Facing Backlash CNN Reluctantly Fires Kathy Griffin…

After testing the winds of public opinion, weighing all of the various pros and cons, and taking a full day to analyze the financial cost of the decision, CNN has decided to fire Kathy Griffin for advocating the beheading of President Donald Trump.

The delay clearly shows the decision had less to do with the jaw-dropping scope of the expressed violent behavior, and more to do with the financial considerations of the relationship.

NEW YORK – CNN has booted Kathy Griffin from its New Year’s Eve coverage for her disturbing photoshoot holding up a faux severed and bloody head of President Trump.

The network said in a statement Wednesday, “CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program.”

Griffin has co-hosted CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” broadcast with Anderson Cooper since 2007.

After the controversial image of Griffin went viral Tuesday, sparking widespread backlash on both the right and left, Cooper tweeted, “For the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in. It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.” (read more)

CNN’s Jake Tapper used his customary passive aggressive schtick to snark and express his virtue signaling angst.  He cannot help himself, it’s just who he is on the inside:


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428 Responses to Facing Backlash CNN Reluctantly Fires Kathy Griffin…

  1. CDuran says:

    Horse face and I am insulting horses. She is a failing star and needed her five minutes of fame. Then she makes this half hearted “apology” as if that makes it OK. That woman should just go home to her hate filled house and lick her wounds with her fellow nasty women (Judd, Madonna, Rosie, the view, Opray, Woopie, gosh the list is getting longer). How these woman have the luxury of living in this great country is beyond me.

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    • Cee says:

      After many complaints from we the people, Kathy Griffin’s show at the Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, NM on July 22nd has been CANCELLED! Please join in the movement and call all of the below theaters and register your complaint and request cancellations of Kathy Griffin’s upcoming shows asap! Thank you! Here are the theaters’ phone numbers:

      The Uptown Theatre, Napa – 707-259-0123
      Sunset Center – 831-620-2048
      St George Theater – 718-442-2900
      State Theater NJ – 732-246-7469
      Bergen Performing Arts Center – 201-227-1030

      Link to list of upcoming shows as a reference:

      [link to frontrowtickets.com (secure)]

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  2. NJ Transplant says:

    Could Jake Tapper be a bigger pig? He is comparing advocating murdering the President with mocking McCain and that reporter? I knew McCain was in bed with all these characters. Jake Tapper is certainly rising to McCain’s defense (mocking POW’s).

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    • louche9 says:

      Not only that, but Tapper doubtless knows for a fact that Trump was NOT mocking a disabled reporter; he has been filmed making the same motions to express various people he doesn’t like. It’s just a routine he does when someone ticks him off and he thinks that person is a dork. The president has wisely stopped doing that, but Tapper and the rest of the MSM know that he was not mocking a disabled person, and they are still pushing the lie.

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  3. hugofitch1 says:

    Former Jeopardy! champion and now author of children’s(!) books, Ken Jennings weighed in classlessly on Twitter. I bet Alex Trebek would like to pop him one in the teeth.

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    • SNAKESRULE says:

      Unfunny crone has a net worth of 20 mil.


    • what is really disturbing is that tweet got over 6000 likes. WTH.

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      • hugofitch1 says:

        Every garbage can has a lid.

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      • ladypenquin says:

        It’s clear he is pathological, and those “likes” are fellow travelers with him. We always seemed to be surprised that there are people who literally hate us for who we are, without cause or reason. We’re surprised by Evil – decadence, indecency, meanness, lack of a moral compass, but in fact, these human traits have existed since the beginning of mankind, and while society has “evolved” and we’re supposedly civilized, when a culture or society loses a moral compass, these kinds of people come out of the woodwork.

        That’s what we’ve been experiencing for several decades. The values, virtues and more which hold our American culture together. I’m not trying to moralize here, just objectively look at the changes in our society, driven by Leftism with their anti-God agenda, secularism, and anti-Americanism – all of which then reveal the darkness of men’s souls. They hate us simply because we have light and are happy with who we are. Misery can only be satisfied by other people being miserable too.

        Ken Jennings may have had 6,000 “likes” but there are millions of us who pushed back – and we won. USAA learned we wouldn’t accept a move to the Left, performance venues are cancelling Kathy Griffin’s shows, (the phone lines were quite busy yesterday) and we actually were able to shame CNN into firing her. Anderson Cooper should be fired for his vulgarity toward the president.

        And now if we could just shame and shun Jake Tapper into retirement…


    • G. Combs says:

      Barron saw that nasty picture.

      From Breitbart
      “According to a TMZ report, Barron was watching the news when Griffin’s hideous photo of his father’s severed head appeared on-screen. Barron reportedly became upset and called for his mother.”

      If that is true I hope they sue the crap out of ALL involved on behalf of Barron. No child needs to see that type of crap.

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    • NebraskaFilly says:

      This creep writes children’s books and is published by Simon and Schuster. Let them know how you feel:
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/simonsc
      FaceBook:: facebook.com/simonandschuster

      Simon & Schuster and Free Press General Phone: 212-698-7541 General Fax: 212-698-7336 Cary Goldstein Vice Executive President, Director of Publicity, Senior Editor SSPublicity@simonandschuster.com

      Corporate Communications General Phone: 212-698-7033 General Fax: 212-698-7035 Adam Rothberg Vice President, Director of Corporate Communications Corporate.Communications@simonandschuster.com

      Children’s Publishing, Marketing and Publicity General Phone: 212-698-2808 General Fax: 212-698-4350 Lauren Hoffman Vice President, Director Marketing and Publicity ChildrensPublicity@simonandschuster.com

      BTW, ADT has announced they are pulling all their ads from CNN. Apparently, other advertisers are balking as well – the ONLY reason CNN fired her!!!

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    • Trebek is a lefty of the first stripe. He’s smart enough not to endorse a stunt like Griffin’s publicly, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn he smirked when he saw the photo.


  4. AmyB says:

    I’m not impressed with CNN firing her. They showed their disdain for normal everyday American families when they didn’t fire for her vile depiction of performing an oral sex act on Anderson Cooper on New year’s eve. Even Pooper Cooper was embarrassed. A lot of families stay up to watch the ball drop at Times Square. She wasn’t funny, just extremely crude. But they didn’t fire her. Of course, this was a hundred times worse but I still think, if they could have gotten away with not firing her, they would have.

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    • Rex says:

      Yup. Who does CNN think they are fooling?
      Preach it, sister! 😉


    • ladypenquin says:

      And Anderson Cooper is still on the air despite his vulgarity towards President Trump. CNN only reflects how low the culture has sunk that the people tolerate such behavior. Still, we must keep on fighting back.


  5. Plain Jane says:

    Cooper and she look like they are twins or at least of the same parentage. Maybe it’s just that photo.


  6. Tim Banis says:

    Wondering, a tasteless act by an attention starved has-been comedian, or,…..or, a well thought out underhanded message of encouragement for ISIS by the MSM.
    Wouldn’t surprise me.


  7. Mike diamond says:

    Maybe we could bring a class action lawsuit against Kathy griffin for being so grossed out on the thing she did to our president, this is something Isis would do,no one should do what she did no matter who our president is now or on future presidents, I dohope someone in the trump family sues Kathy griffin!!!!??

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  8. Mike diamond says:

    And use the lawsuit to help pay for the wall,our to help our veterans and police and fire fighters!!!!!!

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  9. coltlending says:

    Much has been said about Griffith.

    Collaboration on this disgusting stunt was Tyler Shields.

    The “Artist” who sees noting improper about it.

    Some day he’s going to pull a stunt like this and have his ass handed to him.

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  10. Bendix says:

    I saw NBC News tonight and their story left no room for Griffin to be defended. They showed a montage of tweets and among the most used words to describe her escapade, “disgusting” featured prominently.
    They certainly distanced themselves from her.
    Good. That means what they heard was unequivocal condemnation.
    I notice a lot of celebutards decided it would be fun to ridicule Barron Trump, in the hopes it gets under his father’s skin.
    They are playing to themselves. The rest of America knows this isn’t about Donald Trump.

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  11. Scotty19541 says:

    I think the kids at reddit did it again and solved COVFEFE! Can you imagine how upset Barron got and what would PDJT do? I know I would spend some time with my son and calm him down and come up with a cool revenge plot! Barron is VERY intelligent as is his dad and many on the_donald believe he is a secret pede! So they come up with COVFEFE. If you break it down into periodic table values it is co cobalt (27), v vanadium (23) fe iron (26) and fe iron (26) giving you the number 27232626 which happens to be the A Single Transcriptome of a Green Toad or PEPE!!!!!!!

    What better way for our ultra smart President and son to give the entire internet sum massive payback?

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  12. louche9 says:

    The thing I find most notable is that Griffin didn’t do this in a vacuum; she didn’t film herself, with a fake severed head that she made. At least a couple of dozen people would’ve been in on that appalling photo shoot in one way or another – and not one person had second thought enough to say, “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea. I mean, WE think it’s funny, but how’s it going to play in Peoria?”

    The fact that they truly thought they would get away with minimal outcry from the insignificant handful of us ‘backy chewing hicks who support Trump, while the majority of progressive Americans would cheer their gutsy action is a glaring example of just how utterly out of touch they are, and what a bubble-world they actually inhabit.

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  13. Hey Jake they WERE dancing on roof tops, you forgot about that as well. When you come for my head I’ll throw my hands up and shout DON’T SHOOT!.

    For the record

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    • LULU says:

      Of course he didn’t = seems to me that John Hinderaker at PowerLine publicly embarrassed the fact-checker Kessler over this story, using a previous (little while back) article in Kessler’s very own Wapo…


  14. Miss America says:

    Anyone play Words with Friends?

    Covfefe is the word of the day!

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    • thluckyone says:

      Miss America, I’ve been cackling and laughing out loud all day over “covfefe”. For what reason do I need TV or even the radio? Treepers are the most incredibly creative and insightful bunch I’ve ever known. Sundance is BRILLIANT! STITCHES in my sides! STITCHES, I say! Are we fortunate or blessed? I say “luck ain’t got nothin’ to do with it.” THANK YOU for being among us!

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      • ladypenquin says:

        We could think like Dr. Seuss on that word “STITCHES” and transform it into “SNITCHES” – exactly what President Trump is dealing with right now.

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  15. LULU says:

    She was never funny.

    I once met the guy who used to do the voice of Charley the Tuna. He loved making up words and tossing them out amongs the elite types and watching them squirm because they didn’t know what they meant. The words could be used so many ways. One was “traundulent” (my spelling) = “It was such a traundulent experience… I’m still shaking.” In lascivious lounge lizard voice, “My dear, you are looking absolutely traundulent this evening”…. And so on.

    Covfefe. He’d have loved it.

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  16. bofh says:

    OK, how about this theory:

    The event was not a misfire, it was carefully planned and executed (including a full studio shoot), with a real target of only one person: Donald Trump. It was to be a way to infuriate him, by attacking through abuse of his son and wife, to try to goad him into a rage, to get him to “lose it” and say, or do, or tweet something that could then be blown all over the media to play up the “Trump is a crazy man” meme that they’ve had in the background for some time now. It failed because PDJT didn’t react as they hoped – they misjudged his flash-point.

    In favor of this theory is the failure of the current “muh Russia” meme and the need to move on to something else that “works better”. It also answers the question of “why do this at all – who was this supposed to affect or impress?” since on the face of it, the episode appears to have disgusted many Dems as well as Trump-supporters.

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  17. Trumpire says:

    So I just watched Griffen’s apology video. The small smirk at the end is a yuge body language tell or ‘leak’ that she’s loving all this and she’s not even remotely sorry.

    In fact, she had already prepared for her apology video – as in mentally staging it – knowing or hoping it would be coming beforehand just like she was saying in the original video. She gets to prove herself right.

    Her smirk is saying she is proud of herself.


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