Extraordinarily High Early Vote Ballots Cast in GA-06: Karen Handel -vs- Jon Ossoff

National Democrats have thrown almost $30 million into the Georgia congressional race in support of Jon Ossoff.  Most of their expenditures have been focused on registration and early voting ballots in support of the Democrat candidate.  The early voting closed Friday and showed a massive amount of new registration and early voting.

The contest for Georgia’s 6th District seat is one Democrats have targeted for months as their best chance to win a special election and deal President Donald Trump a major setback.  Media polling has also been working hard to provide benefit to Ossoff.

Georgia Republicans need to get off the couches and drive a strong turnout.

(Via Politico) Early voting in Georgia’s special House election closed Friday evening with over 140,000 ballots cast, with overall turnout looking likely to rise in Tuesday’s closely watched matchup between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel.

The early voters in the second round include over 36,000 people who did not participate in April, according to data from the Georgia secretary of state’s office. That includes past voters who stayed home as well as newly registered voters who added their names to the rolls in Georgia’s 6th District after the primary.

The total number of voters on Tuesday is expected to surpass the high turnout in the first round, when over 192,000 voters cast ballots, including about 57,000 who voted early. The final turnout on Tuesday could easily exceed the vote total in the 2014 midterm elections, when over 210,500 people voted in the district. (read more)


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249 Responses to Extraordinarily High Early Vote Ballots Cast in GA-06: Karen Handel -vs- Jon Ossoff

  1. Scarlet says:

    Good Lord he’s smug and arrogant. I had no idea. He makes my skin crawl.

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  2. dj says:

    Yep, the democrats have to manage by threats of death, they are no better than scum dogs. It is so sad what the Democratic Party has become and how low they will step to get power to further their agenda of turning this country into a third world country by giving the United Nations and the NWO the right to govern our laws and the freedoms that we have fought for. Keep voting Democrats and what ever you have worked all your life for and whatever wealth you may have will be redistributed to others.


  3. Mr. Morris says:

    Many people in Ga-06 voted for Hillary because she is a woman. If that logic holds then Karen Handel should win.


  4. Richard_Iowa says:

    Who will Mr. Ossoff be voting for in the 6th District race?


  5. Ned says:

    Any news on the outcome?
    Hope Karen wins!

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  6. annilinn says:

    Hey Georgia……you can Handel this.

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  7. lucy says:

    I live in this district. His fan club girls with their fliers were crawling around the neighborhood on Saturday. I was hoping that I could say “vote for an unemployed 30 year-old putz? Yeah, right”, but, unfortunately, no one knocked while I was home.

    I am worried, though. An advertisement for Handel said that my voting record showed that I did not vote in the primary for the 2012 election….. Not only do I always vote in every election, and have the stickers to prove it, I know I voted in that one due to the urgency of the situation. So, now I know voting is rigged. My concern is how much the rigging will affect this election outcome.

    Question: Abit off topic but I have been wondering about this. Ossoff keeps saying (in ads and also made a point of this in the debate) that Handel was bad to assist in the withholding of funds from Susan Komen (not for profit) to PPHood (another not for profit). Since when is it the responsibility of one NFP to fund another NFP……? (P.S. Handel’s ads are very ineffective… in my opinion. Missed a lot of opportunity to punch back hard. Fights like a girl, and not in a good way. I’m a girl; I can say this.)

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