USS John S McCain Update – CNO Admiral John Richardson Orders Worldwide Operational Pause (video)…

USS John S McCain was involved in a collision with the merchant vessel Alnic MC while underway east of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore early in the morning on Aug. 21 (as reported 6:24 a.m. Japan Standard Time) and arrived at Changi Naval Base in the afternoon.

Significant damage to the hull resulted in flooding to nearby compartments, including crew berthing, machinery, and communications rooms. Damage control efforts by the crew halted further flooding.

There are currently 10 Sailors missing and five injured. Four of the injured were medically evacuated by a Singapore Armed Forces Puma helicopter to a hospital in Singapore for non-life threatening injuries. The fifth injured Sailor did not require further medical attention.

The U.S. Navy Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson announced a worldwide operational pause and an investigation into operations into Navy forces around Japan on Aug. 21, 2017. US Navy Video (below):


(Via 7th Fleet) Search and rescue efforts continue in coordination with local authorities. Royal Malaysian Navy ships joined the search this afternoon, providing KD Handalan, KD Gempita, and KM Marudu and a Super Lynx helicopter.

Earlier in the day, Republic of Singapore Navy Fearless-class patrol ships RSS Gallant (97), RSS Resilience (82), and a Singaporean Police Coast Guard vessel Basking Shark (PH 55) rendered assistance. Gallant along with an SAF Super Puma helicopter and Police Coast Guard vessels Tiger Shark (PH 54) and Sandbar Shark (PH 56) continue to provide assistance.

U.S. Navy MH-60S helicopters and MV-22 Ospreys from USS America are also supporting search efforts at sea. Amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA 6) arrived at Changi Naval Base and is moored across the pier from the guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG 56).

While in Singapore, America will provide messing and berthing services to McCain crew members and to support damage control efforts on board. America will also support ongoing searches for 10 missing Sailors. Ship Repair Facility divers are on scene as well to assess the damage to the hull.

The merchant ship Alnic MC is a Liberian-flagged 600-foot oil and chemical tanker with a gross tonnage of 30,000. She carries a Bulbous Bow at the waterline.

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290 Responses to USS John S McCain Update – CNO Admiral John Richardson Orders Worldwide Operational Pause (video)…

  1. joshua says:

    Admiral Richardson needs to retire and teach social integration to transgenders and autistic children of illegal immigrants…..he is better prepared for that than to command our NAVY.

    GET HIM OUT….Burn his Coat.

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    • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      I can’t even believe what the Navy has become. My brother was a lot safer on nuke subs chasing the Russians around for 6 years during the Cold War. Plus it got him an excellent job as a supervisor at a NY nuke plant afterwards.

      Doesn’t the Navy make recruits prance around in high heels now? Or has that finally been halted? I’m a tad wary of Mattis’s reported support of psychotic transgenders in the military.

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  2. A2 says:

    USS John McCain collision, a signal for US to stay away from South China Sea
    环球时报 Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Xijin. Listen carefully. Seems to be subtle hints China may be involved or planting the idea.

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    • filia.aurea says:

      Betrayus spoke not more than two months ago in NYC about going to war with China. We need to know who actually used the weapon that disabled the USN’s vessel.


      • RG says:

        Is this the Navy that Obama and his commanders left us? I have long heard that the Navy was in disrepair and I now believe it. The world is watching and our Navy is sinking. That vessel (the McCain) looks like McHale’s Navy in the pond at Universal Studios back in the 1970s.
        The major question is this: Can our Navy do its job? Can our Navy be trusted? I sure hope so.

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          • TheLastDemocrat says:


            PR is part of the United States. And that guy has 20+ years military experience.

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          • dayallaxeded says:

            Reading the bio, it looks a little weird to me, but again, not being familiar with USN career progressions, I’m making n00b assumptions and impressions. Immediately after graduation from PR college with a degree in mechanical engineering–not a “gimme” degree, I suspect, even in PR (so respect for that), he enlists in the USN, initially at Pensacola for basic flight training. Didn’t make the cut or chose not to pursue flight training and shifted into a solid, engineering-based progression of ship’s officer positions. Not very long in any of them, punctuated by land-side instructor and strategy/diplomatic assignments. Could indicate a guy with difficulty finding his niche and/or a barely competent performer, getting shuffled through, in part, because of his PR heritage (though his photo looks Northern European-ish to me). The fact that his service and all of his assignments were during 0bunghole’s reign of error makes me favor the latter possibility. However, it’s still quite possible that he’s a pretty great commander, with a background of good, reasonable progression up the ladder of rank and responsibility, who just got into a bad situation.

            Of course, the really big worry is that in the time since the eerily similar USS Fitzgerald incident, the USN and/or US intel agencies haven’t managed to figure out how to prevent this kind of catastrophe–not only for the vessels and crew directly involved in a collision, but for the USN and USA’s standing and credibility in the world. These events, on top of the January 2016 Iranian seizure of 2 small USN boats with 10 crew, have to make us all go, hhhhmmmm?! Frankly, right now, our side look like suicidally incompetent doofuses.

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        • filia.aurea says:

          Obama is guilty of mass treason. No doubt in my mind the Navy is pretty @issed off.


    • ScarletTanager says:



    • cali says:

      Clearly that chives with my suspicion since the USS Fitzgerald sitting in the water like a sitting duck without being able to use its ‘top’ radar and other capabilities. I would also add that China assassinated 12 CIA agents during Obama/Hillary term although the media never mentioned that.
      When the USS Fitzgerald was hit – and it was rammed when you look at the movement of the Philippine staffed tanker published in the Japanese media – someone blamed it on an EMT. The captain from the tanker said that the Fitzgerald did not respond despite flashing lights and warnings. That is not the fault of the crew.
      The USS McCain was also in these same water and suffered identical damage and again lives lost. The ten missing sailors were found. But once again the question becomes was this another EMT turning into a sitting duck unable to maneuver and respond?
      Bill Gertz reported on the Free Bacon that the US Navy Comand is looking into sabotage or other causes.
      The issue is how reliable are these highly expensive ships with all their electronic capabilities when they are being rammed one after the other. Clearly it is not something the Navy would never admit. Our fleet are sitting ducks in Asian waters with China and NK capabilities via EMT to get the US’ attention??

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  3. filia.aurea says:

    I just hope The President has been briefed fully about the real issues we face. My family has a long history of serving on both HMS and USS destroyers. It is heartbreaking to suffer 10 more sailors “lost at sea”.

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  4. Bone Fish says:

    The Chinese have warned the DC Cabal to stop aggressively patrolling the S. China Sea for years … ‘or else’.

    Now, I think the Chinese are knocking out US navy ships with EMP type weapons and plowing electronically high jacked freighters via satellite communication into them to show they are not paper tigers.

    Looks like it worked and there’s nothing the DC Cabal can do about it.


    • 4sure says:

      Really? WOW! Please tell me more about this “plowing electronically high jacked freighters via satellite communication into them”.



      • Paco Loco says:

        If the Chinese are jamming GPS or interfering with on board ship guidance and nav systems the US Navy isn’t going to say anything.

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        • Unless tankers have begun employing Cloaks of Invisibility there still isn’t much excuse.

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        • Plato says:

          That’s irrelevant.
          If every electronic device from area radar to GPS had failed and the boys were back to a compass there is still ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for any collision.
          The watch on the bridge is 4 man, the bulk carrier is illuminated not merely with navigation lights (red, green, white) but the superstructure on the bulk carrier is illuminated by its deck spotlights, so it looks like a floating amusement park.
          Please stop this nonsense about bizarre “hacking”, it’s silly.

          This is another failure of a Destroyer’s watch.
          The reasons for this might prove to be very disturbing.

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          • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

            The complete infiltration of all our military services? I’d be shocked if it were NOT so. Plenty of experts have warned about this for a long time. (And I don’t mean Fake News experts.)


    • I kind of doubt that they are using an EMP, but you make me wonder. Just how much of the electronic equipment aboard our navel vessels are made in China?

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        There was a significant whistle-blower case filed in federal court in Dallas (iirc), that involved, in part, contractors’ using unshielded cabling and other electronic components in building and re-fitting ships, which would render their electrical systems vulnerable to a wide range of potential problems/intrusions. The profiteering by the civilian side of the “military-industrial complex” is as or more disgusting than the degradation of our military personnel through Klintoon-forward PC initiatives.

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  5. Tmonroe says:

    I’m guessing PC priorities running roughshod may have led to personnel in place that the last few admin’s version of vigorous vetting may have left there. This ties into the uptick in those fresh out of prison getting into the military:

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  6. It seems incredible that a lumbering merchant vessel could maneuver quickly enough to run down a Navy destroyer.

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    • Plato says:

      It couldn’t.
      Failure of the watch on the USN Destroyer.
      It’s amusing to read the rubbish being thrown up here involving “other reasons”.
      There are no other reasons.


      • I’ve seen one article suggesting cyber warfare might be a factor here. None of which excuses or explains how humans with eyeballs failed to avoid these collisions. But an over reliance on technology is a huge vulnerability.


      • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

        Failures of 2 destroyer watches within weeks of each other? This immediately becomes catastrophic failure, IMHO.


      • dayallaxeded says:

        Except, if the destroyer is dead in the water, her watch can watch as well as anyone could, but the boat still can’t get out of the way. I doubt that and strongly suspect that if any truth gets past the news black-out on this, as you suggest, it’s going to turn out to be a failure by the watch and deck officers at the time and I’d be willing to bet it wasn’t b/c they were sleeping. Who they were and what they were doing that distracted them from looking out for a moving “amusement park,” whose course should’ve been charted for at least an hour before contact, is anyone’s guess.

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  7. Old Lady says:

    I’m late to the discussion and have not read all the comments. Looks like they need a little time to figure out what’s going on. Suspicious cat, here kitty kitty.

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    • Plato is correct: Regardless of what the GPS plots, or what’s on the screen, its nearly impossible to believe that no one aboard the destroyer saw the mountain of steel bearing down on the ship and sounded the alarm.

      From all outward appearances this is the naval equivalent of that guy who died in the self-driving Tesla because he was watching a movie instead of monitoring the auto driving vehicle.

      All the more alarming because there are supposed to be multiple layers of redundant systems to prevent these occurrences. No one on lookout, or watching the radar, or monitoring the navigation systems sounded the alarm about the vessel approaching on a collision course. Very odd and very troubling .


  8. Ziiggii says:

    Do the Chinese have a new radar jamming weapon?

    Or are we (US Navy) practicing for an upcoming blockade?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

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  9. WhichWayWesternMan says:
  10. lokiscout says:

    As I read the damage photos it appears the tanker overtook the McCain from behind and may have been attempting to pass the McCain on her port side. Correct maneuver provided the Tanker signaled for the pass and the McCain signaled approval per The Rules of the Road. All speculation no way of knowing without talking with the watch. One thing sure someone either wasn’t paying attention or were screwing around, Sure seems like the McCain could have increased speed or maneuvered to avoid the collision.
    The CNO knows by this time and the fact that he ordered a 24 hour stand down and review of operation procedures and training tells me he found something.


  11. Watcher says:

    Take away the watch cellphones.

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  12. Paul Murphy says:

    This level of incompetence has never been characteristic of the American navy. Therefore there are only three possibilities:

    1 – some “bad actor” has infiltrated these crews and is now trying to take out American ships capable of helping defend Japan and/or Taiwan; (EMT attacks would not remove lookouts from the deck, nor disable the engines (since most are in faraday cages now);

    2 – the Wintel insanity has migrated into American ship level command and control (just as it did in the British Navy years ago) and PC type crashes are now causing ship crashes (as they did for the British); or,

    3 – the Navy is experimenting with something that requires them to take extraordinary collision risks. Hiding from both overhead and surface radar comes to mind..

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  13. jeans2nd says:

    Two ship captains, who coincidentally captain ships of the same fleet (battle Group?) that protect against North Korea and Chinese agression, are removed from command after their ships are involved in similar collisions.

    22 Aug 2017 South China Morning Post
    US Navy collisions pose growing threat to Chinese maritime activities, experts warn

    21 Aug 2017 *UPDATE* Another US Naval Destroyer Collides With Merchant Ship in South East Asia – Rescue and Recovery Efforts Underway…

    10 Aug 2017 USS John S. McCain conducts operation near China-held island

    18 Jun 2017 Collision At Sea – U.S.S. Fitzgerald Collides With Cargo Container Ship ACX Crystal Off Coast of Japan…

    13 Mar 2017 Navy conducts “Hack-Our-Ship” cybersecurity event

    16 Nov 2015 U.S. Navy destroyer USS Fitzgerald patrols South China Sea

    2014 Hacking ships and processing power

    8 Aug 2014 cargo ships hacking
    all one would need is just a teensy bit of access


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