Democrat IT Staffers on Intel Committee May Have Sold Classified Intel To Pakistan and Russia…

The New York Post is reporting an evolution into the investigation of the indicted Awan family and colleagues who worked as Democrat staffers within the House Intelligence Committee and aides within the Super-Classified Congressional Intelligence Gang-of-Eight.  It’s jaw-dropping how much intelligence this crew would have access to.

In an alarming development the Post writes: “Investigators now suspect that sensitive US government data — possibly including classified information — could have been compromised and may have been sold to hostile foreign governments that could use it to blackmail members of Congress or even put their lives at risk.”

(Via New York Post) […] Alarm bells went off in April 2016 when computer security officials in the House reported “irregularities” in computer equipment purchasing. An internal investigation revealed the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars in government property, and evidence pointed to five IT staffers and the Democratic Congress members’ offices that employed them.

The evidence was turned over to the House inspector general, who found so much “smoke” that she recommended a criminal probe, sources say. The case was turned over to Capitol Police in October.

When the suspected IT workers couldn’t produce the missing invoiced equipment, sources say, they were removed from working on the computer network in early February.

During the probe, investigators found valuable government data that is believed to have been taken from the network and placed on offsite servers, setting off more alarms. Some 80 offices were potentially compromised.

Most lawmakers fired the alleged “ringleader” — longtime IT staffer Imran Awan — in February. But Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former Democratic National Committee chief, kept Awan on her payroll until his arrest last month on seemingly unrelated charges of defrauding the congressional credit union.

For more than a decade, Awan, his wife, two relatives and a friend worked for 30 House Democrats. They included New York City pols Gregory Meeks, Joseph Crowley and Yvette Clarke and members of the sensitive Intelligence and Foreign Relations committees. (read more)

Unfortunately, this increasingly sketchy story is following a pattern we have seen all too often.  The issues, while primarily framed around Democrats, if exposed, would leave a path of consequence upon both sides of the UniParty.  As such, the DC apparatus will most likely push to keep this under-wraps.

We saw this happen with the hidden aspects to the Benghazi back-story; where Democrats and Republicans were guilty of allowing covert weapons programs in Libya and Syria.  The joint Clinton/Panetta program was known to the congressional “Gang-of-Eight”; that’s essentially why the investigation went no-where.  Corruption is bi-partisan.

Similarly, the same thing happened with the IRS, FBI and DOJ scandal.  Both Democrats and Republicans benefited from the IRS targeting scheme; hence, no actual accountability was ever a motive during the investigation.   The Uniparty protects itself.

If the latest investigative reports of the Intelligence Community staffers is true, once again both sides of the UniParty would have fault for allowing such a compromise in national security.

The swamp always protects itself.

It’s just how they roll:

Any questions?

PS. I always find it funny (not ha-ha) to see the UniParty pitching their ‘we are so divided’ talking points on TV and print interviews.   That “divided” narrative is a tool, nothing more. It serves the UniParty’s interests to have the electorate think there’s so much division.  The truth is there’s no empirical data, actual results, to support believing there’s an inch of difference on domestic policy as it relates to $$.

Additional references with evidence toward this perspective can be found in the 2009 “Citizens United” supreme court decision, and how that outcome was pitched to the sleepy masses.

Oh, how the RNC and DNC opined two separate pearl-clutching outlooks on the CU decision.  Yet both of them couldn’t get enough corporate money in their new found  Super-PAC’s fast enough.  Those well designed 2010 political constructs were created exclusively to protect their incumbency; yet no-one noticed.

How’s that “Confiscated El-Chappo Money” bill  for the border wall coming along?

I digress.

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384 Responses to Democrat IT Staffers on Intel Committee May Have Sold Classified Intel To Pakistan and Russia…

    • Regina says:

      George is great, and has dug up a Lot of valuable info – but he does tend to speculate a lot. It’s intentional, and then his “team” will research it further – but worth remembering that not All of his info is hard fact.
      Definitely worth the watch, though –

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Thanks for posting the link. I’m interested in watching.


      • Ziiggii says:

        Take it with a grain of salt Sylvia. George and Jason are not what they seem IMHO!

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        • Ziiggii says:

          ADD: I interacted with them on their Facebook group…. Both would only reply if I were to present further theories that supported their conspiracy. When I corrected them or any other member on their obviously inaccurate claims – ::crickets::

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          • Regina says:

            I believe that, Ziig – I also think George was sort of paying his dues until Jason got his bail money back, and now he’s off on his own again. There are good and bad aspects of that – but it’s Not all Gospel truth

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  1. TwoLaine says:

    I will never get tired of WINNING!

    Next up, all the gubt departments who ILLEGALLY campaigned for the Kenyan Impostor and ILLary while on the taxpayers dole.

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    There is one Congressional Representative that has been leading the charge on this from day one. Louie Gohmert from TX has been un relentless about these brothers back in February. He has been on different FBN shows discussing it (Lou Dobbs and Fox & Friends).

    On March 10th he spoke about the brothers for an hour on the House floor (7 minute version below).

    I can think of one Republican who is scared out of his mind. Our favorite /s Trey Gowdy! This POS was petrified when Maria B brought this up during an interview on March 21st. It was the day after Comey testified in front of the House Intelligence Committe. He sounded like a complete moron the way he tried playing it off. What amazes me is that Louie Gohmert on March 10th spent an hour discussing the brothers and the accusations on the House floor. This RAT Bastard knew damn well about the IT brothers from Pakistan. Now that they got the mastermind and all his devices, shit is about to blow up! What is Mr. Gordy afraid of? Maybe the fact that this entire Muh Russia was set up by the ITs that had complete access to the DNC server.

    Start the video at 7:44

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  3. USA loves Melania says:

    The Swamp has never faced any real opposition before. Ever. Until now.

    The Swamp creatures are not Gods. They are not all knowing. They are not all powerful. They aren’t even very bright and they sure as hell ain’t good-looking. For the first time they are being challenged by a man big enough, bold enough, and daring enough to fight them head on.

    Remember when the Swamp was gonna beat us in the primaries? Then they were gonna beat us at the convention. Then they were gonna beat us in the general. Then they were gonna beat us with the electoral college. How’d that work out again? These punks have been getting steam-rolled for the past 2 years and they don’t know what to do. They keep losing and we keep winning. They still don’t have a clue what they’re up against.

    We’re not locked in here with them. They’re locked in here with US. Gonna be an interesting 7 and a half years.

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  4. Mike diamond says:

    Check little Debbie and a bunch of demo rats may have gone out and paid cash for brand new houses and fancy cars after the info they sold to pakistan and Russia !!!!

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  5. bverwey says:

    Is Cotton “pinching” one in that lower photo or am I reading too much into that? That stance looks a bit off for a war vet. Don’t get me wrong for the most part I like the man. Just looks like …. odd …. maybe being in the presence of McCain?

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  6. deplorabledooku says:

    IMO the focus of President Trump on Pakistan vis-a-vis the Afghanistan strategy may also factor into the Awan/DNC corruption/treason, since the President has identified Pakistan as a bad actor in public. IIRC Pakistan is one of Obama’s pet favorites, and the country in which he not only traveled with his BFF from Columbia University in the early 80s, but was where the wretched John Brennan “coincidentally” discovered his mentee-to-be.

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  7. Emily Summer says:

    Women who feel betrayed will usually stop at nothing to destroy the guy; unless she is in between the sheets with him. No other reason to protect him…or money. Sooooo which was it?

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  8. Mike diamond says:

    Little Debbie just like Hillary thinks she is above the law!!

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  9. jephfree says:

    the witches broom was to sweep this under the prayer rug.

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  10. Texian says:

    Congress now serves under the Antifa flag.. they have been morphed into commies and half of them don’t even realize it..

    America does not have a Nazi problem.. America has a Commie problem..

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  11. John says:

    Tick Tock Tick Tock.

    The mouse runs up the Clock.

    Then points to Awan(s) and asks. “Who hired you and when and what for and how much did they pay and what did you do with all those IPhones and Computers and Servers and Hard Drives you ordered off the books and where are they now and what did you do with all the money and where did the data go, and by the way do you know Julian Assange?”.

    To paraphrase.


    • Chewbarkah says:

      I am hoping that the answer is: the Awans provided all those Iphones and computers and servers, etc. they stole from the taxpayers to…the DNC (or the Hillary campaign). I wonder if the FBI has had the sense to scrutinize those orgs for connections to the Awans. I would be absolutely shocked if Debbie W-S did not migrate her favorite IT pals into her DNC empire.


  12. How on earth are all of these people coordinated in there corruption?!??!?!? Insanity!

    what a fake fake fake world we are living in. So much deceit, deception, manipulation, etc.

    I saw all the never trumpers and even dems applauding Trump on more money and troops to WAR. what a sick joke!

    I think Trump is just illuminating everything for everyone to see. We as a civilization have been played and that time is OVER.

    The eclipse was symbolic in it coming after Charlottesville, which in my personal network has caused an awakening as it has directed the public’s attention into the intellectual framework the Alt Right carries, and regardless of if you agree with there stance or not this is a free and open society yet one that is being used/weaponized against us by enemies within.


    • Minnie says:

      Excellent Zach!

      “How are all these people coordinated . . .”

      Bribery crosses all barriers and parties.

      They’re ALL corrupt, the steaming rancid swamp needs unclogging.

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    • Judith says:

      To me the eclipse over the USA is highly symbolic. It represents a darkness, or a pall over the country. We have been in the dark, figuratively speaking. But our light will shine again brilliantly as we cast the darkness away.

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  13. Paige Cohen says:

    Don’t forget Iwan was fired the very day after a Navy SEAL died of injuries suffered during a January 28 raid in Yemen that killed an estimated 14 al-Qaeda jihadists. Did the enemy have advanced notice of the raid? Additionally, Iwan and his family were employed when Extortion 17 was shot down on 08.06.11. Did the enemy know that E17 was flying into the Tangi Valley that early morning with 17 SEALs (31 spec ops together) three months after Joe Biden outed the SEALs’ role in the OBL kill.

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  14. MaineCoon says:

    All I have to say is what in the heck took everyone so long to hone in on this story?

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    • John says:

      been following since january – small podium i have

      pretty sure they sold the DNC and Podesta emails to Assange – but that is opinion

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      • MaineCoon says:

        I followed for months too. I have no podium either. I sure would like to know what Assange knows. At least we know the FBI has been investigating for a while.

        USA/Pakisan have an extradition agreement. I hope DoJ/PT put it to the test by asking for Awan’s wife to be sent back and all others in the spy ring.

        First good test for Pakistan regarding fighting terroism.

        We’ll see.

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    • Orygun says:

      Been following George since Day200. He is hard to understand because it is all clear to him and is a complex knot to untie. He seems sincere to me and my BS detector has been finely tuned over the years. Like anyone he has his own theories and will over exaggerate but means well.

      What struck me was the crickets from everyone! Not until he gave his info to the Daily Caller did anyone even care.


  15. rashamon says:

    Oddly (but what really is “odd” when it has to do with the UniParty?), two or three lawyers from Southeast Florida who specialize in visa and passport issues have been *suicided* in the back of the head and equally unusual ways over the last few weeks that the Awans have hit the headlines.

    George Webb deserves special recognition for this investigation, which he started when he was trying to figure out why DNC data was going against Bernie (his candidate) in favor of Hilarity. The death/disappearance of Seth Rich, DNC data guru, led him to the Awan family and, tenaciously, he stuck with the myriad of doors slammed in his face while trying to peek inside the inner-workings of the DNC.

    This goes beyond mere data stealing for HrC’s win and overpayment to the Pakis who never showed up for work. It’s now the Congressional Federal Credit Union loans orignally financing homes, a ring of car shipments to overseas ports, dealership bankruptcies plus diplomatic containers that avoid oversight, the potential of depleted uranium being shipped in those autos (just as cocaine comes over the border from Mexico in the bowels of cars) and the sale of data by people who should never have held security clearances. Who knows what other enterprises other nations have used against us and how many politicians have grown wealthy using insider information to invest in such play-for-pay? Too many I fear.

    The LSM has avoided this like a plague. As usual. I don’t remember foreign governments having such access to internal data since the FDR administration when the Joe McCarthy tried to warn of Communists that had invaded within every department of our government, proven true by Whittaker Chambers and, decades later, the Venona Papers. Our CIA is corrupt, Our FBI is corrupt. The NSA is corrupt. Mr. Sessions is trying, I believe, to dismantle the corruption in the DoJ.

    What kind of fools are we that we allow our federal bureaucracy to grow so high, wide and deep that we can’t control what it does? Thank God PDJT won the presidency and so many fine people have joined his administration in the belief that. running a tight and lean Ship of State, America has a strong, honest and valuable future ahead.

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  16. jeans2nd says:

    Y’all know my Rep is my personal fav. Lovely man. Likes me alot. Let’s have a look at the Awan’s world through the financial lens of Rep Tim Ryan (D) OH-13, shall we? At the bottom of this linked page, click on the names of Alvi, Hina R., and Awan, Abid A., and note all the Democrat Congressional Reps for whom they worked.

    Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio, 13th) * – Staff Salary Data

    “Alvi…began working for Ryan and others in 2011…Before Alvi’s employment, Abid Awan had served in that position”

    Now, Rep Tim Ryan dated Nancy Pelosi’s daughter during this period. Nancy Pelosi is very very close to her daughter, as y’all know.

    Now someone, please, please, convince me Alvi and Awan did not have access to confidential Pelosi information.
    nevermind. would not believe you anyway.

    Pelosi’s daughter leads effort to block Trump through Electoral College
    “Ten electors, led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine Pelosi, demanded Monday an intelligence briefing on Russian interference by Monday, when the Electoral College makes the vote official”

    Ex-aides to Marcia Fudge and Tim Ryan are focus of investigation, conspiracy theories

    Marcia Fudge To Replace Wasserman Schultz As Chair Of Democratic National Convention

    “Any questions?” Yes.
    Pakistan links are obvious. But sold intel to Russia?


  17. Former lurker says:

    Never, ever forget the feeling you had during the State of the Union when the camera was on Carryn Owens. Remember that when we find out who stood by when secrets were sold.

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  18. Bubba says:

    How could a bunch of transplanted Pakistanis run a spy ring in congress for years without getting detected by the Capital Police, NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, Secret Service, etc.?

    Answer – they can’t……………………………they were working for someone in our gov’t.

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  19. jmclever says:

    I’m wondering if the IT brothers are being set up to take the fall for the “Muh Russia” conspiracy so that the UniParty can save face when they have to grudgingly admit that My President is completely innocent.


    • Judith says:

      I agree Awans were installed in IT to take the fall if it were ever discovered that our government was infiltrated by radical Islam and sold classified information.


  20. RuckusTom says:

    May Have Sold Classified Intel To Pakistan and Russia…

    Ha. He gave the intel to the Pakistanis and sold it to the Russians.


  21. scott467 says:

    Democrat IT Staffers on Intel Committee May Have Sold Classified Intel To Pakistan and Russia…


    I’m… I’m shocked…

    Just shocked, I tell you.

    Shocked like Captain Renault finding out there was gambling going on in Casablanca.


  22. BMG says:

    How about those two Navy destroyer crashes over the past months, most recent one The McCain.
    Awan selling classified info leading to cyber manipulation of the ships? Big nasty if that’s the case.

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  23. SteveC says:

    “The swamp always protects itself.”
    Start prosecuting people, and the problems will start to go away — possibly for years.

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  24. scott467 says:

    “Any questions?”


    Yes, I have a question.

    Has anyone seen Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

    Is the Attorney General the chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America, or isn’t he?

    Has he been abducted?

    Why haven’t the Intelligence Committee ‘Gang of Eight’ been arrested, ALL of them, for ANY of the corruption outlined above?

    Has our country been taken over by some hostile outside force? Has there been a silent coup? Has the Constitution been canceled? Has the rule of Law been dissolved?

    If that has NOT happened — if the Constitution is still in effect, if we still have a government of, for and by the People, if we are still a nation of Equal Justice Under Law — if those aren’t just meaningless words, then what explains how these things continue to go on, without consequence?

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    • Dave says:

      “Has anyone seen Attorney General Jeff Sessions?” I saw his picture on a carton of milk, “Have You Seen Me?” printed above his picture! Another carton of milk had the same question over Gov. Chris Christie’s picture, except his picture covered all four sides!

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    • Krystal says:

      When you have a bought off media, corrupt intel agencies and law enforcment agencies, then these things stay hidden. Looking back it might have been better to have selected an AG from outside Washington DC and congress.

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  25. Pingback: Democrat IT Staffers on Intel Committee May Have Sold Classified Intel To Pakistan and Russia – IOTW Report

  26. auntiefran413 says:

    I can’t help wondering how many in Congress (House and Senate) can Awan put in jail by making/accepting a plea deal? Am I being naive in even wondering?


  27. andi lee says:

    ❤Miss you all, like crazy!❤

    I’m no authority on credit unions or bank loans but it appears the “Congressional” Credit Union is violating banking regulations. Big time.

    Check out this link from July … written from the credit union industry itself. Note the “policy” practice of standards & regs. Also, sidenote, “Awan” surname.


  28. andi lee says:

    WHY is MSM & politicos offering up soo much information on the Awans, Inc.?

    Maybe, just maybe, it has to do with the lawlessness of “credit unions”.

    Upthread, I posted a link to an article, written by Peter Strozniak. His twitterfeed is a goldmine for the “lawlessness” mentioned Like the **wild wild west** all over again!

    Peter’s twitter: @CUTimesReporter


  29. Craig from Scotland says:

    Greetings, appreciate the opportunity to comment.

    In my view the secure data loss over many years and apparent limited IT investigation with regard to the Awan ‘matter’ has only one signatory involved – Iran

    Classic Iranian operation with no fan fare, several intermediates involved to create distance.
    Possibly there was a problem with funds and a recognised Hezbollah associate, Dr. Ali al-Attar apparently became involved.

    Google: Dr Ali al-Attar

    Sorry folks, it appears your complete governmental and congressional IT system has been compromised for many years.

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  30. iRoll says:

    Presumably IT staffer Imran Awan had access to Debbie Wasserman Schultz DNC emails, the emails that were released by Wikileaks.


  31. DeWalt says:

    If I were President right now, I would be buying a lot of old fashion type writers.


  32. doc00 says:

    While giving away classified data is serious, the real crime that is yet to be exposed or discussed is the enabling of the hacking of US Government I/T via links on the servers managed by these people as well as Hillary’s servers. That access gave our enemies and foreign friends of the Democrat Party total access to mountains of data far beyond that sold by these clowns.


  33. Tom says:

    Is this something that a special counsel should be appointed for by Jeff Sessions office?


  34. Jimmy Jack says:

    I’ve been following George Webb since the double digit days. Say what you will about him but if it wasn’t for him no one would even know about this.

    The scope of this and the implications are so earth shattering it is truly shocking. It will absolutely implicate both sides of the aisle and will likely expose other fraudulent dealings by congress members.

    The swamp is already working overtime to cover this up. Even Never Trump National Review is writing about irregular the case. And a DWS relative is lead prosecutor. Dates and other key info are missing from the indictments.

    George won’t drop this. He’s fired up and talking about mass protests for this and he has quite a following.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. zaq123 says:

    If they’re putting out there, that these spies “may have sold info”, then rest assured it’s a bona fide fact. All they’re doing now, figure out just how damaging the information is to the following, in order of priority:
    1. Hillary Clinton
    2. The Democratic Party
    3. Individual Democratic members of Congress
    4. The United States of America
    Because they could really care less about #4, as long, as nothing happens to the clinton crime syndicate, all is well. And Wasserman Schultz should really start thinking about how she’s going to either commit suicide(maybe shoot herself 2x in the back of the head) or what crime she’ll be a victim of, that will bring about her death and forever remain, unsolved.


  36. Robert says:

    Fleporeblog, hit the head on the nail with the Trey Gowdy call out. I’ve been saying not to trust Jason Chaffetz and T. Gowdy for a year. Jason screwed over the Tea Party when it had momentum. Trey always looks and says the right things but NEVER accomplished SHIT! Something is wrong with him, hence GOPe (deep state). imho…


  37. Ziiggii says:

    Found something possibly – I will lay it out on multiple posts since there will be A LOT of links:

    So there was a sighting of Imran today –

    In that article the Daily Mail adds this tidbit:

    Imran is now living at the house with his brother, Abid Awan, and sister-in-law Natalia Sova, who also worked as IT aides for congress. They are also under investigation for unauthorized activities on the House network.

    I had forgotten all about the ‘curious’ name of Abid’s wife! Natalia Sova… so let see do we know what she looks like or her story? Daily Mail says this is her and Abid

    WHAT? A white blonde!


    Does anyone remember the fun we had diving into the San Bern, CA greencard scam?

    Yeah well, we may soon find another case of this type of scam including at least one of the Awans!

    Liked by 2 people

  38. Nimadan says:

    I know it’s not common for jews to be alcoholics but looking at Debbie Wasserman Schultz, if that isn’t the face of a massive juicehead, I’ve never seen one.


  39. Ziiggii says:

    Next I want to research if there is any connections between this Politico story and Natalia Sova….

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Ziiggii says:

    I have a hard time believing in coincidence:

    “Logging into her Yahoo email account, she gets a warning entitled “Important action required” from a Yahoo cybersecurity team. The warning adds, “We strongly suspect that your account has been the target of state-sponsored actors.”

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Ziiggii says:

    WHanon showed up this morning to make a post and talked specifically about Seth Rich and Imran Awan:

    “Hello, /pol/. I’d like to apologize for my imitators. I haven’t posted here anywhere near as many times as you’d probably think, nor have I ever made a so-called “tripcode.” From what I can tell, these imitators are just having fun rather than engaging in nefarious activity.

    I’ll cut right to the chase: At 5PM EDT today (give or take half an hour), there’s going to be an explosive revelation about Imran Awan in connection with the DNC hacking scandal and Seth Rich.

    Many of you have caught the suspiciousness of Seth’s murder but have completely misinterpreted the chain of events. Seth Rich was not a leaker, but he became privy to who facilitated the compromise of the DNC and DCCC networks by a foreign power. Awan got drunk and his lips let loose, as it were. Seth was murdered to keep this knowledge buried.

    I’m not in the country at the moment and can’t stick around. I wanted to share this information with you so you can prepare for a massive push across all social media. There’ll likely be attempts to minimize the impact, given that “Awan has been caught,” and there’ll likely be attempts to constrain the impact to Awan as some lone-wolf actor.”

    We’ll see! There has been speculations that Awan was somehow connected to Seth’s murder. If WHanon is real and what they are saying is true then some of the theories that have been batted around in the different /pol/’s may be proved true…. BIG UGLY (MOAB) incoming?


  42. Ziiggii says:

    have no idea as to the reliability of this account but…


  43. georgiafl says:

    Michelle Malkin exposes dark roots of the NYT


  44. georgiafl says:

    Arapaio threatens to go public about Obama regime abuse he endured:

    Obama abused the power of the office of POTUS and weaponized every agency from day one.

    By one month, he was legally impeachable.

    Brazen lawlessness marked every d4mn day of the Obama regime:

    List of Obama’s abuses of power and lawbreaking


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