Sunday July 9th – Open Thread

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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  1. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Ex-Muslim woman calls terrorist Linda Sarsour an “Enemy of the State”

    M A G A

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    • Lucille says:

      Mehdi Hasan: Only “the terrorists and the Islamophobes” say that jihad “refers to violence”
      July 8, 2017 by Robert Spencer

      “In the wake of Linda Sarsour’s declaration of jihad against President Trump, Leftists and Islamic supremacists have been taking the line that only ‘Muslim extremists’ and ‘Islamophobes’ say that jihad involves violence….”

      They actually think they can pull the wool over the eyes of knowledgeable and patriotic Americans!

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Oh I like Anni Cyrus, she’s good. A bit rough around the edges in broadcasting, but she is all heart, and that makes up for it in spades. I especially liked her last statement/promise, she is more than willing to buy little Linda a one-way ticket to any muslim country of her choice, and she is more than free to continue on as she does here. We all know she would be stoned to death forspeaking in public, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

      Thank you for sharing this with us. I have never heard of this beautiful, young lady, and it would be good to see her succeed. I wish her all of the best this country has to offer her. It is American women like her I proudly stand with.
      Be well and have an amazing Sunday,

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    • Minnie says:

      Thank you for sharing this video, DV, very powerful.

      Anni speaks to the heart of the issue, having once been a child-bride, herself.

      I find her testimony sincere, as she applies passages from the Koran in proper context.

      I vote for one-way ticket to a Muslim country. LS wouldn’t dare open her mouth to invoke
      “women’s rights” over there.

      “Enemy of the State”, indeed.

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      • mztore says:

        ” LS wouldn’t dare open her mouth to invoke “women’s rights” over there.” How right you are. Often wonder when these mudslime women speak out (here in the U.S.A.) just what would happen if they did that in a mudslime country. Nothing pleasant, you can bet.


  2. Garrison Hall says:

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    • hpushkin says:

      Utterly enchanting–so talented. Thank you, Garrison.

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    • WSB says:

      Garrison, exceptional! All from memory. Leonora has such a love of the music, she is so wonderful to watch.

      Bach is memorizing for those of us who have studied his music…math equals music equals melody equals solace, I suppose. Having played Bach Inventions on black keyed harpsichords for many years, I just loved it. The inventions are not as long and complex as this but both so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Piper says:

    Thank you to the Good Lord above for answering my, and all the treepers prayer for bringing President Trump home safely and providing us all a man who loves and works so hard to save our Republic from the evil globalist.
    We have prayed faithfully and received another week of winning!

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  4. millwright says:

    Anyone wondering why the President’s USMC Honor Guard “snaps to ” for him with precision not afforded # 44 need only to look at the President retrieving one Marine’s cover blown off in the wind ! The troops never forget humanity on the part of their leadership; nor ever forgive contempt from the same source ! IOW, no more “coffee salutes” ! This President knows respect and honor is an earned privilege, not his “right” !

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  5. Kristi Ann says:

    “Our FATHER art in Heaven hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come thy will be done, give us this day our daily Bread, forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, and lead not unto temptation, but, deliver us from evil, for thine Kingdom and the power forevermore, Amen-Amein.”!!

    God Bless all my Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and Your Families and Friends!!

    United We Stand with Israel-Yisrael and our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America, Divided We FALL!!

    Please Pray for our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America and Israel-Yisrael Everyday!! “Pray Without Ceasing.” ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV )!!

    Love 💕 Always and Shalom ( Peace ) Everyone, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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  6. maiingankwe says:

    I have been writing bits and pieces of my family’s journey through Colorado on our vacation here at the Tree 🌲 House. It’s been an amazing trip in such an amazingly beautiful state.

    July Fourth was an especially interesting experience. We were staying in Pueblo and were so excited to see the fireworks display. After speaking with different locals, we decided to heed to their suggestion of going up on this hill within the city. I would say there were easily a hundred people or so parked, and we got the very last space, how cool is that?

    In Pueblo, on the Fourth of July, they don’t just have one spot where they light off the spectacular fireworks, but lots and lots of different spots all going off at once. We had never experienced anything like it before. I’ve only ever seen fireworks go off for the city in one place and one place only. Now, I couldn’t really say it was the city’s doing, to be honest, I simply don’t know. All I do know, is one couldn’t just watch one area and would look from left to right and then back again. There could’ve easily have been eight different spots from where large fireworks were going off all at once.

    Unfortunately, to the right of us and slightly more up hill a fire broke out. We could see the smoke and a bit of the fire, and for a short time couldn’t see if it was spreading or not, we were too far away. However, it didn’t take long before we could smell the heavy smoke with each intake of breath and watch the smoke spread in a larger area. Thankfully, the sirens of the fire trucks were heard, and we watched them go across the bridge and heading our way. We were safe where we were, and no one was leaving, but rather walking up to watch the firemen in action instead of the fireworks on display. It looked to be from a private house that had been setting them off. Earlier we could hear the whoosh from the mortar.

    After awhile I made the idiotic decision to go up as well with the promise I would stay out of harms way. I’m an Alaskan after all and have been around a good number of wildfires. Silly girl.

    Well, I walked up the road and thought it best to stand the furthest away from the firemen with a small group of other people. I could just see a yuuge circle of fire and the firemen easily putting the fire out. So, I decided to return to my spot. Along the way down the hill an ambulance sat on the road with their lights on and when I reached about 30 feet directly in front of them I took a rough tumble.

    My body slammed into the paved road and right after my body had landed, my face decided to smack the road as well. I’ve never ever fallen like that before, and I hope I never will again. I remember laying there with pain in so many areas on my body, especially the right side. Thank goodness someone had watched me fall and came a running. A big, ole hippy, he was. At least he was strong enough to help me up. He then went jogging to the ambulance to tell them all about it at my embarrassment. I just wanted to limp back to my loved ones in the dark. But nope, that wasn’t going to happen. Next thing I knew I had a pen light in my eyes along with what felt like rapid questions. They guided me to the back of the ambulance and pulled out their bed for me to sit on and get checked out under their lights.

    Bruising and swelling was already going at it on my right cheek, eyebrow and left knee. My head hurt and the back of my neck as well. In all honesty, I bloody well hurt all over on my right side, especially my now bruised hand, which I was holding up and saying no, no hospital for me. So, they all walked me down to my family. How embarrassing. The hippie was non-stop about peace and love and how lucky I was he there at the right time to see it all happen and the ambulance being right there and just about everything. The guy was chatter non-stop. As we got closer though, the very kind EMT guys told him they had it all under control and he could go. So Mr. Hippie had to hug everyone except me. My bruised hand shot up again and I said please no, I was hurting. I got a nice air hug though. If you’re rolling your eyes, rest assured I was too.

    When we finally reached my husband, which was really only less then a handful of minutes, the EMT had me point out my husband in the night. He saw our group and walked over with our 12 year old daughter in tow. Do you know this lady they had asked, and get this, he replied, I’ve never seen her in my life. However, when they had said I had taken a hard fall he was right at my side asking them and I if I was okay. They told him more than a few ice packs should do the trick and to keep an extra good eye on me. He shook their hands and thanked them and we headed back to the hotel asap. I had four ice packs and walked with a limp that night.
    The next day, I was surprisingly a-okay. Sure my face and knee hurt, but I wasn’t limping and I felt great as long as I didn’t touch my tender face.

    So what is the moral to this story? Don’t be stupid and go wandering off in the dark to check anything out, no matter how safe you may think it is. Stay with your family and let the professionals do their jobs and read about it in the paper the next day.

    My knee still hurts and so does my face, but my spirits are high and I sure am loving this great state. It’s been one awesome experience after another. Lots of smiles on our three happy faces and lots of laughter throughout. We’ve been taking pictures like mad and trying to see all we can. We leave early in the morning and get back to whatever hotel around ten pm. I’d tell you what we’ve done, but I’ve already taken up enough space. I will just say, if anyone wants to take a vacation, Colorado is a spectacular state. 😁

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      What a freak accident! Sure hope you are
      feeling better!

      My favorite part of the story was your husband’s
      response to the EMT’s; “Do you know this lady?”
      and he replied, “I’ve never seen her in my life.”

      You’re a lucky lady. You married a real character
      with a great sense of humor. I had a good laugh!

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      • maiingankwe says:

        MaryGrace Powers,

        You’re right, I am lucky. He’s got a heck of a sense of humor and is so quick witted. The things that come off the top of his head can still blow me away and we’ve been married fourteen years and dating for two years before that.

        From time-to-time I will him, he’s the most awesome man I know. It’s true besides my Dad of course. 😊

        So happy you had a great laugh, we all did too. It was all good.
        Be well, and stay smiling!


    • Ad rem says:

      What a great story maiingankwe! It had beauty, action, thrills, and yes, spills. The best part was your husband saying, “I’ve never seen her in my life.” I know….it probably wasn’t funny at the time, but looking back on it…you know, maybe in the fullness of time? 😀

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      • maiingankwe says:

        It’s alright Ad Rem, I just rolled my eyes when he said it, and yes, now that’s it all over with the three of us are still having a good laugh at his answer. I pretend to be upset of course at each telling, and may slap his arm or say, I can’t believe I married this man! Our daughter will laugh and and laugh and then complain the EMT’s forgot to shake her hand.

        Be well and so happy you enjoyed the adventure,

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    • smiley says:

      #PeaceLoveJoy 😀

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    • amwick says:

      A fall like that could have ended your vacation. It was terrible, but thank goodness nothing was actually broken.
      Two years ago we were on a trip to Alaska. We flew home from Anchorage on July 4, and I saw fireworks from 30,000 ft. It was amazing… they looked so tiny!
      Be safe on the rest of your trip, don’t go faster than your guardian angel!!! 🙂

      ps You are a natural writer, great story, even if it was about an accident..

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      • maiingankwe says:

        While we were watching the fireworks we saw a plane fly overhead and I commented how cool that would be. My husband claimed they would be too small to see that far up.

        Ha! Can’t wait to tell him your experience.

        Hope you had a wonderful vacation and enjoyed our vast state. It’s so beautiful in late June and early July, all the gorgeous flowers. I so love growing lots and lots of different flowers. I even have a flower stand above our mailbox. One can never have enough flowers. For some reason it gives me so much peace to just sit among all of my flowers even though half I don’t know their name. I’m getting better though. My husband always catches me pulling out the info stick. I claim its to learn the Latin name, but you and I know better. 😋

        One day you’re going to have to tell me all of the places you went to see.

        Be well and stay smiling, and I really appreciate your concern for me. Thank you.


        • amwick says:

          YW, Basically we did the cruise from Vancouver north. The trip ends in Seward. It was our first trip that involved flying (long story)… and we both enjoyed it, totally. DH says that he would love to travel more to the interior, but at least we got a bit of a taste for your amazing home..
          Please, tell your husband that the fireworks at that height reminded me of fireflies, but bigger, and with colors… The interesting thing is that you see such a wide area,,, so they seem to be popping off all over. 🙂 Be safe.

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          • maiingankwe says:

            Our family took the same cruise a few years ago. It was our first real family vacation and we loved it. The food was so awesome too.

            People on the boat thought we were nuts since we lived in the state. It was hard for them to understand that we couldn’t just drive to most of the places we ported at. I’ve always wanted to see Ketchikan and we wanted our daughter to see Juneau, our capital.

            Let me know in the future if I can be of any help if you and your dear husband choose to visit the Interior and other places in our state.

            It’s alright if it’s years down the road, I have a feeling I will be on my tree branch for a long while.

            Heading back home tomorrow!

            Have an amazing week,


            • amwick says:

              That is so kind.. I have a very nice story about Juneau. I am always up early, so I took a walk into the “city” by myself.. Up and up,,, then I saw the actual capital building. It was covered with a scaffold…. I walked in and I asked the guard at the desk if I could go inside and take some pictures.. He said “sure”..There was, well minimal security.. and when I left I told him I was surprised… He smiled and said that they seldom expect attacks from the people off the ships.. 🙂 HOW DID HE KNOW!!!???
              Safe home Ma’ safe home…

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              • maiingankwe says:

                I think in most tourist towns the locals know a tourist right off the bat. Plus, the security guy probably knew the times when the cruise ships came to port, or he just looked down hill. 😊

                I wish I was an early bird, but I can only do it for hunting or fishing, otherwise, I’m a bit grumpy. I’m more of a night owl. I wish I wasn’t, but it is what it is. Always have been.

                Thank you for your story, loved it. Be well, and never forget, always here to help with any planning or questions. See you on another thread,


    • Ddanna says:

      Glad you are okay Ma’iingankwe — love your posts!

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      I’m so glad you are all right. That could have been devastating. Remember, no one over 30 should go wandering off in the dark. 😯

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    • Anita says:

      Glad to hear you’re ok. Re: seeing multiple shows from one spot…I’ve experienced that from a pontoon boat in the middle of a lake. Several cities shows were going simultaneously, a couple would reflect off the water. Beautiful. But now I’ll have to make my way out west to see a show from the mountains. Life Goals. Peace 🙂

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    • Soemthing tells me Ponytail Kim was looking out after you💖, he had to teach you a life lesson but was always there to protct you! Blessings and love so glad you are ok and having a great trip despite the fall…, that last line is silly in itself, i was like oooops, better correct that then though, nahhhhhh!😎😉😂

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      • maiingankwe says:

        American Georgia Grace,
        Thank you for not changing that last sentence and leaving it as is. I loved it.

        You’re right, Ponytail Kim was there. At least I felt him. He’s been with our family on a bits and pieces of the trip, probably more than I know, which is just fine.

        This morning was hard until I walked out on the deck and saw beautiful, blue skies and heard him say, “Everyday is a beautiful day.” I’ve probably heard him say that more than a hundred times rain or shine. It’s such a beautiful declaration. There were times he would say it because he was given another day.

        Thank you for remembering and making me smile. My heart is full due to your kindness.

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    • Sloth1963 says:

      Glad to hear you’re OK. Colorado is beautiful. Up until the mid ’80s I planned to relocate there. If I had, I never would have met my dearest Wife. Still love Colorado and the mountains.

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      • maiingankwe says:

        Maybe you and you’re beautiful wife can go visit Colorado? It would be an amazing experience, which you already know.

        So happy you met your dearest wife; your words warm all of us ladies hearts. We love to hear you guys talk that way.
        Be well, and thank you for sharing,

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  7. Troublemaker10 says:

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  8. Meanwhile in Germany…I am terrified…

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    • Janie M. says:

      I just watched that video over at youtube, elena, and Lauren’s description of the black block (?sp), 20-30,000 strong, was frightening and very disturbing. Sounded like the inmates running an asylum were now controlling the city. Lauren mentioned a portion of the police dept were members of this extreme anarchic mob. There is a perverse sense of law and order. How much you want to bet soros has a hand in this?

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      • I am sure. And Merkel in the same group: people there been blocked from information on Internet, just propaganda sites are allowed…I could not sleep after this video… It is Germany 1933.

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        • Janie M. says:

          elena, these atrocities seem to keep recycling themselves. This is why it is so important history classes be taught repeatedly from grade school forward in the West. The public schools /universities keep our younger generations ignorant. Since it happened in the distance past, it seems less ominous and threatening. If they only knew, it is like a slow cancer.

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      The end is near…….sell all your stuff……go to the bomb shelter. I’m sure it looks better after the riot than it did after WWII. Give it a rest.


  9. nwtex says:

    Flight attendant on Delta flight broke wine bottle over man’s head, FBI agent says
    July 07, 2017


    Authorities said Joseph Daniel Hudek IV, 23, of Tampa, Florida forced a Seattle to Beijing flight to return to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Thursday when he tried to open an exit door before getting into a scuffle with flight attendants and other passengers.

    According to one flight attendant, “Hudek did not seem impacted by the breaking of a full liter red wine bottle over his head, and instead shouted, ‘Do you know who I am?’ or something to that extent,” the complaint said.

    One flight attendant and a passenger were taken to a hospital after suffering severe facial injuries, authorities said. Perry Cooper, a spokesman for the Port of Seattle, described the injuries as non-life-threatening.

    This Friday, July 7, 2017 photo taken the FBI and released via the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Seattle shows the aftermath of a cabin on Delta Flight 129 from Seattle to Beijing, after authorities say flight attendants struggled with Joseph Daniel Hudek IV, a passenger who lunged for an exit door. The photo was included in a criminal complaint filed Friday, July 7. The passenger is charged with interfering with a flight crew and faces up to 20 years in prison. (FBI via U.S. Attorney’s Office in Seattle via AP)

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  10. smiley says:

    Sussex Inlet Dunes

    archival oils/canvas

    ca 2012 (?)

    Colley Whisson ~ Australian ~ Contemporary ~ Impressionism ~ Landscapes

    wonderful artist…master of values, and REALLY understands “light”….loose, bold brushwork while still being representational.


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    • nwtex says:

      That IS beautiful!!!!!

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      • smiley says:

        watch how he does it….


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        • nwtex says:

          I am simply amazed. Watched it 3 times and am going to look at more of his work tomorrow. What a precious gift! He creates with such ease.
          I sure wish I could see some of your work. I know you felt it may not be proper for you to put up your work here (I think that’s what you were saying) but maybe you could put them up somewhere and leave a link. I think the Internet has places where you can open up a folder or something….like flicker or photobucket or something like that.
          Heck I do NOT know what I am talking about….over tired and never wanted to really catch on to the way the Internet works anyway….but youknow what I’m trying to say ……I think.

          Do you paint w water colors, oils, pencil, charcoal ( I used to do some charcoal years ago) or what…. just tell me okey-dokey

          THX smilie!! ❤

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          • smiley says:

            been trying to post images here from dropbox (older work) but can’t adjust the image so it shows up HUGER than HUGE and only 1/2 of the image, at that.

   I’ve given up w/ that…maybe there’s some other way which I’ll just have to play around with, if I’m in the mood for all that.

            to answer your question…I paint in oil, watercolor & acrylic..also do pastels (sometimes)…and I love graphite and conte (conte crayon, it’s called…more like a hard pastel stick) Drawings…not a charcoal fan tho, only use charcoal to lay in the preliminary drawing/lines on a wall for a mural which I then paint over.

            pretty versatile when it comes to subject-matter and technique/style.

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            • smiley says:

              that last sentence simply means I’m not a “formula painter”….my paintings do not all look alike….I change technique sometimes to achieve what I want…which is why it’s sometimes difficult for me to teach others “how to paint”.

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            • nwtex says:

              Now I am, more than ever, interested in seeing what you have done. If it’s meant to be than it will happen.

              Naturally I had no idea about conte crayon (“sticks”) and I learned that many great artists have worked with them = Picasso, Delacroix, and Degas to name a few BUT, then, you already know that 🙂
              Anyway I found the definition and many drawings. Now I realize I’ve seen the art before but no idea what I was looking at. So thanks…I’m getting smarter as the days move along hahahaha

              I like the smudge technique.

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        • SIMPLY AMAZING!!! What a treat to watch that. I stand in awe!! 💖🇺🇸💖

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  11. nwtex says:


  12. Dora says:

    Henri Matisse – “VIEW OF COLLIOURE” (1905)

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  13. Dora says:

    What a beautiful animal!


    Rare ‘pale tiger’ caught on camera for the first time

    A rare “pale tiger” has been photographed in southern India, the first time one has been captured on film.


  14. georgiafl says:

    A beautiful article I had read a few years ago came to mind this morning.
    What do people talk about before they die?
    by Kerry Egan
    CNN – Tue, 20 Dec 2016 18:50 UTC – (probably one of the few good things out of CNN in the last decades)

    Favorite quotes:

    “What do people who are sick and dying talk about with the chaplain? — I, without hesitation or uncertainty, would give you the same answer. Mostly, they talk about their families: about their mothers and fathers, their sons and daughters.

    They talk about the love they felt, and the love they gave. Often they talk about love they did not receive, or the love they did not know how to offer, the love they withheld, or maybe never felt for the ones they should have loved unconditionally.

    They talk about how they learned what love is, and what it is not. And sometimes, when they are actively dying, fluid gurgling in their throats, they reach their hands out to things I cannot see and they call out to their parents: Mama, Daddy, Mother.”
    “Family is where we first experience love and where we first give it. It’s probably the first place we’ve been hurt by someone we love, and hopefully the place we learn that love can overcome even the most painful rejection.

    This crucible of love is where we start to ask those big spiritual questions, and ultimately where they end.

    I have seen such expressions of love: A husband gently washing his wife’s face with a cool washcloth, cupping the back of her bald head in his hand to get to the nape of her neck, because she is too weak to lift it from the pillow. A daughter spooning pudding into the mouth of her mother, a woman who has not recognized her for years.

    A wife arranging the pillow under the head of her husband’s no-longer-breathing body as she helps the undertaker lift him onto the waiting stretcher.

    We don’t learn the meaning of our lives by discussing it. It’s not to be found in books or lecture halls or even churches or synagogues or mosques. It’s discovered through these actions of love.”

    Every so often I have to go back and read this article.

    As I was a child of a family where love was sometimes wrongly-defined, confused, contradicted, all messed up…and not really love at all.

    Without the love of Christ, the Father and the light of the Holy Spirit, for people from such families, there would be no inner altimeter, directional indicator and gyroscopes to perceive love. Even then, the mind and flesh are not at ease in relationships with humans or with GOD and it is a battle to maintain peace and joy.

    GOD is ever the iconic, perfect, stable, holy, good Father, Brother, Friend and urges us to come to Him. Psalm 27:10 and Isaiah 54:5 and all of Scripture promise us a pure love and true unbreakable relationships forever and ever, Amen.

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  15. BakoCarl says:

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    . . . And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

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  16. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ infidels!

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  17. nimrodman says:

    UK Muslim Radio Station Claims it Broadcast 25 Hours of Violent Al Qaeda Speeches ‘By Mistake’

    A Sheffield-based Muslim radio station has had its license suspended after broadcasting 25 hours of sermons “encouraging and condoning” violence against non-Muslims. Ofcom investigated Iman FM after a complaint that the radio station had, during Ramadan, aired lectures by AnwarAl-Awlaki, an influential cleric killed by a U.S. drone strike in 2011.

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  18. Dora says:

    I’ve been living out of the loop. I didn’t even know that Washington made it legal. Good grief. Aren’t the people there crazy enough?


    It’s summer, and Washington smells like weed. Everywhere, all the time.

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  19. duchess01 says:

    Verse of the Day

    “Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart.”
    Psalms 26:2 (KJV)

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    • BakoCarl says:

      These days, I feel like “I am wanting, O LORD, and poor in spirit; take my reins and be my heart.”

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      • duchess01 says:

        Understand perfectly what you are saying, Carl – and He will – all you have to do is pray and ASK! He knows your heart – He knows it is pure – and He promised never to abandon you! Because He loves us so much – we cannot imagine how much – and He wants the best for us – just like the loving Father He is!


  20. duchess01 says:

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  21. duchess01 says:

    Thank You, Jesus, for blessings received and prayers answered!

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  22. Dora says:

    Oh wow! Here is the headline that people are still talking about. 🙂

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  23. Lburg says:

    Yesterday’s smile.

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  24. Janie M. says:

    This will always be Etta James’ song to me but Warren and James do it justice:

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  25. Sentient says:
    Interestingly, if the president were somehow removed from office, only six men stand between us and a president Sessions. Hopefully Pence doesn’t think he would be safe in putting a target on president Trump.

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  26. duchess01 says:

    Thousands of Christians to Take Part in National Prayer Event This Sunday

    Veronica Neffinger | Editor, | Friday, July 7, 2017

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  27. Dora says:

    Perfect analogy of the left imploding..

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  28. Guyver1 says:

    The two savages, Nathaniel and Latasha Smith, who attacked the owner of a chicken stand and her daughter in Georgia on June 22nd are now in custody.
    This case got worldwide attention (except from the MSM here) when it happened.
    And their arrest got buried in the low- traffic area of the few MSM outlets that reported it.
    Soo predictable…

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  29. Bendix says:

    I want to share an experience I had earlier today. I was in the kitchen, and noticed a dust web under the kitchen cabinet, above the counter. I just took notice that I needed to clean better, and went about my business.
    Later on, I just happened to reach out a finger and touch what looked like a piece of houseplant debris in the web, and I inadvertently freed what was actually a very small moth trapped there.
    Something about the way it immediately flew away, the instant it got the chance, struck me.
    It made me think of the family of Charlie Gard, for some reason.
    Then I got thinking, with this new meeting or whatever taking place on Monday, it is not inconceivable that as we sleep, Baby Charlie will be allowed to break free, and he and his family could be safely out of the EU’s reach in New York, perhaps as soon as noon tomorrow.
    I’m not sure how long transatlantic flights take.
    I just hope and pray that this happens.

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  30. graciegram says:

    Have to share. I do daycare for my 3 year old granddaughter usually 5 days a week. She often crawls up on my lap to watch videos online. The wallpaper on my computer is POTUS Trump with 2 thumbs up. I’ll say “Good Morning Mr. Trump, love you”. My daughter just called me from Raleigh where they took her to see the dinosaur museum. Daddy and granddaughter were waiting outside the ladies room for my daughter. A man came out of the men’s room that looked a lot like our president Trump. Granddaughter says ” Hi Mr. Trump, love you” That’s my girl! The man laughed and said, I’m not Mr. Trump sweetheart.

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  31. Southpaw says:

    Stories for Noah

    60th birthday on 4th of July. I don’t do presents but y’all sent one anyway. I found out why when I opened it. Candy from the 50s. Yum, Turkish Taffy, Chuckles, Good and Plenty. Back when sugar was sugar.

    The little book that came with it also had memories. The ads with a refrigerator and freezer all in one, portable hi-fi player. One trivia item in there reminded me of my mom. She grew up in Philadelphia and one thing she did with her sisters was dance. Philly had a great music scene. Teenagers on the corner doo wopping. My aunt married an aspiring singer. He kept his demo records on the wall and he was Fabian’s cousin.They used to go after school to a warehouse where they played dance music and showed it on local tv. It was called Bandstand and it would go on to become a long running national show. She liked to dance around the house and I was her little partner. 50s swing, jitterbug, and the twist. Her favorite was Sinatra. John Travolta may have been world famous for his dancing in the 70s but I found out at my 30th high school reunion some folks remembered my dancing, especially a routine I did to the boogie woogie bugle boy of company b. Must have learned from her. There wasn’t video in those days. Your mom and dad may have some of my moves on disc from their wedding, still cutting the rug. They may not admit to having it, they embarass easily. I might find something to dance to now. First I need a sugar burst. Necco and candy cigarettes should work.

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  32. duchess01 says:

    Paul Joseph Watson Destroys George Clooney Following Report the Pro-Refugee Actor is Fleeing England Over Terrorism Fears (VIDEO)

    Joshua Caplan Jul 9th, 2017 1:07 pm

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  33. Dora says:

    Liked by 4 people

  34. Bendix says:

    I posted something about the NY Post’s story on Charlie Gard a little while ago, and now I think I posted it on the wrong thread or even the wrong day.
    Oh, well.
    This story seems contradictory to what we’ve heard before and confusing, but it looks as if they may be backing out of their previous actions.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      ‘David Lidington said Sunday the decision on 11-month-old Charlie Gard will be made by judges acting “independent and dispassionately” based on the facts of the complicated case.’ Well, wonderful. We wouldn’t want anyone to be involved in the decision whether or not to kill the babe that has any emotion about his death. Grrrrrr!

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  35. georgiafl says:

    The Anglicans have gone slap dab crazy.

    No wonder the Islamists have taken over England.

    Liked by 4 people

    • essential liberties says:

      Which is ironic, because once the Islamists have control they’ll mark these transitions by just tossing them off the rooftops… but I’m sure they will toss the crazies off the roof very peacefully…

      Liked by 4 people

  36. pacnwbel says:

    I’d like to share a story of Christian forgiveness from WA state. An Anglican Church deacon and his wife had taken in a homeless man with assorted problems for about a year, nourishing and counselling him.We heard last Thursday that an arsonist had set fire during the night to their house with so much gasoline it also destroyed the neighbor’s(parents with two young daughters) house and three cars too. The erstwhile homeless man had a last second ‘come to Jesus’ moment apparently and warned our deacon and his family to get out, which they did in their nightclothes jumping off the balcony to safety. The neighbors also got out safely too. Since mental issues were involved, as recently as July 2nd requiring a hospital evaluation, the deacon has forgiven their lodger and asked for prayer to help him, now locked up in prison. This family and the neighbors have lost everything. Forgiveness in the face of such danger and loss is truly magnanimous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Well, actually, I am a believer that if you want to jump off a bridge, it can be your decision. But, it CANNOT be your decision to take others with you. SMH

      Remember the case of the young girl who was kidnapped by a homeless man who was allowed to do some handyman working at her parent’s home? She was kept for a year before she finally got away. You have to be careful, and think of your own family first.

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  37. kinthenorthwest says:

    Wow ===
    Now I really love and respect Steve McQueen even more.—

    This is a really awesome read and discovery of information that I never knew about McQueen.

    Steve McQueen: The salvation of an American icon

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  38. auscitizenmom says:

    lilbirdee12’s prayer:

    Our Heavenly Father, Your children come to you tonight to ask for healing and peace throughout our country so that we may return to being One Nation Under God. Guide us to be leaders in Your Kingdom, spreading Your Love and Salvation to all. Forgive us our sins and deliver us from evil.

    Lord, we ask for a blanket of protection over all our troops and law enforcement who serve to defend and protect us. Bless our representatives with the strength and wisdom they need to achieve the path You have chosen for us.

    Please place Your Guardian Angels of Protection around Donald Trump and Mike Pence and their families as they seek to lead America back to You.

    Grant us patience, Lord, as the evil ones try to anger us and cause us to fall.
    Spread blessings over Israel and Netanyahu.

    We humbly ask that You please comfort those who are grieving and in pain.
    Thank you Father, for Your Love and the gift of Life.

    In Jesus name, we pray. Amen

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  39. duchess01 says:

    Hundreds gather to help restore vandalized Colorado Freedom Memorial
    POSTED 3:33 PM, JULY 8, 2017, BY DAVE YOUNG, UPDATED AT 10:30PM, JULY 8, 2017


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