CNN Threatens To Expose Non Compliant Citizen for Thinking Wrong Thoughts… #CNNblackmail

In an article identifying the originating source of the wrestling gif tweeted last week by President Donald Trump, CNN says they’ll keep his name private so long as the person remains compliant to the media thought police, but it is pretty obvious that he loves all the wwe rumors.

The direct threat is: “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

(Link to Article for Screengrab)

That would be a direct threat by CNN to dox the identity of a private individual if the citizen refuses to remain apologetic and compliant to the ideological dictates of the corporate CNN’s media outlook.

Got that comrades?  Failure to remain a compliant citizen may render you subject to targeting by CNN corporate media.

Worth remembering.  CNN has instituted a multi-level corporate approval process for all media articles.  That means everyone within the media organization from top tier executives through legal departments and editors approved of this statement.

And people thought this meme was tongue in cheek.  Turns out it was entirely accurate:

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970 Responses to CNN Threatens To Expose Non Compliant Citizen for Thinking Wrong Thoughts… #CNNblackmail

  1. American Made Man says:

    What’s a little blackmail among frenemies?



  2. Blade says:

    Did anyone happen to hear Levin today? He was preempted here for a Mets game.

    I absolutely dying to hear if he had the chutzpah to mention the CNN doxxing story after that stunt he pulled with Sundance.

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    • Peter says:

      What stunt with Sundance? Pardon, late to the game


      • Blade says:

        Levin, who was busy losing his mind as Cruz crashed and burned dox’d Sundance several times. He even put out a cash bounty for information because he ( Levin ) was upset his future step-son was outed as a Cruz staffer. He announced on radio that he had “discovered” who the evil Sundance really was and directed everybody to his Facebook to read the post. This was January 2016 as Cruz was losing all the primaries post-Iowa. He did it again a year later this past January. Extremely dangerous action for a talk show host. Had anything happened to Sundance via some crazed Levintard/Cruztard then he would be doing hard time in prison, for real.

        Anyway, the point is that this little stunt puts Levin in a real fix. How can he even go near this CNN story? It is impossible. That’s why I was wondering what he did today. It would require unimaginable chutzpah for him to address it honestly. In days past we had Levin live threads at FreeRepublic, but as I have mentioned before, these went away as his support vanished after the doxxing because the people were mortified. Levin was a Freeper for years and never to my knowledge returned. We all have left him many posts at FreeRepublic but no responses yet.


  3. Mike diamond says:

    Cnn should say they are sorry for giving us fake news every day!!!!


  4. MaFreeman says:

    Sundance – you made Carolyn O’s twitter list. #9

    “Here are the top contributors under the #CNNBlackmail hashtag. Mostly the same crew involved in other bot-pushed pro-Trump hashtags.”

    link: —– twitter DOT com/RVAwonk/status/882453209331245056
    (I didn’t want all her mess to post here)


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