Sunday Talks: Kellyanne Conway -vs- Chris Wallace…

Senior Advisor to The President Kellyanne Conway appears on Fox News with swamp guardian and deep state front-man Chris Wallace.

Wallace wanted primarily to discuss the palace intrigue with the change in White House Chief-of-Staff.

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32 Responses to Sunday Talks: Kellyanne Conway -vs- Chris Wallace…

  1. HBD says:

    Sometimes I’d love to chap-slap Wallace.

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  2. joshua says:

    IS KAC relevant anymore? and why go on Fox anymore…especially with Chris Wallace master of snark. All KAC does is defense….where is Moocher…he has some fire, and Gorka too….get the light weights out of the picture….

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  3. I STILL say, he looks like a Muppet of himself……

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  4. Joe S says:


    KellyAnne Conway: Russia is a hoax, phony, waste of time story.

    Wallace: Let’s move on to health care!


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  5. bour3 says:

    Sounds interesting. But to watch I’d also have to watch the execrable Chris Wallace who has his position purely by following his father, making FOX NEWS the equivalent of medieval guild and by simple inheritance and nepotism having the place of another genuine journalist risen up by individual merit and strength of pure will, giving proof that national journalism and all Washington in fact are too inbred to be of any use. *whispers* They talk amongst themselves.

    “Oh, let’s have an interview with Mike Wallace’s dopey slow little son, Chris.”

    “Okay, that sounds great.”

    He did grow up in a household with a lot of important people coming and going, after all, and that right there makes him qualified.


    You know, whenever I think about who married whom in Washington and whose kids grew up in Washington and fancy themselves permanent fixtures and active participants in the Center of the Universe by marriage and by birth, I get angry all over again. By mere human nature they’ve carved out a separate class and by doing our entire political system is distorted by lesser qualified people. Chris Wallace is prime example of this distortion and that’s regardless of any actual education and actual experience. He’s tainted by birth and by pursuing his father’s career. And FOX is complicit.

    Thank you for offering, but no thank you. Chris Wallace is not even listened to anymore. Cable was cut for good reasons.

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  6. bour3 says:

    Chris Wallace, proof good as any that Washington is hopelessly too inbred to be any use. That this dope even has a position at FOX by following his father is inexcusable, taking the place of a genuine journalist risen up by strength of pure will and by merit, and not purely by nepotism, making FOX the equivalent of medieval guild, where everyone’s dopey little second rate children first in line for important positions.

    He knows that. He’ll say that makes his job harder not easier.

    And I answer, “you really are a resolute dope.”

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  7. carterzest says:

    Chris continually interrupts and tries to talk over KAC….
    Pelosi is allowed to speak freely.

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  8. buckweaver27 says:

    The watermelon line cracked me up.

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  9. Carolyn says:

    Don’t understand the criticism of her here. She did fine. Yes, Wallace is an ass, but if our people didn’t go on these shows then the viewers who are not avid followers of the truth would never hear the facts – case in point the Pelosi/Kasich interviews… I save my critiques for those who deserve it, not those who are supporting our President,

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    • Wisc says:

      She is unflappable, and she manages to not only defend the Administration’s record, but contribute some REAL meaningful information to the discussion.

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  10. Risin'Tide says:

    She jabbed Wallace in the chin repeatedly.

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  11. Bob says:

    The multi million dollar girl. This lady is the most valuable competent political operative in history. Kellyanne is the most valuable person in this administration. She rolls over this hack like he is two inches tall. She is worth $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Love this girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. I may in the minority here, but I was a tad annoyed by Kellyanne’s propensity to spin instead of answering the questions directly and then spinning.


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