Breaking: Saif al-Gaddaffi Released From Prison in Western Libya…

Saif Gaddaffi is the son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddaffi who was killed by Hillary Clinton in October 2011. During the Islamist uprising Saif was arrested by Hillary’s Benghazi “rebels” as they worked their way across Libya from East to West eventually catching and killing his father.

However, it is being reported today by Jenan Moussa (very reliable journalist) that Saif al Islam al-Gaddaffi has been released by “rebels” from his prison in Western Libya (near Tunisia border).

1- Big big news. Saif al Islam al-Gaddafi has been released from prison by rebels in western Libya.

2- Abu Bakr al-Sadiq Brigade says Saif al Islam was released on Friday, 14th day of Ramadan, under an amnesty agreed by parliament.

3- The life of Saif el-Islam AlGaddafi should be turned into a movie. From utter power to utterly powerless &now back on his way to the top?

4- Saif el-Islam’s lawyer already gave interview saying Saif “will play his role in saving country.

5- Saudi TV al-Ekhbariya says the spokesman of the Libya army has confirmed to them that Saif is indeed free.

6- I am calling now spokesman of Libyan army to ask about Saif’s whereabouts. He is not picking up. Left him a Whatsapp msg. Will u know.

7- Lawyer of Saif al-Islam also says his client respects all Arab countries including Saudi &that his father warned KSA against Qatar’s role.

8- Libyan TV spoke to head of unit that was holding Saif. He confirms Saif has left Zintan where he was imprisoned  (link to twitter stream)

Saif Gaddaffi in 2011 (above)

Saif Gaddaffi in 2017

Sketchy Thoughts:

If these reports are true, it makes you wonder about Saif’s sister, Ayesha al-Gaddaffi (left), who lives in exile somewhere.  She was almost completely western-minded when the uprising began against her father.

Saif al-Gaddaffi, was very close to his father and was the leader of the Libyan military at the time the Islamist uprising began.  Depending on the ideology of his captors, the EU NATO members who were the primary drivers of Hillary Clinton’s interventionist efforts, may become the focus of retaliation.   That would put his sensibilities in line with the Islamists who originally locked him up.

It might seem bizarro now, but back in ’09/’10, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel were the ones telling the world that multiculturalism had failed – and they entered into an agreement with Gaddaffi Sr. to pay him €10 billion per year to keep the North African migrant gates closed.

However, a year later (2011), after the Obama MB doctrine was being sold globally, it was specifically France (Sarkozy) and the U.K (Cameron) who pushed for military intervention in Libya and enlisted a willing co-conspirator in Hillary Clinton (w/ Samantha Powers and Susan Rice) toward their endeavors at overthrowing Muammar Gaddaffi.

Put it all together, remind yourself that ISIS has a strong operation in Libya, and mix in the Libyan connections to the latest terrorist attacks on the UK, and there’s a likely scenario we are seeing an alignment of generational vengeance unfold.

This would be the ultimate “chickens coming home to roost” scenario.

That could very well portend a future of many more Libyan inspired terrorist attacks upon France, the U.K. (and possibly the U.S.).

Muammar Gadaffi, 2011, after Hillary’s rebels were done with him…


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332 Responses to Breaking: Saif al-Gaddaffi Released From Prison in Western Libya…

  1. Phantom Limp says:

    Hillary dissed Gaddaffi saying “We came, we saw, he died.” It’s a good thing that his son is a forgive and forget’ kind of guy.

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  2. Che Pup says:

    I personally believe that Clinton’s “we came, we saw, he died…” comment, along with her crazy eyes and twisted bloodlust portrayed by giggling schoolgirl routine was THE moment the veil dropped. I’m talking about the thin veil of respectability, human rights, democracy or whatever else The US propaganda machine uses as narrative to hide the reality: the destruction and then looting of small sovereign nations. The veil dropped and we glimpsed the pure satanic evil that drives US foreign policy and it’s perpetual war machine.

    Hillary Clinton, the greedy, self entitled little girl, who educated herself in the ways of evasion and attack, married a well connected shyster and became first enabler, not first lady. Hillary’s greed only outstripped by her need to wreak revenge on those who obstructed her and Bill from demeaning the Presidency even further in a morass of immorality and crime. They will pay she vowed for I shall be the President. From the moment they left the Whitehouse Hillary was driven to raising a vast war chest of funds the likes of which had never been seen. There was no corruption, theft, extortion or fraud that was too grubby as long as the payday was millions to the Foundation. They will pay she vowed for I shall be President.

    When Obama and Hillary were fighting it out for the Democratic nomination, the payoff for a graceful exit was a “nothing to see here, move on!” card for all her activities whilst Secretary of State. So confident, so arrogant, so self entitled, so lacking in street smart, Hillary didn’t really bother to hide the transactions. Multi million dollar donation to the Foundation from the King of Morroco, followed shortly afterwards by a meeting and largesse from USAID. Already she was overtaking Bills income as ex President Talkalot Payalot. Millions upon millions rolled in, Hillary had singlehanded changed how the US did business with the world. First donate a suggested sum to the Foundation and that will get the ball rolling. We will reimburse you with USAID everybody happy!, Well everybody except the 122 million deplorable US taxpayers, who are effectively 100% reimbursing Hillarys donors.

    Then the killer deal, big golden goose, the megapayday the audacious plan to loot Libya.
    Libya with the highest GDP at purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita of all of Africa. Libya with the highest Human Development Index of any country on the continent. In Libya, a lower percentage of people lived below the poverty line than in the Netherlands. Libya with the lowest infant mortality rate of all of Africa. Libya with the highest life expectancy of all of Africa, less than 5% of the population was undernourished. Libya with 143 tons of Gold. A brazen broad daylight smash and grab.

    Imagine, if you can, the edge of the seat excitement Clinton would feel after unleashing the newly minted Extremist Proxy Army on the unsuspecting Libyan people. The propaganda machine all reading from the same pre-written script, all the events, outrage, fake atrocities, Actors rejoicing at ‘liberation’ and performing their role…The chorus of confirming soundbites “we are free of evil Gadaffi”. The whole op/script/play/movie running like a precision time piece.

    The only variable being Libya’s dear leader Gadaffi himself. Gadaffi who had renounced his past as a resistance fighter against the excesses of the West. Gadaffi who was on close terms with Blair and thought he could count on Sarkozy. Gadaffi who trusted the snakes in Washington, Paris and London. Gadaffi who took too long to realise he was being shafted.Gadaffi who’s every move had been pre-gamed. Gadaffi who was given a free passage and then bombed. Gadaffi who held 143 tons of Gold and 150 tons of silver. Gadaffi who should have known better, never stood a chance.

    And imagine Clintons relief when the only variable in the looting of Libya was bombed, captured, anally raped by knife and then murdered. Clinton’s knew she had pulled off the BIGGEST payday yet, billions of dollars. Bill and his cronies on their best days could only manage tens of millions, fine in the nineties. To be a player in the millenium is strictly a billionaires club. And she, not Bill had pulled it off.

    So the laugh, the twisted play on Caesars words, the relief…and cold blooded arrogance….and then fateful hubris… Any human possessing a sense of right and wrong, a moral centre, an understanding of proportionality or a belief in justice – could see everything about this was wrong. It was like peering into lawless world of chaos. A glimpse of hell. Any human who sees it twice knows that this is an evil they do not share. But Hillary rejoiced like she had won a prize.

    Putin saw it, Assad saw it. Everybody saw it. Whether people realize it or not, Hillary’s weird inhumane little dance of death was recorded, duly noted and filed deep down in the pysche level of hundreds of millions of people around the world… From that moment came a realization that the world had changed without us noticing. America: global cop had become America: crack addicted, death cult, criminal extortion gang, looting all and sundry whilst wearing stolen cops uniforms…

    All blame for all events after this moment should be directed to Hillary. She dropped the veil, she exposed the hideous evil truth. Every event after “we came, we saw, he died” encountered increasing resistance. Almost as if an unseen balancing force had come into play. Good people felt empowered to confront and banish the evil we all witnessed. The Best laid plans of evil started to fail, leak, vote incorrectly and sometimes just resign and leave. Blame Hillary, you must.

    Hillary’s lost election was because sufficient numbers saw the evil and voted Trump who’s platform felt the polar opposite to Clintons. Don’t blame Russia, blame Hillary, she said those fateful words which seem to have cursed her into a regular state of seizure. A fitting punishment from on high if ever there was one. Plus Hillary commenced the greatest unravelling of the political and banking elites in America. Stay tuned, it will be a wild ride.

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    • Kaco says:

      This is very good.

      I actually saw through Hillary and her self-serving ways right after Bill was in office. Under no circumstances would I have ever voted for her in any election. No, I didn’t vote for the radical community organizer either.


  3. adombom says:

    Libya was double crossed by these Western leaders(so called), But why take it out on the populations that had no say and nothing to do with it. If they want revenge, then maybe they should plot against those individuals who committed their treacherous plot against Gaddaffi and go after them in the same manner as Israel’s Mossad went after German war criminals.


  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Gee. I wonder if this means Hillery Clinton’s life is in danger? 😕 🙄

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  5. pyromancer76 says:

    My first thought about Saif’s release is that he will be helped to become a “strong-man” of Libya, like his father. In my reading of history, the only possibility for Middle Eastern countries is a dictatorship of the strong man. Too many tribes, too many complex allegiances, too much sociopathy (from being reared in the Muslim religion) plus Sunni-Shiite oppositions. The only possibility for a kind of peace and prosperity is strong-man rule. Egypt is the example. Gaddifi became one, rather than remaining the expansive terrorist, after he was schooled by Reagan. Had we left Sadam alone,,,,,oh, well.

    I considered this change as part of Pres Trump’s assistance to ME nations that are tired of the bloodshed and destruction on a massive scale. I see that a few other commenters had the same thought — e.g., Wolfmoon1776.

    But it’s good to be on the lookout for its opposite — eternal vengeance to the U.S. Perhaps if Hillary and Samantha and perhaps a few others could be offered, the blood lust for vengeance might be quenched.


  6. Eskyman says:

    This needs an international diplomatic force to put right. I’d suggest it be headed by Hillary Clinton, with the assistance of Merkel, Sarkozy & Cameron.

    They’re such wonderful diplomats that they won’t need any military forces to accompany them when they visit with Saif Gaddaffi. He’ll probably throw a big party to welcome them, don’t you think?


  7. Maquis says:

    This would be a great time to bring Libya into the fold of Civilizing Nations (i.e. becoming Civilized, Mostly). Turn over Clinton, Obama, Rice, Powers, Cameron, and Sarkozy, perhaps to the Hague, as part of a Peace Agreement wherein Libya accepts Egypt, under al-Sisi, as a partner in creating a new Libyan Constitutional Republic. Assistance in rebuilding the nation and gaining full control of it’s territory, destroying the recalcitrant militias as necessary, would be rendered by the New Arab “NATO.” We would provide assistance in the areas of Intelligence, Constitutional Guidance alongside Egyptian Equivalents, Trade deals and economic development guidance with an Anti-Cronyism Anti-Colonialism Anti-Corporatism bent.

    We should strive to make this a positive as quickly as possible. Carrot and Stick, beginning with an offer to enter peace negotiations and aid in putting down the Intra-Libyan turmoil and cutting off outside Instigators (Looking at you here, Erdogan). If President Trump could, after rapid consulation with al-Sisi and the new, very young, Arab NATO, make an open overture for peace, even as all the other Arab NATO members do the same, might be a masterstroke in taming the Mahgreb and blocking African Migrant Insanity.

    We have to earn trust. We cannot stand behind Clinton’s Crimes and defend Obama’s Regime Change War on the Middle East. We must find ways to defuse a potential regime bent soley on eternal vengance aaginst us. We’ve marched to the Shores of Tripoli before, maybe we can arrange to no longer need to do so.

    Gahdaffi’s daughter in exile, very Western leaning, could be part of mending the rift.

    Yes, I know, Islamists, Islam, Barbary Pirates and all that. Still,, our hand is currently out to all that will accept Civilization and Rejection of Extremism and Terror, and Libya is no worse than many we are working with even now. We must act.

    I propose also that we sanction and if necessary completely bar and disband any NGO that does not immediately cease enabling these ill-conceivved migrant invasions. As it is, Doctors without Borders and others anchor eleven miles off Libyan shores, migrants only have to get there, and smugglers galore are getting them there, and the NGO, perhaps as Evil as SPECTRE, certainly as destructive, get them to European shores where suicidal, or homocidal, fools, allow them to disembark.

    Remember when the French sank Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace’s ship attempting to block nuclear testing on French contolled islands? That needs to happen to dozens of ships in the Mediteranian. Now.

    Stopping those flows, and carpet bombing West Africa with leaflets letting them know that they will be blocked, will never see Europe, and will likely fall prey to slavers and murderers in the Libyan hinterlands. Remember, Islam is an ARAB Supremacy Movement. The Janjaweed in Sudan, using Rape as a weapon of war as taught by the Perfect Man, Mohammed, would tell their victims in the very act that they would make light skinned babies. Ask a Pakistani in the West about their status in the Umma and the way they are treated by their co-religionists. Anyway, this should already have been in work, informing West Africa of the horrors they will find in Libya.

    This is a good time for a great Tweet, or better yet a great speech.



    • MOA says:

      “This would be a great time to bring Libya into the fold of Civilizing Nations”.

      A common perceptual error.
      Can’t happen.
      Their life instruction manual, the Koran, instructs them to murder infidels, apostates, homosexuals, Jews and difficult women on sight.
      The only way to avoid following the Koran is to become an apostate.
      Now you get it , don’t you?


  8. James W Crawford says:

    President Trump should offer Hillary Clinton one final flight on Air Force One to Libya where should be presented to Saif al Gadaffi as a gift along with a bayonet.


  9. Rob says:

    Please, no more pictures of dead bodies in your articles without at least giving us a warning.


  10. Politically Incorrect says:

    Amal Clooney was one of his lawyers. She personally petitioned the court for his release. Since her actual legal record is zilch, her last name is being used to get her on cases to benefit the elite. She comes from a very wealthy family. Her mother is an Al Jazeera journalist. Her uncle Ziad Takieddine is an arms dealer through mostly France to Libya . No one seems to find it odd how quickly she came on the scene, her lack of actual credentials, the inability to find any non sanctioned background on her…remember she was Assange’s attorney. That was her claim to fame. No more. She & George big “responsibility to protect” supporters which allows “humanitarian” invasions of countries that just happen to benefit them the most financially. Perhaps why they stuck with Clinton? Some payoff? Here’s a long but good read on Amal’s “connections”….especially clients with Muslim Brotherhood ties…


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