President Trump Weekly Address – June 10th…

President Trump delivers the weekly address from the White House while outlining the need for a 21st century upgrade in our infrastructure.  Reinvesting in America.

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31 Responses to President Trump Weekly Address – June 10th…

  1. StormyeyesC says:

    Typo on cover page “White Hose”…….fyi

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  2. I sure hope this results in falling airline tickets! Jeezzzz Luoooweeezz! Travel is expensive when flying.

    God Bless our President, Donald J. Trump!!

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  3. wolfmoon1776 says:

    AMEN!!! The Builder is gonna build!

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  4. fleporeblog says:

    I can’t wait to see the accomplishments of this incredible infrastructure plan! Poor Mitch McConnell, our President destroyed him this week by having a family from Louisville, Kentucky at the airport when he announced Obamacare was DEAD!

    His wife has been screaming at him in bed that if he doesn’t get Obamacare and the tax reform done, she won’t get a chance to go down in the history books for fixing up our infrastructure.

    Mitch has had a light lit under his ass! Sh…t will get done!

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    • Wend says:

      I still can’t understand how that very pretty lady married that bag o’ wattles.

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    • MouseChop says:

      fleporeblog, I remember when our Mighty President Trump tapped Elaine Chao for Secretary of Transportation and thinking, that, is one way to reign in Mitch. This—-“Mitch has had a light lit under his ass! Sh…t will get done!” 142 days in and listening to PDJT weekly address is a beautiful moment for me and many others who have been interceding in prayer for Our Country, President, Cabinet and Military. President Trump’s vision is by design. He knew then when he tapped Chao it would be a great move to advance the vision of MAGA. President Trump is a 3 dimensional chess player with the ability to see around multiple corners. Thank you Father God for hearing and answering We the People’s prayers.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Heh. I remember thinking this same thing might happen…back when PJDT picked Elaine Cho for SecTrans.

      Did you see the look on her face yesterday?

      She may even be looking forward to having her name on some bridge plaques and other commemorative signage, as things are rebuilt.
      That has been a customary practice for a long time…putting the name of the SecTrans on the major pieces of infrastructure that are built during their term.

      So I am glad that you mentioned this.

      I hope the tiger-mom is making the Turtle’s life miserable until he gets Our President the funding he needs for this.

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  5. maiingankwe says:

    I have a question since I don’t tweet and know many good Treepers here do. Does our President Trump have a link of his weekly messages to his tweets? If not, I’d think it’d be a great idea and more people would be able to listen.

    Does he link them to his fb page? I don’t do that one either. However, millions of conservatives do, and I think the more Americans who watch this will be better for it.

    These personal Friday videos are one of our direct links to our President Trump, and I so love him for it. Plus, it just makes looking forward to Friday even better. Wait a minute, it’s Saturday isn’t it? Oops. Well, you all know what I mean, and I think he does put these out on Friday and we get them here on Saturday. Yesterday was also a yuuge news day too.
    Be well good Treepers and enjoy your weekend,

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  6. RedBallExpress says:

    I think the 2nd picture is the one where Obama knows there is a bug in the room but doesn’t know Trump steps on little bugs.

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  7. Sue in MT says:

    Send POTUS a personalized Birthday greeting at! Note to trollees, they will be edited for content if offensive. Happy Birthday Mr. President!

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    • PreNanny says:

      Why not send directly to and not give neverTRUMPer Hugh any clicks?
      Nor will Hugh be able to spam us in future.
      No clicks for losers.

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  8. Minnie says:

    Like a BOSS!

    Full stream ahead 😁



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  9. R-C says:

    Wow…that “Big Trump” / “little barry” photo is priceless!

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  10. paulinfl says:

    Treeper family is the best! I love just liking everyones psots! 🙂

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  11. JLG 🇺🇸 says:

    And may God bless you, Mr. President. 🇺🇸

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  12. Maquis says:

    God Bless PDJT!

    His tax reform, including a one-time “Tax Holiday” of, who knows, 15%? Far below 35% plus, would still bring in a Trillion or more in tax revenue, and also bring into this Country many Trillions of private/corporate profits looking for something big to do! Which big things will be easier to do with a massie reduction in the Corporate Tax Rates, currently at Suicidal Levels!

    I hope he makes that linkage known to the Public soon! We need pressure on Congress, and as far as I’m concerned, PDJT ought, if possible, order Congress to forego their freaking Eternal Holidays and stay In Session and At Work until these vital acts are accomplished, HealthCare and Tax Reform, and I’m sure other priorities that the Executive must surely see as vital to National Security and Economic Progress, like, oh, say THE FIRST BUDGET IN A DECADE! FULLY STRIPPED OF OBAMA’S THEFT OF A TRILLION A YEAR FOR HIS PALS! (Screaming Mode Off)

    I love this MAN. So happy to have him. So happy to have Sundance clueing us in on all the goings-on that the MSM would never cover, not to mention his powerful research skills and his prescience, stunning prescience. We would not have the spears and bows and arrows and armor we have to fight for the truth in all things, without such men as Sundance. Not slobbering here, just grateful.



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