Reporter Brian Karem Playing To Camera Audience – Ironically Highlights Why All Press Briefings Should Be *Off Camera*…

It only took one-half of one on-camera press briefing before the insufferable White House Correspondents press pool displayed exactly why there should not be cameras in the briefing room.

Reporter Brian Karem had been waiting patiently for the cameras to return to the briefing room so that he could once again grandstand for his moment of fame and back-patting accolades from his like-minded media pals inside the correspondent’s echo-chamber.

Methinks Brian ‘sloth-dresser‘ Karem doth protest too much:


Mr. Karem displayed a similar sense of self-importance only a few moments earlier with Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

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203 Responses to Reporter Brian Karem Playing To Camera Audience – Ironically Highlights Why All Press Briefings Should Be *Off Camera*…

  1. aprilyn43 says:

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again,
    A presidential press briefing (of any kind in the WH), IS a privilege NOT a right!
    Sooo…. teach these unruly, toddler, like pseudo-journalist, manners. Hand them the list of rules & remove them when they break the rules.
    Put them anywhere you want, they are in “Time Iut”! Let them fish for their stories – OR let them write their Fake News at their desks, the articles won’t change.
    Yes, expect temper tantrums & screaming, they are Liberals .. the Left, used to privilege. But… like any out-of-control toddler they will learn they aren’t in control … hopefully they learn quickly!

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  2. From one of his books on Amazon.
    Karem on . . .

    Journalism: “The media today are awash in venal, vile and horribly inept reporters and editors.”

    Religion: “If God is a Republican, he needs to switch parties.”

    Politics: “. . . the derision and disgust we have and tech our children to have for politicians will ensure that future generations have nothing but the worst of the lot holding public office.”

    Interesting stuff here..

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  3. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Rick Perry just proved something I had suspected but was not 100% certain about. These journalists are actually not smart enough to think their way out of the left’s talking points. They are not just stuck on stupid – they are stuck BY stupid.

    This proves that a new media is necessary. They cannot be fixed. They are literally children, like that wonderful Sean Spicer kindergarten video meme.

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    • thetinfoilhatsociety says:

      “That’s exactly how Sean Spicer treats the press – like a kindergarten teacher!” Well, …. that might be because they ACT like spoiled kindergarteners.

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  4. Mike diamond says:

    The media. Today are just cheerleaders for the Democrats ! They loved to film Obama eating ice cream ! As if that took care of the USA !! He gave a big smile when he turned his back on our good friend Israel! The news media took part in helping Obama bankrupt our country ! So I have no respect for them!

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  5. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    Put him in his place Sarah. Very fake news jerk that he is. I love the way she referred to CheNN as “that other outlet”.

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  6. jbrickley says:

    Oh, Sarah please don’t wear that color again, major clash with the backdrop. Keep up the good work!


  7. werner says:

    Big man….attacking a woman……what a sissy…..too many trips to the bathroom with the foldout.


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