President Trump CBN Interview – Preview Segment Discussing Meeting With Vladimir Putin…

President Donald Trump gave a media interview to Christian Broadcasting Network which will air tomorrow.  In the preview segment below President Trump describes his meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit:

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69 Responses to President Trump CBN Interview – Preview Segment Discussing Meeting With Vladimir Putin…

  1. Sylvia Avery says:

    I LOVE how President Trump gives interviews to an outlet like CBN. Suck that, CNN!

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  2. citizen817 says:

    Fabulous… Can hardly wait for the full interview. Don’t have to worry about CBN editing out anything.
    An unfiltered interview.

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  3. The man is on the money.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      He definitely is!

      The President of Poland discussed the 40 million cubic meters of gas that is needed by the 11 Eastern European nations each year and the fact that the US can produce 180 million cubic meters of gas each year. Our President promised them they never have to be forced into agreements out of fear of whether they will receive the required gas to power and heat their countries. Those 11 countries will purchase much of their energy needs from us because it will be a big FU to Russia but also an incredible assurance that the US won’t allow anyone to mess with them.

      Putin won’t ever be able to screw anyone again! But we all know how badly they wanted the Lion to win. It is almost hysterical when you think logically about it.

      From the article linked above:

      Russia cut gas exports to Europe by 60 per cent today, plunging the continent into an energy crisis ‘within hours’ as a dispute with Ukraine escalated.

      This morning, gas companies in Ukraine said that Russia had completely cut off their supply.

      Six countries reported a complete shut-off of Russian gas shipped via Ukraine today, in a sharp escalation of a struggle over energy that threatens Europe as winter sets in.

      Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia and Turkey all reported a halt in gas shipments from Russia through Ukraine.

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      • maiingankwe says:

        I didn’t see Germany being cut off by Russia, or a few of the other big ones. Merkel seems to love Russia for their energy and yet she and the other big ones seem to disparage them, which I didn’t really understand as much as I do now, and that’s only a bit. All I know is to keep a good eye and keep my little ears open.

        However, I am so impressed and so love how our President Trump has assured Poland and through them to other smaller countries they will never be forced into doing things they don’t want to do for the sake of our energy. What a beautiful statement and in so many ways. It makes me so proud to be an American. You know, freedoms and all of that which means so much to us as a nation.

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      • If New York State and Maryland lifted moratoriums, the USA would be able export more shale gas, Utica shale is available, along with the Marcellus, more than originally thought.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Cuomo will never! NY will pay the price for choosing Democrats to run the state.

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          • Well flepore, maybe you’re right BUT remember POTUS is a native NEW YORKER, working his way up in the world and fighting the establishment government of NYC and NYS. He knows the corrupt cuomo clan very, very well and remember he is working to change the economic structure from that of Wall Street to Main Street.
            My money is on Trump the builder who starts with ‘It’s Impossible’; just sayin’.
            I’ve heard his NYS speeches where he denounces the liberal destruction and decay of upstate NY brought about by cuomo’s corrupt, liberal policies.
            Keep your eye on Carl Paladino; he’s very close to POTUS.

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            • fleporeblog says:

              I would love to see it because we are sitting on a boat load of gas. It would do wonders for upstate NY.

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              • i'm just sayin'.. says:

                boat loads….

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              • I just saw your reply flepore, but I would think that if the POTUS and his A-Team wants ALL the gas used in the USA, then that would include NYS and Maryland. Rick Perry alluded to it during his press conference, something to the effect of, ‘well, if the states,where gas is located, won’t go along with fracking, businesses and people will leave and they won’t have the money to function….they will be welcome in Texas.’ He chuckled and then explained that is the beauty of this country, people make the choices.
                Time will tell but I do know, nothing lasts forever, including the sleazy governors of NYS and Maryland.

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            • DHarvey says:

              Unfortunately Paladino is a complete nut job. We’re really bankrupt for solid citizen conservatives here in the Empire State. truly sad.


      • A2 says:

        Fle, the US has just sold Romania a 3.9 billion dollar Patriot Missile Defense system. May be the Poland speech and this explains why Putin rerouted his flight to the G20 to avoid their airspace (LOL).

        On 10 July, Putin conducted an anti-submarine copter exercise in the Baltic sea (and the Arctic Barents Sea, facing off with other NATO allies ) that was preceded with a joint China exercise on 2 July in the Baltic sea .

        The exercise was located in the Kaliningrad Baltic enclave located between Lithuania and Poland.

        Russia has already issued a tit for tat response.

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  4. Jlwary says:

    This is great!

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  5. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    He’s rolling now. You can see he’s getting more comfortable by the day.

    Not only is Trump smart, he’s entertaining. He’s just fun to watch. People love that, and that’s how Reagan was, too. Charisma.

    It’s going to be a great 8 years.

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  6. A2 says:

    The President’s statement that Putin would have preferred Hilliary is all over the international press forcing them to cite the Christian Broadcasting Network. (lol).

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  7. Can’t wait for the whole interview….keep pounding away at why Putin would prefer Hillary, because that is the real story….

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    • billinlv says:

      or……the real story is that the Marxists/fascists/globalists have executed on a plan to continue to hammer DJT and all those who surround him in order to keep banging the impeachment drum. Let’s see….Trump Jr is fighting off “collusion” charges, hiring lawyers, releasing his emails, while Hillary and Bill Clinton laugh their sorry corrupt asses off. Sessions is still out of the picture, who knows where the lightening Rod is, and the esteemed Robert Mueller walks around like Darth Vader. Situation normal…afu. How does any of this make sense? Oh wait…I think I see, off in the distance, Mike Rogers riding his white horse to the rescue…….


      • It’s all about diverting attention away from Hillary, DNC, and themselves…and the real story is how the Republicans do nothing to counter it…except hammer Trump when they get a chance…pathetic GOP for sure.

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        • Oh, fyi, it would not be happening at all if they did not have the “press” in their pocket…our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves…


        • billinlv says:

          I agree. Thank you.
          We absolutely must charge and prosecute the Obama regime criminals and the Clinton crime family, beginning with Hillary Clinton. If this does not happen in the near term, we have no chance of reversing our slide into tyranny and chaos. Our Mother in heaven interceded on our behalf in the November 2016 election. It is now up to us to demonstrate that we are worthy of her intercession. Let us begin by holding Clinton responsible for her obvious violations of countless security laws as outlined by James Comey.
          The Trump DOJ led by Sessions and Rosenstein must suit up and get into the battle. If that does not happen, and happen soon, all that cold fury is going to warm up rapidly.


    • fleporeblog says:

      Not sure how many folks realize the extent of Russia involvement over the past 3 years to pay protesters to stop our Energy Dominance.

      From the article linked above:

      Never mind the mainstream news media reports about Donald Trump’s campaign operatives colluding with Russian officials or Russian interference in US elections. The real scandal is in the content of a letter obtained from The Daily Signal from two members of Congress to US Energy Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

      The letter is from Representatives Lamar Smith and Randy Weber, who are both Republicans and chair Congressional committees that cover energy issues. In their letter, Smith and Weber advise Mnuchin that sources tell them that the Russian government is working with (i.e. colluding) with US-based environmentalist groups that seek to undermine hydraulic fracturing (i.e. fracking).

      Two years ago, it was revealed that Russia financed efforts involving environmentalist groups in Europe who protested and attempted to halt fracking there as well. Russia provides natural gas to Europe via Gazprom and it is attempting to prevent competition so it can maintain its monopoly in natural gas and marketshare in oil production.

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  8. missmarple2 says:

    Several reporters were outraged on Twitter that the first interview in 2 months went to Pat Robertson of CBN.

    Besides getting a lot of evangelical viewers, it sticks it to CNN and MSNBC, which makes me happy.

    I have a friend on another site who said his next interview should be with Phil and Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty). HA!

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      It is sweet justice, isn’t it? And I like your friend’s idea about the Robertsons!!!

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    • Trish in Southern Illinois says:

      Lou Dobbs should get another interview before anyone else at Fox gets one, thats for sure.

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      Trump is teaching his base who to watch. And, he’s punishing the Fake Media for their coverage. Perfect.

      It’s like how Sanders won’t call on Acosta now. There is a price to be paid, and Team Trump has pretty much won the media war.

      And the media knows it.

      Good times, my friends. Good times.

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  9. Jay Chou says:

    I miss Press Sec. Sean, come back!

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  10. sg says:

    I like Trump’s no nonsense speaking style. it was funny the way he bashed hrc.

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  11. WeThePeople2016 says:

    When Trump campaigned in VA last October at Regent Univ., Robertson told a wonderful story on when he first came into contact with Trump. The two have great fondness for each other. You can see it in the interview, and it is probably why Trump did this interview with him.

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  12. But he is so right.

    1. Putin wants what is good for Russia. What is so wrong with that?
    2. Russia is a capitalist country, but an ex-communist power house. China, what everyone forgets, IS a communist country. China is communist. Look at their flag!
    3. Hillary sold Putin Uranium, so much so, that they gave the Clinton foundation tens of millions of dollars in kick backs. And no media reports this illegal pay for play activity.
    4. Does Putin want the USA exporting energy? Hell no. Ah, but, look deeper. Does Putin want the USA exporting LNG? %$^&****&^^&&***(!!!!!!! Hell no “on steroids”!!! That is Russia’s monopoly. They don’t want the USA exporting LNG, at all. This is a huge threat to them. Hillary has even been reported as taking conversations with the Russians about restricting our fracking, which she supported. It is clear Putin wanted Hillary, IMHO.

    So why did Putin hate Obama? because he couldn’t trust him. He screwed him over, and took him for a fool. He was prepared to work with Russia so they could make the DNC bigwigs richer, but they screwed him over Syria. They supported Assad, as he was fighting terrorism, a terrorism created by the USA to destabilize the region for our own geopolitical advantage. We actually created ISIS, and supported the REBELS, (aka, al quaeda and it’s affiliates). That was us. That was John McCain and the Deep State. Then Obama said it was a red line, but in reality, it was Putin and Russia’s red line. He knew they were going to take geopolitical influence away from him. He was not going to allow that to happen. He actually wants to stick up for his nation’s interests. We won’t even mention the hundreds of millions of dollars sent in pallets of used noted to Iran, the same money that they used to buy the Uranium from Russia, the Uranium that we sold them, to the benefit of the Clintons, and others.

    Just remember, it is NATO, and therefore the USA on THEIR doorstep, and not the other way around. We have totally blown out any trust with our egregious over step from the Warsaw agreement. It is us in their back yard and not the other way around. Putin may not be a nice guy, I don’t know, but he does have Russia’s geopolitical interests at heart. Unlike the RINO’s and the DNC on our side of the equation, who care nothing for the USA, just for the interests and bank accounts of their paymasters.

    Putin, I think, can deal with Trump. He knows he will not dump on him, or try to fool him. He is open, and upfront. He will not try to stab him in the back. This is important to him.

    Trump is just awesome on the world stage.

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    • filia.aurea says:

      Hear, hear. Nobody is suggesting POTUS and Putin are buddies, however mutual respect and detante are achievable. At the same time, it is painfully obvious that with friends like China, we definitely don’t need enemies.

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    • Ferret2 says:

      After watching our press malign the Trump family this year you have to wonder if they have done the same thing with Putin. He may not be responsible for many of the things he has been blamed for.

      He has allowed a rebuilding of the religious community that was forced underground during the Soviet Era. He himself is supposed to be a believer. Like Trump he does not wear it on his sleeve. He has voiced publicly his disapproval of human trafficking.

      He is not Mother Teresa but not exactly Hitler either.

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      • G. Combs says:

        Note the cross that Putin wears.

        He is also using a snaffle bit one of the mildest bits. I have looked and never seen a picture of Putin riding with anything but a snaffle or a sidepull bridle.

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      • cdnintx says:

        He gets points in my book for making Soros a wanted man in Russia and banning GMO’s 🙂


    • Sam says:

      Takeadeepbreath, Putin does want what good for Russia but let’s not get too carried away with that. Putin has taken over most of the oil and LNG production in Russia. The former owners of those companies were imprisoned, usually after show trials about corruption.

      Yes, Putin doesn’t show up on paper as CEO or President of those oil companies. His cronies are running them and he get his cut of profits. But he does control them both because it may benefit Russia but be very certain that it benefits Putin. It is part of his political power base


  13. maiingankwe says:

    I really liked how our President Trump decided to be interviewed by one of his Elders. I’ve heard they hold a great deal of respect for each other, but it’s more than that to me. I can’t find the words, so bear with me. I just really liked how he chose an Elder who is respected by many rather than one of these young pups so full of hate and wanting to get a gotcha question to further their careers.

    I want to hear good questions that concern our country, not someone who wants to our President’s back against a wall and get in silly arguments.

    Anyways, it just warmed my heart to see an Elder finally giving the interview. It made me relax and enjoy. And if it angers the heck out of cnn and the rest, well, that just makes me all the happier. They sure as heck don’t deserve an interview in my opinion.

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  14. ALEX says:

    This interview showed something that has been bothering me…The President is better served avoiding the modern era cable and other flunkies style, including Hannity and do these measured interviews with people who don’t have ulterior motives and listen…

    This interview was perfect in tenor and was comfy just watching the brief clip…One thing we know is the President adapts and changes..His three campaign managers come to mind…


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    • maiingankwe says:

      I completely agree Alex. I think it’s okay if his administration goes across enemy lines for interviews like Gorka has recently done, however, I see absolutely no need for our President to do so.

      The idiot from the last eight years refused Fox News except that one with Bill O’reilly, so I see no reason why our President can’t do the same.

      I’m sure that won’t happen since I think our President likes to spar with them on occasion. However, I really do think he is far beyond being fed up with everything the msm has done. They’ve crossed the line far too many times and what’s worse is they either don’t realize it or simply do not care, which I find to be dangerous.

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  15. TwoLaine says:

    This must explain why I was seeing articles on Who Is Pat Robertson? today.

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  16. Bull Durham says:

    Putin has taken a brief vacation in Karelia, Russia. The Holy village of Valaam. This is a retreat for pilgrims to cleanse themselves of worldly matters and recharge oneself.
    Here’s a short video of Putin (Orthodox Christian)


    • A2 says:

      Not even the Russian/State Orthodox Church that is riddled with corruption can absolve him of his sins.

      Try to keep up.

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      • Donna in Oregon says:

        Something like this?


      • not believing in God’s power to forgive is the greatest sin of all.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        A2, did you hear his confession and know his sins?
        Or is your ideological bent all-knowing?

        There is nothing but lies, just like what we hear about DjT and his life.
        Lies, propaganda.
        In fact, the same process is ongoing in American Media and all Western MSM to promulgate the lies against DJT as they have done against VVP.

        You buy it all. Have it. Own it. Like Ralph Peters.

        I don’t buy a dime of the crap they say about DJT or VVP.


        • Deplorable Ukie says:

          ‘Lies, propaganda.’

          Bull Durham says:
          April 12, 2017 at 4:37 pm
          Link to photo of Putin and Rex today.


          The above link is “fake news” aka “Propaganda“. The photograph is not from today, I’ve seen that photograph prior to the nomination of Tillerson. One quick identifier is Tillerson’s tie, it’s different.



          • Deplorable Ukie says:

            ‘There is nothing but lies, just like what we hear about DjT and his life.
            Lies, propaganda.’

            Bull Durham
            on March 6, 2017
            Trump since then has lost control of foreign policy, is waging war in Syria and Yemen similar to Obama’s tactics, is allowing UN anti-Russia, anti-Syria motions and speeches just like Obama. And is unable to harness CIA, NSA, Cyber Command or any of his political appointments to do what he needs.

            on April 4, 2017
            And where to hide al Nusra terrorists to be used to keep a war against Syria going for many years.
            (It was your comment about an agenda of the meeting between President Trump and King of Jordan.)

            on April 5, 2017
            …Name me one person who is left to tell President Trump the truth.

            on April 5, 2017
            Trump has intrinsic faith in generals This is a mistake… But he is not practicing it . He is not insisting on cooperation. This is an enormous mistake..

            on April 6, 2017
            Could be they sense Trump has been turned?


  17. Mike diamond says:

    We are very proud of the job president trump is doing,forget CNN, MSNBC,ABC,CBS just talk to CBN news,never give chuck Todd,or little George stefonpolis,the time of day!!


  18. Donna in Oregon says:

    I know people are always speculating about ‘end times’. Wonder if this interview will discuss….

    Edom = Russia = Esau is the nation Russia,
    God will pour out the 7th vial on Russia Army and the kings of the east = Ezekiel 38

    This has nothing to do with the people in Russia that Love the Lord. It does not matter what race you are, God loves all His children.

    This is what some in the Christian world think this means:

    Daniel 7:5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

    God uses nature itself to relate something to you because you can identify with the things you can see.

    Russia = The Bear symbol = three ribs = the kings of the east

    Ribs = Russia cannot become a world power without the kings of the east

    They use the Four hidden political dynasties controlling the World = Education, Religion, Financial and Government.

    Teeth = mighty ones

    We know from Revelation 13 and Revelation 17: It’s the Christian people that help bring this about by false teaching, saying let’s all be one it does matter who you worship, let all come together as one nation.


  19. Tonawanda says:

    The questions Robertson asked are exactly what I would love to know: is Putin trustworthy, and what are his real goals?

    Trump wisely did not answer the questions specifically, but I would love to know what Trump really thinks about Putin.


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