President Vladimir Putin Responds To Democrats “Vast Russian Conspiracy Theory”…

MeAgain Kelly officially held her coming out party while interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin during a global security conference in St. Petersburg Russia.

During a portion of the Q & A MeAgain confronted President Putin about the vast Muh Russia conspiracy theory.

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309 Responses to President Vladimir Putin Responds To Democrats “Vast Russian Conspiracy Theory”…

  1. Big Jake says:

    She’s obnoxious, intimidated, and unprepared. She’s repeating herself within the same question and using improper terminology. (“That’s why he…President Trump…dropped the bomb.” Wut?)

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    • Bendix says:

      At least she put some clothes on.

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      She was dripping in flop sweat. But I bet NBC pretties this exchange up for her new show – which I will not bestow with my viewership.

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      • Ozzie says:

        And who is she?
        I could be really vulgar with this set up interview, because she has no reason or ability to be there interviewing and stirring trouble for trump. It is disgusting, and embarrassing. I want her to do that to the muzzies, in their country, live.


    • Oncefired says:

      All these reporters including Megyn “I love myself” Kelly keep saying all 17 Intelligence Agencies all agree – but we all know the “so called” report came from 3!

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    • Bailey02 says:

      Most commonsense Americans know well that “Obama using Russia as Cudgel Against President Trump.” Obama was stampeded the Republican establishment with the false narrative that “Russia hacked the election” and therefore President-elect Trump’s victory is illegitimate. By extension, Republican victories from Trump’s “coattails” in the Senate and House are also illegitimate, an argument the left and their media allies are also sure to make.
      Obama is a low life, Negro maniac, a traitor and treason, Jihad , and imposter.


    • ScoutBird says:

      The American media only knows one point. “The Russians did it.” Putin’s a pro, Kelly reflects the knowledge of a Kindergartener. Vlad pitched a shutout! I thought I was watching an episode of Laugh In. The crowd was in stiches.

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  2. Big Jake says:

    “Acknowledged… Acknowledged… Acknowledged to try to stop that.”


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  3. William Ford says:

    Megyn’s Putin interview is just like her show on Fox. It’s an invitation to bash Trump. Megyn asks leading questions designed to elicit criticism of Trump. Putin wasn’t taking the bait. Nothing good can come to him from angering Trump.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      And Megan sits there and smirking at the leader of Russia. There is a part in that interview where Putin said I spoke to Trump and he never said the Russians did it. People like her the queen of the fake media don’t care what the truth is. Just smirk at the person you are interviewing and that makes it ok.

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  4. Carolyn says:

    I thought he rattled her.. She proived in this interview she is not ready to take on the mantle of Barbara Walters…

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  5. Putin destroyed her on so many levels. Equating muh Russia with anti-Semitism, pointing out the non-stop interference of Western media, and by implication Western intelligence, into domestic Russian affairs. Her non-stop, juvenile disinformation campaign was not even worthy of a junior intern from the old Soviet Tass or Pravda. MeAgain couldn’t even hold down an entertainment reporter job at RT.

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  6. Roy says:

    Can anyone, including Megan, explain what constitutes “meddling” in the US election? I don’t think many conservatives agree that Russia meddled or hacked the US election, its a democrat misdirection stragegy, pure and simple, Megan.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Megan like the rest of the Globalists are furious that Trump won the election and they are being kept from forcing the US into a one world government which would take down this country as we know it. No President has ever been treated like this but the stakes are high and they will do anything to keep the USA from being great again.

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  7. tazz2293 says:

    Did not Maobama insure We the People that no one could hack or meddle in the U.S. elections?

    MeAgain is a childish progtard that should be shunned and ignored by all American Patriots

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    • deqwik2 says:

      Maobama made sure the election was meddled with. Illegals voting, No voter ID, Not wanting voter rolls purged for dead or duplicate people, tampering with mail-in ballots like doing a double mailing (ie: Fla.), having the Black Panthers at polling stations in 2012, etc.

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      • shallbe4 says:

        When Trump decided to form a committee to make certain American Elections are honest. The Left screamed — we don’t need this our elections are honest ha ha.

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  8. Covfefe-USA says:

    She’s an embarrassment. She’s using the Dimm talking points as if they’re proven fact.

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    • Howie says:

      Meagin Queeg presents leftist talking point jokes to Putin. It’s a hit. She got laughed off stage. NBC Comedy Hour gets rave reviews.

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      • H.R. says:

        Good point, Howie. At least Meagain is funny, unlike that redhead whats-her-name.

        Now that’s how comedy is done. Leave ’em laughin’ Meagin!


  9. COLUMBA KNOX says:

    C.I.A. is the Vatican playground
    and their demonic toy is N.A.T.O.

    Open Borders; Illegal Aliens; Anti—Morality “Laws”;
    Socialiised—World “Climate Change” (B)ravo (S)ierra;
    Against Sovereignties Of Countries =

    And, Yet, KING JESUS Will Be Glorified………….


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  10. Ron says:

    When they announced she was signing at NBC, and knowing she tried to act like Roger Ailes harassed her…. the first thing I thought was “She’s about to find out what REAL sexism is like”.

    Say what you want but at Fox the women were all put up on a pedestal. At NBC I can’t even imagine the good ol’ boy network they’ve got going on.

    I’m sure at Fox a few people made some off-color remarks (like she often does)… but at NBC the remarks will be behind the scenes, where nobody can hear them, and will be things like “We don’t let women have shows on Sunday night.”

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  11. hellinahandbasket says:

    Now, if Pres Putin tossed her a wink and a little tic-tick (horse type call) after mansplaining – THAT would have been awesome! #MAGA

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  12. mikeyboo says:

    Incredibly stupid interview on Kelly’s part. The equivalent of “yes you did-no we didn’t” repeated over and over. She asked the question. He answered it- Move the “Fack” on!

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  13. Ron says:

    Sadly, she’s losing her looks on top of it. She’s looking more and more like Michael Jackson everyday (I was a big MJ fan)

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    • She looks like Germaine Jackson and has the character and personality of Papa Jackson.

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    • Alexsandra says:

      Nothing so rotten inside can stay beautiful outside. Its over.

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      • shallbe4 says:

        We have never seen Melania Trump — a woman 100 times more beautiful than Megan smirk at someone interviewing her. She has real class. Shame that class is out of style these days, along with truth and justice. But I believe it will return. We have huge problems to deal with and people are sick of these smarmy people who think greatness was foisted upon them and they didn’t have to earn it.


  14. Joe Knuckles says:

    The same crap she pulled in the debate. She makes a long statement with her version of the truth and passes it off as a question. She is supposed to be asking questions, she is not a player, not a policy maker, nor anything at all. She is just supposed to be an interviewer. Who the hell does that bimbo think she is debating a world leader on behalf of the US? She is not qualified or authorized to do so. This is not good for our foreign relations.

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    • yucki says:

      Prime Minister Modi called her on that. He was appalled by her cheap references to all the heads of state. Way out of her league.

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    • norma jean says:

      Agree… she’s an embarrassment to the US. So ego driven, infusing herself into everything whether it be: body language, speech, facial expression. She’s pathetic. No class both in dress and speech. Such a turn off.


  15. Ron says:

    Wew he tore her up. I think the suit comment was a slam on her thinking she’s a pro (she’s not)… then he brings up an agency he used to work for (KGB) used to ask for names and addresses (veiled threat)…. she says she read the unclassified version, he says he’s read the unclassified version with a stern ness in his eyes that says “honey, I have the classified version in my briefcase”…. accuses her of ‘idle prattle”… calls out the U.S. Intelligence for not sending people to Russian anti-terrorism forums…

    Disses the hell out of Merkel, suggests that people in Russia are more free (sovereign) than those in the EU who are told what to do and say… Compliments China, and India…

    He openly laughs at her next question while she’s asking it… then asks for Hoof prints or Horn prints that prove Russia did it… suggests a 3 year old girl understands hacking more than Megyn… lol… Compliments Trump , Trashes Hillary… compares it to Antisemitism… calls out the DNC for screwing Bernie… trashes Debbie Wasserman Shultz… sh*ts all over the DNC for being frauds ….

    Megyn responds by lying and saying President Trump said the Russians did it… By this point Megyn looks like a wildwoman…

    Putin responds by saying she’s a typical presstitute who has nothing to back up what she says. He asks her for a quote about saying Russia did it.

    Megyn lies and makes one up off the top of her head.

    Putin ends by saying that Americans interfere in Russian affairs all the time and have been for years.

    Megyn goes back stage and dies soon after

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  16. M33 says:

    Oh man…
    Kelly is a moron. I can’t believe she thought these questions were even remotely good considering the lies and misstatements laced throught them.
    Putin was giving her the you are as good as dead stare.
    Those were the eyes of death.
    That is a man who means business.

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    • jwingermany says:

      There’s a very good chance that Kelly didn’t compile the list of questions. At this stage of the game, I believe just about the entire Destroy Trump Media receives its marching orders from primarily one central source…”special” interests.

      Follow the money.

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  17. Patrick Walsh says:

    Russia has an intelligent leader.
    Megan is a pudding head!

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  18. The Alpha Bear, alpha-ed her. She clearly didn’t learn after dealing with the President…

    And yeah. This whole ‘The Russians are coming… ‘ hysteria has given me far more sympathy for Russia and Putin. I am sure, I’m not the only one either.

    There’s an obvious, super villain out there, committing heinous acts of violence against Western Civilization, and its not the Russians…

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  19. Bert Darrell says:

    Now we know that is not blood that seemed to come out of MeAgain Kelly’s “whatever” during the fateful presidential debate hosted by Fox News. It was a big load of BS coming out of her mouth, just as in this interview of pres. Putin..

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  20. Jlwary says:

    How was it decided that this dummy would interview Putin?

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  21. km says:

    Cardville statement Lipstick on a Pig..Would seem to be true for this women..


  22. RedBallExpress says:

    So, in summary, would you say Putin Schlonged Bimbo?

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    • Maquis says:

      I’d have to say yes, yes she was really begging for a good Schlonging, and yes, she got it good. The silly Twit.

      But, but, Seventeen “non-partisan(?!)” intell agencies… Non-Partisan? After Eight long years of Obama? We can scarcely see the White Hats for the Raging Sea of Black Hats! Non-Partisan? Really? Total twit. She should write for Candy Crowley.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      YES RedBall…..THIS! And he did it on an international stage!


  23. pjb535i says:

    Putin was great in this interview. The Russians see right through America’s lame stream media. Remember earlier this year when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov put Andrea Mitchell in her place when he asked the brash and impudent Mitchell: (add thick Russian accent) “Who brought you up? Who, ah, who gave you your manners?”
    The Russians respect Donald Trump and those of us who put him in office. They have zero for democrats like this this selfish twit MeMeMe-lookatMeAgain Kelly.

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  24. Maquis says:

    She is out-gunned a million times over when she matches her wits to Putin’s. Dang, I was cheering for Putin myself. He said the one most important thing in all of this silly “journalism” event and she missed it entirely: “We need to stop this and start cooperating again.”

    The Left, and the fools, MeAgain on both counts, do not give a care about the consequences of their colossal electoral failure avoidance tantrums. They will let the World burn as long as they don’t have to acknowledge that one truth, that they are pathetic and were soundly rejected by those “voters susceptible to ‘bots” last November.

    The truth is that the Left is harming the entire World by poisoning the relationship we need with Russia. Yes, “WE” need. Russia will defend Russia and if the West collectively bares their throats to the blades of the Muslim Barbarians, Russia will end them at their convenience and carry the torch for Christianity and the (cover your ears, snowflakes) White Race.

    It would be a tragedy for us, for Europe, but Russia will carry on and will not bare it’s throat to the Barbarians, nor neglect their Six whilst squabbling over idiotic political gamesmanship straight out of Sesame Street.

    I am disgusted by Kelly and all those whose water she carried here. They deserve their end. But our children do not, so we need to get these fools out of this game and off our president’s back! He literally has a World to save, yet he is plagued by millions of rabid Chihuahuas snapping at his ankles. This is real life Kelly, you Fool, let the Adults tend to the World while you go shower off that flop sweat, you stink.

    Color me FURIOUS.


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  25. Algues says:

    It would be great if we could get a transcript of this interview with a proper translation. I think a lot of Putin’s points don’t come across well because the person providing the translation is quite frankly awful. The English is shocking. Half the sentences make no sentence and Putin’s full message is lost. Please can anyone provide a proper translation via a transcript?

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    • Ron says:

      Yeah, lots of it just weren’t translated right, the part about the suit I didn’t completely catch what he was saying. I THINK what he was saying is you can’t tell who made a suit just by looking at the suit, you don’t know where it came from… i.e., you can’t tell who hacked someone just by looking at what was hacked.

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      • Kent says:

        Or that it was cobbled together of mismatching parts…the buttons don’t fit the style or the cut fit the cloth….perhaps different parts obviously assembled by different tailors?

        The translation was bad….real bad….Putin speaks better English himself, IMO….


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          Go look above gang, where I linked to the entire panel speeches/discussion. (Maybe it’s just me because I’ve watched hundreds of hours of Putin speaking, but I understood him perfectly (the emotion comes out in his Russian response before the translation)

          Otherwise, it’s hard to “read a transcript and understand what is said.” Just like on blog comments, it would be hard to express the emotion in just straight transcript. WATCH Putin’s facial expressions (inside chuckle, you can see it) and while I know that sometimes Russian sounds “rough/harsh” , I just think of it as %%#%! I use when cursing on the blog.


  26. ScoutBird says:

    In the first video, at the start, Kelly looked and sounded as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. As it progressed and Putin didn’t collapse under her repetitive questioning, she was as screeching as Hillary typically does. At any rate, Putin came off as a pro and Kelly just another squeaking American media blow-dried airhead zombified looney tune idiot twit.


  27. Guffman says:

    What a poor representative to send over as credible American media.
    Kelly just had all her gotcha questions at the ready, but nothing of any real substance at all.
    Putin had the whole audience laughing at her time and again.
    An embarrassment on an international stage to say the least. Pretty sure this will be her last one of these assignments judging from that performance.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Guffman,…..What is this “credible American media” you speak of?!!!!!! {sarc}

      Think CTH can get an interview?


  28. Doug says:

    Ok she needs to expand her vocabulary … her use of words was awful… I mean come on … I’ve seen better interviewers for student council races


  29. NJ Transplant says:

    Thanks for having this Sundance. I really didn’t want to give Megyn the ratings. This part of the interview shows what a moron Megyn really is. Putin knows she had to leave Fox because of her treatment of President Trump. Trump voters wouldn’t watch her. NBC won’t keep her for 10 years like Fox. If she was really sexually harassed by Roger Ailes, why did she wait 10 years to say anything. What a phony.

    Putin knows Megyn is in way over her head. Putin is right that the American press is harming foreign relations with this continuous unproven garbage about Russia. NBC will use her for this interview and maybe a couple of others and drop her like a hot potato.

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  30. pjb535i says:

    Megyn Kelly’s vocabulary is very much sub-par. I’m wondering how she ever made the cut in the first place.

    For example, she suggests that the Russians software bots and other methods were used to target American voters in the rust belt states who were “getable for Trump.” Getable?

    As embarrassing as she is to watch, Vladimir Putin and the the audience (including the Indian guy in the Nehru jacket) seem to be appreciating the comedic value of it all. They all basically laughing at Megyn Kelly . . . and she seems to know it.

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  31. Mike diamond says:

    Me again Kelly she likes to be the center of attention! She proved nothing Putin is tired of her nonsense ! Enough already lady,he is thinking you don’t have a clue what you are talking about !


  32. BigMamaTEA says:

    Anybody still interesting… this report. It has closed-captioning instead of translators speaking.

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    • mysticrose80 says:

      Thanks for posting this version. I actually prefer the subtitles, as it is easier to analyze the exchange between Putin and Me-again Kelley.

      Epic takedown of Me-again by Putin. She definitely came across as ill-informed and downright ignorant. The disdain that Putin (and even the Indian PM) had for her was obvious.

      Several times, I wanted to reach through my screen and slap the smirk of her face (especially when she uttered that barefaced lie about POTUS agreeing with muh Russia propaganda). Fortunately, Putin handled her with good restraint.

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  33. JBrickley says:

    If you think that was fun, wait for the one on one interview with Putin and Kelly tonight. She might have been better off cancelling the interview. He’s going to destroy her. NBC may earn ratings not for the love of Kelly but as a form of Schadenfreude. Taking pleasure in her discomfort. I’ll watch it tomorrow online…

    I believe Tucker Carlson’s ratings greatly surpassed those of Megyn Kelly’s while at Fox. I am surprised at the jump in ratings of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Maybe it’s because the Right has stopped watching and the Left is so sick they cannot stomach even CNN and are tuning into MSNBC. I believe the ratings are down overall across the board as people tune out the hysterical nuttiness that is the media.


  34. TwoLaine says:

    Just who are these 17 intelligence agencies Princess?


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