Stunning Interactive 3-D Graphic Tells 2016 Election Story in A Single Image…

There are multiple visual tools used to capture and conceptualize data.  No doubt you’ve probably seen many graphs, charts and maps outlining the 2016 election results.  However, no single interactive 3-D graphic is as accurate at portraying the story as this one. – Interactive Link

If a single picture can speak 1,000 words, this interactive 3-D graphic is a book all unto itself. I hope you enjoy.


You can drag and maneuver the graphic to look at the horizontal image from multiple angles; you can also zoom in/out regionally and nationally.  It’s pretty cool.

Obviously the skyscraper imagery shows the volume of vote (blue/clinton – red/trump).

You can see how densely compact the voting base for Hillary Clinton is, and also how severe they voted for Hillary Clinton.

Each of these spires represents a narrow geography with high density democrat Clinton voters.  The graphic tells the story.

In essence these are vertical bubbles.  At the base of the spire is a densely compacted voting base for democrats (in this example Clinton).

One of the disconnects amid the mindset of the democrat bubble-base-voter is that they don’t travel out of their bubble to see the rest of American and understand how differing regions have views that are entirely divergent from their own.

The height of the spires shows just how narrow-minded the ideology is within the base of the electorate voting there.   The highest blue peak is Chicago.  Yes, even higher than Los Angeles.

It should be noted this graphic shows “recorded vote counts”.  As such it would also show higher spires if there were fraudulent ballot submissions.

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