Fox News Eric Bolling Suspended After Claims He Shared Pictures of His Penis…

Fox News host Eric Bolling has been suspended after allegations of sexual harassment by female colleagues at the network.  According to media reports Mr. Bolling is being accused of sending pictures of his penis to co-workers.

Mr. Bolling’s lawyer, Paul Weiss law firm, says his client: “does not believe he sent any communications.”

The career outlook for Mr. Bolling appears tenuous because apparently Mr. Bolling cannot recall sending pictures of his penis.  One would think this would be an easy thing to remember, I digress.  The scandal will obviously be very hard on his family.

NEW YORK – Huffington Post’s Yashar Ali reported on Friday evening that Bolling had sent unsolicited photos on multiple occasions to female co-workers several years ago. On Saturday, a Fox News spokesperson confirmed that Bolling had been suspended following the allegations and that an investigation is being opened into the matter.

Paul Weiss, a law firm with a history of handling Fox News complaints, will be leading the investigation.

Bolling’s attorney told Huffington Post that he “does not believe he sent any communications.”

Bolling is a co-host of the Fox News talk show, “The Specialists,” and is host of a Saturday morning program “Cashin in” which was cut from airing this morning and replaced by an episode of “America’s News HQ,” according to Mediaite.  (read more)

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703 Responses to Fox News Eric Bolling Suspended After Claims He Shared Pictures of His Penis…

  1. kirkreport says:

    Wow… There’s not much one can say concerning this type of allegation. Although, I can think of plenty of funny one liners, jokes and puns about the accusation. I really hope it’s not true. We don’t need this type of distraction. If true, I’m very disappointed in Eric Bolling. Never expected to hear something like this.


  2. wodiej says:

    Pathetic. Bolling says he can’t recall sending pictures of his penis. That’s a guilty statement if I ever heard one. Excusing his behavior is disgusting.


    • A.g. Mendive says:

      Would this not depend on what he is intending to communicate when he says I don’t remember? It could be that he is stating that he did not do so and thus he does not remember doing it, let’s give him a chance to clarify or for others to present proof he did. It is that simple


    • pageoturner says:

      The response says “communication” as in Bolling doesn’t recall ever sending ANYTHING to the accusers.

      Fox is purging itself of an entire network. Charles Payne, Eric Bolling, O’Reilly. These three could power a “Make Fox News Great Again” alternative.


    • Bailey02 says:

      oops! He is changing his last name to be “weinner” too? Uma Aberdeen must be excited, then he will get Hillary’s “classified e-mail” on his lap-top too…LMAO


  3. SUZYE Marino says:

    Either Huffington Post MUST provide PROOF of this slanderous story, or they must withdraw their claim with a HUGE APOLOGY.

    In other words, put up PROOF or SHUT UP!!

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  4. grandmotherpatriot says:

    Seems to me that Soros and his Huffpo staff are spending big bucks and a lot of time to take down Fox Conservative Trump Supporters .

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  5. In Psych class we were required to come to class with a joke to tell. The only requirement was that all our jokes had to be PC. No jokes about “Pollocks” etc.; apparently “blonde” jokes were OK.

    My joke: “What starts with an “F” and ends with a “K” and is very exciting.” The professor looked askance (but did not reprimand me). The answer is, of course, “Firetruck”.


  6. pageoturner says:

    I wonder what Barney Frank send every day of his political life?

    By the way, how’s that Pakistani spy network paid by Wasserman Schultz doing?

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  7. Mickturn says:

    Put up proof or this is just another Leftist baseless accusation designed to take someone out!


  8. Saveedra says:

    Who can’t recall sending a picture of their ‘privates’ to another? If he has said he ‘can’t recall’–well that in itself is pretty damning.


  9. InTime says:

    Wonder how many of us can call a text over 3 wks ago? And by the way, the penis was not reported to be Eric’s penis. It was reported “a” penis was sent to one unnamed person a long time ago! Oh, how we jump to conclusions….show me the proof…and why are they going after pro Trump men? And how come the women know about are anti Trump, leftest hags, or NEVERS Trump hater women? Something going on here!


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