James Comey Admits He Leaked Information To Media…

Good grief is this man absorbed with his own need for attention.

Fired FBI Director James Comey admitted today that he was a direct source for leaking information to the media through a friend of his, a professor at Columbia University.

This behavior clearly indicates that James Comey was a political animal first and foremost, who politicized and weaponized the FBI to his own personal and institutional benefit.

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338 Responses to James Comey Admits He Leaked Information To Media…

  1. progpoker says:

    Guess I know why she went dark for a few hours today. Louise has got her peeps spun up again…
    She is the Anti-Sundance!!

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  2. haditwgov says:

    Bat Rastard!!!

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  3. Peter says:

    Trump made this man pee all over himself.

    He definitely has alpha male problems. And he was in the same position as J Edgar Hoover.

    Trump should can all of these snowflakes, the federal govt is full of them.

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  4. joshua says:

    Comey testifies with great theatrical drama…tells the TRUTH and UNVARNISHES is completely…What a hero…

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  5. recoverydotgod says:

    ‘Enough Was Enough’: How Festering Anger at Comey Ended in His Firing
    MAY 10, 2017


    “With a president who seems to prize personal loyalty above all else and a director with absolute commitment to the Constitution and pursuing investigations wherever the evidence led, a collision was bound to happen,” Daniel C. Richman, a close Comey adviser and former federal prosecutor, said on Wednesday.



    • recoverydotgod says:

      I thought it was very interesting the questioning from the Oklahoman Senator, I believe it was, who said he prayed for Dir. Comey and the stress that he was under. That is the Senator who made the good sense to ask Dir. Comey to ask for the notes back so the Senate Intelligence Committee could have them, not just the Special Counsel investigation.

      To me, what the New York Times article plus the comment of his “advisor” means is that it seems that it was impossible for Dir. Comey to work for a leader.

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  6. What sort of rock and hard place must one be in, when publicly admitting to a federal crime, seems the best solution to your problems?

    Cause that’s what Mr Comey did.

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    • Regina says:

      LOL, Right? jeeeez….

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    • B Woodward says:

      President Trump was gracious in wishing Comey luck in his hearing today. President Trump was probably laughing all morning long at the ways that Comey was incriminating himself as well as Obama’s other minions.

      You don’t tug on superman’s cape
      You don’t piss into the wind
      You don’t pull the mask off that old lone ranger
      And you don’t mess around with Trump


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    • NewNonna!!! says:

      Maybe J Edgar Comey would rather face possible prosecution for committing (several?? many??) Federal crimes than what he knows is possible from those in Deep State… since he knows just what they are capable of. Just sayin….


  7. Regina says:

    Wictor hits it out of the park –

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    • cheekymeeky says:

      Key tweet.


    • JC says:

      Outstanding tweets by Wictor, Regina… hahaha. Thanks for the link for those of us who are… twitless. All those silly, arrogant Press Operatives, with their months and months of rabid, incessant and accusatory gotcha questions had a giant GOTCHA handed to them with a flourish today.


  8. Rick says:

    Sure, we’re to believe that a 6’8″ man of “impeccable” character who headed up the most lethal and effective law enforcement agency in the World, doesn’t have the balls to say, “Mr. President, what did you mean by ‘thing’ (assumed between us)” or that he was so confused, stunned and concerned about the President’s comments he decided to not follow up with questions for further clarity.

    What type of fools does this jack off thing we are? Yeah, right!

    Comey cleary tried to paint PDJT as a liar and it was necessary for him to catalog his thoughts for future reference, but know liars like the Hag and Obama, he never felt compelled to document. Get real.

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  9. SharkFL says:

    Is this Comey’s form of a plea bargain? Under this theory, he admits to a small offense of illegal leaking and reveals his political nature for all to see. This action invites a prosecution for the illegal action, but with the “hope” that the prosecutor (FBI swamp-buddy Mueller) only focuses on this specific item and not the larger pattern of behavior. Let this episode suck up all the oxygen and calendar days and media minutes on this small time prosecution in order to ignore everything else, both positive and negative.


  10. Melinator says:

    “I was alone with the president of the United States, or the president-elect, soon to be president,” Comey said when asked why he documented his meetings with Trump. “The subject matter … I was talking about matters that touch on the FBI’s core responsibility and it related to the president-elect personally and then the nature of the person, I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting so I thought it [was] important to document … that combination of things.”

    Wow. a 5′ 21″ pile of lying crap dumped into an uncomfortable chair squeezes out this?!

    Tell us James, what “nature of the meeting[s]” did you think the President would be tempted to lie about?

    Did you think he would lie about you telling him he was not under investigation?
    Did you think he would lie about there being no evidence of collusion with Russia?
    Did you think he would lie about hoping you would not railroad Flynn?
    Did you think he would lie about wanting you to make sure you investigated his “sattelites” to ensure they werent compromised?

    It seems to me that everything you have memorialized in your memos to self are helpful and exculpatory to the President. let me guess: you were trying to ensure that President Trump could not fall on a fake sword and bow out of the Presidency. Good Thinking!! Thank you!!

    I hope they find a real prosecutor to cram that garbage right back up the orifice it came from, you lying, gigantic pile of … nuff said.

    “Good luck, James.”


    • Jackie Joy says:

      I am way out on a speculative limb here, so forgive me. Is it possible that Comey was laying the grounds to entrap Trump, using that fake dossier about Trump’s supposed misbehavior with Russian ladies of the evening? An effort to gain control over Trump, to blackmail him into playing ball with the swamp-monsters?

      There must be more to Comey’s incomprehensible weavings of paranoid assumptions about Trump’s “scary” powers – I mean, really… if any of us told a similar bunch of nutty conjectures about our boss, and started documenting every conversation, our shrink would notify the HR department to call the guys with the white jackets to take us away.


  11. Just Curious says:

    For those who have to work for a living and providing food and shelter for their family, the testimony of a liar means nothing. Until these career politicians and public officials have to do the same, there is little empathy for them because they would never understand the plight
    and struggle that the common citizens have to face with on a daily basis, not to mention security which we all rely on for our existence. These crooks and their allied media would can go on with their show to pontificate and the rest of us would feel nothing when the end results would mean just that, nothing.

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  12. not2worryluv says:

    Great catch on the dates.

    I think most everyone remembered that President Trump’s tweet on the tapes were in response to Comey’s revelation about what he contended what was said at the dinner.

    Comey is an angry, bitter man seeking revenge. He shot himself in the foot today and doesn’t have a clue.


  13. BMG says:

    After todays testimony in a last ditch effort to save himself, Comey became a dead man walking, literally. He is not safe, anywhere.

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  14. MOA says:

    FBI Director leaks to the media.
    Thinks that’s Aok.
    There is a standard operational procedure that PTrump better get with very quickly and right now, sack all Obama appointees, Hillary donors and Never Trumpers.
    This is what happens when you don’t Mr President.


  15. joshua says:

    this all just show us deplorables how correct we were to elect PDJT our leader. These DC hacks are ALL ALIKE…they are a bunch of actors and children and liars and theatrical fools.

    None of the “committee members” nor Paul Ryan had a clue about the real world…and Comey just got hung up in his arrogant underwear.

    None of them know how REAL EXECUTIVES act and work. They are so full of their history of lying and deceit, that their paranoid mentality makes them mis interpret what is happening.

    Trump cleared the oval office so that he could speak directly and openly with Comey, and expecting Comey to stand up and speak directly back. They others would have made that more difficult for Comey, especially in front of his boss Jess Sessions. Trump set the meeting to give both men an opportunity to speak their minds openly, and Comey was so cowardly and afraid of every shadow and of a powerful intelligent non political man that he froze up and spent his time there trying to outwit the situation for his own protection.

    And the media has the same problem….THEY HAVE NO EXPERIENCE, just like ACADEMICS have no experience in how executives talk and deal together with issues…..the big MEETING junk is not how it rolls….it is mano a mano and everyone stands up and fights the fight, or resigns on the spot.


  16. JimWVa says:

    Thanks for the information on the patriBOTics blog. I will avoid it in the future. Reminds me of Mad Magazine feature: Spy versus Spy.


  17. Sherlock says:

    Forgot to ask: At the hearing today (I watched only about 80%) did anybody confront Comey with his earlier testimony that no one had ever pressured him to stop any investigation?


  18. TONYA PARNELL says:

    Look at the timeline of this scenario. Comey FIRST told Trump he was NOT under investigation JANUARY 7, 2017. Comey was fired after Trump took over. Comey leaks some type of communication to the PRESS so it could be published. Trump probably knew Comey was leaking stuff out. Comey intentionally did not tell the truth to the press. Trump fired the bastard for good reason. Comey is the same guy who investigated Killery for Watergate-that says it all. PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS JUSTIFIED IN FIRING COMEY. TRUMP 2020


  19. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Comey’s law professor friend needs to be deposed to find out if Comey or any other IC operatives gave him other information to leak.


  20. anthohmy says:

    How does a memo he wrote on an FBI computer out in presumably and FBI vehicle after a FBI related conversation with the President, then distributed as a “memo” to senior leadership of the FBI become personal and not work product?


  21. Sevenwheel says:

    I want to take a moment to focus on one little detail that came out yesterday because it perfectly illustrates Comey’s deceptive nature. Comey testified that the memo he leaked was unclassified, but the response by Trump’s lawyer insists that the memo was classified. There is only one way for both statements to reconcile and it reflects badly on Comey.

    The FBI director presumably writes memos all the time. Some are classified, some are not. What makes a document classified? The answer is that a document becomes classified the instant the Director takes action to make it classified. He presumably has a set of rubber stamps marked “Secret”, “Top secret” and so forth, and a document becomes classified the instant he applies the appropriate stamp.

    So James Comey writes this politically explosive memo. If he was acting in good faith, he would have immediately classified it and filed it away. But if he had done that, them leaking it would become a crime. So instead, he gives a copy to a friend who does not have a security clearance. Remember that only persons who have signed a national security agreement are required by law to protect the secrecy of classified documents. His friend is under no such obligation.

    Having thus staged the memo by placing it in the hands of someone who could legally leak it to the press, Comey then classifies the document and notifies his go-between to go ahead and leak it to the press. Note that once Comey classifies his document, all copies of the memo become classified. Classification attaches to documents, not individual copies.

    So by using this loophole, Comey was ablw to leak his memo without legal consequence, yet hamstring the rest of the government in their ability to address his leak. Why? Because once he classified the memo, every individual who has signed national security papers is npw obligated, under threat of severe punishment, to treat the memo as a classified document. Which means no talking about it to the press, no reproducing it in whole or part to rufute it.

    What Comey did was a complete abuse of his authority. His claim that the memo was unclassified when he leaked it hardly exonerates him. It strongly suggests that the only reason the memo was written at all was so that it could be leaked. He richly deserved to be fired for this alone.


  22. anthohmy says:

    The clip Sundance posted seems to contradict the “!Eureka, Why I Leaked” narrative.

    At approximately the 33:00 mark, A very cooperative Senator Mark Warren helps sculpt the narrative of Trump the obviously untrustworthy person, so far beyond anybody they have ever seen and leads Comey to say

    “..I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting and so I thought it really important to document it. That combination of things I never experienced before, but it led me to believe I gotta write it down, and I’ve got to write it down in a very detailed way…

    …I created records after conversations — i think i did it after each of our nine conversations, if i didn’t, i did them for nearly all of them, especially the ones that were substantive. i knew there might come a day where i might need a record of what had happened, not just to defend myself, but to defend the FBI and our integrity as an institution and the independence of our investigative function..”

    This was a marked departure from decades of government service as told. A thing so momentous it stuck out in his mind as he had to do it because he was going to need it some day.

    Yet he woke up on Monday night in the middle of the night and suddenly remembered he might have a way to corroborate the conversations?

    He had the presence of mind to print copies before he left.

    Did I read the counter intelligence division is on the 7th floor? Is that where the printer is, or could he send it out to friends and relatives to print for him?

    He’s kinda snarky with the language about waking up in the middle of the night, seems unaware that Trump can write a tweet at 7pm that goes out at 3am, is that making a mockery?

    At that first meeting, he is saying, he had concerns about the “nature of the person” he barely knew and bolted out to his FBI vehicle to write a memo about their entire exchange. What dishonest thing did Trump do or say during that briefing to warrant that?

    I hope it’s in the memo.

    “During my first ever private conversation with President-Elect, which I initiated and arranged, President-Elect Trump gave the impression of being very shifty…”


  23. anthohmy says:

    51:22 “I don’t know the President well enough to read him well.”

    But wait during that January 6th meeting he seems to have gotten such a good, clear read that he bolted for the memo.


  24. punga007 says:

    There is a standard operational procedure that PTrump better get with very quickly and right now, sack all Obama appointees, Hillary donors and Never Trumpers.


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