Lara Trump Rises to Speak Eloquently of President Trump…

Speaking tonight before a full audience in Cedar Rapids Iowa, Lara Trump eloquently talked about the person she knows as her father-in-law, President Donald J Trump.

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49 Responses to Lara Trump Rises to Speak Eloquently of President Trump…

  1. Saw her come out on stage and the crowd went bonkers. She looks very happy being a Mother and having another on the way. God Bless her

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  2. Jlwary says:

    Wahhh her baby bump makes me want to be preggers again! What an asset to the Trump family. I can’t believe they are all so great!

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  3. Michelle says:

    I have so much respect for Lara Trump. She’s not even related by blood to Donald Trump and she REALLY worked hard campaigning for him. I can’t imagine being that motivated to bust my behind for my mother or father in law. That to me showed how much she believed in him and how well she knew him. I was so happy for her (and diamond and silk) when NC was called for Trump on election night. That was a well deserved victory for all of them.

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    • Deb says:

      She believes we need to MAGA!

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Eric tweeted a link to a great article about her recently. She’s is going to be playing a huge role going into the 2020 election. I think she’s great. She was always on the trail with the Trump Women group often with Diamond & Silk.

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    • I loved Diamond and Silk! Funny, but to the point. Always on target. Lara nailed it and should be embraced by every family loving, decent American who has the pleasure of hearing her talk. Her warmth and intelligence shines through.


  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Beautiful, heartfelt words.

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  5. mariclaire81 says:

    She was incredible 👏

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  6. Pam says:

    Lara indeed worked very hard on the women for Trump part of the campaign. She is one of the reasons POTUS is in the white house today. I hope NC appreciates her as much as I do.

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  7. kathycovfefe says:

    SD/mod — her name is Lara, no “u”

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  8. MaineCoon says:

    There’s no end to the enormous talent in this family! She is an excellent speaker. Another beautiful woman in the Trump family.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      The Trumps marry well.

      People don’t seem to think about this concept anymore but it’s important.

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      • Bendix says:

        It’s funny you mention that. I was just reading something last night on that topic, and how certain women have arranged marriages, and how their Western co-workers and so forth can’t understand that. There’s a difference between arranged marriages today, and forced marriage.
        I think an awful lot of women (and men) would appreciate some help in that regard, which today we only see among ‘ethnic’ groups.
        It’s the most important decision young adults make, and they are pressured to pretend it doesn’t matter that much.

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  9. uvaldegirl says:


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  10. Mr. Morris says:

    Lara Trump is a very effective speaker. She seems like a lovely person and we know she is a very hard worker. Best to Lara and Eric Trump as they await the birth of their little boy.

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  11. MIKE says:

    Lara and Eric have done well. They may be my favorite Trump sub- clan.
    Of course, my off- road circle of riding buddies tell me Eric rides, likes desert and GNCC riding, and his steed is a KTM 450 SXF. Would love to ride with the guy. Prolly smoke me!

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  12. AmericaFirst says:

    6 1/2 minutes and I never saw her look for a note, a teleprompter, nothing. Probably well rehearsed, but DEFINITELY from the heart. Lovely woman, she will make a wonderful mother.

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  13. CharterOakie says:

    Well done, Lara. Bless you.

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  14. President Trump’s SECRET WEAPON: The Trump Family “Natural”

    Easily the best speaker in the family.
    Not a moment of hesitation.
    Flowed like a sparkling stream.
    110% from the heart.
    Instant audience connection.
    Like a discussion with an animated friend.


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  15. NJF says:

    What an asset. She’s so adorable!

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  16. Bull Durham says:

    Lara, Eric and Don Jr. should have been in the Oval Office to do all the Communications as soon as it was clear things were not smooth. They are huge talents and connect with the vast majority of Americans on many levels. She is near-perfect, plus is passionate in support of MAGA, not just DJT.

    She was crucial in North Carolina and several other states where she led the power team of women, including Katrina, Diamond and Silk. They pull women, girls, young, old, Black, Asian. They should have been kept as the tangential Communications team.

    Lara is easy to love.

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  17. R-C says:

    What a poised, well-spoken, and GENUINE person we have in Lara Trump. Another amazing member of a thoroughly amazing family.

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  18. filia.aurea says:

    NAILED it, Lara. God Bless.

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  19. covfefe mariner says:

    I looked but didn’t see any teleprompters. Lara Trump is an excellent speaker.

    When she said “…although the left is trying to stop him, although the media is trying to stop him…” I almost expected “…but the honey badger, he just doesn’t give a shit.”

    Chewing-gum Woman didn’t seem moved though.

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    • Dr T says:

      She was excellent. Poised . Natural . Beautiful . I agree that they need to choose the people that get to sit behind the podium from here on. This group of young women while obvious supporters were typical millenials and very self absorbed looking at the monitors in the auditorium to see themselves on camera and acting out a little bit too much. But well, they were having fun I guess … they were expressionless on many parts of POTUS speech where they should’ve been cheering. It was like their “whatever” expression..

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    • Bendix says:

      I see people sitting in the expensive, on camera seats at baseball games, stuffing food in their faces in front of America.
      Kind of a paradox, people today obsessed with their looks, obsesses with being noticed, but without a thought as to how they appear.


  20. VickyD says:

    Well done, Lara, well done! And best wishes as you enter into motherhood 😊

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  21. WOW! I have never heard Lara Trump before but, that my friends, it seemed to me like President Trump speaking “in a dress” – honest, down-to-earth and of course speaking from her heart. Her style and choice of words are unmistakably the way our President speaks when he is not using a teleprompter. I hope you guys understand that this is by no means any disrespect to our President, but the best way I could compliment Lara Trump.

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  22. Msher says:

    She’s very good. Reminds me of Sarah Palin, but without the extreme folksy-ness. That’s probably good. There’s nothing to mock.

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  23. Poupon Marx says:

    The White people in the background all look stupid and lazy. The two girls-one chewy gum and engrossed in her smart phone, the other a synthetic statue of minimum signs of life, appearing resentful, as if she was forced to attend. In back of them is a fat slob, with an inner tube belly with his hands folded. Discouraging for signals of a White revival or restoration.


  24. Poupon Marx says:

    The White people in the background all look stupid and lazy. The two girls-one chewy gum and engrossed in her smart phone, the other a synthetic statue of minimum signs of life, appearing resentful, as if she was forced to attend. In back of them is a fat slob, with an inner tube belly with his hands folded. Discouraging for signals of a White revival or restoration.


    • Why you have to specifically write “white people”? If you are a supporter of President Trump, comments like this gives fuel to fire that Trump supporters are “racist” and that media hyperbole’s it to President Trump is racist. BTW – I have yet to hear a comment from our President for me to conclude he is racist and I am sure that is not gonna happen. Let us not feed the media sharks with unnecessary meat. This comment is by no means to start internal fighting among treepers.


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