let them know who ANTIFA and BLM really are; and intentionally mischaracterizing and covering for them makes Reuters complicit in their crimes.


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